Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike

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Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike

Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is born to take your daily workout to the subsequent grade. Suppose you are an expert athlete trying to extend your property health club or start a health journey. In that case, the upright workout motorcycle is an excellent device to improve all workout packages. Cardio is always proper to exercise to your heart. This health bike will provide you with steady exercise even as you’re at domestic. It is the ideal cardio and workout motorcycle for home exercising.

This desk-bound indoor exercise bike is one of the great machines to recover from your next big race or another sporting assignment. It also gives the aged and people with touchy joints to carry out common effect exercising without ache. You don’t need to wait for the right weather to trip a motorcycle.

Plus, you may utilize this indoor motorcycle in rain or shine, and this bike also carries a small fan wheel to hold you feel relaxed. The seats are adjustable to in shape an expansion of heights and comfort degrees. Let’s location your motorbike in front of your window or put on your favorite show and trip. These exercise machines make exercising extra secure than ever.

Main functions

The Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike has a slew of functions to reflect on consideration, which’s quite magnificent considering its low fee.

•                Strong steel frame

•                Weight 250 pounds

•                Dual-movement handlebar

•                Highly dynamic flywheel for smooth schooling

•                Set the fan resistance

•                Simple adjustment resistor by way of hand button

•                The fan maintains your cool

•                Well-padded seats – adjustable

•                Very compact and mild

•                LCD for health tracking

Dimensions & Weight

Moreover, one of the matters that make Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike unique is its distinctly compact and lightweight option. It’s pretty easy to move around your house. Also, it doesn’t cover a lot of space in your home, either.

•                Length: 41.75 inches

•                Width: 22 inches

•                Height: 46.5 inches

•                Weight: 47.3 pounds


Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike has excellent assurance. This frame rider exercising motorcycle comes with a 90-day warranty on the parts.


Fortunately, the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Fitness Bike is pretty smooth to collect. Many elements were partly completed, which makes existence a bit simpler. Also, all components and meeting steps are marked. Besides, the commands aren’t challenging to learn about, and all meeting gear also is blanketed. It only takes one individual, no more than an hour, to finish the meeting. For a different rate, you may rent a house meeting professional at any time.

Design functions

Suppose you’re already used to indoor biking as a part of a studio spinning magnificence or domestic health workout. In that case, you may not be familiar with the design behind the Body Rider Fan Bike.

The peak adjustable seat and readily located foot pedals are both within an equal location which you could count on to find them on a widespread upright motorcycle. However, there may be one critical distinction; the moveable handles.

The transferring handles are much like some of the exclusive portions of workout gadgets in them, ranging from elliptical trainers to 2-in-1 machines and even Schwinn’s favorite Airdyne collection.

But while the Airdyne design doesn’t strictly help you manually modify the resistance, the Body Rider Fan Bike does, thru the use of a small anxiety adjustment handwheel without delay in front of the seat.

One very last design point worth citing is the dimensions of the footprint. Due to being a hard and fast design instead of foldable, the BRF700 Fan Bike does tend to soak up barely more significant space; however, additionally has the brought gain of increased balance.

Body Rider Fan Bike – Features Summary

•        Dual-motion handlebars engage an upper and lower frame exercise

•        Tension adjusts without problems with the flip of a knob

•        Fan wheel offers a mild breeze as you exercising

•        Tension without problems adjusts with the turn of a knob

•        Digital display tracks your time, pace, distance, and energy burned

•        Sturdy metallic frame design

Friction belt resistance gadget

Although you may by no means find the same extensive range of resistance settings on any guide adjustment machine as you’ll on many electronically controlled systems, this does make it tons faster if you want to transfer between education intensities.

There’s no need to watch for the resistance to alter to your chosen putting or look ahead to the belt to capture up in the event of using a treadmill.

Instead, you can quickly transfer from a shallow workout depth to something altogether more challenging, which may be best for interval workouts.

Suppose you do manifest to locate that the resistance furnished using the tension manage isn’t tricky enough. In that case, the inner Friction Belt may be re-strapped slightly tighter to create greater tension and a much better range of resistance settings (substitute tension belts are to be had).

Display console design

As you may count on from any machine drawing close to the $100 mark, the Body Rider Fan Bike display console is extraordinarily simplistic in its design.

A single button has been brought to help you scroll through the diverse exercise information, together with time, pace, distance, and an estimation of the wide variety of calories consumed.

Although ‘calories consumed’ is a metric measured by using the console at some stage in your exercising, it doesn’t continually provide correct feedback.

This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is equal to nearly all entry-degree aerobic machines because your age and weight are used inside the calculations. However, they can’t be stored within the integrated pc.

But one of the essential blessings of getting this type of compact console is that it requires little or no energy. In this manner that with the resistance machine strolling from a friction belt and the console powered by way of 2 AA batteries, there’s no want to feel constrained within which you location the motorcycle.

Workout alternatives

As with most of the exercise motorcycles available at this rate range, there generally desire to be a few compromises in the range of display console capabilities and workout packages.

Suppose you’re looking for a low-value exercising motorcycle with a resistance system and ergonomic layout in the region to provide an effective aerobic workout. In that case, the Body Rider Fan Bike nonetheless does that correctly.

But you don’t have any preset exercise programs or fitness checks built in to hold track of your progress or create the training version for you.

Instead, you can create your workout plan before starting your cycle, which incorporates versions in resistance and pace.

This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is wherein even the simple feedback furnished from the console and marked resistance settings prove helpful.

For example, if you have been seeking out a c programming language exercise, you could plan to cycle at resistance level eight for 30 seconds and then switch to resistance stage 4 for 90 seconds.

This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is part of the purpose the value of the better-priced motorcycle as lots as they do because they do the entire workout making plans and tracking for you.

If you appear to be looking for a bike that gives this form of capability, we would suggest one of the Schwinn upright motorbike models.

Ease of meeting

As soon as your new workout bike is introduced, the first element you need to do is get your new fitness recurring through starting your first exercise.

Unfortunately, earlier than you can do so, you first need to get the elements out of the packaging and the entire meeting.

This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is sincerely less complicated with some fitness system than carried out, resulting in assembly times being something from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

It’s proper that the system’s complexity performs a first-rate role in how quickly you may get the entirety setup. Still, except you’ve got a great best guide available, then even the most influential meeting can take an awful lot longer than it has to.

This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is why we desired to quickly evaluate the high-quality meeting instructions for the Body Rider Fan Bike—based totally on the user guide itself (you may view a replica for yourself through clicking the link).

The body base, flywheel housing, and big fan used for creating resistance arrive pre-assembled; however, this still transmits you with the seat, handles, console, stabilizers, and pedal/crank machine.

Weighing in at just 45 lbs, the motorcycle isn’t mainly heavy, and once you’ve got the bottom stabilizers attached, the whole system gets loads simpler.

Each of the steps combines a textual explanation, exploded drawing displaying how the elements fit together, and elements list complete with reference numbers and drawings of the components.

Due to the simplicity of layout, this is a bike that should take much less than 30 minutes to get set up.

Customer reviews

Part of the motive we wanted to jot down an assessment at the Body Rider Fan Bike is the incredible number of consumer evaluations. Not just the number of critiques, but this bike has managed to maintain the sort of excessive standard score.

As with maximum of our research into patron opinions, we used Amazon as a supplier because of their excellent belief report and having the essential variety of critiques and replied questions online.

Although Amazon has lately made it viable to go away with a rating without completing a full evaluation, most of the feedback for the Body Rider motorbike became left when you had to upload a complete overview on your score.

This manner that the masses of evaluating ratings currently left at the website online for this motorcycle is full of vital records about the professionals and cons of using this motorcycle in your house workouts.

But having loads of opinions can also make it challenging to simply find those key crucial portions of facts that could have a significant impact on your design to shop.

That’s why we’ve read via a significant proportion of those reviews ourselves, putting the following lists of professionals and cons collectively within the manner.


•        Handlebar layout makes it possible to create a complete body exercising, regarding higher and decrease body muscle organizations

•        Quick and easy to assemble

•        Wide range of adjustable seat peak settings makes the BRF700 bike perfect for customers as much as and over 6 toes tall

•        Internal fan creates a cooling breeze that continues you energized throughout your workout routines

•        Compact footprint and no reliance on mains electricity way you have got a good deal more flexibility in which it’s placed

•        Competitive fee manner it could be sold as a sole source of exercise, or to praise a present outdoor biking recurring

•        Low impact protects your joints and maybe a high-quality supply of rehabilitative exercise


•        Some human beings locate the seat uncomfortably hard all through longer biking workout routines. (A Sunlight Cloud-9 Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle is commonly advocated to make the seat more at ease, but a few reviewers declare that it is difficult to healthy)

•        The big internal fan does create an extra chunk noise than magnetic resistance cycles. However, this hasn’t been something that’s had a significant impact on human’s capacity to concentrate on a song or watch TV at the same time as they workout

•        Lack of preset exercising programs

What’s included using the guarantee?

•        Frame: 1-12 months

•        Parts: ninety days

As with leading fitness equipment, this guarantee only covers the motorcycle for the unique customer. Although it gained to be a trouble if you think about buying the Body Rider Fan Bike new, it’s worth bearing in thoughts if you seek out a used model.

Likewise, the warranty is primarily based on a positive stage of protection being implemented while you own the system. Although the extent of protection is a lot less than for treadmills or elliptical, Body Champ nonetheless offers a detailed guide of what’s required inside the proprietor’s guide that accompanies the motorbike.


The Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike is usually a superb choice for anybody searching out a short workout motorcycle. Convenience and versatility are the 2 words that exceptional encompass the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike.

Without the whistles and bells of more excellent steeply-priced machines, the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike nevertheless gives you an impactful and severe exercise. Small in size, the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike can be positioned anywhere in your house, making it an appropriate choice for folks who stay in a rental or for folks that need to add an exercising system in a tighter area.

With its precise duo handlebar generation, the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike objectives your midsection and upper frame in addition to your lower body. An additional characteristic is the fan wheel, which provides a mild cooling breeze, so you do not experience uncomfortable even as taking part in a pleasant rigorous exercise.

While a few customers have complained that the motorcycle does not fit customers over 6 toes tall, they may adjust the seat to deal with taller users. Additionally, the motorbike has a weight ability of 250 kilos, making it the appropriate choice for each male and female customer.

Can the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike be any more flexible?

The Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike is the low price, flexible, and handy exercising motorcycle you have been looking for! Also, check out Best Exercise Bike Reviews – Stationary Upright Exercise Bike 2018.

Is the Body Rider Bike for you?

If you’re trying to shed pounds, undergoing bodily therapy, or absolutely on a campaign to live in shape and healthful. The frame rider motorcycle is something you ought to get to your non-public home gymnasium. This motorbike is for males and females alike and especially famous among those on a health regimen for fitness reasons.

The motorbike targets energy and aerobic education, and you may assume a complete upper body exercising. So, if you’re seeking out a sturdy bike that offers you an excellent cost on your cash, then this is the motorcycle of your desire. Amazon is presenting the Body Rider Bike with a complete warranty and free delivery to choose areas.

What may you assume from the Body Rider Bike?

One of the significant promoting factors of the Body Rider Bike is its ergonomic layout that sporting events each your legs and top frame. Its handlebars are movable so that you can also exercise your hands and upper frame while you’re pedaling together with your legs.

Designed mainly for those with weight loss in mind, the bike’s stable metallic frame gives it an intense look, so there’s no worry that the bike can’t preserve you. The seat is also large and sturdy, and a gel seat cowl can decorate your hourly exercise recurring. Its top may be adjusted for an extra cozy journey, no matter if you’re brief or tall.

Depending on your ability and tolerance, you could also effortlessly modify the anxiety with just the flip of a knob. There’s additionally a fan wheel that gives off a few breezes when you’re in the center of your exercise.

Suppose you’re counting and monitoring your performance. In that case, the bike’s digital display offers you a smooth analysis of the time you’ve spent at the motorbike, your pace, distance included, and most of all, the number of calories which you’ve burned.

Despite the motorcycle’s robust end, the complete set is straightforward to bring together and set up. You could have it geared up for much less than an hour after unpacking from its box. You can even set it up while looking at your nightly TV series. Even more, it takes up little or no space. It may be healthy proper in your bedroom.

You get this with a 1-12 months producer’s warranty on the body and a ninety-day warranty on the opposite gadgets.

Are Fan exercise motorcycles precise?

Air resistance bikes (or fan motorcycles) are superb for cardio and occasional-depth standard exercise. Air motorcycles have several advantages over other exercise machines like recumbent, spin, or upright bikes; that makes them very famous.

Can you get up on exercise motorcycles?

With indoor biking, there are numerous sorts of exercise bikes. Broadly some of the classifications are upright exercising motorcycles and seated workout motorcycles. There are also specific varieties of motorcycles that can be designed to deal with the needs of all sorts of customers. For instance, an upright motorcycle uses electromagnetic induction to create resistance. There are also magnetic substances used to make sure the rotation of the flywheel slows down if need be.

Upright motorcycles have hallmark functions. One instance is that you can select among many simulations which one you want. The pre-loaded workout programs could make you enjoy like you’re going up and down a hill. This motorbike also has an imperative control device that works to excellent-track the chosen quantity of parameters. This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike goes back gives a very green, custom-designed, and robust workout consultation.

Another kind of exercise motorcycle is the spin motorcycle. This product closely resembles the actual street motorcycle having a true bike sense. It works using the flywheel that contributes to toned muscle groups around your legs, thighs, and stomach. Being a simple layout, it has no programs, and it just has a tools knob. This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike permits its customers to work out in one-of-a-kind positions, assisting them in attaining their most potential as they’re exercised.

So, can you stand up on both of these workout motorcycles?

Simply positioned, the solution is sure. You can stand up on exercise motorcycles at the same time as getting your exercise going. Just as it is with the outside, regularly stand up while cycling is one way to be a bit adventurous and smash from the monotonous riding cycle. When you get up on a workout bike, you could lightly disburse your weight on the pedals, and you must gently keep the handlebars keeping an upright position.

Here is all you necessitate to know about the status up of workout motorcycles

First, you must understand that exercising while standing isn’t less green than while seated. Pedaling seated is simply less complicated and much more comfortable as it calls for less effort. When a person is a status, it takes a more toll on your body. For example, status forces you to paintings muscles in your upper body and center. You additionally emerge as the usage of hip strength to pedal away.

Secondly, realize that pedaling while standing is not clean. It takes time and exercises to get used to doing it without plenty of warfare. For added consolation, it takes a one-of-a-kind function from what most users are used to. To appear calm and amassed simultaneously as status upon an exercising motorbike does take a chunk of trial and error. Alternating among sitting and status up at some point of a workout session, even as cycling on a desk-bound bike is now not most straightforward, make it amusing and exciting during the workout. However, it also helps make sure a rider has reached their maximum potential while taking over sporting events.

Third, not all motorcycles permit standing up while driving. For instance, a good motorcycle has many blessings, finds it irresistible, and tends to be lower when it occurs to prices. However, this unique type of stationary workout bike does no longer allows its person to stand quite simply throughout an exercise. The good motorbike is designed so that it does not allow an area for the rider to stand up and cycle simultaneously. On the turn aspect, indoor biking bikes, additionally called spin motorcycles, allow a rider to stand while biking.

You can arise on a desk-bound exercising motorcycle; however, interchanging it with sitting in intervals is an exquisite cardio workout as you stand and increase your heart charge and metabolic rate for burning fats more excellent efficiently.

Although standing on an exercise motorcycle can be exceedingly intensified, it causes less stress to your legs and knees, lowering the risk of any injury. Every rider must understand that while standing is an extreme exercise, it is low impact sufficient and relatively proper for human beings to get to it. For instance, while you are standing on exercising motorcycles, you will examine the proper aerobic workout that still operates your upper and lower frame.

Finally, you ought to be capable of sit down and stand in a v position for max stop effects. You can ensure this by ensuring the seat of the bike faucets for you’re at the back of each pedal stroke to keep that given v-fashioned role. If you could want to have an extra vigorous workout while standing, you could trade your role by shifting slightly ahead toward the end of the nose of the exercising motorcycle. This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike helps to increase that calorie burn rate.

Advantages of standing up on exercising motorcycles

Several blessings include status on an exercising bike all through a workout session. When you are status on a bike, your coronary heart charge is going higher, and it lowers while you are seated. This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is fine all collectively as it guarantees a healthy heart in case you educate at intervals. Being capable of having a barely various heart price is healthier than having a consistent coronary heart rate for the duration of a workout session.

Research shows that after someone exercises while standing, your lactate degrees also drop as a consequence causing the anaerobic metabolism price to paintings less. You may push this approach even more difficult earlier than hitting the metabolic wall when you are status.

After being used to exercising while sitting, hitting a higher intensity can make you sense the strain and tension reduction. This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike is in all approaches effective for riders because who never need a temper boost?

You are exercising even as status also takes lots of pressure off the rider’s decrease lower back. When status, quite a few appropriate occurs in your center for that reason, it helps to guard their lower again from pressure off of pedaling with plenty force or attempt. Also, education on a stationary exercise motorcycle takes the stress off your groin; that’s a brilliant factor as having a strain on that place might also cause more significant troubles.

Standing on a workout motorbike also can be a way of stretching out your legs after cycling for a long time while seated. This interchanging is also appropriate for your cardio physical activities. As stated before, as you stand at the same time as pedaling, it increases your heart charge.

Unlike the regular outside motorcycles in which you need to apply quite a few powers to your top frame to stabilize your bike when status, with a stationary bike, you stand with the equal perspective as you’re seated, therefore no longer the usage of lots power out of your upper frame.

Safety Tips

Before you begin status on workout motorcycles in your exercising, there some belongings you should consider. First, while you are exercise on a desk-bound motorcycle while standing, you must make sure which you have tools that aren’t always too mild. Make it as easy as feasible to pedal as you’re helping your total frame weight. Lower depth makes it simpler for your legs as you pedal away, inflicting much less or no ache to your lower body. A clean workout does not mean it has any less benefit.

Also, a biker should not have an excessive amount of tools on the motorcycle while standing as much as not sense like you’re dying in your legs as the whole aim is to loosen up your legs while you arise.

Remember to stand even as pedaling on an exercising bike. It requires pretty a chunk of energy on your middle. You have the most incredible core strength as a way to stabilize your frame even when you are attempting to get leg recuperation from getting uninterested in pedaling even as seated. If you sense like there is lots of pain in your knees, consider the going decrease. Also, make sure not to lean onto the handlebars to build leg electricity and trunk stability. When status up, having the equipment more difficult will undoubtedly pressure you to have slower pedal strokes as it’s miles harder. You might also sway left to proper too when status up.


Pedaling at the same time as standing has other benefits like accelerated energy tiers, prevention of more than one sickness, and also expanded cardiovascular health, which includes your coronary heart and lungs. Standing up also burn energy and fats quicker, helping with weight loss due to the improved intensity.

With most of these blessings, one has to remember still standing and sitting at exchange durations. Having an excellent biking consultation wherein you alternate among stand and sitting guarantees great toning on majorly your legs and buttocks. This Body Rider BRF700 Exercise Upright Fan Bike allows you to get towards your dream summer body. In truth, the straightforward fact is that if your consciousness an excessive amount of one technique, you would possibly emerge as having weakened (atrophied) muscular tissues because of loss of proper power schooling.

Question & Answers

•        Q. Is the seat adjustable, and might I trade it?

  1. I can’t change the seat itself, but the height is adjustable. The most recent version of the Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike comes with an updated seat the offers more padding and helps than the preceding fashions.

•        Q. What is the guarantee for a lacking or damaged component?

  1. The Owner’s Manual pdf has a link that brings you to the producer’s touch information. Simply get in contact with customer support by telephone or email. New elements usually take one week for transport.

•        Q. I am on the shorter side; will the motorcycle match my top?

  1. Yes, you can adjust the motorbike’s seat to fit your top if you are shorter. It handiest turns into a potential hassle for those who are over 6 toes tall.

•        Q. How noisy is the bike?

  1. The Body Rider BRF700 Fan Upright Exercise Bike is made with a fan wheel, so there might be a few noises. However, the noise is retained to a minimum and maybe drowned out using music or the television (for people who enjoy a few enjoyments while operating out).

•        Q. Can this motorbike be utilized by both genders?

  1. Yes, this bike can comfortably face up to 250 pounds, so both women and men can revel in the Body Rider BRF700.

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