NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

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NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill is a comparable version to the ProForm 520 ZN. There are a few contrasts between the 2; for instance, the NordicTrack model doesn’t have a cooling fan and offers extra onboard workouts. But usually, they percentage the identical spec variety; however, this specific treadmill is multiple $100s less expensive than the ProForm (as a minimum until further notice). 

Specialized Details and Specifications

• Assembled measurements: 67.5L x 35.7W x 73H inches (172L x 89W x 186H cm)

• Tread belt measurements: 55L x 20W inches (139.7L x 50.8W cm)

• Assembled weight: 203 lbs (92 kg)

• Supported weight: three hundred lbs (136 kg)

• Motor: 2.6 CHP

• Incline: Automatic, 0-10%

• Deck cushioning: Flex Select

• Speed ranges: 0-10 MPH

• Console: 20 exercising packages

• Amenities: Sound gadget, tablet holder, 2x container holder

• Warranty: body lifetime/Motor 25 years/Parts 1 year/Labor 1 year

Casing and deck

This NordicTrack treadmill model capabilities a metallic-made frame. The fully assembled gadget is certainly pretty heavy, weighing over two hundred lbs. However, this weight plays a critical position in its average stability. And speak me off balance, the front part of the treadmill rests on two rubber pads, while the rear of the deck functions adjustable stabilizers with rubber pads. The rear a part of the front base frame integrates a set of wheels, which facilitate the assembled and folded machine’s delivery.

As we’ve mentioned, this treadmill capabilities a folding layout. The folding mechanism includes a telescopic Easy Lift shock, which assists with the lifting and unfolding the deck. With the deck folded up, the system’s duration reduces to approximately 1/3 of its total length.

The treadmill’s assembled footprint is not too huge, though. However, this machine isn’t exactly small. It takes approx. Sixty-seven .five″L x thirty-five .seven″W (172 x 89 cm) of ground space, therefore, before acquiring it, make sure you’ve got the utilization space to had for it.

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill functions a stable deck, capable of helping users up to 300 lbs (136 kg) and walking exercise routines, now not only for walking or running. It integrates the Flex Select cushioning machine, which includes suspension cells on every aspect of the deck. The firmness of those suspension cells is adjustable. You can rotate them if you want to grow or decrease the overall firmness of the deck. The deck’s cushioning gadget can reduce up to 25% of the jogging effect in your joints.

This treadmill equipped with a heavy-duty one-ply belt, which gives a strolling surface of 55″L x 22″W (a hundred and forty x fifty-one cm) effortlessly customers up to 6’2″ – 6’3″ (one hundred eighty eighty-one hundred ninety cm), for going for walks exercises. Of route, in case you’re taller, you’ll nevertheless be capable of run on; however, in this situation, the treadmill can also sense a bit small. The deck makes use of 1.9″ (5 cm) topped rollers, with sealed ball bearings, for a superior grip at the tread belt.

Incline and step-up height

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill prepared with an automated raise machine for the deck, which provides a complete incline of 10% (approx. 8°), it’s now not an awful lot compared with the 30-40 tiers that some of the economic grade treadmills can offer, however nonetheless. It gives the possibility to intensify your workouts. Differently placed, going for walks at eight MPH as an example, with the deck set up at the most incline, a non-expert runner might not close extra than a few minutes.

Since the incline is motor-powered, you could simplest adjust it from the console. Some of the onboard workout applications involve the machine’s incline machine and will alter pitch mechanically, depending on the current exercising segment. The angle adjusts in increments of one%, with a complete of 10 incline settings.

When it involves step-up height, the running surface stands at approx. Eight″ (20 cm) above flood stage, at 0% incline. At 10% incline, the front element will rise using some inches; however, you’ll essentially locate on the deck on the middle, not at the front. Differently positioned, the general elevation that you’ll get with the aid of walking at maximum incline needs to be approx. 12″. So, in the end, right here, the ceiling height in the room in which the treadmill can be in use has to be higher than your very own top, plus about 15″ (38 cm), so that it will avoid any troubles.


The pressure motor ready in this NordicTrack treadmill is a 2.6 CHP version, constructed to face up to long period exercises. Without choking or overheating, even supposing the consumer is near the most supported weight. It capabilities a small flywheel for extra stability and smoothness; its resources accelerate to 10 MPH. Speed can adjust in increments of and zero. Five MPH, that’s pretty a plus, as you can effortlessly find the most suitable pace in your jog or run.

Since it’s an electric powered motor, the treadmill requires to be related to a power circuit. It requires a one hundred twenty-v, 15 amp circuit. It comes with a power plug now, not an adapter, and four toes. Lengthy cable, which plugs into the device close to it’s the front base.


The console furnished with this treadmill is a mid-variety one. It integrates several services, consisting of a media holder, a legitimate system, and two accessory holders. However, it does now not combine a cooling fan, and it’s not telemetry enabled (in other words, it cannot examine pulse through a chest strap transmitter, simplest thru the sensors built-within the front handlebars).

The sound system renders decent best sound. It consists of speakers, one on each side of the console, and it’s well suited with most MP3 gamers, smartphones, and tablets. The console capabilities buttons for extent adjustment; however, you may also adjust quantity out of your device.

The console equipped with a five″, backlit show, with large digits, easy to study, indicates time, distance, pace, incline, pulse, and energy burned. Space can display in miles or km; however, there’s also a tune show feature, which suggests space in laps of 1/4 miles, indicating the number of laps you have completed. Speed may track in MPH or km/h.

There are purpose setup features for the time, distance, and calories, however, the console also makes available 20 preset packages, which routinely adjust speed and incline. On pinnacle of that, the console is iFit like-minded. You should buy an iFit module, insert in the console, join it through Wi-Fi together with your computer or pill, use any iFit exercising packages, video apps, and use jogging tracks from Google maps, and to immediately reveal your exercising development. The iFit module and iFit participation are excluded from the treadmill, even though.

Overall, the machine’s console is simple to operate. You can alter incline and velocity steadily from the arrow and +/- keys or use the fast adjustment keys on the show’s facet. The onboard applications have their tickets through category. IFit apps also have direct access to the console. And ultimately, there are Start and Stop keys, which allow you to put your exercise on the preserve and resume if it’s the case.

Assembly and Maintenance

This NordicTrack treadmill is far from being hard to assemble, a mission that shouldn’t take a couple of hours. Its deck and vehicles come already built and connected to the front metallic body component. Everything you have to do is click the folding leg, the upright posts, and the console connecting the wires. A hard replica of the manual is supplied with the container and gives clean meeting instructions. An Allen wrench required for positive screws and adjusting the belt included; however, you’ll likewise need a Phillips screwdriver for a get-together.

For support, even though the belt is pre-greased up with excessive-grade, business lubricants from the manufacturing facility, it can require more excellent lubrication after some time. Other than that, it might be ideal on the off chance that you preserved the running belt clean, free of dirt, textile fibers, or different objects that might be dragged beneath it and get stuck within the motor.



The 6.5 S is a stable treadmill. It doesn’t have many enhancements on different machines, but it has the best frame and feels easy for the duration of use.

Incline variety

A 10% grade max on the 6.5 S gives plenty of training variables. Incline education now not only situations the legs for outside hills but also strengthens the hamstrings to offset quad dominance. It is specifically beneficial for walkers because while you walk at a steep grade, you extend your step and swing your arms for a more full-frame exercise. Also, a more vertical angle requires more significant effort, so you can crank up that metabolic output, even as nevertheless playing the low-impact blessings of strolling.

20 Pre-programmed exercises

The onboard packages provide masses of preset alternatives: durations, hills, calorie burn, fats burn, etc. A simple guide lap screen is likewise available. There’s no audio in those applications, so they’re extraordinary to maintain tune of your stats at the same time as you concentrate on music, a podcast, or maybe study an e-book.

Subscription Options: iFit

iFit sold as an additional option with the 6.5 S. It isn’t protected, and iFit will not display on the LCD, but you can log in to iFit on a compatible tablet or phone and set it at the console. IFit gives over 16,000 special exercises that include no longer handiest walking and energy-training, mixture training, or even stretching. IFit formats consist of the following:

  • Studio-based training consists of boot camp, c programming language schooling, and combo routines that trade electricity education with jogging segments. The instructor gives a path as he/she works alongside you and other contributors within the studio.
  • iFit additionally offers outdoor runs in any quantity of unique places. There are considerable and continuously updated walking/on foot routes on iFit featuring cool places such as the Dragon Crest path in Krabi, Thailand. You follow along at the treadmill as the instructor navigates the actual terrain just beforehand of you.
  • Off-the-treadmill classes are also available. Log into iFit from any tablet or laptop, and the Main Menu bar, select the “Daily Workout” tab. It will bring up class alternatives like kickboxing, yoga, HIIT, or an easy dumbbell workout.


The 6.5 S is unusually calm. Notwithstanding slant, there is next to no foot clamor at the same time as strolling and no longer a good deal more while going for walks. I became impressed with the aid of the quiet deck on this device.

Storage / Folding

The 6.5 S folds without problems. Folding it best requires one individual (and maybe merely one hand). Just clutch the bar at the bottom of the deck and raise. There isn’t any “release” lever to elevate the deck. It latches securely in the region when folded up and will stay locked until you press the foot release bar. As the deck descends, the hydraulic device will have interaction to rest it on the ground softly, and you don’t have to drag or then again push it down.

You can likewise turn your treadmill out of the manner as wished. There are wheels beneath the front so you can tip the treadmill toward yourself, rocking it lower back onto the reels. It is then smooth to roll or slide out of the room or right into a closet.

Items of Note

The 6.5 S offers a high-quality choice as a beginning treadmill for brand spanking new users, mild customers, or walkers. While its miles iFit well-matched, iFit will not run on the LCD screen — you may want a compatible tool. Also, the dimensions and motor will no longer support all sorts of users, so if you plan to run tough or have a couple of customers, an extra powerful machine may fit higher.

The Pros

• Sturdy body production;

• Solid deck, being able to assist users as much as three hundred lbs;

• Easy folding mechanism, space-saving design;

• 2-cell (on every facet), adjustable deck cushioning;

•  Motorized incline, 0% – 10%;

• 2.6 CHP motor, hurries up to ten MPH;

• Speed can be adjusted increments of zero.  One MPH, and zero.Five MPH permitting you to find the correct pace for your exercise;

• EGK pulse sensors integrated into handlebars;

• 20 preset exercising programs;

• iFit well matched;

• Various services inclusive of sound gadget, pill shelf, accessory trays;

• Quiet operation;

• Fairly clean to collect;

• Little preservation required;

• Excellent warranty.

The Cons

• A tablet positioned at the analyzing holder will partly cowl the controls;

• Console isn’t telemetry enabled and does not work with HR chest strap transmitters.

• Heavy body, calls for two human beings to hold and gather.

What is the NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill?

The NordicTrack T 6.5 s is a treadmill built-in with every characteristic you may search for in a perfect treadmill. It also comes with a design that could most effectively describe as beautiful. The treadmill comes prepared with a 2.6 CHP motor, which presents you with a maximum walking velocity of 10 miles in keeping with an hour.

This treadmill affords you the consumer with a quiet and smooth operation. Its motor built properly sufficient to never malfunction in-between your exercise periods. It enables you to have intense exercising classes within your home’s consolation—no more significant problem of traveling your gym frequently.

What can the NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill do for you?

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill loaded with a few particular functions. These functions will assist you to enhance your exercise experience. It’s cushioning may be adjusted, so you get a soft and company surface to run on. It is also lighter in your joints.

The treadmill comes with 20 in-built packages that help you better exercise than your neighborhood fitness center. You can also display your every day exercising records with iFit.

You can exercise even as taking note of the cutting-edge tracks because the console is also iPod well suited. You also can increase your schooling library with the Google Maps TM application. Everything at the treadmill is one touch-controlled, for clean get entry to any characteristic.

The motor it comes with isn’t always very noisy. You can without difficulty exercising without making noise that could awaken someone slumbering in the same room. This treadmill can preserve a person who is as much as three hundred pounds in weight. This treadmill is best for you if you weigh below that.

Once you’re finished with running out, you could effortlessly fold up the treadmill. It can effortlessly save in compact places like closets and shop rooms. The NordicTrack T 6.5 S saves some precious space in any area; it is far store.

How lengthy will the NordicTrack T 6.5S last?

Two aspects of preferred understanding stand up while we evaluation treadmills in this fee variety. Specifically, regarding the rate, one needs to no more extended purchase a 600 dollar treadmill and assume it to be more illustrative than a few years. Companies genuinely cannot manage to pay to put as a great deal value within the lower give up fashions as they do within the higher quit. Regarding all workout machines, one of the figuring out factors of a treadmill’s existence is the surroundings that its miles saved. If you keep your treadmill in the sweltering garage, continuously plugged in, and filled with collected dust, it will last as long as a % of food plan comes at a teacher’s convention.

The T6.5S treadmill does display a piece of extra promise than some other machines in the marketplace. The strong construct and fashionable assurance are indicative of a decent amount of sturdiness. Thus, a mild consumer who enjoys strolling will probably be capable of use the T6.5S for pretty some time.

How to reset the NordicTrack treadmill?

First of all, it enormously recommended referring to your reset NordicTrack treadmill phase inside the guide to store any time and problem. There’re many instances while you may perhaps need to reset your treadmill. The following are the maximum commonplace motive why you can need to reset your NordicTrack treadmill.

Revert to the manufacturing facility placing after making some changes

Reset needed after upkeep work carry out.

Part of the treadmill now not functioning well, and a part of an on/off technique is to reset to make sure that solves the trouble.

Resetting The NordicTrack treadmill may range depending on the version you have. Nevertheless, the basic technique is identical for all NordicTrack simulators. Generally, it’s an easy method. The following are the three possible methods to reset the simulator.

1. Uncover the treadmill from its vitality plug and input the protection key into the applicable hollow.

2. Locate the reset establishing on the lowest of the console. After that, plug the simulator, returned it into an energy open. Enter a cotton base or a touch of plastic into the reset opening and press the “Reset” button.

3. In case “CL11” arrives at the console, pass to Treadmills with Current Software. If not, anything appears after that, keep to Treadmills with Older Software and LCD or LED Display, depending on what form of Display your simulator has. It authorizes within the guide.

Best Place to Buy the NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

As the T-series treadmills are new to NordicTrack’s treadmill lineup, presently, the only place to locate them is on NordicTrack’s website. However, even if you could identify them through a third-birthday party, we generally advocate you go through NordicTrack to shop for their treadmills.

That way, you may enjoy greater great assurance, assurance insurance, and an easy return or trade if you need it. Also, from our knowledge, the loose get right of entry to iFit Coach will handiest apply to machines bought via NordicTrack. The financial savings are an excellent way to offer adequate training programming available through the unfastened get entry to make it even extra appealing to buy the T 6.5 Si through NordicTrack.

Additionally, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S, not the Si, is the precise equal treadmill with a downgraded display. This model treadmill is most effective on Amazon and might prevent around $three hundred if you’re seeking a much less expensive treadmill. The Display downgraded to an LCD screen; however, the treadmill can nonetheless Bluetooth your mobile tool to get entry to and think about the iFit library.


Unfortunately, the NordicTrack T 6.5 S treadmill has no longer fared as well within the past. The high-quality of fundamental treadmills, which include T6.5S, has proved to now not be all too marvelous and has, therefore, compelled terrible evaluations. We have warned in opposition to extreme users from buying inexpensive machines that are not likely to withstand heavy use.

Final Word

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S is a treadmill gadget designed for residential use. It’s an entry-degree strolling treadmill, first-rate for anybody who wants to adopt cardio, c program language period, weight reduction workouts, and jogging a couple of miles consistent with day. However, it may now not be the first-class desire for professional lengthy distance runners, as its maximum speed is only 10 MPH. It gives a decent variety of onboard workouts, it has an automatic incline, and its iFit compatible. It’s a device with a stable creation, an exceptional desire for domestic use because it has a folding design, presenting tremendous cost for the rate.

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