Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike

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Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike

The Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike is a robust upright indoor desk bound bike. It is properly-perfect to the avid bicycle owner and spin elegance fanatic and novice and intermediate riders, supplying a clean user experience. It is robust and made from long-lasting material, making it an excellent fee for its price point. The appearance is traditional, with improved ergonomic factors supposed to make your ride extra cozy. The console shows basic stats, but what this bike lacks in bells and whistles you would possibly discover on different models makes up for a quality layout.

Specialized Details and Specifications

• Product measurements: 45L x 23W x 49H inches (114L x 58W x 124H cm)

• Product weight: eighty-three lbs. (37.6 kg)

• Flywheel, weight 31 lbs (14 kg)

• Supported weight: 250 lbs. (113 kg)

• Handlebars: Adjustable

• Seat: Adjustable

• Pedals: With straps

• Drive mechanism: Chain

• Brakes: Direct-contact, wool-felt pads

• Resistance: Adjustable

• Bottle holder: Yes

• Progress monitoring PC: Yes

• Warranty: Frame 5 years/Mechanical and Electronics 1 year/Wear Parts 90 days

Speedy Summary

The Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike is all around made and an incredible gadget to enhance cardio well-being and bring down body muscle volume—an ideal suit for your property rec center. You can likewise have certainty realizing that with Schwinn, which has been creating bicycles for extra than a century, you are getting a pleasant framework at its cost point.

The IC2 has a durable steel outline and movable levelingPC: Yes.

• Warranty: Frame 5 years/Mechanical and Electronics 1 year/Wear Parts 90 days Speedy Summary

The Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike all around made and an incredible gadget to enhance cardio well-being and bring down body muscle volume—an ideal suit for your property rec center. You can likewise have certainty realizing that with Schwinn, which has been creating bicycles for extra than a century, you are getting a pleasant framework at its cost point.

The IC2 has a durable steel outline and adjustable leveling ft. to stabilize the bike on uneven flooring. The experience is the smooth and relatively quiet way to its 31 lb Flywheel. The pedals are customizable and the Q Factor, that’s the space among the two pedal cranks inspired with the aid of free motorcycles and makes the trip feel more herbal.

The handlebars can be adjusted up & down seat may be moved both up & down and lower back & forth to allow for a wide variety of heights (approximately five′ to six-five). Making changes to the seat and knobs is straightforward so that this motorbike can make paintings nicely for a couple of riders in an unmarried household.

The LCD console presents basic stats to your trip like time, distance, pace, calories burned, and RPM. If you need to apply an exercise app while you journey, your best bet is to maintain your telephone or different small tool within the water bottle holder.

The driver of the bicycle isn’t the standard belt kind used on an indoor motorbike, but a sequence like you’d see on an out of doors motorcycle. The preservation typically used to lubricate an outside bike chain is the same renovation required for the Schwinn IC2 rationale power.

Obstruction originates from a chunk of the fleece felt cushion, and you could boom or lower it by way of genuinely turning a knob on the motorcycle. There aren’t any real degrees or settings; as a substitute, it can always adjust. This Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike may take some used to and make it hard to gain the precise equal resistance whenever you get at the motorbike, but the learning curve is pretty brief. It additionally permits you to move from a straightforward ride to extraordinarily severe in case you need it. You may want to update the pad sometimes as it can get worn down.

The IC2 isn’t too tough to bring together and should not take an extra than 60 minutes. It has a generally little impression and is relatively clean to transport around thanks to transport wheels that can help you roll the gadget out of the way while you’ve finished exercising.

Product Features and Comfort

Unlike most different workout machines, the Schwinn IC2 can provide an incredibly silent exercise that virtually attests to its expert quality. Its close to-silent characteristic is related to the clean chain pressure system that still gives quite a realistic outside biking sensation. In truth, the weighted 31 kilos flywheel additionally provides to this experience and has the introduced benefit of preserving the device firmly into vicinity irrespective of how energetically you teach. The silent characteristic may be quite a motivation thing and permit you to listen to some tune or watch TV as you cycle.

Another beneficial function is the LCD console. Few spin motorcycles equipped with these add-ons, but this system does come up with a correct readout of energy burned, distance covered, speed, time, and RMP. At the same time, this motorbike does now not allow users to set the console on a particular readout. It does provide a non-stop loop of all of the workout-applicable records to assist you in realizing how lots you’ve advanced, which may be pretty motivating to any individual who’s trying to lose weight.

Although this version’s 250 kilos of most person potential may seem no longer lots, it’s more than the supplied using the similarly.

While the motorcycle does not claim lots of floor area, its tiny body manages to remain healthy, even when used by obese humans. This Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike is basically because of the twin stabilizers that, while coupled with the flywheel, keep the motorbike entirely into place. The best part is that the handlebars and seats are adjustable, textured, and padded to ensure your consolation while encouraging you to spend more time at the system.

Wide pedals with company straps in conjunction with an ergonomically-formed water bottle holder also protected for this just cause. In reality, the bottle holder also can double as an MP3 or iPod dock. Users who like to teach for longer durations of time will surely savor inside the integrated fan to hold you aloof and sweat-unfastened. Lastly, way to the particular Direct Drive Gearing System, athletes will be capable of experiencing various anxiety tiers, which might adjust in multiple increments.

Assembly and Parts

While some users claimed to have had some moderate setup problems with this model, I, in my view, observed it pretty smooth to prepare. The motorcycle’s easy design largely accounted for the reality that I most effectively needed around 1/2 an hour to less to collect it, even if I’m not used to such technical jobs. I didn’t rush the shop to get any screws, knobs, or other such accessories because those had already included within the packaging, alongside the partially set up frame. A particular instructions manual also comes with a motorbike, and that is certain to make things tons easier for new customers.


A few customers did whine approximately the constrained weight capability of 250lbs. Some human beings additionally had some problems with the shipping procedure, but this turned into linked to the courier carrier and now not Schwinn Fitness. Otherwise, except for those minor drawbacks, maximum clients were satisfied with this item.


The body is crafted from metal, assisting in keeping the motorcycle regular while you’re running out. The seat and knob are secured in tight while assembled, so there may be no wobble from the while you are biking.

If you’ve got an uneven floor, the bike comes with adjustable leveling toes at the rear to counteract this so that you received experience any rocking.

The guide recommends you do standard maintenance exams to make sure the motorcycle is in desirable order. These don’t take a lot of time at all and are what is accessible for any spin motorbike. It seems the bike will give a few years of carrier and may take the punishment of high depth workout routines in your look after it.

The 31 lb. Flywheel gives a clean trip, although this is at the lower give up of what you’ll expect for a wheel to offer you with a natural feeling experience. There is none of the cheapness or changes in speed you get with flywheels beneath this weight. Users have reported they are glad about the feel and the great of the journey. However, I feel when pushing hard, and status up, you could be aware of a bit of variant in the pace of the wheel, which you wouldn’t with a heavier flywheel.

Under 30 lbs Weight, the flywheel starts to slow as your pedaling transitions between down stokes. With your feet on the pinnacle and bottom of the pedaling cycle, the general public doesn’t maintain the level of pushing they do on the down pedal. A heavier flywheel (over 30 lbs.) facilitates to keep the momentum you’ve carried out. You don’t get the unnatural feel you get with the bike feeling find it irresistible continues slowing down, which may be off-putting and makes it tough to hold your rhythm and depth. A shiny flywheel’s advantages are getting to your preferred pedaling pace with less attempt than a heavier one for any give resistance. the bike is lighter standard and will be much less highly-priced – the offset is the unnatural feel you get with flywheels under 30 lbs. – it doesn’t have the same experience as using a motorcycle due to fluctuations in speed, and therefore it can affect your exercise high-quality.

While changing from situated to standing, the bicycle does now not wobble from side to side, making for a safe, relaxed workout regardless of the depth.


The handlebars can be balanced here, and there the adjustment bars use to get them into the proper biking role. They can’t move horizontally. However, the seat may be adjusted ahead and backward and up and right down to permit extraordinary heights.

The motorcycle appears to accommodate a variety of heights with humans from 6 feet 5 inches to four toes nine inches record. They were able to set the motorbike to trip it without being uncomfortable. For heights underneath 4 ft. 9 inches, it’d imply that they are stretching for the pedal at the bottom of the stroke and additionally stretching for the handlebars making it feasible for them to strain too much and likely injure themselves.

Making the scale adjustments is quick and simple – by turning the knobs and sliding the posts to the best position, making it appropriate for many human beings to apply the one motorbike.


Resistance furnished using a wool felt pad at the top of the flywheel. To boom or lower the resistance, you switch the knob as you do with the ones you locate in gyms. You don’t have to show it an excessive amount of resistance to emerge as very tough so that it may take a touch being used to, but it is incremental. It no longer passes from no resistance to impossible to pedal and not anything in among, and it merely desires small turns.

The single wool felt pad offers precise, consistent resistance, so there are no variations while riding. The strength is due to friction, so the pads will put on down and want to get replaced periodically. The most straightforward area I can see that they can source is from Schwinn itself.

To stop the wheel rapidly as opposed to letting it go to a prevent indeed, you press down at the resistance knob, and it acts as a brake.

The resistance is a non-stop adjustment. Therefore there aren’t any ranges or settings that you can use to mark how a whole lot of strength you had for a specific exercise. This Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike can make it difficult to set the bike back to a previous workout putting if the resistance has adjusted among practices – you may most effectively try this by way of sense. This Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike is similar to what you would experience in the health club and is a common problem with this kind of opposition.

Drive type

The Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike utilizes a series of pressure, such as discovering on an outside motorbike. It requires the same form of maintenance that you would do for those bikes – it is going to want lubricating with bike chain oil every month or 20 hours of riding. The chain can also want tightening or loosening as it beds in overtime.

Although there is more excellent ongoing protection than a belt-type force, it could usually be adjusted unlike when a belt force loosens and desires to convert. The chain is somewhat noisier than a belt-power and has a level of noise around similar to what you get from an open-air public bicycle.

The chain has a watchman around it, which lets you protect it calmly and keep you from getting oil on your garments or slamming the string with your ankles.

You can’t coast with these bikes, which means that pedals will maintain turning until the flywheel involves a stop. Before dismounting, the motorcycle pedals must not be turning, and you could stop this with the brake speedy in case you want to get off in a rush.


The pedals are toe cups with an adjustable tie. The measuring of containers and tie must fit most shoe sizes but gained accommodate spinning footwear. If you want clip-on pedals or SPD, you’ll have to exchange the brakes.

Although the agency website online says, in response to a query, they’re now not interchangeable many customers have correctly modified the pedals with fashionable motorcycle pedals.

The crankshafts and pedals are robust enough to stand up and push tight against the resistance.

The organization says that the q-element stimulated by using out of doors cycling. It will be much like that determined on well-known motorcycles (I’ve asked the corporation for the measurements), so it must make driving this motorbike to appear extra like an out-of-door motorbike. The q-thing is the space between the crankshafts. The shorter the distance, as a well-known rule, the extra herbal it feels, and the much less stress is placed on your legs.


The motorbike has a footprint of forty-five inches through 23 inches, so it doesn’t take in that an awful lot room. It may be without difficulty saved in a nook out of the manner or in a cabinet till you want to apply it again.

There are two shipping wheels on the front that make it easy to wheel around to where you want to apply it for exercising or to shop it. It is straightforward to tip the bike ahead directly to the wheels by using the handlebars, notwithstanding the bike weighing eighty-three lbs. Due to in which the maximum of the weight centered.


Assembly is easy, and the container includes correct instructions to follow. It can usually finish in 30 to 60 mins. Eleven portions want to put together, and the tools required to do it covered. You could also wish to scissors and a pointy knife to get the pieces out of the packaging.

It usually recommended that two humans positioned the motorcycle collectively. This Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike is mainly due to the bike’s load, which could make it challenging for one individual. The packing weight is 96 lbs. And when assembled, the motorcycle weighs eighty-three lbs.


The motorcycle comes with a secure pc with an LCD that attaches to the handlebars. It is powered utilizing 2 AA batteries, which Blanketed.

It estimates RPM, calories consumed, time, separation, and pace. It cycles among these measurements every five seconds, and this will be changed so that you want to watch for it to cycle round in case you are checking one specific statistic while driving. The numbers are clean enough to examine inappropriate mild, but it could be challenging to recognize which statistic you’re studying. The show should do with backlight to make this less complicated to peer.

The distance and speed may set to either miles or kilometers. To start the computer, you could press the start button or begin pedaling. The console turns off after five mins of no activity, or you could turn it off or restart it by way of Pushing the start button.

If you cycle at much less than 5 rpm for three seconds, you definitely can study all of the measurements – Time, Calories, Total Distance, Average Speed, and Average RPM. When you start pedaling again, the exercising measures will hold.

The laptop does not shop your other exercise numbers, nor can you upload these on your PC or online. If there are any, you need to hold they want to be recorded manually in your exercise journal or on a spreadsheet.

The energy wide variety is best, an estimate primarily based on the gap traveled and velocity, so it doesn’t forget the consumer’s weight and many others.

The pc is primary, but it is ideal to look it on right here as you commonly handiest locate them on a good deal more highly-priced models.


  • Easy to assemble in 30 to 60 mins
  • Comes with a primary console for keeping song of your exercise
  • Has a water bottle holder
  • Easy to move around and store out of the manner
  • Quiet so that you won’t disturb others in your private home and you may watch TV without turning it up
  • Five years producer assurance at the frame, 1 yr. on elements and electronic and three months wear components
  • One bike can be used by multiple men or women due to the easily adjustable height settings and caters for heights among four feet nine inches and six toes five inches
  • The bike is low maintenance on day after day basis with the resistance pad wanting to be changed periodically


• The console does now not store previous exercising periods nor does it paintings with any net fitness bills

• Only comes with toe cup and strap pedals, in case you need clip-much fewer brakes they need to be changed which must be truthful

• Lighter flywheel at 31 lbs. might also make better depth workout routines sense a touch unnatural

• Handlebars cannot move horizontally to make the motorbike extra relaxed for shorter customers

• There is nowhere to place your MP3 player if you need to use the console or water bottle holder for what they had been supposed

• The non-stop resistance way you don’t have degrees of resistance marked will help you quickly get to the strength you used on previous rides

• The seat is uncomfortable but may be modified easily with a place for a trendy bike

Buyer’s Guide

Are you questioning if Schwinn ic2 spin motorcycle is high-quality for you? Do you have any doubts? If yes, then no concerns! All of your doubts can clear in a minute. Just continue analyzing this text.

Is Schwinn ic2 spin motorcycle worth it?

The Schwinn ic2 is a superb nicely-made gadget that’s a super fit for your private home. It facilitates to enhance cardiovascular fitness and tones decrease body muscle tissue. Schwinn has been producing the best workout bikes for years.

The robust metal frame and adjustable fit. of this bike stabilize the motorcycle on choppy surfaces. No extra rocking or shaking! The 31 lb. Flywheel provides this motorbike with a natural performance. The adjustable pedals and the Q factor offers the rider with a feel of the natural journey.

If you don’t recognize what the Q issue is? Then let me explain to you. The Q thing is the space among the two pedal cranks that stimulated via the free bikes.

The handlebars of the motorcycle are adjustable, and the seat is likewise adjusted up and down, backward and forward. The position lets in the height of customers as much as 5 inches to 6.5 inches. Adjusting the motorbike to fit your top is simple. Just turn the knob.

Easy adjustment of the seat and the cope with bars makes it viable for all people to ride.

This motorcycle also comes with an exquisite LCD that shows the time, distance, velocity, energy, and RPM of the rider’s exercising.

The obstruction originates from the fleece felt cushion, making it easier to alternate strength without problems by turning a knob. You can know effortlessly pass from a smooth to extremely challenging ride. But you want to replace the pad as they get worn down.

The motorbike comes with a water bottle holder, or you may also maintain your phone or MP3 player.

Does it have any cons?

Yes, the whole lot has cons, so does the Schwinn ic2 spin motorcycle. This motorbike does not have any coronary heart rate reveal. You additionally can’t like the bike to the health app.

The pedals are of toe cages. The brakes do not work with spinning footwear. However, the seat is adjustable some of the rider court cases about its being a chunk uncomfortable. Some rider’s overview says the bike can cause some noise.

The resistance of this bike is mechanical, and the show is not backlit.

The motorbike comes with a holder, but you either positioned a water bottle or phone or an MP3 player.

Bike’s Labor and wear objects have the most straightforward 90 days of assurance. That’s in real quick time for exertions and wear objects.

But in the end, the Schwinn ic2 bike’s pros are extra. Schwinn ic2 spin bike is an excellent and adequately perfect motorcycle for professionals and novices. This motorcycle presents a smooth driving enjoyment. Improved ergonomic elements on this bike make it more comfortable to use.

But wait, what about the protection and assembling?

The upkeep of this bike is very smooth. Just lubricate Schwinn ic2 motorcycle’s driver like the way generally an outside bike chain is lubricated.

Assembling the Schwinn ic2 motorcycle takes much less than an hour. It is straightforward to move as it comes with transport wheels.

The Schwinn ic2 motorcycle is a good price buy. It is straightforward, robust, and reliable and covers a first-rate guarantee gives. And of course, manufactured through a depended on the business enterprise. It also has six-week money returned guarantees.

This bike can come up with the feel of actual lifestyles out of doors cycling.  Its progressive system permits you to burn a variety of energy. The Schwinn ic2 motorbike is high-quality and can healthy everywhere.

Schwinn IC2 Cycling Bike Consumer Ratings

Glancing through surveys for this and the past version, they were, on the whole, excellent.

Like the console, even with its limits, you don’t typically discover a console on bikes in this rate range.

They say the user experience is smooth and quiet with very little choppiness, and you may get the first-rate exercise.

The seat is the only negative that comes via approximately the bike itself, and this is effortlessly modified, and a bike’s seat comfort is a personal element anyway.

Also, many people would select distinctive pedals on the way to use their bike footwear.

There are few concerns about the packaging; however, that is to do with transport/packaging rather than the bike itself.

Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Bike Price

As noted in patron critiques, you don’t usually get a console with a spin bike at this fee. You usually should pay plenty greater to have a laptop incorporated with a motorcycle. Besides, it delivers accurate value and gives an excellent, stable ride.

It was accessible on Amazon and when I checked it and might qualify at no cost delivery.

Final Word

Innovative, expert, and undoubtedly green, the Schwinn IC2 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike is assured to make you lose a shocking quantity of weight in little or no time, and all this without having to break the financial institution.

With this indoor cycle, users can anticipate speedy weight-loss and a deficit of 1200 energy. Best of all, this form of workout is guaranteed to improve your coronary heart and lung potential, even strengthening muscle mass. It also enhances stamina and joint fluidity, consequently lessening the dangers of strains of injuries over time. The motorbike likewise designed to grow your metabolism because users may be able to burn extra calories in a shorter measure of time, in any event, when they’re no longer genuinely using the motorcycle.

Covered via a stable manufacturer’s guarantee of three months on put on components, 12 months on electronics, and five years at the frame, the motorcycle can purchase on the Amazon website.

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