Ativafit Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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ativafit indoor cycling bike

The ativafit indoor cycling bike represents every other low priced and incredible indoor cycling bike from this new health system supplier. If you’ve been surfing the ATIVAFIT indoor cycling bikes online, the primary component you’ll word is its extremely inexpensive fee of $250, making it superb value. 

Thanks to ativafit indoor cycling bike low-cost fee, it has bought many motorcycles throughout the US because the spinning journey revels in, reliability, and pleasant of the indoor cycling bike motorbike have demonstrated to be stable funding for entry-stage customers.

Its magnetic resistance and belt transmission, which makes the operation of this indoor bike almost silent, also has an utterly compact layout. So, if you need a spin bike for the condominium, it’s miles a superb choice below $300.

Something that makes the ativafit indoor cycling bike stand out from the gang is its 100% delight provider and guarantee. The organization gives a three hundred and sixty-five days guarantee go back, and replacement parts guarantee. Even the quality spin bikes on the market don’t come with any warranty and go back policy.

With the entirety said, if you’re an extreme indoor biking fanatic who wants a device, you could push to your limits and not have any doubts about maxing out its skills. I endorse the Joroto XM30 indoor cycle. It’s far well worth taking a closer look. Also, keep in thoughts the ativafit indoor cycling bike can support users from 5 toes up to 6 ft. Tall. So, if you don’t fall in the noted height variety, this exercising motorcycle isn’t a terrific choice.

Important Note!

This ativafit indoor cycling bike is where I compare the Ativafit magnetic indoor motorcycle with other spin bikes within the same charge class to determine whether it is a high price or no longer. As a way, as the ATIVAFIT indoor cycling bike instructor is concerned, it is a super fee spin motorbike. Due to its fees and functions, we brought this motorbike to our first-rate price range spin motorcycles this year. 

For less than $250, I don’t know of any other spin motorcycle that gives better functions than this motorbike. There are a few options in the same price tag, including the Mevem spin motorcycle, but it isn’t higher than this spin motorbike. However, if you can spend $60 greater bucks ($310), I advocate you to buy the Black version of the MaxKare magnetic spin bikes.

The MaxKar Black comes with a heavier flywheel, and it has four-manner adjustable handlebars, stainless-steel posts, and lever adjustment device.

But in case your budget is much less than $300, don’t look further because you won’t discover a higher fee spin motorbike. Now that you are privy to your alternatives, let’s evaluate the ativafit indoor cycling bike in extra detail to help you decide whether or not it’d meet your health needs or no longer.

ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Technical Information:

ATIVAFIT Spin Bike Specification:

• Height: 47″

• Width: 22″

• Length: 41″

• Bike Weight: sixty-three Pounds

• Max User Weight: 265 Pounds

• User Height: 5 To 6 Feet

• Transport Wheels: Yes

• Device Holder: Yes, adjustable

• Base Adjustment Levelers: Yes, 4

• Water Bottle Holder: No

• Power Requirement: Batteries, now not protected

Available in colors (white and black), the ATIVAFIT magnetic indoor motorbike designed with long-lasting production that may help just about any sort of spin workout. Materials used in the ATIVAFIT health cycle motorcycle and the body type adds to the sturdiness and the actual balance throughout severe exercises.

With a first metal frame, it could keep 265-lb load weight. It is a light-weight motorbike that weighs much less than 65 pounds with the frame completely assembled and may be easily moved from one vicinity to another within the residence.

The ativafit indoor cycling bike, after every spinning exercising, is the first base equipped with long-lasting wheels. Another excellent feature of this ativafit indoor cycling bike is its pretty compact dimension and doesn’t want too many areas.

Thanks to its four adjustable stabilizer toes, you can flawlessly stage the bike on any surface, such as uneven flooring. Additionally, the ATIVAFIT spin motorbike capabilities a long-lasting powder coating that provides a lovely outside and safety towards rust and scratch.

Monitor and Tablet Holder:

• ATIVAFIT Fitness spin motorbike comes with a motorcycle computer.

• It isn’t always backlit but lets in you to screen you’re:

• Speed, Time, Distance, and energy burned while you’re biking.

• The LCD health monitor runs on batteries (now not covered).

• ATIVAFIT belt pressure magnetic spin motorbike has a cellphone holder.

• This price range indoor biking motorcycle doesn’t tune the RPM and Watts and additionally doesn’t have wireless Bluetooth, ANT/+ connectivity.

The pc included with this ATIVAFIT magnetic exercise motorbike sometimes shows, speed, distance, and energy burned. It permits you to see your results to live motivated and on pace.

But don’t count number too much in this laptop due to the fact its miles too simple and no longer exceptional correct, which may be very common for spin bikes in this fee tag.

Overall it is not a sophisticated reveal, so you can’t keep stats or journeys on biking apps online. Unfortunately, it also lacks in backlit so that you will want to maintain the mild on in low-mild situation if you need to peer the progress.

Thankfully this ATIVAFIT cycling motorbike comes with a suitable media shelf that could function as a cellphone holder to assist in maintaining you entertained.

If you want to music and save your day by day workouts and be a part of spinning apps such as Zwift for other exciting rides, I suggest you purchase a Wahoo velocity sensor. It attaches to the pedal to track your velocity-time, distance, and extra. Using Bluetooth, those lower-priced sensors connect and ship statistics on your smartphone or tablet.

Search our internet site for “spin motorbike computer and Whoops sensors” to understand your options for this magnetic exercise motorbike. With a Wahoo application on your gadget (telephone, tablet, and so forth) and a Wahoo chest strap, you may additionally tune your heart fee. 

Pedals and Q-factor

• This ATIVAFIT motorbike capability adjustable toe caged pedals.

• They do not clipless cycling shoes compatible (no SPD elements).

• This cycle has the same old 9/16″ pedal thread length.

• The q-factor isn’t always disclosed.

The ATIVAFIT magnetic indoor cycle has solid steel toe-confined pedals. They are planned with movable lashes and clasp to suit closed size toes and keep them in the region properly.

Unfortunately, they are no longer SPD compatible. This ativafit indoor cycling bike means that if you need to experience the bike with the clipless spinning footwear, you may want to update the pedals. But it’s no longer a deal-breaker because the Mevem indoor cycle teacher comes with 9/16″ thread size. Therefore, the SPD alternative pedals are extensive to had for as low as $40.

The employer hasn’t released the q-issue statistics for this motorcycle. Nonetheless, we are ready to receive an affirmation for this aspect of the ATIVAFIT belt drive magnetic exercise bike.

In case you’re new to biking, the q-thing is the gap among the pedals. The narrower it is, the higher it is as it keeps your ft. You are aligned with your knees and hips to reduce pressure on the joints.

7- 8 inches q-element is taken into consideration suitable while much less than 7-inch is splendid as it will help role your ft. Evidently on the pedals, which leads to a healthful pedaling 8 with 0 lateral strain at the knees and ankles.

ATIVAFIT Flywheel Weight:

• The ATIVAFIT spinning motorcycle flywheel weighs 15-pound (it is light-weight, however, grants a low-impact clean pedal stroke).

• The wheel is fixed and bi-direction, which lets in pedaling each guideline with resistance.

• It has a sweat protection shield that protects the motor, bearings, and strength.

The flywheel is a relatively mild one, weighing 15-pound; however, it isn’t a massive issue because this spin bike has the magnetic resistance gadget and high equipment ratio. As you may see in the photos, the belt ring is quite big compared to any spin motorcycle I recognize of, in this charge tag.

The considerable length of the belt-ring (creates high-tools ratio) and magnetic resistance help offer a fast and herbal pedal stroke despite the lightest flywheels. This ativafit indoor cycling bike is the same concept that Keiser M3i, one of the world’s most famous spin motorcycles, is designed with (eight-pound wheel, excessive gear-ratio, and magnetic resistance).

The blessings of light-weight flywheel include low bearing maintenance due to the fact in preference to 40-lb, there may be most effective 15-lb weight/strain at the bearings. Additionally, it makes the motorcycle-weight lighter so you can without problems circulate it across the residence. But take into account that light-weight flywheel is the most effective top while it’s far blended with magnetic resistance and high equipment-ratio.

ATIVAFIT‘s flywheel is fixed and bi-directional, which means that you could pedal in reverse and forward. The benefit of constant-wheel (constant-tools) is that you could double the wide variety of workout routines and, via driving, stimulate one of a kind muscle business. A downside of fixed-equipment is which you can’t take a -second break or at once dismount the motorbike in case of an emergency except for the flywheel stops turning.

The flywheel is hooked up with the pedals so that you will need to wait until the wheel and pedals forestall earlier than you can get off the bike. There are some indoor cycling motorcycles, and this Concept 2 Bike Erg and Life Fitness IC8 with the quick release (unfastened-wheel) gadget. But they price greater than $1000.

Overall the ATIVAFIT indoor cycle teacher produces an easy-pedaling, enjoy the way to the mixture of the magnetic device, belt, and the fast flywheel, ensuing in top stability and smoothness for the pedaling motion.

Eddy Current Resistance System:

• This ATIVAFIT cycle has magnetic resistance to offer a clean, responsive journey.

• There are more than one sturdy magnets to create a laborious spinning exercise.

• Resistance is manually adjustable with the knob located at the body.

• It has the clicking down emergency braking gadget that lets in for a quiet and secure stop while the flywheel is spinning very fast.

• This indoor cycle doesn’t have definite resistance tiers (as an instance from 1 to 10).

The promoting component of this ATIVAFIT indoor cycling exercise motorcycle is its silent magnetic resistance device. This indoor motorbike with magnetic resistance and belt force is best for domestic cardio exercise.

Unlike competition with little resistance, the ATIVAFIT magnetic indoor biking exercising bike has several big magnets to offer a clean, responsive trip by growing the magnetic area resistance.

As I stated earlier in this ATIVAFIT indoor biking motorcycle assessment, this motorcycle equipped with a guide magnetic resistance machine so, the resistance controlled manually (now not electronically).

In addition to quiet operation, the ATIVAFIT spin motorbike resistance is also certainly upkeep-unfastened, unlike motorcycles with friction resistance the resistance pad and the flywheel do no longer contact.

Therefore, the resistance does not put on out, and also you received should go through the trouble of changing the brake pad as you will for friction bike.

Unfortunately, the resistance knob doesn’t have tiers exact on it. Therefore, you wouldn’t recognize the precise degree or your previous degree. But after a while of riding this spin bike, you will get a sense of how plenty of a knob turn generates the resistance good enough for your preparation. 

Ultimately, the obstruction likewise fills in as a crisis brake; by way of pressing it down, you can straight away prevent the flywheel, which may be necessary in case of emergency or if you need to alternate every day with reverse pedaling periods.

Belt Drive Transmission:

• ATIVAFIT indoor cycle capabilities belt-power layout for a quiet and comfortable exercise.

• This motorcycle has a fixed-tools single belt direct power mechanism.

In addition to a magnetic machine, one of the aspects that I like about this ATIVAFIT indoor motorcycle is the belt power. It is the combination of the belt with magnetic resistance that makes this cycle stick out.

Featuring a tremendous belt drivetrain comes with several benefits. For instance, it doesn’t require lubing, so you wouldn’t cope with the mess that oil may want to make to your floor.

The different blessings include low-protection due to the fact the belt is one piece, unlike chain with one hundred+ little pieces. And last but no longer least, the belt does no longer generate as a sound deal vibration because the string does, ensuing in an extremely quiet and comfortable spinning exercising.

ATIVAFIT indoor biking motorcycle is made for indoor cycling exercising for newbie riders; therefore, it can’t take care of heavy commercial use. The crank’s fingers are long-lasting enough to aid all biking positions and off-the-seat standing spin exercises.

Handlebars and Seat Adjustments:

• ATIVAFIT indoor cycling bike handlebars are 2-manner adjustable.

• A smartphone holder is constructed-at the handlebars.

• It is a properly-padded leather-based seat with the middle cutout layout for breathability and luxury.

• The place and handlebar posts aren’t chroming steel, but they coated black to stand towards corrosion.

• For vertical adjustment, this motorbike has levers that are simpler to apply than knobs.

This indoor cycling motorcycle lacks a 4-way handlebar adjustment, which means some users can’t customize the motorbike successfully for their peak. The only spin motorbike with magnetic resistance and four-manner handlebars correction below $300 is the MaxKare indoor cycle Black which you may discover its complete review on our website.

If you can have the funds for the higher $60, I strongly advise you to go with that model. The four-manner adjustment lets in a significant bike, putting and provide a safe and comfy experience for all your family individuals.

The ativafit indoor cycling bike comes with a media holder that makes it smooth to have your telephone on the motorcycle to circulation online or watch videos and experience a greater interesting and a laugh workout.

The seat supplied with the ativafit indoor cycling bike is nicely padded and more secure than many other competitors along with Echanfit indoor cycles on this price magnificence. It is a fantastic leather seat with a cut inside the middle to reduce the strain and allow the airflow to preserve you cool and workout longer.

It has several layers of smooth padding and has springs on the rear that appreciably enhance its average cushioning and comfort. As for adjustment, ATIVAFIT’s seat may adjust for all user heights from 5 ft. to 6 ft. Tall. It is fore/act up/down adjustable.

Featuring a multi-grip urethane dipped handlebar layout, your exercising remains cozy while riding for lengthy intervals of time. The aero bar provides numerous grip opportunities and permits you to alternate arm positions to have interaction one-of-a-kind higher muscle mass and save you wrist and arm aches and fatigue.

Value for Money and Warranty:

• The ATIVAFIT spin motorbike is fulfilled through Amazon and bought by ATIVAFIT Fitness (not different third-celebration outlets).

• This ATIVAFIT magnetic indoor cycle has an entire life unfastened component substitute assurance.

• To order components for this ATIVAFIT motorbike underneath warranty, you may attain the business enterprise via Amazon or the e-mail provided within the guide.

• The brand’s direct support e-mail deal with is; aid@ativafit.Com.

• On Amazon, it includes a 1-12 month full refund and 100% delight or if there may be any illness or damages. However, at the Ativafit internet site, its miles simply indicated that you want to return the product within nine working days. So, I endorse you to take a screenshot of Amazon’s description.

Considering all the features consisting of the media holder, high-quality seat, magnetic resistance, belt gadget, and lifetime component alternative warranty, the Ativafit indoor biking motorbike teacher is an excellent price for the cash.

For $250, I don’t recognize another spinning motorbike in the marketplace that incorporates the stated capabilities and a lifetime free component replacement guarantee. And the fact that Ativafit is covering this price range domestic use cycle for a one-year refund policy indicates its best and cost.

The generous assurance and go back coverage prove that it isn’t always an affordable made product and will last longer than competitors with a 90-day guarantee. As for the elements under assurance or some other records in that manner, you could contact the vendor on Amazon or the e-mail address supplied in the guide.

Note that Mevem’s assurance doesn’t cowl customarily put on and tear or harm resulting from improper use or injuries situation to the terms of our restricted guarantee, which shared amongst all fitness system brands.

Shipping and Assembly:

• ATIVAFIT magnetic spin motorbike belt force comes on the whole assembled.

• The bundle includes all of the wished installation tools and the guide.

• ATIVAFIT spin motorbike shipping is free.

• This bike ships in one container that weighs around 70 pounds.

This ATIVAFIT indoor cycle comes with the specified installation equipment and assembly instructions to make the assembly method a piece of cake. So, you wouldn’t need to spend some other $80 for that.

Most of the bike comes already assembled. The flywheel, the pressure belt, the crank meeting, and the resistance mechanism already connected to the mainframe

Therefore, in phrases of assembly, all you want to do is attach the front and rear base bars to the primary-body, set up the seat and handlebar posts, and subsequently the console and the pedals.

This ativafit indoor cycling bike shouldn’t take greater than 30-40 minutes. The ATIVAFIT indoor cycle manual will guide you through the meeting steps, and happily, the gear required for it is all protected.

Note: Please be aware of the pedal assembling, the left pedal needs to be screwed in counter-clockwise. As for the protection, a periodic check for loose bolts and elements recommended.

The transmission is a belt (now not a chain), so it no longer requires any lubrication. Other than this, wipe the sweat off the bike with the towel after the workout.

Quiet Run Goes a Long Way

I’m pleased to say that the meeting of the bike is pretty clean. ATIVAFIT logo presents a coaching manual with the motorcycle, and with it, the meeting needs to take about 30 minutes. With that said, several users pronounced troubles with the meeting because they skipped the instructions. I would advocate to study them even if you are a skilled engineer because what they say: better be secure than sorry.

The ATIVAFIT indoor cycling bike is quite sturdy, and while the 275 lbs weight help is plausible, it’s genuinely not that a good deal. Most indoor spin bikes on this charge range guide 300-330 lbs of weight, although it is honest to say that if you are around 270 lbs of weight, you might think of something 330-350 lbs +, just to be at the safe side. It’s continuously top to have a few more significant weight restrictions in reserve.

The aggregate of the magnetic resistance device and belt force makes the motorcycle sincerely quiet. You can adequately watch TV at the same time as exercise, or thanks to the pill holder, you could watch Netflix on it while pedaling. What a prime time to be alive, isn’t it?

As cited within the functions, the adjustability is going an extended manner. The 2-manner adjustable handlebars have a multi-grip design so that you also can rest your elbows in your sense to find it irresistible. The seat is four-manner adjustable (up, down, forward, backward) and has a comfy, leather-based-primarily based design. Useful information is that if it received be secure for you, you can both positioned a pillow on it and surely replace it. Thanks to so many height settings, users up to 6’5” can use the motorbike effectively.

One of the pros that I would like to point out right here is the LCD. Unlike most monitors on this charge category, this one could be very convenient to apply with rich UI. I, for my part, discover the layout pretty fashionable as well.

The adjustable pedals are quite trendy, with the caged and anti-skid layout. Thanks to these traits, they comfortably match maximum shoes; however, they could also be very uncomfortable for naked feet.

Well, I bet that’s all she wrote.

ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Pros:

Smooth and Silent Operation:

Thanks to the combination of durable belt and magnetic resistance, the ATIVAFIT magnetic workout bike is exceptionally smooth, quiet, and needs very little preservation. Unlike chain bikes, the strap is soft and doesn’t need lubing, unlike friction motorcycles, the magnets are silent and don’t put on out.


The bike comes in part assembled, the transmission pressure belt, the flywheel, the crank meeting, and the brake mechanism already connected to the body. You will simply connect the bottom helps, handlebars, the seat, and sooner or later the pedals, which wouldn’t require more than 1/2 an hour. It accompanies clear guidelines and the required meeting gear that will help you with the assembly.


ATIVAFIT magnetic indoor cycle doesn’t require plenty of protection besides a periodic test for the loosening components and bolts.

• Multi-grip handlebars with custom sweat-resistant grips constructed for comfort to keep away from any hand fatigue;

• Center cutout and breathable, adjustable saddle for a comfortable ride;

• Adjustable pedal straps to make particular toes are relaxed in region preserving stability and comfort;

• Transport wheels for clean storage and portability;

• Adjustable foot levelers for the security of the machine for your floors;

• Secure pill holder constructed-within the handlebars;

• Emergency braking system;

• Basic pc to permit you to a song your spin exercising development;

• Smooth and nearly silent belt drive;

• Bi-directional flywheel to have interaction with exceptional muscle groups;

• Manual magnetic resistance, with no friction;

• Tools for a relaxed meeting blanketed;

ATIVAFIT Indoor Cycling Bike Cons:


Unfortunately, the ATIVAFIT indoor cycling bike trainer lacks in four-manner adjustable handlebars. They are handiest vertically adjustable; this means that some riders won’t be capable of personalizing the motorcycle for an at ease spin exercise.

• No SPD factors at the pedals;

• Light-weight flywheel;

• The precise Q-thing records isn’t disclosed;

• Limited person peak lodging;

• Limited person weight ability;

• Dark fitness monitor with no backlit;

Last Word on ATIVAFIT Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike:

Whether or not you purchase the ATIVAFIT magnetic exercising bike comes all the way down to a rather obvious thing that is continuously the money. If a couple of people are going to apply this spin bike to your circle of relatives, purchase a more long-lasting spin motorbike, ideally a commercial excellent which includes ASUNA Minotaur 7150.

But if your finances are less than $300 and now not more one individual will use the cycle for spinning indoor, then the ATIVAFIT magnetic indoor cycling bike could be very well suited for you. Novice indoor cycling lovers who have decent finance will now not disenchanted with the Ativafit magnetic spin motorbike.

Although it has a light-weight flywheel (15-lb), this price range spin motorcycle is capable of imparting a clean medium-intensity workout, way to its magnetic device. Additionally, the Ativafit is a particularly superb bike compared to many different indoor motorcycles in its price elegance.

All in all, this magnetic Ativafit exercising bike is a terrific price. I extraordinarily advise it (if you are 5 to 6 toes, weigh much less than two-hundred-pound, and your budget is beneath $300). 

However, if you are taller, weigh greater and different members of the circle of relatives need to ride the bike every day, I advise advocating you check out our exceptional magnetic spin motorcycles and get yourself a sturdier cycle.


Whether or not you purchase the ATIVAFIT magnetic workout motorbike comes right down to a rather obvious factor that is usually the money. If multiple characters go to apply this spin motorbike in your circle of relatives, then buy an extra durable spin motorbike, preferably an industrial first-class consisting of ASUNA Minotaur 7150. But in case your budget is much less than $300 and now not more one character will use the cycle for spinning indoor, then the ATIVAFIT magnetic indoor cycling bike is very well suited for you. Novice indoor cycling fans who have a tight price range no longer disillusioned with the Ativafit magnetic spin bike, although it has a light-weight flywheel (15-lb), this price range spin bike can impart an easy medium-intensity exercise, way to its magnetic device.

Additionally, the Ativafit is a relatively high bike compared to many different indoor bikes in its charge class. All in all, this magnetic Ativafit workout motorcycle is an excellent cost. I especially propose it (if you are five to six feet, weigh less than 200-pound, and your finances are underneath $300). However, if you are taller, consider more significant, and different participants of the circle of relatives want to experience the motorbike every day, I endorse you take a look at our best magnetic spin bike and get yourself a sturdier cycle.

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