Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

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Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike

The stable steel Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike exercises the palms, legs, and core without delivering a harsh impact to joints. For all health levels, it helps green complete-frame workout routines when used at 70% to 85% of the trainee’s most heart rate. Overall the Stamina Elite is designed for humans aiming to elevate metabolism, tone their muscle tissues, and construct a bit extra energy. Its low-impact motion may also recommend individual bodily remedy sufferers.

Exercising on the Total Body Recumbent Bike is especially relaxed. For a higher frame and decrease body, it gives eight degrees of quiet and smooth magnetic resistance. Exercise finished in a semi-reclined role with a cushioned seat and lumbar guide. Adjustable arm rails are included for standard balance too.

The online sale price of $799 includes a 5-yr body warranty and one-yr Components warranty. Part utilizing component right here’s an evaluation of the Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike.

Specialized Details and Specifications

• Assembled measurements: 52L x 24W x 49H inches (132L x 61W x 124.5 H cm)

• Assembled weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)

• Max. Weight potential: 250 lbs (113.3 kg)

• Handlebars: Mobile and stationary

• Seat: 4-way adjustable

• Pedals: With straps

• Resistance: Magnetic

• Fitness meter: Distance, time, pace, energy, pulse

• Warranty: Frame five years / Parts 1 yr.

Best Suited to Whom?

As the name indicates, Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike is a high-end Home Use Exercise Bike designed to provide a total frame exercising with the semi-reclined seat and backrest. It dramatically suits the individuals who want to bring domestic and exercising motorbike, which could reinforce the muscle groups not handiest in the legs and thighs.

But additionally, the arms, shoulder, & returned. However, the excessive-quit benefits come at a higher fee & the customers are required to shell out around $1200 to deliver this bike home while the fundamental recumbent fashions from the logo including Stamina 1360 Recumbent Bike and Stamina Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike fees below $500.


Like maximum exercise motorcycles, this Stamina model functions a body made from metal tubing. The simplest plastic components in its construction are the flywheel and crank guards, the base caps, and the console casing. All metal components are double-coated with corrosion-resistant, silver paint, this being the best color available for now.

The vital body of the bike makes of pieces. The rear part (which holds the seat body) slides into the front section, secured with two bolts. Their joint is quite stable, although; you may make sure that the frame won’t wobble in the middle in any manner.

The bike’s frame does no more extended fold. However, it doesn’t have a vast footprint, either. It simplest takes 52″L x 24″W (132 x 61 cm) of floor space, and hence it should suit with no issue even in a little room. Additionally, it doesn’t require a ton of leeway on the perimeters, to pedal adequately.

The assembled bike is alternatively heavy, though. It weighs 121 lbs (fifty-five kg). However, the first base integrates small wheels, which facilitate its delivery when it’s gathered. By lifting its back base and inclining it onto its front wheels, you’ll necessarily carry much less than 1/2 its weight. Thus, relocating it once you’ve finished your workout shouldn’t be a problem.

The rear base integrates adjustable stabilizers with rubber caps. There’s additionally another stabilizer attached to the back part of the frame, proper after its connection factor to the front section. Those factors will help you attain maximum balance for the motorbike, so it gained flow while you exercise. The first base doesn’t integrate stabilizers, although, most effective, the plastic cowl tops.


The space and backrest of the Stamina Elite Total Body prostrate exercise bicycle include formed cushioning to offer most consolation and excellent lumbar help. The padding’s thickness varies between 2 and three inches, the upholstery on both seat and backrest fabricated from durable vinyl fabric.

Both the seat and backrest connect to a frame fabricated from metal tubing, designed to help customers as much as 250 lbs (113.3 kg). The seat meeting is four-manner adjustable, that means that it could slide nearer or farther about the pedals, but also up and down. Its vertical adjustment features four positions, presenting a complete adjustment span of approx—6″ (15 cm). Differently placed, this Stamina workout bike designed to deal with readily, users between 4’8″ and 6’5 ″ (142 – 196 cm).

One last element to be noted regarding this motorcycle’s seat meeting is the reality that the backrest is non-adjustable. It will circulate up / down or fore to aft alongside the seat; however, you cannot modify its perspective or height independently.


This workout motorbike functions units of handlebars: desk-bound and cell. The desk-bound handlebars connect to the seat assembly. They feature rubber foam padding and integrate stainless-steel beat sensors. 

Then again, the front handlebars are cellular, to provide extra workout routines in your palms. These handlebars rotate each approach. However, they’re no longer unbiased from one another. The rotation movement of this handlebar meeting can provide some resistance, but most effective so long as you don’t rotate the pedals. Once you start pedaling as nicely, the strength at the handlebars can nullify. Also, resistance for the cell handlebars provides while you turn them forwards and not in the opposite.

The pivoting handlebars can connect to their hub in a contrary path from one another, or inside the same way, relying on the workouts, you need to execute. As a preferred concept, these handlebars can provide exercises that recognize your forearms, triceps, and deltoid muscle mass. They aimed at helping you tone your arm muscle tissue and bolster your regular cardio training, not to construct essential muscle tissue.

Resistance and pressure

The Stamina Elite Total Body recumbent motorcycle functions a magnetic resistance device, regarding a magnetic flywheel. This flywheel weighs approx—18 lbs (8 kg), supplying a smooth and regular pedaling motion. The wheel is hooked up to the resistance knob on the plastic enclosure’s pinnacle through a metal cable. As you switch the knob, the magnet will pass closer or farther concerning the steel detail in the flywheel, producing extra or much less drag.

The tension knob has eight specific levels of resistance distinctive on it. The resistance stages between 1-6 offer pretty mild workout routines, at the same time as the seven-eight levels, offer an advanced mission. But as a trendy idea, this exercising bike is not made for strict workout routines. It’s a motorbike for light cardio training and restoration education.

This Stamina recumbent motorbike makes use of V-Ribbed, heavy-responsibility belts for its pressure device, a longer one which connects the cell handlebar’s pulley to the flywheel, and a shorter one for the pedals pulley connection. Thus, the motorbike’s operation is tranquil, which makes it perfectly suitable for apartment use. You can be positive, which you received bother the pals or other participants of the family when you work out. Also, because it’s a belt-driven motorcycle, the lubrication of the transmission isn’t always essential.

The bike’s crankset uses a fairly big pulley, approx—10″ (25 cm) in diameter. The lift is protected at the out of doors with a set of plastic covers. Even though the crank arms of the motorcycle made of solid metal, the most, in reality, gained support for the entire consumer’s weight, inclusive of a spin bike as an instance. This Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike makes it totally for seated workout routines.

Finally, standard pedals provide with this bike. They’re a product of heavy-obligation nylon fabric, additionally integrating adjustable straps.

Fitness meter

Although it’s now not a sophisticated one, the health meter provided with the Stamina Elite Total Body exercising motorbike can give a touch bit extra than a primary motorbike laptop. It does now not have a database of preloaded workouts, inclusive of the Nautilus R616 or Ironman X-Class 410, as an example. However, it does offer the opportunity to pick goals on your workout time, distance, pulse, and energy. It can track distance traveled, time, speed, strength, pulse. Length measured in increments of 0.1 miles, at the same time as the pace measured in MPH. The unit doesn’t have an Odometer characteristic.

You can pick to view any of the exercises above metrics on display always. In any case, the wellness meter unit has a SCAN characteristic which mechanically scans a lot of these values, showing each one on display screen for 6 seconds.

The digits at the display are pretty significant, smooth to examine. However, the show it’s no longer backlit. Therefore, in a darker room or indirect daylight, the display screen can be a piece tough to examine.

The meter unit is easy to operate—it capabilities five buttons: MODE, RESET, ENTER, UP, and DOWN. MODE used to scan via the values on display; UP / DOWN are used to put in place a while, distance, pulse, or calorie target desires, while ENTER used for his or her final choice. RESET will reset all of the values to zero.

Last but now not least, since the motorcycle capabilities a mechanical, magnetic resistance device and does no longer require to be connected to a strength circuit, the console is battery powered. It calls for 2-AA batteries.

Assembly and Maintenance

The most challenging elements of the bike, including the magnetic resistance system, pulleys, handlebar submit, and console, are already assembled. The rear aspect of the body to the primary body after you’ve related the heartbeat sensor cable, attach the bottom stabilizer bars, then mount the seat body, the seat and the backrest, cell handlebars, and eventually the pedals. The whole venture shouldn’t take more than an hour. A tight copy of the guide supplied presents comprehensive meeting guidelines. Likewise, all the apparatuses required to get together are protected.

When it involves the preservation, there’s not anything an awful lot required. All you want to do it check the motorbike’s joints now and then to ensure the bolts still maintain them tight. Also, ensure to remove any moisture or sweat from the body, and in particular, from the console.

The Pros

• Sturdy body, attractive design;

• Small footprint;

• Padded space and backrest, with a contoured design, for optimum comfort;

• Four-manner adjustable seat, the motorbike is capable of accommodating users between 4’8″ and 6’5″.

• Two units of handlebars, desk-bound, and cellular;

• Pulse sensors incorporated in the office-bound handlebars;

• Eight ranges of mechanical, magnetic resistance;

• Fitness meter protected, implying the possibility of setting up objectives to your exercising time, distance, energy, and pulse.

• Smooth and quiet operation, suitable for condo use;

• Easy to assemble;

• Very little upkeep required.

The Cons

• No bottle holder;

• No reading/tablet rack;

• Only 250 lbs max weight capacity.

The Exercise Bike Buying Guide

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• Are you accessible with a set of equipment, or will you want to assist setting your workout motorcycle together? Each of our pinnacle four workout motorcycle alternatives comes with expert assembly choice, but you’ll keep a couple of bucks if you can put them together yourself. You’ll also want to recall professional meetings if you have a persistent ache or the latest damage.

Who Should Ride the Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike?

The Stamina Elite Total Body Bike is a useful multipurpose teacher for almost every person. The reclined seating, handrails, and easy-get admission to body help make this an excellent choice for people with restrained mobility. Its light to slight resistance can help beginners thru advanced athletes burn calories, advantage endurance, and get head-to-toe firming. It adjusts to good riders five ft and taller and has the most weight capacity of 250 kilos.

Customer Reviews:

Many human beings pick this motorcycle for their excellent layout and dual body exercising feature. It raises the metabolic price and offers the person to burn most of the energy.


So a long way people who’ve used this have excellent reviews about it. The customers are glad about the motorbike except for the rate degrees and knob changes. Many bitch that those eight stages aren’t challenging and are clean to compete.

Is This Recumbent Exercise Bike Reliable?

Yes, this is one of the maximum dependable recumbent workout motorcycles being sold right now and backed by Stamina’s properly-hooked up warranty. This Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike makes it easier for people who want to set up a motorbike to last and keep to supply outcomes for a long time to return.

What is that this Recumbent Exercise Bike’s Weight Capacity?

The weight ability is about at 250 lbs., which have to keep in mind for individuals who need to revel in their workout routines. In well-known, the motorcycle is quiet and will maintain to operate once the person settles in.

What is this Recumbent Exercise Bike’s Height Capacity?

The height capability is about at 6’4″ for those eager to settle in and get commenced with the exercise routine. It’s critical to observe the minimum height required for the recumbent bike at about 5’0″.

Are Additional Tools Needed for the Assembly?

The assembly procedure is complicated but would not require extra gear. The container includes the entirety for the assembly process, but it advocated to recollect removing a knife to cut into the packaging.

This Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike can simplify the preliminary steps needed to take out the principal components before putting them together. It’s vital to be aware of this manner can take some hours.

Where Can I Find The User’s Manual?

Within the packaging is the consumer guide and gives perception into the bike’s features and the way to gather the whole thing once it has taken out of the field.

The manual is positioned online at Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike Owner Manual

Final Verdict

The Stamina Elite Total Body recumbent exercising motorcycle gives pretty a few ranges with regards to possible workouts, because of its rotating handlebars. It’s a model with magnetic guide resistance, designed for mild cardio and restoration workouts. It is top-notch for everybody who desires to tone legs and arms muscle tissues, re-benefit or preserve cardiovascular form, and construct Stamina, and even shed pounds. It functions lovely ergonomic factors, in addition to a health meter with purpose putting possibilities, to assist your development. It’s no longer precisely one of the maximum low priced recumbent motorcycles obtainable. Due to its versatility, durability, and ordinary high, it’s honestly safe to mention it stands up to its charge.

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