Nordictrack bike s22i reviews

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The NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are NordicTrack’s response to the Peloton revolution. It is iFit-enabled 22″ Smart HD touchscreen permits you to carry the energizing atmosphere of a studio spin bike. Just hop on, music right into a spin magnificence video, and the trip towards your fitness dreams along international-magnificence iFit running shoes and other spinners around the arena.

Priced at $1,999 earlier than discounts, the S22i is NordicTrack’s top rate Business Studio Cycle for 2020. You can, without a great deal of a stretch, perceive the S22i from the less expensive S15i due to its 22-inch screen. The S15i has a smaller 14″ display screen, however different additives of the two bikes are the same. These consist of non-slip, multi-function handlebars; 22 degrees of virtual resistance; energy incline (and decline) with settings from -10% to +20%; and pedals with cages. Both models are also well suited with fashionable avenue bike pedals and seats. Other key capabilities of each motorcycle consist of Wi-Fi telemetry and iPod-compatible speaker structures. We additionally love that both vehicles include a fixed of 3 lb—dumbbells for upper-body exercises.

So, how does the NordicTrack S22i evaluate with the Peloton studio cycle? Most obvious is the identical 22″ display length, which allows creating immersive exercise stories. Both bikes are splendidly compact too.

One crucial distinction is that best the NordicTrack S22i has power incline/decline. This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews is an exciting feature to apply alongside iFit workout routines and Google Maps driving trails, as it inevitably brings your trip or recurring to existence.

Another critical distinction is the type of instruction available together with your $39 monthly club. With NordicTrack, your iFit spin movies not proven to stay like some of the Peloton lessons, and the choice of spin instructions is smaller. Peloton has a quite staggering everyday live schedule of spin lessons which will choose. The alternate off is that iFit includes many other advantages such as global workouts in beautiful locations. Google Maps rides wherein you virtually motorcycle out of doors, a wider variety of personal trainers, and masses of other private education-related pointers and hints. It’s also greater interactive due to the fact iFit instructors can manage your resistance and incline all through exercises; Peloton workouts require you to amend your strength manually. During iFit workout routines, your trainer robotically adjusts your system to in shape their commands, completely immersing you in the class. Both bike memberships additionally offer exercising steerage in areas out of doors the cycling area, from yoga to kickboxing to meditation.

Standard warranty insurance for the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle consists of 10 years of coverage for the body, two years for parts and 1 yr. for hard work. Dig deeper into the professionals and cons of the NordicTrack S22i.

NordicTrack Exercise Bike

The NordicTrack S22i is a terrific desk-bound bike built for domestic use. The sturdy build helps up to 350 pounds and is adjustable to healthy most frame sizes. The flywheel mechanism makes for a straightforward journey with a braking machine that forestalls your motorcycle with little or no attempt. When as compared to other domestic stationary bikes, the S22i is worlds beforehand with the HD touchscreen and form of Studio Cycle instructions supplied manage iFit.

The S22i Is A Great Tool For:

• novice in wellness

• Indoor cycle preparing

• Cardio

• Leg electricity

• Planned routines and range

• Engaged in training by using health professionals

Standout Features:

• 22” Pivoting Touchscreen

• 1-Year NordicTrack iFit Membership blanketed

• iFit Bluetooth Chest Strap (coronary heart charge reveal) included

• -10% to 20% Incline Paired with 24 Digital Resistance Levels

• Wide choice of Studio Cycle training

• Compatible with Standard Road Bike Pedals & Seat

Machine Specs:

Footprint: 55.Zero” L x 21.9″ W x fifty four. Eight” H Footprint

Product Weight: about two hundred lbs

Weight Capacity: 350 lbs

User Experience

Tilting/Rotating 22” Touchscreen

The 22″ display is remarkable. This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are a big display so that you get a without a doubt clean photograph of the trainer and the magnificence they’re leading. The touchscreen is terrific responsive, and clean to navigate.

You can pivot the display for exercises off the motorcycle along with instructor-led yoga. This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are a feature specific to the NordicTrack stationary bike. Treadmills, ellipticals, incline running shoes, and another system from NordicTrack do no longer provide this feature.

Using iFit On Your NordicTrack S22i

These motion pictures are what make this piece of home health club equipment profitable. It’s similar to attending a class at your nearby health club with the practice, the incentive, and the song blasting. Only you get to take the course at your convenience.

One aspect I struggled with changed into preserving up the cadence that the running shoes are telling you to preserve. As the boom and decrease your resistance, I notion the cadence expectation turned into a chunk high for the average person (I sit down with no trouble around eighty-five). But I’m sure with sufficient time spent at the motorcycle, and it’s a bit more available.

It would additionally be significant to peer more range in the training motion pictures. A lot of them are pretty widespread dash and hill climb periods. This shape of schooling (especially if you are an avid cycler) can get a touch monotonous. Could iFit begin a new version of the Soul Cycle? That could be exquisite.

You can nonetheless use the bike in its guide, putting, deciding on your resistance and incline levels. This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are splendid to peer! Sometimes users just don’t need a video in their faces, or they have a set education recurring they’d like to do. Even in that case, I’d nonetheless advocate the S22i.

3 Lb Dumbbells

Three kilos of weight is going to make a distinction for some, but not for others. This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are a non-public choice. However, with regular use of this device, you’ll quickly plateau and require heavier weight for any introduced benefits.

Compatible with Standard Road Bike Pedals & Seat

The saddle and pedals that include the NordicTrack S22i aren’t excellent. But except you purchase a high-give up the street motorcycle, these are usually gadgets you turn out to be changing besides. What’s the point in growing the value of the device by fitting it with more excellent seats and pedals while most riders update those elements based totally on choice besides? What is incredible is that you may update the position with something greater applicable in your needs (male or lady saddles, more or much less cushioning, and so on). You also can throw for your pedals with clips to conjure up greater strength from your legs.

HDMI and Auxiliary Ports

Project video and sound through the S22i’s reassure OR a single device. You can train the use of your wall-hooked up large display screen TV and your surround sound gadget if you’d like. This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are a feature we see an increasing number of on NordicTrack’s system. Most groups have found out the gain of offering the audio port; however, the HDMI connection is a fantastic addition.

1-Year NordicTrack iFit Membership Included

This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are a notable characteristic. Icon Wellness made iFit, and in their starting degrees, we had been unimpressed with the app. But it’s evolved right into a resource that, in the long run, replaces the want for a gymnasium membership. A one-yr. The club is worth over $300. You get access to lots of exercise films (virtual fitness center training) plus calorie tracking, intention putting, and more. It is a first-rate device.

iFit Bluetooth Chest Strap and Heart Rate Monitor Included

This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are a pleasant upload-on as nicely. Tracking your coronary heart fee is an excellent manner to music your calorie burn. It pairs effortlessly and has fantastically accurate coronary heart fee tracking. All the statistics routinely saved for your device.

One factor I wish iFit would kind out a touch higher: When you choose the exercise video you want to observe, it gives you well-known stats that encompass the predicted time and calorie burn for the exercise. So as you follow alongside the video and see the display of your calories burned, it’s not a correct estimate of your actual energy burned. It’s common. As the clock ticks, the calorie reverse ticks, along with it, preset to reflect the ratings given to you during the choice phase. I’d want to see iFit develop an algorithm that takes my stats (height, weight, gender, and modern-day coronary heart price since it has all of that information anyway) and projects my actual calorie burn. Totally on my watts and heart charge in the course of the exercising.

Inertia-Enhanced Flywheel

This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews are a similar mechanism used within the NordicTrack Fusion CST. It’s a terrific smooth rotating wheel that provides even consistency on your peddling. This part of the desk-bound motorbike comes pre-assembled.

SMR™ Quiet Magnetic Resistance and 22 Digital Resistance Levels

The magnetic resistance is pretty cool. Being digital, you understand what resistance stages you’re running. On a conventional stationary motorcycle, your strength putting measured off of “experience” and a first-class-guess. During a number of the Studio Cycle films, the teachers use level 10 as a flat avenue resistance degree. All of the manners as much as 22, the max resistance offers a mission to even the most skilled cyclists.

Dual Water Bottle Holders

These water bottle holders’ paintings simply exceptional – until your handlebars are at their lowest placing, you then cannot make use of the water bottle holders because of the shortage of space. But considering the design of the motorcycle, there isn’t, in reality, a better vicinity to put the water bottle holders. While that is inconvenient, it doesn’t deter me from recommending the S22i. It’s one of the best desk bound bikes I’ve ever ridden.


The NordicTrack S22i comes with a lifetime body warranty, a 3-yr warranty for components, and a 1-12 month guarantee for labor. Remember, although that the assurance simplest activated in you sign in your machine on NordicTrack’s internet site!

Ease of Use

It’s all very self-explanatory, making the mastering curve quite minor for this piece of device. Anyone acquainted with using a tablet or phone will don’t have any problem navigating the monitor.

Machine Assembly

The S22i is a very easy motorbike to bring together. The instructions are clean to observe, and all digital pieces come pre-assembled. Only one individual is needed to bring together this motorcycle.

What We Love About the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle:

22” High Definition Screen

We would be delinquent not to feature the twenty-inches, high definition display screen on the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle—in the end, and it’s inside the call. This screen is lovely and comes together with a speaker device to increase your sound. To make the most of the display screen, but, it’s satisfactory to join iFit. NordicTrack’s club software. And, if you purchase at once from NordicTrack, you will be capable of getting the first 12 months free. With an iFit subscription, you’ll have to gain entry to over twelve thousand workout routines created with the aid of international magnificence trainers. Live streaming of spinning classes, the choice to apply Google Maps Street View on your workouts, without problems music and record your stats, and more. The iFit subscription can have a significant effect on making the most of this equipment as well as ensuring you get outcomes.

Uphill and Downhill Training

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle comes with a strength incline of -10% as much as a steep 20%—the downhill feature being a lot much less not unusual to look on bikes. This NordicTrack bike s22i reviews is one of the critical tendencies that make this version more superior to other biking fashions from NordicTrack. The addition of the decline additionally infinitely multiplies your capacity exercising variety with the aid of introducing a new way to adjust your intensity and train for specific goals.

Other Considerations:

No Built-In Workout Programs

While the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is a quality model, for individuals who do now not subscribe to their iFit club, there might be no integrated exercising applications. To get the most out of this model, trainees ought to organized to make investments within the subscription. As stated earlier, it may be feasible that allows you to attain an unfastened 12-month subscription if bought directly from the NordicTrack internet site.


Users have suggested that installation for the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is quite hard and cannot do without the help of any other person. It is estimated to take into 4 hours or extra. Many customers have encouraged investing in assistance to get your NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle up and walking.

How the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle to the NordicTrack S15i Studio Cycle:

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is the better-give up choice compared to the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle. The most crucial distinction in fashions is the display screen size: the NordicTrack Commercial S15i Studio Cycle has a 14-inch display, whereas the NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle has a twenty-inch display; as a result, the names.


• iFit Coach enabled for spin class motion pictures and interactive workouts

• 22” touch display screen with high definition

• 22 resistance stages

• Quiet magnetic flywheel device

• Slope settings from -10 to 20 percentage

• Adjustable padded saddle with well-known stem

• additionally well matched with avenue motorbike pedals

• Multigrain handlebars

• Set of three-pound dumbbells for higher-frame exercise

• iPod-well matched sound machine

• Wireless coronary heart price receiver

• Contact coronary heart rate sensors

• Two water bottle holders

• Auto-adjusting workout fan

• 350-pound consumer weight capacity

• Transport wheels


• Costs load higher than the standard domestic exercise bike

• Assembly involves many steps; you may prefer professional meeting, which adds $250 on your investment

• Requires iFit Coach Club for one year; cheaper bikes make iFit Coach elective

• NordicTrack has gained notoriety for moderate client care



The S22i Studio Cycle offered with a 12-month club to iFit Coach, a sophisticated app for personal education. One membership is sufficient for the typical family; it lets in up to four-person profiles. With a consumer profile, you’ll get customized exercising application recommendations on every occasion you trip. Two most important kinds of motorcycle workout packages are featured: spin class motion pictures and Google Maps applications. A couple of other sorts also described.

First, spin magnificence videos that control bike resistance are the newest iFit Coach advantage. Class videos are filmed at an iFit Coach Fitness center, and prefer different iFit exercises they’re to be had on call. Each video capabilities a world-elegance non-public instructor and a studio full of “riders like you” on NordicTrack cycle trainers. Many of the lessons encompass upper-frame electricity education alongside cycling; the teacher leads you via sporting activities with hand weights that deliver with the S22i and other models.

Next, Google Maps’ workouts will let you hit the street (or perhaps an unpaved trail) while riding the S22i Studio Bike. iFit Coach suggests routes that can be scenic and match your fitness goals, plus you can create custom-designed Google Maps workout routines whenever. When you develop workouts, you could get social too: iFit Coach helps you to assignment other riders for your publications.

Additionally, iFit Coach has an expansion of HD video workout routines for undoubtedly experiencing segments of Tour de France races. These are just like Google Maps workout routines; however, the pictures are especially shiny and immersive.

Finally, non-motorbike exercising videos are blanketed with iFit Coach Membership too. You’ll get on-demand cell get entry to hundreds of movies in lots of numerous categories.

S22i Studio Cycle Features

The Commercial S22i’s maximum pleasing function is the 22” contact display screen, which could display iFit Coach Spin classes and different workout routines in high definition. The S22i Studio Cycle is named for its display screen dimension, as is the less expensive S10i.

Lots of riders want to keep cell devices accessible, so the 22″ display has a ledge sized to your cell tool. You can expand your favored exercise music via connecting an iPod-well matched MP3 player to the Studio Cycle’s sound device.

The S22i and its more natural sibling, the S10i, show off NordicTrack’s steepest bike incline/decline range. Work your muscle mass with extremes of -10 and +20 percentage! The slope may be controlled manually or by way of exercise packages. This function is fun to use with Google Maps workouts, which robotically regulates the motorcycle’s gradient in keeping with data approximately the terrain.

Pedaling speedy and furiously, you may recognize how NordicTrack Studio Cycles have pedal cages. The S22i additionally has a prevalent pedal design; you can swap out the set for any standard avenue motorcycle pedals.

This cycle trainer’s saddle is adjustable in four instructions (up, down, ahead, and again) to match riders of different heights. The device is also compatible with seats for outside bikes.

A set of three-pound hand weights bundled with the motorcycle, Storage for masses is constructed into the bike for smooth get right of entry to at some point of rides.

For coronary heart price monitoring, the Commercial S22i has touch sensors and is well-matched with Wi-Fi chest straps (no longer included).

To assist you in maintaining calm, this motorbike geared up with two water bottle holders and a self-adjusting fan.

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Cycles have metal frames with 350-pound ability. Caster wheels are connected to ease delivery.

Are Nordic Track motorcycles proper?

NordicTrack upright and recumbent motorcycles loaded with programming for exercises and entertainment; however, they have got noticeably mild flywheels. They’re excellent for people trying to shed pounds or hold in shape. They aren’t supposed for exceptional-sturdy people or avid bikers searching for a practical road bike sensation.

Who Should Use The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle?

The S22i optimized for fast calorie burn. Its custom is exercising film enchantment to folks who’d respect a few upper-frame exercises at the side of the lower-frame practice and aerobic schooling.

Thanks to 22 resistance settings, this bike can provide a simply-right task to pretty much absolutely everyone. Owing to its adjustability and 350-pound weight restriction, it’s also a comfortable and safe journey for adults of maximum sizes.

Like any NordicTrack machine, the S22i delivers the excellent cost to folks that experience trying new workouts on an ordinary foundation. If you think that studio-like schooling stories, a limitless quantity of Google Maps workout routines, and other custom-designed exercise applications will assist you in living encouraged, then NordicTrack is the first-rate logo for you in preferred.

NordicTrack studio cycles are for high-strength education. If you are searching for commonly low-intensity rides which can be gentler in your knees, then an exclusive style of exercise motorcycle – specifically a recumbent motorbike – might be a better in shape.

The Bottom Line

For years, iFit has helped to make NordicTrack a primary workout motorcycle logo. The Commercial S22i permits you to advantage from iFit personal education in a new way: with movies of great first-rate spin lessons on call! You’ll additionally get admission to the longtime favorite iFit function — limitless Google Maps workouts — with vivid landscape views and automated incline/decline.

All in all, the S22i is a fantastic option for alternating among health club-fashion schooling and scenic outside excursions. You ought to spend less on an exercising motorcycle that’s simply as long-lasting because the S22i, but its exercises, probable receivers be as enticing or motivating. If saving money isn’t a top priority, then the excessive-tech S22i Studio Cycle is a logical finalist in your search for a laugh spin motorbike.

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