Proform tour de france clc indoor exercise bike

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Proform tour de France clc indoor exercise bike

Experience outside riding from the consolation of your own home with the Pro-Form Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle. Choose any route inside the global, and iFit technology can download the map to your console. This Proform tour de France clc indoor exercise bike allows you to experience every hill, flat stretch, and decline on that path. Plus, the Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle filled with high-overall performance training features. With 24 virtual tools controls and interactive incline/decline controls, this indoor cycle lets you customize your workout so you can get speedily gain your fitness dreams. Intelligent wind resistance adjusts resistance in your weight for a calculated drive. Simulating front and rear sprockets on an avenue motorbike, the proper and left handlebar shifters let you fast alternate gears. Built-in strength meter allows you to display your watts and RPM’s immediately at the console, removing the problem of attaching a separate device.

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The new Studio Exercise Bike is a comfortable journey with quiet magnetic resistance, a slope range from -15 to 15%, and smooth integration of Live Cast spin training and iFit Coach Plus. Here is information about its special on-call for education applications, different features, and factory-direct guarantee.

Studio Bike Workout Programs

ProForm Studio motorcycles can connect to LiveCast and iFit Coach Plus via your very own pill pc.

LiveCast spin lessons produced by way of the motorbike’s manufacturers, each day a brand new magnificence providing classmates on bikes is released for on-call to get entry. Pedal along with motivation from your world-magnificence teacher, and hop off the motorcycle for other pass training physical activities all through the regular consultation. You can swivel your pill laptop around for a view from everywhere in your exercising region.

Along with a new spin session, ordinary, you’ll get a ramification of 3 iFit Coach Plus exercise programs chosen especially for you. These robotically downloaded to your account, so there’s no want to look forward to set-up. With a library of more than 800 additional education packages, you’ll continuously have an engaging alternative. You also can create a new interactive exercise with the iFit Google Maps function anytime.

Additionally, iFit Coach Plus makes pointers for sleep, snacking, each day step counts and extra to maximize your progress. A wearable tool is covered together with your iFit club to assist track activity and deliver guidance.

Studio Cycle Features

the $549 Studio bike makes use of your pill PC as its touchscreen screen. A dock over the reassure allows you to swivel and tilt the show for a perfect view even while you’re off the motorcycle. Additionally, the bike has a spherical Watts display, and a purple LED readout for stats, which include calories burned, heart price, and incline. It makes it clean to log and fare your details consequently as well.

The Studio Exercise Bike has slant settings from – 15 percentage to +15 percent. With incline training, you may burn calories higher correctly, trigger your muscle mass in unique approaches, and prepare for outside rides. It makes the most of the automatic incline/decline using delivering customized Google Maps workout routines with streaming views of actual landscapes.

Pedals on ProForm Studio motorcycles give you a choice of toe clips on one facet and straps on the opposite. The brakes also can be exchanged with others; they have got a usual layout.

The motorcycle seat is cushioned and adjustable. It actions 4″ ahead/again and 13″ vertically. Like the pedals, the place can be custom designed too.

Built into the motorbike frame are holders for small dumbbells (covered) and a water bottle.

Caster wheels and levelers attach for smooth shifting and stable set-up.

SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance helps make this motorcycle home-pleasant. Challenge tiers are suitable for novices through skilled outside cyclists.

Warranty & Guarantee

The manufacturer’s warranty package consists of:

– Frame: Lifetime

– Parts: 3 Years

– Labor: 1 yr.

ProForm sells the bike with a 30-day cash lower back guarantee.

Our Rating

Rating: 89.5/100. Ready to update a fitness center club, the ProForm Studio Exercise Bike brings home extremely-custom designed iFit coaching and a vibrant LiveCast studio environment. Connect your tablet pc to the motorcycle for LiveCast spin lessons on demand! A new spin consultation launched every day. These workouts can help move to educate your whole body; teachers integrate hand weights (blanketed with the motorcycle) and guide you via higher-frame sporting activities to finish on and off the bike. The Studio bike’s pill computer dock has a swivel-and-tilt layout so that you can keep an eye at the elegance from anywhere to your exercise room.

Also, to your each day spin class, with iFit Coach Plus, you’ll receive a preference of three exercise programs every day. Created with Google Maps, those applications assist you to only excursion the arena from your Studio motorcycle. As actual-life terrain slopes up and down, so too will your health system: This version has incline/decline capability from -15 to 15%. A year of iFit Coach Plus personal training is an installation at checkout.

This bike is the access-level model in a three-part Studio Series. The upgraded models have their very own swivel contact-monitors in place of running with your pill laptop. The Studio Pro has a 10″ display, and the Studio Pro 22 has a 22″ display. These exercising motorcycles also have steeper incline and decline potential.

All three Studio bikes are relatively adjustable for frame length and electricity. Here are the pros and cons to remember as you are making exercising motorbike comparisons.

The Official Training Bike of Le Tour de France

Get the revel in of using outdoor without leaving the consolation of your own home. You draw the course-anywhere inside the international-and iFit technology Powered by way of Google Maps mechanically downloads the map for your console. What you see is precisely what you experience-each hill, each flat, and each decline. This versatile Indoor Cycle delivers extra options for more benchmark performance. With 24 Digital Gear Controls, you may customize any exercise. Interactive Incline and Decline Controls allow your motorbike to observe the road. Intelligent Wind Resistance elements on your top and weight for a calculated pressure. Train like a Pro with Proform tour de France clc indoor exercise bike.

Ride Anywhere in the World with Google Maps iFit Technology Built-In With the iFit innovation Powered using Google Maps, you can ride anywhere in the international! Choose from 24 pre-mapped guides or create your own. Ride over the Passage du Go is or, on the other hand, climb the slopes of Mont des Alouettes in France. Presently you can encounter this similar path and higher on this Indoor Cycle. With iFit technology, you may experience where the pros do. The global is at your fingertips. Map any course, and enjoy the experience! Google and Google Maps are registered logos of Google, Inc. Including twelve months of iFit membership at no cost.

Built-In Power Meter

The integrated strength meter is an inner device that permits you to reveal your watts and RPM’s directly at the console.

Eliminate the trouble of attaching a separate device to degree your watts and RPM’s—the ProForm Tour de France Indoor Cycle comes prepared with an integrated energy meter. An integrated electricity meter is an internal tool that lets in you to reveal your watts and RPM’s on the console as you ride. The electricity meter lets in you to tune-in for your ride and screens your watts and RPM’s for a higher benchmark overall performance. Now you may make sure that you are hard yourself even as perfecting your journey. With the electricity meter, you may get actual-time feedback on how tough you’re education.

It Does What the Street Does – 20 – 20% Digital Incline and Decline Controls.

You are presenting slope and decrease that coordinates the road! Now, you may revel in any direction around the world, and Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle routinely adjusts the incline and decline to simulate the terrain! No matter the course, no matter the map, your bike actions to observe the road.

So, you get a realistic exercise-just as if you were out of doors-but without the site visitors, potholes and climate. Now you can have the ideal day in your road motorbike every day of the yr with Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle.

Handlebar Shifters

You can now without difficulty trade gears just like you would for your avenue bike with the new Handlebar Shifters! Right and left Handlebar Shifters to simulate the front and rear sprockets just like your road motorcycle.

Designed to in shape that of your street motorcycle—the left shifter adjusts resistance inside the front sprockets while the correct shifter changes obstruction in the back sprockets. With 24 distinctive obstruction levels, you can regulate your experience by the slightest amount feasible on an indoor cycle and increase more cardiovascular power.

Intelligent Wind Resistance For a More Personalized Experience

Any indoor motorcycle can come up with resistance-but handiest Le Tour de France Indoor Cycle can come up with Intelligent Wind Resistance. Intelligent Wind Resistance routinely adjusts the resistance of your motorbike based on your wind profile. Our smart technology calculates your peak and weight to apply the herbal strength you’ll get out on the road. A climb in your basement is precisely like a climb out of doors.

What the pros are pronouncing

“After winning the Ironman Hawaii World Championships again, I shifted my awareness on setting myself back on the Australian Olympic Team for London. I changed into instructed this became a not possible dream, and that is finding the electricity and pace to healthy men half of my age become a midlife crisis indeed. I grabbed myself a TDF bike and used set applications to take a look at growing the power, pace, and electricity that would be vital to race on the speeds necessary to win Olympic medals once more. At 38 years of age, I changed into advised “not possible,” “Can’t be done,” and “no threat” Thanks to the TDF bike and the unique indoor sets we ought to manipulate, we executed the not possible and qualified for the Olympic Shadow squad. It is without question the excellent manner to get the specific results you are looking for.”

“The “Tour De France Trainer” is super as it has an entirely realistic street sense. In over twenty years of driving trainers, I’ve by no means ridden anything even near. My favored capabilities are the Google Maps application, and that the bike rotates up or down primarily based on uphills and downhills. The “Tour De France Trainer” is through ways the nearest stationary bicycle to the street I’ve ever experienced! Five stars!”

Improvements in Design

Makers of the Proform Le Tour de France motorcycle claim that it gives riders with the revel in of riding outside. The motorbike offers the genuine sense of every hill, variable wind resistance at the residences, and 24 virtual equipment controls to customize each exercising, and with Google maps, iFit generation constructed.

With the brand new handlebar shifters, Proform simulates the resistance change you’ll feel on your bike. ProForm placed them on the handlebars, and only as a road bike, the left shifter adjusts resistance inside the front sprockets even as the proper shifter adjusts the opposition at the lower back sprockets. The bike additionally has a -20% to +20% decline/incline functionality that corresponds with the terrain at the automatic exercising you are the usage of. This Proform tour de France clc indoor exercise bike simulates all kinds of terrain, from grinding up steep hills to zipping speedily down them to racing across extended apartments.

With a lot of these features, I felt this changed into going to be the excellent factor because I gave my first tricycle! Although all this era included in the Proform Le Tour de France indoor cycle comes with a pretty hefty fee, around $1500. My ultimate motorbike was a LeMond RevMaster, which I loved, and it turned into right about $1000.00. This Proform tour de France clc indoor exercise bike is what you ought to usually count on to pay for a perfect high-quality indoor biking motorcycle. One thing you need to look for additionally is the descriptor that it’s suitable for light industrial use. That way, you understand it’s reliable.

If you get masses of terrific performance – above the more magnificent mid-variety bikes- to warrant the higher charge tag, it is OK. However, with the ProForm Generation 2, what I discovered tells me I’m glad that I tried the bike earlier than I sold it. Ultimately it fails to deliver as promising in bringing that “actual motorbike sense.”

What I found inside the take a look at is that once the bicycle went into the first decrease, it felt somewhat like being one of these mechanical bulls wherein you need to preserve on for expensive lifestyles. OK, that might be a piece of an exaggeration, even though after I’m heading down a descent on an avenue motorbike I don’t commonly sense like I’m going to pitch off the motorcycle both. The maximum irritating issue of the bike, however, became in the iFit integration, which brings the mapping software program into the motorbike’s exercising application. What I found is that it still has a variety of bugs that want to be labored out as I skilled several troubles with the software, a common criticism echoed with the aid of different customers. Then after I got the journey itself, inside the middle, it crashed, and I needed to reset the route. As you can consider, when you are attempting to carry out a sustained workout, that kind of hassle doping up is alternatively frustrating.

Features, Specifications, and Technical Details

The ProForm Generation 2 is characteristic wealthy, but, and here are a few of factors it comes with:

  • The power meter in watts
  • RPM meter
  • 24 gears, with a virtual handlebar mount, controls Related article: How to Shift – Guide to Using Your Gears Effectively
  • Console presentations watts, pace, time, speed, rpm, heart rate, percent incline/decline, distance, and energy
  • Ten pre-drawn Google Maps guides of the 2012 Tour de France
  • nine workout motorcycle workout apps and five indoor cycle elegance exercises
  • Polar wireless chest pulse well-matched (receiver covered and chest strap offered one by one) — Related article: Heart Rate Training and Spinning: a Powerful Combination

Pedals: Designed to hold your ft. in the vicinity, those pedals construct with toe cages to boom stability. You can pick out to ride the use of the caged pedals or transfer them out to apply your clipless levers. The mounting readily constructed into the cranks to that you could easily take them off and put your brakes on.

  • Freewheel to extra accurately simulate avenue bike revel in Compatible Music port for iPod and integrated speakers.
  • Multiple role adjustable handlebars – Related article: Fitting Your Bike to You Included seat has three-manner seat adjustment: up and down, the front to back, and tilt.
  • Standard seat mount to use owner’s seat if favored
  • Dimensions:25” Wide x 58” Long x 59” Tall (135 lbs.)
  • Guarantee: Lifetime – Frame and Welds; 1 Year Parts/Labor


  • Low sale rate
  • Swivels and tilts your pill for an excellent view
  • Automated incline from -15% to 15%
  • Live Cast bike lessons on call for
  • iFit Coach Plus
  • Wearable fitness device
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Pedals with toe straps and clips
  • Wireless coronary heart rate receiver
  • Color-coded Watts’s display
  • Water bottle holder
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • Transport wheels and levelers
  • User weight potential 350 pounds
  • Three-12 months elements guarantee


  • Requires a Wi-Fi Internet connection
  • Membership price for iFit Coach Plus
  • ProForm customer service regularly receives low ratings


ProForm’s Studio is a favorite new exercise bike beneath $1,000. If you already personal a pill laptop and you’re seeking to keep money, the Studio is a super manner to get entry to pinnacle-notch spin classes and get total-frame personal training without touring throughout the city. This access-stage version is just as durable because of the enhancements with their very own touch-monitors (Studio Bike Pro and Studio Bike Pro 22) and might preserve you shifting for years.

ProForm has to date pop out with a new version each yr. with improvements. While conceivably, there’ll be a Generation 3 in some unspecified time in the future, it’s now not announced yet, and Gen 2 is the here and now. And although Generation 2 does have a few enhancements, they want to address the software troubles and the declining stability problem nonetheless. Until those issues resolved, I can’t endorse this motorbike on the new rate. And it truly is a shame seeing that I become, in reality, intrigued using this idea. But after the negatives that came out via the checking out experience, it reminded me that more magnificent complex “improvement” doesn’t always imply higher. In this case, sticking with the fundamentals would have been the right preference.

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