Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike

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Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike

The Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike is one of the older indoor cycling bikes from Kettler; it was launched in 2015; however, it’s still to be had. To be precise, this is the Kettler exercise bike part quantity 07639-000.

The Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike is not categorized as an exercise bike for business use. However, it has a frame construction and a regular sturdiness quite near one. It also consists of a telemetric health meter with a multi-panel exhibition. There’s a lot to be said concerning this exercise bike, so we’re going to cowl every and every vital component concerning it in this publish.

Technical Details and Specs

•        Assembled measurement: 40.5L x 21W x 45H (103L x 53W x 113H cm)

•        Flywheel weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)

•        Assembled weight: 114 lbs (51.8 kg)

•        Supported weight: 285 lbs (130 kg)

•        Handlebars: 2-way adjustable

•        Seat: 4-manner adjustable

•        Resistance: Friction

•        Drive mechanism: Belt

•        Fitness meter: Time, speed,  odometer, calories, distance, RPM, pulse, SCAN

•        Extras: Bottle holder

•        Warranty: 3 years

Frame production

As we’ve noted above, the Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike features a sturdy production, pretty close to the light business spin bikes. Its body is a product of heavy-obligation metal tubing designed to aid riders as much as 285 lbs (one hundred thirty kg).

This health teacher doesn’t have an exceedingly huge footprint. With the body assembled, it considers approx. 40.5″L x 21″W (103 x 53 cm) of floor area. However, it is supported to assign at least ft of clearance all around it, to perform any spin workout with no difficulty.

Although it’s an alternatively small motorcycle in comparison to other fashions, its frame is alternatively heavy. It weighs approx. 114 lbs (51.8 kg) while wholly assembled. This weight is pondered in its overall balance; you could make sure that the motorbike gained rock if you pedal while holding up or interact in greater worrying spinning ordinary. Plus, the motorcycle rests on oversized rubber stabilizers, which offer an excellent grip onto the ground; the rear mediator is also adjustable, so you must be able to stage the trainer on any flooring flawlessly.

Despite its weight, this Kettler workout motorcycle isn’t too hard to move once it’s far assembled. Its front base functions delivery wheels. Using these wheels to dispatch, the bike you gained is handling more than 40% of its overall weight.

This exercise motorbike capability a pinnacle-great powder coating finish, proof against rust and abrasions. The color used is a light grey for most of the motorbike’s primary body; however, the seat and upright handlebar posts feature a chrome finish. The bike’s production integrates several plastic covers, which is pretty a plus, as they save you perspiration to transfer some of the parts or bolts that are not corrosion-resistant.

Seat and handlebars

The Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike trainer is prepared with an avenue saddle that presents more comfort than the slim spin seats. This form of the harness features a longitudinal groove to promote proper blood glide and airflow underneath the user. Its side sections combine a layer of foam cushioning for the most appropriate consolation.

The seat has a fashionable layout. In this method, you may easily discover a well-matched seat substitute for the bike if it’s the case. It’s 4-way adjustable (up, down, the front, lower back), presenting a pedal down to saddle min. /max. Adjustment span of 31″ – 35″ (seventy-four – ninety cm). This Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike said the bike could accommodate customers up to 6’5″ (196 cm). You can also adjust the seat’s perspective, but this requires extra tools. And subsequently, the seat with its submit and slider can support customers as much as 285 lbs (a hundred thirty kg).

The bike’s handlebar functions in a multi-grip layout, with middle aero bars and combined pulse sensors. It’s rubber-coated, so it provides a suitable and reliable grip. However, in preference to the seat, the handlebar is the handiest 2-way adjustable (up, down); it doesn’t have a horizontal adjustment slider.

Resistance and force

The Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike functions as a guide friction resistance system. It consists of a pinnacle-to-down brake pad attached to the anxiety knob on top of the primary bar of the body. To adjust the resistance, you have to turn the knob clockwise so that the resistance pad will practice extra friction to the flywheel. In case you’re questioning, the console doesn’t play any position in the resistance adjustment for the Giro GT version.

As against most exercise motorcycles with a manual-magnetic resistance, such as the Marcy NS-40504U, an example, this Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike doesn’t have any adjustment levels, particularly on the tension dial. You can essentially tighten it up to the factor you could barely pedal.

The motorbike features a belt-pressure device, integrating a longitudinally ribbed belt for advanced concentricity and minimum generated noise. As opposed to a sequence force, a belt pressure comes with the advantage that it doesn’t require lubrication, and causes much less vibration, so that the pedaling feel is smoother.

The motorcycle’s flywheel within reason is heavy. It weighs 40 lbs (eighteen kg) and has more extra weight positioned in its perimeter, on the way to provide greater aggressive inertia and more steady momentum. It’s additionally bi-directional; in different phrases, the motorcycle offers you the opportunity to pedal in reverse in case you want. However, you can’t coast on this motorcycle. The pedals hold to transport for as long as the flywheel is spinning. It is also recommended to use the emergency brake (press the resistance knob down) every time you need to prevent pedaling and keep away from any accidents.

The Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike crankset is quite a durable element. It capabilities stable metallic crank fingers ready with metal alloy pedals. As lengthy, because the consumer doesn’t exceed the specified 285 lbs weight capacity, the crank has to resist any spin workout, even those who require the user to be status up at the pedals.

The pedals don’t have SPD factors for spin footwear. However, they do have adjustable toe cages. They’re also standardly threaded so that you can quickly locate replacements for them.

The motorcycle’s equipment ratio is 1:8. This manner that every entire pedaling movement is pretty exceptional. The Q-Factor is 7.5″ (nineteen cm), a chunk vast for a schooling bike but no longer extremely extensive to pose massive lateral stress at the knees. However, suppose you do have horrific knees or improve from a knee surgical operation. In that case, it’s OK to opt for a motorcycle with a narrower Q-Factor, inclusive of the Sunny Pro SF-B1714 or the Efitment IC031.

Exercise measure

The Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike instructor functions training meter to offer quite a few more excellent features than the average primary meter; first of all, it has a 6-panel LCD, which can simultaneously display up to six exercising metrics. It can music time, distance, overall distance, speed, RPM, energy, and pulse. The 3 panels on the lowest left cover time, distance/odometer, energy, while the other two back side panels at the proper cowl pulse and velocity/RPM. The unit also has a SCAN characteristic; if the SCAN feature is ON, all of the exercising metrics will rotate at the top, larger panel, and final at the display for six seconds.

The meter is telemetric. It can examine your pulse via an arbitrary wireless HR chest leash or ear clip. However, if you don’t prefer any of those add-ons, you could nevertheless advantage from a pulse analysis via the EKG sensors integrated into the handlebars. The meter also has two preset cardio durations, for 65% and 75%, and a guide c program language period that lets you set a value between 40%-90%. Based on the age formulation (220-age formulation), the schooling laptop calculates the maximum heart charge.

The meter unit has countdown features for the time, distance, and calories. In other words, you could select a fee for any of these metrics, and it will start to countdown from it till it reaches 0. This way, you could installation a workout aim for the day. Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike

A healing function is likewise available with this exercise meter. This Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike offers you the possibility to calculate your health degree. Based on the coronary heart rate at the end of the exercise, it’ll come up with a fitness score among F1 (Excellent) – F6 (Poor).

The meter unit is battery-powered; it calls for 2AA batteries. It starts up while you begin pedaling or press a button and has a snooze mode to input after 4 mins of state of no activity on the motorcycle.

Assembly and Maintenance

Most of the bike’s components come ready-assembled. You simplest want to attach the base bars and their covers, the pedals, the handlebar, the console, and the seat. This Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike shouldn’t take an extra than 20 mins. All the tools you may want for the meeting are blanketed. Also, the manual affords excellent assembly instructions and schematics.

Since the bike has a belt drive device, its transmission doesn’t require lubrication. The handiest component that can want lubrication is the brake pad in case it emits squeaking noises while in touch with the flywheel. To lubricate it, you clearly must practice some drops of silicone lubricant on the brink of the flywheel. Other than this, it’s recommended to take a look at unfastened bolts and components periodically.

The Pros

•        Durable body, strong production for a home use motorbike;

•        Can support customers up to 285 lbs;

•        Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base;

•        Transport wheels included;

•        Four-way adjustable seat;

•        2-way adjustable handlebar;

•        Can accommodate customers up to 6’5″;

•        Multi-grip handlebar;

•        Pulse sensors integrated into the handlebar;

•        Smooth, almost silent belt pressure;

•        Bi-directional, 40 lbs flywheel for a uniform momentum;

•        Durable, metal alloy pedals with toe cages;

•        Friction resistance, which essentially gives tension as much as the factor you can slightly pedal;

•        6-panel, LCD show exercising meter included – it can music time, distance, total distance, speed, RPM, calories, and pulse;

•        Goal settings for time, distance, and calories;

•        Bottle holder protected;

•        Easy to assemble;

•        Little preservation required.

The Cons

•        Only metric units for the health meter;

•        No backlight at the health meter;

•        No angle adjustability for the health meter;

•        No fore-aft adjustment for the handlebars.


The Kettler Giro S1 Exercise Bike is a properly constructed, compact indoor biking instructor designed for spin exercises. It functions a friction resistance system, a comfortable seat, a telemetric health meter with intention settings for time, distance, and calories, and might assist users up to 285 lbs. It’s a fantastic instructor for light to strict aerobic workout routines, staying power schooling, c language education, and weight reduction. It’s no longer a lower-priced teacher, but considering that it has a construction similar to the light-commercial motorcycles and comes with a fitness meter, we can thoroughly say that it gives a fantastic fee.

Kettler Exercise Bikes – Quality, Style, Durability

Innovation and excessive-quality are the keys to the fulfillment of Kettler exercising bikes. They are recognized internationally as representing an emblem that symbolizes pleasant, fashion, and sturdiness.

About the Company

Kettler turned into based in 1949 with the aid of Heinz Kettler in his place of origin of Ense-Parsit, Germany. The business enterprise has grown to be the primary logo of domestic health devices, toys, and amusement furniture, with manufacturing sites at some stage in Germany and its subsidiaries worldwide. The Kettler USA Division celebrated its thirtieth yrs. in 2011. The organization is still owned by using the same family.

A Look at the Bikes

As of our trendy Kettler exercise motorcycle overview, there had been 8 fashions to pick from, beginning at around $549 on sale and going up to $2,499 for the pinnacle of the line version.

Currently, you have got the Axos Cycle P, Giro S1, Golf C2, Giro R3, Racer 7, R10 Recumbent Ergometer, Racer S, and Ergo S.

The Axos Cycle P, Giro S1, Golf C2, and Ergo S are upright exercising motorcycles with built-in exercise programs, adjustable resistance, and primary LCD presentations.

The Giro R3 and the R10 are recumbent motorcycles for those that prefer to be seated all through their workout routines with again support.

The Racer 7 and Racer S are indoor cycling motorcycles that are greater, just like the ones you discover in a gymnasium.

The more advanced Kettler exercise motorcycles come with Bluetooth capability so that you can display your coronary heart charge extra correctly.

How Do Kettler Bikes Compare to the Competition?

Kettler motorcycles were once plenty more popular than they presently are, as many different organizations are becoming into the exercise motorbike sport, and extra effectively, I might add.

Kettler in no way virtually promoted themselves properly online, and as a result, other manufacturers have taken over the market.

You can find further priced uprights, recumbent, and biking motorcycles at NordicTrack, ProForm, and Sole, among others. The hassle is they have lots more excellent capabilities and abilities than the Kettler motorcycles.

For instance, the Kettler Racer 7 and the NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle are both around $1999.

The Racer 7 offers you a simple LCD, 8 education packages, 16 resistance tiers, and a 3 – 12 months guarantee.

The S22i gives you a 22″ rotating HD Smart touch display screen, 24 resistance tiers, and a 10-12 months warranty, amongst different extra capabilities like incline and decline.

Even though the Kettler workout motorcycles are nicely made and are properly appeared, the era has surpassed them. They are no longer able to compete with the famous extra manufacturers.

What Will the Future Hold?

We visited the website these days, and it would not appear to be it has been upgraded in years…In no way an excellent signal. They publish on their weblog as soon as a year, that’s loopy, and there’s not anything new on the enterprise approximately us page…As a minimum, due to the fact their 30th-year birthday party in 2011.

We’re no longer sure how long this business enterprise will stay in business, even though they do make different merchandise besides workout bikes, and possibly it is where their cognizance is.

If you stumble upon a Kettler motorbike on the market, it’s undoubtedly well worth considering. But take a look at the further priced competition to peer what they have to provide as well.

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