NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill

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NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill

The NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill gives an enviable exercise era at a finances-pleasant price. The NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill is iFit-enabled and lets you use your pill or telephone as a screen to circulate iFit exercises. What’s greater, because no particular monitor includes, the overall price isn’t bumping up. Customized iFit activities and 20 preloaded workout packages can mechanically regulate the treadmill’s incline and pace, tilting it up to 10% and topping out at ten mph. As for entertainment, the C 700’s aux track port and built-in speakers permit you to move music or pay attention to podcasts out of your smartphone or tablet.

It’s vital to stay in mind that this machine is more suitable for walkers than runners. If you’re searching out more significant spacious tracks with designs for walking, check out our different NordicTrack treadmill critiques.

Technical Info:


•        Height: 56”

•        Width: 35.75”

•        Length: 78.3”

•        Item weight: 202 lbs

•        Max person weight: 300 lbs


•        0-10 MPH at the reward of your fingertips and without difficulty accessible at the console to alter your workout velocity and intensity using OneTouch controls.

•        Power incline from zero to 10% permits with the purpose to alter the depth of your exercise without problems on the console.

•        2.75 CHP motor powers you even as imparting a clean and quit exercising.

•        FlexSelect cushioning allows you to alter the amount of cushioning you’d like to have on deck.

•        SpaceSaver layout with EasyLift Assist for clean storage, consisting of a foldable body.

•        AutoBreeze exercise fan maintains you relaxed and comfortable in the course of your consultation.

•        Frame comes with an incorporated tablet holder for attaching your gadgets.

Computer Features:

•        Multi-window LED display keeps your stats front and enter and easy to read.

•        NordicTrackiFit club geared up for ultimate training.

•        Two 2” digitally-amplified speakers covered for song enjoyment at some point of your exercise.

•        Heart-fee sensors built into the treadmill handlebars for heart fee schooling exercises.

•        20 pre-programmed workout routines were created by top-stage health professionals and focused on your particular goals.

•        Display readouts and consumer feedback consist of:

•        Calorie Burn Meter

•        Heart charge

•        Time

•        Speed


•        Frame: Lifetime

•        Motor: 25 years

•        Parts & Labor: 12 months

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping fees will vary for the NordicTrack elite 700 treadmills, depending on where you buy from and what kind of delivery you pick; however, they offer free transport to the contiguous states of the continental U.S.

Luckily, the NordicTrack C 700 Treadmill comes commonly pre-assembled: The deck and belt, surprise absorption elements, motors, rollers, and folding mechanisms are already put together. You will connect the upright bars and the console that could soak up to about an hour. The NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill comes with a step-through-step guide to make this procedure comfortable and clean.

Frame and deck

The NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill is giant. When completely assembled, it is 73″ (185.5 cm) lengthy and 36″ (91.5 cm) wide. On pinnacle of that, NordicTrack recommends retaining at least toes of clearance on each side, and at least 3 feet of support on the rear of the deck, for safe operation. However, the device’s deck is foldable. It may fold up, which reduces its duration via approx. 2/3. Its folding mechanism includes a hydraulic latch, which helps you lower the deck to prevent damage.

Like most treadmills, this NordicTrack model functions as a body made from metallic tubing. Therefore, it’s no longer precisely a light health machine. It weighs over two hundred lbs, which pretty a lot approach that it’s unboxing and assembly call for human beings. On the other hand, this weight plays an essential role in the gadget’s average balance and sturdiness. You can be confident that it won’t pass or wobble when you interact in a more disturbing exercise. Also, its stability is more robust via the adjustable stabilizers incorporated into the deck’s rear. The stabilizers on the front are non-adjustable, though; they’re comfortable, square rubber pads.

The front part of the body’s steel base integrates hard and fast delivery wheels. So, with the deck folded up, the gadget can without difficulty be relocated as soon as its miles assembled. Due to this feature, you will have to handle a lot less than half of its available weight while relocating it.

The treadmill’s deck gives a running platform of 55″L x 20″W (140 x 51 cm), which’s long and wide enough to accommodate users up to 6’2″ – 6’3″ (188-190 cm) for walking workouts. Taller users ought to also be capable of using this treadmill, but all through full running activities, they may step on the motor case or not gain from a complete stride—the deck design to aid users up to 300 lbs (136 kg).

This treadmill gear up with a 1-ply rubber belt, which offers lovely traction and proof against stretching; the strap administers over big, topped rollers, 1.9″ (five cm) in diameter, which delivers an easy movement. They integrate industrial feature sealed ball bearings for a prolonged lifespan and maximum performance.

A crucial function that has to stat right here is the adjustable deck cushioning characteristic. The deck includes three adjustable FlexSelect cushioning cells on every facet, much like the NordicTrack C 990. One-half of-flip turns on the cushioning factors to assist the ankles and knees; every other half-turn will result in a firm and concrete jogging floor. However, a run or jog on this treadmill results in less impact than strolling on asphalt and consequently ends in less fatigue or exercising-associated joint ache.

Incline and step-up top

The NordicTrack C seven hundred treadmill features an automatic incline system, which includes a small lift and motor, positioned on the deck’s front. This NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill can only adjust the incline from the console, and the device calls to be connected to an energy circuit to make to had this option.

The incline device gives a ramp of up to 10% (that’s approx. 8°). There are keys for quick incline and sluggish incline adjustment at the console. Also, some of the onboard applications of the treadmill contain angle. When any such program chose, the machine will adjust the incline of the going for walks platform robotically, in step with each exercise phase.

When it involves step-up height, the walk’s surface endures at approx. 8″ (20 cm) superior floor level, at 0% incline. At 10% incline, the forward part will boost by using a few inches, however essentially, and you’ll locate at the deck at the middle, no longer all the manner at the front. Differently put, the general elevation that you’ll get by way of strolling at maximum incline has to be approx. 12″. So, in conclusion, right here, the ceiling peak within the room where the treadmill could be in use must be better than your very own height, plus about 20″ (51 cm), to avoid any troubles.


As we’ve referred to above, the NordicTrack elite 700 treadmills gear up with a slightly greater effective motor than the T 6.5 S design. It’s a 2.75 CHP motor composed to resist long exercises at full velocity without dropping overall performance. It combines a small flywheel, which improves the steadiness of motion, resulting in a tread belt’s steadier operation.

This motor affords a going for walks velocity range among 0-10 MPH, which might not fit the necessities of a long run professional athlete, however for novices or intermediate customers, it can supply a consistent variety of workouts. May adjust the velocity in increments of 0.1 and 0.5 MPH. This way, you may, without difficulty, discover a suitable tempo for your training.

Because it’s far a motorized, electric powered treadmill, it requires related to an electrical circuit that allows you to be operational. The power requirements for it are one hundred twenty volts and 15 Amps (or greater). Also, putting in a surge suppressor for this fitness gadget is usually recommended.

Control unit

The NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill features a pretty inclusive console with a LED show which includes a Calorie Burn Rate bar. So, to start with, this bar will indicate your exercise’s approximate intensity stage. The most important show of the unit has four readings, one for energy and incline, one for range and time, one for pulse and pace, and one for velocity and energy/hour. Each one of the four panels will rotate the two values that it hosts.

The range can be calculated in miles or kilometers, even as can calculate velocity in MPH or km/h. The machine’s front handles integrate pulse sensors, so the management unit can reveal your pulse in case you hold on to them. However, the company is likewise Bluetooth enabled, which means that it could read your pulse via an HR chest strap transmitter.

As against the older C seven-hundred, the console of the NTL16915 is iFit ready. This approach integrates the iFit module, and you could connect it to your pill, cellphone, or pc via Bluetooth connection, without any extra iFit module. However, you will still want an iFit subscription. It makes available many custom exercises, offers you the possibility to select from many digital trails from around the world, reveal your progress, and compete with other runners, and so on. However, even if you’re now not going to use any of the iFit functions, the control unit itself has 20 workout applications to pick out.

The treadmills manipulate unit capabilities in phrases of facilities, a sound system, a workout fan, two accent holders, and a pill holder. The sound machine consists of two big audio systems, one on every console’s facet. It is compatible with maximum drugs, smartphones, or MP3 players and has quantity controls on the console. The cooling fan locates under the primary rules of the console. It’s pretty large compared to the lovers of different treadmills and may deliver quite a few cooling. The pill holder attaches to the top of the console and may accommodate any pill. Also, a small ledge may be below the principle controls, hosting a tablet or telephone.

Assembly and Maintenance

Most of this NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill comes pre-assembled. In other phrases, the deck with the belt, shock absorption elements, automobiles, rollers, and folding mechanism already assemble. You will virtually connect only the upright bars and the console, which shouldn’t take multiple hours. The assembly manual offers clear meeting instructions at the same time as the gear required is covered.

For protection, even though the belt is pre-lubricated with high-grade commercial lubricants from the factory, it can require extra lubrication after some time. It would help if you also preserved the jogging belt clean, freed from dirt, textile fibers, or different gadgets that are probably dragged underneath it and caught inside the motor. Also, check the device occasionally for loose bolts and components, and retighten them if essential.

The Pros

•        Sturdy body construction;

•        Elegant design;

•        Solid deck, being capable of aid users up to 300 lbs;

•        Easy folding mechanism, area-saving layout;

•        3-cellular (on every side), adjustable deck cushioning;

•        Motorized incline, 0% – 10%;

•        2.75 CHP motor, hurries up to 10 MPH;

•        Speed may be adjusted increments of 0.1 MPH and 0.5 MPH, permitting you to locate the precise tempo of your exercising;

•        EKG pulse sensors integrated into handlebars;

•        Telemetric console – can examine pulse thru a Bluetooth HR chest strap;

•        20 preset workout applications;

•        IFit equipped;

•        Various services consisting of the sound system, cooling fan, tablet holder, accent trays;

•        Quiet operation;

•        Fairly clean to gather;

•        Little maintenance required;

•        Excellent guarantee.

The Cons

•        HR chest strap not blanketed;

•        IFit membership is now not covered.

The Controls Are Not Operating on a NordicTrack Treadmill

Although you desire nothing is going wrong along with your NordicTrack treadmill, it’s high-quality to prepare in case something does. Can solve many system faults involving the console controls quite speedily with a few easy NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill troubleshooting steps.

Many common treadmill problems can be constant at domestic. However, the steps vary barely depending on which version you own; however, the necessary procedure is equal for all NordicTrack treadmills.


If your treadmill directions aren’t working, make sure it’s plugged into a working outlet. Other issues may require you to adjust the reed transfer or re-calibrate the system.

No Power to the Console

If the console does not have any electricity, which prohibits you from using any of the controls, step one is to check that the system plugs into a wall outlet. If it’s miles plugged in, make sure the console’s magnetic secret’s inserted. For protection reasons, NordicTrack treadmills may not perform without the protection key. If the secret is in its slot, pull it out and reinsert it to see if this fixes the hassle.

If no longer, plug something else into the wall outlet to ensure the outlet works well. If it’s far, go to the front of the treadmill and locate the reset switch next to the electrical cord. If this trips, wait 5 minutes and press the button again to reset the system. Lastly, make sure your system isn’t plugged right into a GFCI outlet. NordicTrack warns that its treadmills are not compatible with GFCI retailers in its consumer guide, and you’ll reset the opening whenever you operate the device.

Console Only Reads Zeros

If the console only views zeros or the controls do not feature nicely, attempt adjusting the reed transfer. You will need a Phillips screwdriver to get rid of the motor hood and adjust the reed transfer. Unplug the electricity cord, dispose of the motor hood and find the reed switch at the belt pulley’s left aspect.

Rotate the pulley until a tiny magnet comes into view next to the reed switch. The screw on the button and pass the control together with hand till space between transfer and interest is 1/8 inch. Tighten the spiral and replace the motor hood.

Incline Control Not Working Correctly

If the treadmill does not seem to respond well while you convert the incline, you can need to calibrate the gadget. The manner is slightly exclusive, relying on how new your system is. For preferred consoles, maintain the “Stop” and “Speed Increase” buttons down together. Insert the protection key into the console and launch the controls.

The on-foot platform will rise and then go back to the bottom degree. It needs to be well-calibrated. If you have a more recent machine with a touch display, it is even more straightforward. Navigate to the settings display and press the “Calibrate Incline” icon to begin the calibration procedure.

Other NordicTrack Console Problems

NordicTrack presents fundamental protection pointers for simple problems that you may troubleshoot on your very own. May find additional help by chatting online with a NordicTrack assist website representative.

However, if you perform some other paintings in your NordicTrack elite 700 treadmills, you can void the assurance. Contact ICON Health & Fitness, the manufacturer that produces and warrants NordicTrack treadmills, to have your gadget professionally serviced if it is nevertheless below warranty. You might, in the end, need NordicTrack to console alternative parts.

Treadmill vs. Elliptical Trainer: Which Is Better for Arthritic Knees?

When the climate is lousy or the pollen count is high, you can need to take your aerobic workout interior. The treadmill and the elliptical trainer are the most famous cardio machines, but deciding which one is excellent for you can be tricky. This NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill is especially true if you have arthritic knees.

Both the treadmill and the elliptical instructor simulate a natural walking or running movement. On a treadmill, you run or walk-in location while a belt moves beneath you; on an elliptical teacher, you vicinity each foot on a platform you pass in an oval-fashioned movement. There are professionals and cons to both machines. The subtle way to choose is by checking out each gadget and seeing how your frame responds.

Benefits of exercise for OA

Osteoarthritis (OA) impacts about 27 million AmericansTrusted Source. There’s substantial proof indicating that mild exercise, such as strolling or elliptical training, offers several benefits for OA without worsening signs and symptoms or causing disorder development. According to a record from the U.S. Office of Disease Prevention and Health PromotionTrusted Source, adults with OA can expect sizeable enhancements in ache, bodily function, first-class of existence, and mental health via carrying out low-effect physical pastime for about 150 minutes in keeping with week.

According to today, a contemporary look discovered that folks who did mild exercise more than three days per week for less than hours had a great deal more healthy knee cartilage than individuals who didn’t exercise at all. A low-effect aerobic exercising can assist your arthritic knees in the following ways:

•        Increasing blood goes with the cartilage flow and delivering nutrients that keep the cartilage healthful.

•        Strengthening the muscle groups across the knee reduces stress at the joint and lessens the cartilage’s wear and tear.

•        Promoting weight reduction, which reduces strain on your knees.

Get our weekly Osteoarthritis electronic mail.

To help you maintain yourself prompted and transferring, we’ll ship you treatment updates and ache management pointers.

Treadmills: execs and cons

If you’re running or walking, a treadmill can put more strain on your knees in comparison to an elliptical teacher. But taking walks on a treadmill exerts the identical quantity of force on the knees as the use of an elliptical device. Treadmills tend to be more person-friendly and less difficult to apply for novices. They may also be better for developing bone density.

Problems can arise while you equip to ramp up your workout’s strength. When you increase the treadmill’s speed, you run the hazard of placing more significant stress on your knees, which may cause increased ache and irritation inside the knee joint.

Safety recommendations

If you’ve never exercised a treadmill before, ask an exercise expert or teacher for an illustration or assistance. Before stepping into the system, ensure you already know where the on/off transfer is, how to paint the controls, and use an emergency close-off clip or key. Never move on or off the belt while it’s transferring, and put on shoes that can be suitable for aerobic exercise. If the treadmill has an incline feature, recollect barely elevating the grade. Research recommends that a 3 percent incline grade can lessen surprise at the legs and knees via 24 percentage. However, an extra than three percentage incline grade may have the reverse effect and growth stress on the joints.

Elliptical trainers: professionals and cons

Using an elliptical device is like combining stair-stepping with move-united states snowboarding. Instead of using a natural strolling motion with the foot’s heel again and again hanging the treadmill belt, every foot rests on a platform and moves in an oval, elliptical movement. This zero-impact motion allows you to boom your workout’s depth without increasing the strain on your joints. Some elliptical machines are ready with handles that pass alongside the lower body. This NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill works out the hands, chest, and shoulders and causes the body to burn more energy. Most elliptical machines also help you pedaling the opposite, strengthening different muscle corporations inside the decrease legs.

For novices, elliptical running shoes generally tend to have a steeper learning curve and may be awkward to use. They also don’t provide the equal bone-strengthening benefits of treadmills.

Safety pointers

Because the elliptical trainer may be extra hard to apply than a treadmill, it’s even more crucial to get an illustration and learn the controls before stepping onto one. If you’re new to elliptical running shoes, you could need to keep away from the moving arm handles at first. Most machines have hard and fast stationary handles, which can be simpler to apply. And when you have a desire, choose devices with broader food systems. These machines will help you alter your stance for better balance and put much less pressure on your joints.

When used effectively, each the treadmill and the elliptical trainer may be safe, powerful exercising options for people with OA of the knee. Depending on your particular wishes and talent degree, one can also fit you higher than the opposite. If you’re new to exercising machines or are in greater danger of OA, the treadmill can be a consumer-friendly way to exercise and promote bone health safely.

As you develop into your exercise application and start to grow your workout’s depth, the elliptical instructor can allow you to do so without increasing the stress placed on your knees.

Most importantly, pay attention to your body. If you revel in knee ache or discomfort on one gadget, honestly attempt the alternative. If both options make you uncomfortable, try different low-effect exercise options such as a stationary bike or water aerobics.

Riding a recumbent bicycle is another alternative that could improve the quadriceps and hamstring muscle tissues, which are extraordinarily essential while going from the sitting to the standing position.

Regardless of what workout gadget you’re using, always test with your physician earlier than beginning a new health recurring. If your arthritis is excessive, a treadmill may be too difficult, painful, or maybe dangerous to apply.

Remember, the worst thing you may do for your arthritic knees is to cease workout altogether. Before giving up, speak to your medical doctor approximately methods to evolve your exercising plan to be just right for you.

Final Word at the NordicTrack elite 700 treadmills:

The NordicTrack elite 700 treadmill is a less expensive treadmill pleasant for walkers curious about the electricity incline feature and preloaded exercise programming range. The programming is plentiful, and with an iFit subscription, you’ll by no means run out of workout alternatives. However, the NordicTrack elite 700 treadmills are not made with the very best pleasant elements, and virtually must handiest be used for on foot. If you’re a low depth trainee searching out a less costly treadmill, this could fit you for these motives.

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