Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R

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Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R

The Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R is mainly the recumbent model of the Marcy NS-40504U exercise bike. It’s a budget trainer, and it doesn’t offer a wide array of features, however, does have a pretty robust production and allows carrying out mild to medium intensity aerobic exercises.

Technical Details and Specifications

•        Assembled dimensions: 56.7L x 24.8W x 43.3H inches (144L x 63W x 110H cm)

•        Assembled weight: 69 lbs (31.2 kg)

•        Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)

•        Seat: Adjustable

•        Pedals: With adjustable straps

•        Resistance: Magnetic, 8 levels

•        Drive: Belt

•        Console: Time, distance, pace, energy, ODO, SCAN, goal settings

•        Warranty: 2 years restrained

Frame creation

The Marcy NS-40502R has a long-lasting metal construction designed to aid customers as much as 300 lbs (136 kg). Its frame is making from oversized and square metal tubing. This feature now not only improves the unit’s overall durability and balance, and it also gives a cultured, professional-looking thing.

The bike’s frame consists of two predominant components, the front part with the flywheel and using mechanism, and the rear element with the seat. The details join in the centre with several screws. Also, the relationship factor equips with a small adjustable stabilizer.

All the metallic parts within the bike’s production line with a rust-resistant and scratch-resistant paint finish; the colour used is grey, which is the best colour for this bike. There are numerous ABS components inside the unit’s construction, including the flywheel covers and the seat base body’s surfaces. However, these don’t affect the system’s average durability as their role in protecting and beauty.

Like most recumbent bikes, the Marcy NS-40502R is not exactly a small health device. With all of the elements assembled, its miles 56.7″ (144 cm) lengthy and 24.8″ (63 cm) huge. The base’s width is a chunk smaller without a doubt, and the 24.8″ width is giving by way of the seat handlebars, this being the motorcycle’s most comprehensive factor. On top of these dimensions, it also endorses a slightly wider vicinity for using the bike. At least ft of clearance on the edges and rear and as a minimum one foot of support at the front should suffice.

The frame of this Marcy exercise bike functions a step-thru layout. This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R appreciably improves the right of entry to the seat, the access, and go out. It’s a beautiful feature for users with positive disabilities or aged users.

Like most recumbent bikes, the Marcy NS-40502R gives exquisite stability. On pinnacle of that, its rear base is geares up with adjustable levellers.

The assembled unit is not extraordinarily heavy. It weighs approx. 69 lbs (31.2 kg), so one individual must be capable of unboxing it and collect it without more help. Plus, once the unit assembles, its relocation is facilitated by way of the small wheels incorporated into it’s the front base.

Seat and handlebars

This Marcy upright bike is ready with an adjustable seat. The whole seat meeting is hooked up to an indirect bar and has a sliding mechanism with a pop-pin at the lowest which permits you to fasten it in the favoured position. It offers numerous adjustment positions and might accommodate customers between 5’0″ and 6’2″ (153 – 188 cm), promoting a complete leg extension.

In phrases of comfort, the seat is pretty plenty a trendy one. It’s approx. 16″ (40 cm) huge; it’s padded with 2″ (5 cm) of froth material and has a durable vinyl upholstery.

The backrest functions the same padding as the seat. It doesn’t recline, nor does it provide some other form of adjustment features independently from the heart. Its backbone is quite sturdy and does offer an excellent lumbar aid.

As we’ve referred to above, the motorbike’s weight capability is 300 lbs (136 kg). However, users as much as 350 lbs (159 kg) have suggested that they have been using the bike without any issues.

The Marcy NS-40502R is preparing with sets of handlebars, one attached to the console mast, and once connected to the seat assembly. Both handlebar units are protected via a rubber foam fabric layer for you to provide a positive grip.

An essential component to mention right here is that the console mast is willing in the user’s direction, and using the front handlebars isn’t too awkward as for other recumbent bikes. But then again, the seat handlebars do now not combine pulse sensors, along with the Merax RB1020, for example.

Drive and resistance

The Marcy recumbent bike NS-40502R equips with a reasonably mild flywheel. Its precise weight isn’t exact, however thinking about that the entire bike weighs only 69 lbs (31.2 kg), and its flywheel shouldn’t be heavier than 20 lbs (9 kg). It’s perimeter-weighted, even though, and provides a smooth pedalling movement.

The bike’s transmission makes to have by using a durable rubber belt. As opposed to a series power, this kind of belt pressure produces much less vibration at some stage in pedalling, which results in a smoother pedalling revel in and almost no noise generated. Also, instead of a series force, a belt power doesn’t require lubrication.

The pedals protected with the unit have a weighted layout and a non-slip surface. They’re prepared with adjustable straps to secure your feet for each exercise. The crank palms are the stable metallic; but, if you’re questioning, status upon them is not recommended. Plus, since it’s a recumbent bike, standing up even as pedalling could result in a completely awkward, unhealthy posture.

This Marcy exercising bike functions a manual magnetic resistance system. It integrates a small magnetic brake connected to the knob at the console mast via a steel cord. The brake will alter its function nearer or farther from the flywheel by turning the twine, growing or reducing the resistance.

Since the gadget’s resistance is solely manual, it doesn’t need to link to an electricity source. Also, the console doesn’t play any function in the resistance adjustment.

There is eight resistance stage available. The universal resistance supplied by way of this exercise bike isn’t intense, although. It can provide mild to medium exercises; the decrease stages supply a completely light pedal tension, first-rate for recuperation education. The eighth resistance putting promotes, but, more excellent excessive schooling, with a higher muscle burn.

Exercise meter

This exercise bike includes the equal console as the Marcy NS-40504U. It geares up with an LCD which tracks time, distance, speed, and calories. It also has an odometer feature that essentially indicates the number of miles you have travelled at the bike to date.

Unfortunately, the bike doesn’t have a pulse studying function. The console is not telemetric, and there are not any pulse sensors incorporated into the handlebars. Therefore, if you need to reveal your pulse in the course of the exercising, you may use a separate device.

The pace and distance displays in imperial units (mph and miles), there is not a metric putting available.

Since it’s a simple unit, the console doesn’t have any integrated preset programs. However, it does offer intention settings for time, distance, and calories. You can choose a value for any of these metrics, and it will start to countdown from the selected cost till it reaches 0.

The unit is pretty easy to function. There are three top buttons: MODE, SET, and RESET—the MODE button lets in you to toggle the unit’s SCAN characteristic ON/OFF. When the SCAN characteristic is ON, the show indicates each workout metric for four seconds. The SET button allows you to installation desires for time, distance, and energy. And the RESET button unblocks all of the values to zero.

The unit makes use of 1.5V (AA) batteries which aren’t protected. It begins up while you start to pedal or press a button. It additionally has a nap mode with a view to enter if there’s no pastime on the bike for four minutes.

Last, however now not least, the bike console integrates a tablet holder. This accessory is substantial sufficient to house any pill. However, there may be no USB or connection port for the drug on the console.

Assembly and Maintenance

The unit’s drive elements and inner brake come pre-assembled, attached to the frame’s front and sealed through the ABS covers. Therefore, all you need to do for the meeting is join the two main components of the body collectively, upload the base bars, the seat, the backrest, the console mast, the handlebars, the pedals, and the console. This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R shouldn’t take greater than an hour. The covered guide offers clean meeting commands and schematics, and the equipment for it includes.

Since the bike has a belt force gadget, you ought not to lubricate its internal parts. In reality, you genuinely ought not to do a good deal for protection. The periodic check of its joins, bolts, and nuts usually recommends even though.

The Pros

•        Sturdy, metal body, able to assisting users as much as three hundred lbs;

•        Adjustable base stabilizers;

•        Transport wheels;

•        Step-through body layout for easy access to the seat;

•        Both front and seat handlebars (different recumbent bikes don’t have front handlebars);

•        Padded seat and backrest, for most useful consolation;

•        Quiet magnetic resistance device;

•        Adjustable resistance imparting distinct eight tiers;

•        Weighted pedals with adjustable straps;

•        Exercise meter which can tune time, distance, total distance, velocity, and calories;

•        Goal putting capabilities for time, space, and calories;

•        Tablet holder blanketed;

•        Lightweight, clean to deal with;

•        Fairly clean to bring together;

•        Little to no renovation required.

The Cons

•        No pulse reading feature;

•        No bottle holder;

•        Batteries for the console are not protected;

•        A tablet positioned on the media holder will cover the console controls and its show.

How do I repair the magnetic resistance on my exercise bike?

Exercise bikes allow you to get that a tremendous deal-wanted aerobic while you don’t have the time to exit and perform a little out of doors sports. These indoor bikes will let you work up a sweat, and you won’t even have to leave the residence.

However, genuinely having an exercise bike isn’t always sufficient. You want to know how to troubleshoot your exercising bike once a hassle arises, mainly if you use a magnetic resistance exercising bike. We will speak approximately exercise bikes, and some of the standard magnetic resistance are exercising bike issues you might encounter.

Common Exercise Bike Problems

When you have a workout bike, you need to assume that issues might rise one manner or another. No count number how cautious you are in using it, your exercising bike will come across a few problems. A not unusual indoor bike typically encounters three not unique issues.

1. Slipping Off the Belt

This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R is a completely common hassle that you might encounter in an exercising bike. The belt holds all the stress which you put whilst you are using the motorbike, so there is a chance that it would slip off frequently. If it takes place, you’ll need to tighten the belt or replace it. Here is an easy way to address this sort of problem.

Step 1: Remove the motorbike from the plug. Before you start making it, think about the assurance on the machine. If it’s miles still beneath warranty, you can need to reconsider earlier than commencing it up as it may void the warranty.

Step 2: Remove the motorbike pedals using an Allen wrench, crank arm, or an ordinary Philips screwdriver. Can open the pedal’s right side clockwise, and Can open the left pedal counter-clockwise. Make sure which you dispose of the pedals without affecting the threads.

Step 3: You ought to do away with the side defend. You can use flat headgear to do away with all the attached screws on the aspect protect so that you can see the belt and the flywheel.

Step 4: The next level is to loosen the stress of the belt. You can see a large and small adjustment nut located at the outer and decrease side of the Eddie much bracket. You can stretch or loosen the belt tensions with the aid of adjusting the two crowns.

2. Squeaking noise

If you hear rattling rackets coming from your workout bike, that is very commonplace; however, it doesn’t mean that you can leave it there. The damn noise coming from your exercising bike may additionally come from a worn out belt or wheels, or it can also come from the pedal or the motor jammes due to mound or rust.

The satisfactory manner to address the rattling noises out of your bike is to look for the supply of the noise. If you understood that the noise is coming from the pedals or the belt, you need to dismantle the motorbike and easy it. Lubricate the supply of the noise to ensure that it would function efficiently.

This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R isn’t a severe problem and Can resolve it using regular upkeep in your indoor bike. You can put in force weekly or month-to-month protection on your exercising bike.

3. Error Codes

Exercise bikes also can encounter errors codes, consisting of E1 and E6, or it’d even say “Fail to Start” if there’s trouble on the electric console. This kind of problem can be as easy as regular renovation trouble or a more complicated electric trouble.

You can look at the bike repair guide furnished via the producer to test the possible answers for specific errors codes. If you don’t require to do it yourself, you may lease a professional to handle the problem.

Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Problems

Magnetic resistance bikes are prevalent these days because they don’t have quite a few shifting elements. This type of bike can remain for a very long term because fewer shifting components mean that the bike is more significant long-lasting, and there might be fewer troubles about these smaller components.

However, these bikes are very luxurious, and once a hassle takes place, maintenance may be challenging. Usually, magnetic resistance workout bike problems require professional help, and you will want to lease a person who knows how to fix it. Here are some of the common issues of magnetic resistance workout bikes:

1. Loose Bolts and Screws

This kind of trouble might take place for your workout motorbike one way or another. As you operate your magnetic resistance exercise motorbike, the bolts and screws would loosen as correctly.

Magnetic resistance bikes perform without the usage of any belt; however, the flywheel remains there. The flywheel inside the exercise bike prevents with separate magnets. The interference of the interests might pressure the consumer to exert more force in the system’s usage.

When there are unfastened bolts and screws for your magnetic resistance indoor motorbike, it will reason those magnets’ location to shift. When those magnets are affected, the resistance of the motorbike will trade.

2. Loss of Resistance

If you regarded that your magnetic bike lost its resistance, there’s a danger that one of the magnets became out of place from its function. The first-rate answer for this is to place it back to its position and comfy it.

How to Diagnose Magnetic Resistance Problem?

It could be spotless to speculate about the hassle of your magnetic resistance exercising motorbike, but the acceptable way to deal with its miles to realize a way to diagnose the hassle. Here is a step-by-step manual on the way to interpret the hassle for your magnetic resistance bike.

Step 1: You must unplug the workout bike earlier than you start putting off its parts. This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R is a protection precaution. You need to dispose of the pedals and ensure that the threads won’t be affected whilst you are doing this.

Step 2: After you take away the pedals, you have to cast off the facet defend. This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R will reveal the flywheel inside your magnetic resistance workout motorbike.

Step 3: Inspect the magnets at the bike and make sure that they’re correctly aligned. You can also stretch the bolts or loosen the bolts.

Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Indoor Bike

Most of the troubles of your exercise bike can be resolved or prevented through upkeep. No, remember what type of indoor bike you’re using. You want to perform regular preservation as it might assist you hit upon possible issues in your motorbike earlier than they even worsen. Here are a number of the same old upkeep procedures that you can do in your stationary bike.

•        Wipe the unit with a smooth material. Never use abrasive beverages or any petroleum-based merchandise when you are cleaning the bike. The slight issue with applying is a soft material to remove the dirt from the bike.

•        Check the accuracy of the sensors. To test the sensors’ accuracy, you may use an exclusive reveal to ensure that its miles still correct. You can measure your heart fee with the sensor on the bike and the separate sensor.

•        Check the pedals and straps. Make sure that the pedals aren’t loose and firmly places at the desk-bound bike. Check for any troubles on the straps.

•        Lubricate the motor, flywheel, and pedals. This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502Ris the most vital part of the preservation because your exercise bike depends on the flywheel, motor, and pedals. Make sure that they’re usually lubricated so they might function smoothly.

•        Regularly alter the belt tension. You could adjust at least once or twice every week to ensure that there received to be any issues with it.

•        Clean the bike very well. You would need to save you any grease or dust construct-up for your motorbike, so it’s miles higher to smooth it every day after the use of it.

Magnetic vs Friction Resistance

Resistance is an entirely critical part of operating out, particularly when the usage of an exercise motorbike. Without it, operating up a sweat might be extremely tough, and also you gained be capable of achieving the result which you want faster.

If the workout bike can provide more resistance, it could additionally offer more intense exercises and can also be used to build your strength. When you’re using spin bikes, you have choice turn resistance up or down depending on your preference, which is similar to biking outside.

If you are considering buying an exercising bike, these two resistance styles could be an important choice. Here are a number of their variations:

1. Cost

If you are on a decent price range and need a more excellent price-powerful option, you may pass for bikes that use friction resistance. All the different features are the same, and bikes that use friction resistance are cheaper through a few hundred greenbacks. If you are after the advantages of a magnetic resistance bike, then pass for it. This Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels NS-40502R is higher-priced; however, the blessings are well worth it.

2. Noise

Most humans decide upon exercise bikes that don’t produce any noise, and some don’t honestly care about this. Friction resistance can launch some noise that isn’t always sincerely too obvious; however, you could genuinely pay attention to it.

When the flywheel passes via the paddings, it will best make a loud whisper whilst its miles well lubricated. If now not, it will create a noisy, squeaking sound. As for magnetic resistance, they are very silent. You won’t even listen a legitimate because there are not any parts touching every different. There is not any rubbing so that it won’t make any noise.

3. Maintenance

Friction resistance bikes require regular maintenance. You will even want to replace the pads every six to one year because they could be wiped out, specifically in case you are the usage of the bike every day. You will lubricate the friction resistance bike elements as nicely to ensure that it receives any noise and the components might function efficiently.

For magnetic resistance bikes, you received ought to worry approximately lubricants. Maintenance continues to be required; however, you don’t have to do it daily. You will have to stretch up the screws and wires after a few years, and that’s it. If you don’t have a variety of time to preserve your workout bike, a magnetic model could be your right option.

4. Resistance Level

Friction resistance bikes employ friction pads to boom the extent of resistance. You flip the knob and may implement more resistance to the flywheel. If you want to forestall the wheel, you may push down the anxiety knob, and the pads will act as a shape of brake on the flywheel to stop it.

As for magnetic resistance, you may set the resistance to be very difficult to the factor of no longer being able to show the wheel. If you want to stop it, those bikes use friction pads to prevent the flywheel from turning absolutely.

5. Marking the Levels

Friction resistance bikes don’t have any marking for the level of resistance. You most clearly need to estimate the bike’s resistance to understand how long you want to turn the knob. You also need to evaluate how to show the knob so that you can pass again to the resistance degree that you had been the use of previously.

You might need to estimate the resistance for magnetic resistance bikes, but the degrees typically proven on the console. You will realize what stage you are using to easily set it up if you need to move again to that specific level.

Magnetic resistance exercise bikes are honestly the first-rate in the market proper now. It does have its professionals and cons, but the benefits ultimately outweigh the risks. It is a chunk expensive; however, the fee is cheap for all the convenience you can provide.

The issues to your magnetic resistance bikes may avoid and resolve as long as you recognize what to do. If you don’t have any concept what you ought to do, you can lease an expert that will help you.


The Marcy NS-40502R is a fundamental recumbent workout bike meant for domestic use. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike offers eight levels of manual magnetic resistance and derives with a primary console. It has a sturdy production, an adjustable, padded seat with an oversized backrest. It’s an exercising bike made for mild to medium aerobic workouts, stamina schooling, recovery training and weight reduction. And eventually, it’s one of the maximum inexpensive recumbent bikes available in the meantime, a health gadget with a top-notch rate/excellent ratio.

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