bcan folding exercise bike reviews

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bcan folding exercise bike

The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike is a modern-day exercise bike with a unique layout that capabilities a first-rate metallic frame. It is a semi-recumbent folding upright bike that helps most consumer weight capability of 330 pounds/149.6 kg.

It isn’t the best inexpensive exercise bike; however, additionally compact and transportable with an area-saving layout that, in the long run, permits the user to without problems to circulate from one region to every other and also store numerous areas. In different words, accessible will be suitable for describing how viable it can move from domestic to office.  

Its limitless magnetic resistance machine affords a diffusion of exercising intensities, which can be suitable for users of various fitness stages who desire to gain health goals, lose weight, muscle firming, and improve cardiovascular fitness and electricity.

The upright folding bike is awesomely accommodating. Officially, it stated that it might accommodate customers between 4‘8’’- 6’2”; however, a 6’4” person claims to utilize it effectively. 

It incorporates an LCD that maintains the person encouraged and centered by preserving track of the exercising development, including the heart fee.

Overall, the unit is popular amongst its customers, and they appear too passionate about it.

Product Dimensions and Specifications

• Length thirty five.four” 

• Width 19.6’’

• Height forty seven.two” 

• Folding: 22 L x 19.6’’ W x 46 H

• Supports most user weight: 330 pounds/149.6 kg

• Handlebar: Multi-grip, non-adjustable

• EKG sensors: Yes

• Seat: 2-way adjustable, semi-recumbent

• Resistance: Manual magnetic, Infinite

• Drive: Belt

• Transport wheels: Yes

• Tablet holder: Yes

• Frame: 2mm metal

• Console: Basic non-backlit LCD reveal tracks time, pace, distance, energy burned, and pulse


• 365 days on Parts

• 30-day return without situation


The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike is sent in a container with dimensions of 40.7 x 17.9 x9. Five inches and weighs 46.6 kilos. 


The assembly is a lot less complicated than you suspect.

An instructional manual includes to guide you through the meeting method, and the wished tools are also in the bundle.

It takes about a half-hour, more generous, or less to assemble the motorbike.


No maintenance anticipate of you.

The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike prepares with magnetic and belt pressure gadgets.

However, it would be boss if you held it clean earlier than and after use. Check it carefully for any loose or damaged element more first than avoid a twist of fate or further deterioration of the motorcycle.

LCD Monitor

One of the features of the BCAN folding workout motorbike is its many capabilities. The bike comes with a connected display that gets information from the handlebars and pedals, figuring out your heart charge, velocity, and other matters. Using these records, you could, without difficulty, song your exercise without the need for any other device, like an eye. Plus, for the reason that motorbike tracks your distance and essential velocity, you could watch your workout times improve as you continue to journey.

Foldable and Ergonomic

The bike’s curved body and foldable nature make it simple to shop in a closet or a nook of a room. Its frame ergonomically designed, ensuring that customers are at ease workout yet a workout. The tension can be accommodates using the built-in pressure manipulate the system, making it less complicated or more challenging to your frame, depending on your degree of fitness and the preferred quantity of exercising that you wish to reap.

Weight and Height Support

Designed for people who weight as much as 330 pounds, the bike works for plenty of unique users. Even at a mild, portable weight, the body is relatively healthy. The top of the seat and the pedals’ length can adjust for taller or shorter users. It built to work for the ones among the heights of 4’8″ and 6’2″. The bike has an ergonomic seat, in addition to a seatback, permitting users to recline effortlessly at the same time as pedaling. This bcan folding exercise bike makes it very useful for people with returned troubles who can’t support their weight while driving.  Plus, the pedals have bends at the top to hold your toes secure and relaxed while you are exercising. It would help if you didn’t worry; your feet are slipping out mid-experience and accidentally kicking the body, throwing off your momentum.

Magnetic Tension

Since this exercise bike makes use of a magnetic tension device, instead of a traditional chain, intending to perform the pedals, it’s tranquil. This bcan folding exercise bike makes it incredible for rental dwellers or people who revel in operating out within the early morning without waking up their roommates or cherished ones. On top of this, the motorcycle comes with numerous transport wheels that fold into the body’s bottom phase. These make it smooth to move the motorbike into your favored storage region after your workout. Fold the bike, interact the wheels, and push it into location. They even work in you need to transport the motorbike from one room to another.

The Frame and Construction

The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike with model quantity BC-EB001-FBA has a beautiful structure that capabilities 2mm thick metallic frame. The bike additionally has an arc-fashioned design that makes it look specific and exclusive from the everyday folding upright motorcycles.

The force shroud makes from an ABS material; the motorcycle also has a smooth step-through design to be notably appreciated enormously via people with injuries, joint pains, and the elderly. Anyone can effortlessly mount and dismount the motorbike without trouble.  

Yet, any other outstanding characteristic would be the compactness and its foldability. The motorbike does now not soak up a lot of area due to its compact design, and it even takes a lesser extent while folded for storage.

The ordinary assembled dimensions of the bike are 35.4’’ long with the aid of 19.6’’ wide with 47.2’’. Differently positioned, the workout region perimeter required would be 3′ lengthy with the assistance of 1’7” complete. However, it might be necessary to consider including more clearance of 1-2′ across the bike for safety and comfortable exercise experience.

The motorbike’s dimensions while folded are 22” lengthy with the aid of 19.6” complete with forty-six” excessive. It’s relatively smooth to fold it up and move it to the garage using the front base included delivery wheels.

The unit has a beautiful balance, notwithstanding the reality it is compact. The base framework is partly accountable for this, which features rounded front and rear metallic stabilizer bars with a rubber cap on each gives up.  

The lightweight motorbike weighs 45 pounds/20.4 kg, which can be insignificant, even though it boosts its standard balance.

The Seat

As aforementioned, the BCAN Folding Exercise Bike equip with a seat and a satisfactorily padded backrest. Hence, they provide consolation and lower back guides that permit the person to workout longer and pedal aggressively.

The foam-included handlebar on every aspect of the seat additionally provides aid when acting the sit-back pedaling, complementing the backrest for extra competitive thrust. 

That said, the backrest is brief and now not as long as the one at the WORK FIT one thousand Desk Semi-Recumbent Bike, and so, it helps most effective the decrease as in opposition to the entire again.

The seat is 2-manner adjustable (upward/downward). The chair also goes nearer or farther handlebar because it’s being adjusted upward/below because of the seat’s position. In a nutshell, the seat vertically adjusts when it’s adjusted vertically.  

Contact the seller for an alternative if the seat receives badly. 

The Handlebar

The handlebar has a square multi-grip shaped design that gives a spread of management positions for distinctive exercising postures. Likewise, it padded with a tender foam that offers cozy and comfortable grips that prevent blisters and slippage.

The handlebar is non-adjustable; however, it is optimally suitable for users of different heights and sizes.

The EKG coronary heart fee sensors are embedded into the hand handlebar to transmit the pulse price facts while held all through exercising. This bcan folding exercise bike permits the consumer to display and maintain the goal heart charge area.

The Pedals

The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike prepares with the same old anti-skid pedals with adjustable straps. These pedals are typically discovering at the folding motorcycles, upright bikes, and the recumbent bikes. 

They allow the person to safely and readily pedal with barefoot or with a couple of standard gym footwear. The BCAN Folding Bike is not a spin-motorbike, and therefore it is not appropriate to have or assume cut in pedals on it.

The Drive

The BCAN Bike works quickly and discreetly because of the incorporated belt pressure device consisting of factors and the three. Three pounds/1.5 kg precision-balanced flywheel, a long-lasting belt, stable crankset, crank-arms, pulleys, and the pedals.  

Using the motorcycle even as watching TV or being attentive to track is plausible, and there won’t be the need to raise the quantity past the everyday variety.

Moreover, you can training session without the apprehension that the own family or the acquaintances could be disturbed or exercising sports.

No submit preservation consisting of lubrication or adjustment is wanted. 

The drive is bidirectional; therefore, you may pedal in reverse if you wish to.

The Resistance

The manual magnetic resistance machine integrated into this motorcycle also boosts the motorbike’s overall performance. 

For example, while the resistance is engaged, no noise or vibration is skilled.

Just because of the pressure system, no upkeep needs as correctly. The reason being that the magnetic brake pad emits magnetic discipline across the flywheel, an excellent way to generate resistance without the two factors making direct touch  

So, on the quilt of the day, no wearing element as nicely. 

The tension knob is used to boom or lowers the resistance depth by twisting it clockwise or counterclockwise.

The resistance level is countless. Unlike different folding upright motorcycles, it doesn’t have predefined resistance tiers of 8, 10, or 16. Preserve on twisting both manners till you find a suitable resistance depth to your exercising.

This bcan folding exercise bike might indeed offer a stage of depth others may not provide. But that said, this doesn’t give the extraordinarily hard exercise a few advanced athletes may are seeking.

The Console

The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike has a console that functions a 3.7” LCD show screen. This bcan folding exercise bike tracks workout stats with time, distance, speed, energy burned, and heart charge records. Its SCAN feature display records rotationally one by one after some seconds. The concept is to help you keep the music of progress to make development.

It is likewise possible to set a favorable price of your desire to display continuously without changing.

The screen powered via the blanketed 2 AA batteries; on the way to store the battery power, the display mechanically turns OFF after a couple of minutes of no riding pastime. It robotically turns ON when the hobby resumes.

The MODE navigational button may use to turn ON/OFF the screen as correctly manually.

Its clarity is extraordinary as long as it regards in a properly-lit room.


The motorcycle best has a tablet holder designed for maintaining a smartphone/pill tool handy for taking calls and for amusement throughout an exercise.

No water bottle holder is protected. Therefore, you have to buy that separately or improvise to maintain water for hydration.


The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike has delivery wheels; it’s light, compact, and foldable. Placed, everybody can without difficulty, fold it up, and flow it to the garage effortlessly.  

It can be stored in a widespread closet but won’t in shape under the mattress, just if you are thinking with the concept.

Approval Rating

The BCAN Folding Exercise Bike has a positive Amazon customers’ critiques. Thus, its approval score is pretty correct at the time of this evaluation. 

Pros/Features Overview

• Unique arc-shaped design

• It features 2mm thick incredible metallic frame

• Supports a higher user weight potential of 330 kilos/149.6 kg

• The seat semi-recumbent seat with backrest and facet handles is two-manner adjustable and it supports the legs for aggressive thrust

• The multi-grip handlebar is nicely padded and affords exceptional cope with positions

• It is smooth to step ON and OFF of it 

• The operation is quiet and easy 

• The guide magnetic resistance device offers endless resistance degrees appropriate for reaching fitness dreams

• Compact and doesn’t take up space

• Space-saving layout makes garage clean 

• Transport wheels blanketed 

• Tablet holder included 

• The pedals are strong and they at ease the feet from slipping during an exercising 

• Low-preservation

• Easy to assemble

• The LCD tracks exercising stats that consist of the coronary heart charge 


• No water bottle holder

• The LCD is primary without a backlit

• The display screen receives blocked while a device located at the pill holder

What Do Users Say

A suitable choice for beginners, the BCAN Folding Exercise Bike, is very smooth to set up and use. Although a few meeting is needed, commands supplied. Most clients expressed that it took them around an hour to get the bicycle up and going for walks and that each one of the hardware and required portions had protected. Note that some users said that they had problems with the pedals staying on mid-workout, so they must adhere to the motorbike before use securely.

Although the bike is designed to be folded up and positioned away, out of sight, without having to do any deconstruction, some users mentioned that they want to put off some screws and take part in the bike aside for you to fold it up completely. With that stated, this appears to restrain to their enjoyment, as most users don’t have any troubles with this unique feature.

The big-sized display screen is straightforward to read, and the settings, from coronary heart fee to speed and distance, are in reality seen. Users are capable of seeing just how a whole lot of an exercise they’re receiving and might alter the tension as essential when things seem to be too clean. The seat peak and pedal length are adjustable as nicely, permitting human beings to exercise relative consolation. Plus, the covered seatback provides masses of rear assist for folks that need it.

Despite the bike’s slim profile and foldability, it’s clean to get on and off to its arc body layout. The curved front piece, which has the handles and display screen attached, blended with the seat, helps offer lots of areas for exercise lovers of all shapes and sizes. Also, the unique arced frame makes the motorbike extra compact when it’s folded. That, mixed with its lightweight and included wheels, turns it right into a reachable exercise gadget.


Suppose you’re looking ahead to purchasing a less costly folding upright motorcycle for weight reduction and cardiovascular sporting activities. In that case, the BCAN Folding Exercise Bike has to introduce to your listing.  

It has got the functions and the first-rate that could allow you to realize your fitness desires.

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