Inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle

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Inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle

The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle looks like it could preserve its own as a spin bike or indoor cycle for the house. It seems tough enough for use in a commercial health club.

It has a heavy flywheel, a robust construction, a console, and all of the basics required to provide a secure and robust foundation for low effect aerobic exercising, however tricky and excessive you want.

Our evaluation looked at the product listings, checked the owner’s manual, and asked the dealer to get the total lowdown on the motorbike.

An incredible thing to look at with the motorbike is that they encompass a coronary heart rate strap that works with the console – that is something that maximum spin bikes don’t provide. I like the loads about this Indoor Cycling Bike.

But it does need to supply on its’ potential to provide a fantastic base on your exercises and now not motive pointless problem in the home too which I assess thoroughly.


The Inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle weighs in at a hundred and fifty-five lbs and is solidly crafted from steel. It offers an excellent stable base for working out. There is little to no flexing within the frame, even if running out at excessive resistance ranges.

It is rock consistent whether or not you are seated, standing, or moving. The bike has to be used on a flat floor. However, there are leveling feet below the stabilizer bars that can offset any small variations within the floor evenness.

The flywheel weight is 45 lbs that are balanced to offer an herbal feeling experience. The value will assist in dragging the pedals via the pedaling cycle, giving a more significant circular pedal stroke easier at the joints preventing an up downstroke. It isn’t aggressive as you get on a Spinner NXT wherein the wheel is perimeter weighted.

The difference can be felt greater on the higher resistance degrees and while starting your exercise. Perimeter weighting is less complicated at the joints. It facilitates greater in selling a proper pedaling technique, but for the general public, the weight on this flywheel will offer an excellent herbal experience and is low impact.

Inspire Fitness IC1 Indoor Cycle Adjustability

The Inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle can be adjusted to healthy people among the heights of 5 ft and six ft.

Adjusting the bike is brief and easy to do, which means more than one person can use it. They make the changes to set it up for their height, and they can be working out in much less than a minute or two at the maximum.

It is fully adaptable, with the seat and handlebars being capable of being adjusted upwards/downward and forwards/backward. The inspires fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle allows in getting the motorbike set up just proper to save you injury and pointless strains for the exceptional exercising.

You can set the rise of the seat from the pedal and get it set horizontally function too. You can then select the handlebars on the subject of this to get the maximum comfy and efficient setting.

If you’re using the motorbike for indoor schooling as a part of your cycle education, you may use the adjustments to set the bike to be the same as your outside motorbike.

The seat and handlebar are each on a movable slider that sits on a flexible tube. To pass into the function, you loosen the L-Handle knobs and slide the line to where you need it, after which you tighten up again. When nicely tightened, you ought to no longer enjoy any damn or shaking.

You can circulate the adjustment tubes precisely wherein you need them as there are no pre-set holes in them. It means you can get the putting just correctly so that you don’t have that feeling of it being just too excessive or too only too quick that you may get now and then when having to apply pre-set holes.

The tubes also have levels marked alphabetically, making it less difficult to go back to a setting if it’s been moved since you closed set it.


Obstruction for slope type exercises is given by an opposition cushion that pushes against the flywheel the usage of friction. The quantity of resistance is controlled via the tension knob; this is at the top of the frame. To boom resistance, you switch it clockwise and vice versa to lessen the resistance.

You can fast flip the tension knob to where you get the resistance you want. It is incremental, and you could set it anyplace from simple to exceptionally hard.

Like most turn bicycles, it doesn’t have opposition degrees marked, making it difficult to go back to a preceding degree inside an exercise or from exercise to workout.

The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle can most effectively be executed via estimate and experience. The only motorcycles that have this are those with magnetic resistance, which is likewise quieter and desires less renovation but is greater high priced, including the Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle or Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike.

The resistance pad and flywheel are included via a cover that stops sweat from dropping on them, which can be very destructive.

The resistance pad will wear down over the years and need replacing. The cover prevents sweat from speeding up that manner.

The resistance pad will generally close for 365 days or more generous with moderate to heavy utilization. To buy replacements, you want to touch the dealer.

Drive kind

The Inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle has a belt power, which presents a clean and quiet ride. There is not any clinking as you get with a chain pressure. There is no maintenance required on a daily foundation as it gained needs lubricating or tightening.

However, in a few years, the belt pressure will need changing, and this can probably want the help of a person with professional talents to do this. Still, in the period in-between, you’ll have maintenance unfastened pressure.

The belt is poly-V to add a more excellent comfy grip; this stops the belt from slipping, giving it a higher grip and retaining the force quiet.

There is a force guard that protects the power from sweat’s detrimental impact to extend the belt’s life. The defense also protects your legs and clothes from getting stuck in a belt while exercising. It additionally keeps it far from little fingers that could otherwise get trapped.

The Inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle has direct power or constant equipment because you may’s freewheel on the motorcycle. This approach that at the same time as the flywheel is popping, so are the pedals.

The flywheel’s momentum will keep it turning for some time once you stop pedaling, so you want to both lightly sluggish the pedals along with your ft or push down at the tension knob to use it as a brake to forestall it quick.

Every day for spin motorcycles to have this association, it gives you a more challenging experience and makes sense more like using an outside bike.


The Inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle has preferred pedals with toe cages and belt. They take athletic shoes, which you accelerate into the cell and then tighten up the sash. They provide an excellent grip at the pedals for pedaling and standing. The cranks are crafted from metal to keep the pedals consistent while pushing hard in opposition to the resistance even as holding up.

It is conceivable to supplant them with pedals that take SPD spikes, yet they cost more prominent. The string is 9/16″-20, so they can take well-known motorcycle pedals if you want to apply different pedals.

The Q thing that is the horizontal distance among the pedals is 177mm (approx7 inches). Spin motorcycles do tend to have a much broader Q Factor than outside motorcycles. The space on this motorcycle is balance. (The Spinner NXT Q Factor is 158 mm). As a standard rule, the narrower the Q factor is, the more herbal it feels as it brings the ft, knees, and hips more significant into alignment.


Seat. The seat is described as at ease and is gel coated. You may additionally discover that is the case; however, no longer all and sundry will agree. It may be changed if you locate its miles too tricky for your sit down bones as it will take a preferred bike seat. Padded motorcycle shorts also can assist in alleviating any ache.

Dust and Dirt. It’s not going to be that grimy of a bike. The most significant dust supply is likely to be from the resistance pads as they put on down; however, it received be lots. It is crucial to hold the motorcycle clean from sweat to keep it looking true and in pinnacle situation and the coaching undergo what you need to do. Rubber exercising is a great choice. They are accessible on Amazon.

Clamor. The bicycle hushes up because the belt drive is practically quiet. The commotion that will be heard from the motorbike is the resistance pad rubbing at the flywheel. The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle isn’t going to be that loud, and it is not going that it’ll disturb each person else in the house even if you’re using past due at night or early inside the morning while others are dozing.

Handlebars. They were dipped in a polyurethane coating to offer a more at ease grip that stops blisters and fingers from slipping when they are wet from sweat. It isn’t padding, so they received take plenty of leaning on.

They have been designed to house the usual hand positions for spinning – on the middle, shoulder width, and at the ends, while greater leverage is wanted. The center bars are lengthy sufficient for use as aero bars to be used in that function. They are twisted, which makes the position more critical comfortable; in any case, they aren’t cushioned and don’t have elbow cushions. 


The Inspire Fitness IC1 Indoor Cycle has an impression of 22 using 46 ins, so it doesn’t require an excessive amount of space when not in use and will match below the steps or in a big cabinet towards a wall out of the manner.

It’s an inexpensive looking bike, and with the paint and plastic/rubber guards, it needs to stay that way for decades.

It is a heavy motorcycle, weighing a complete of one hundred fifty-five lbs. fortunately for moving the bike, it has two shipping wheels for moving it among locations. They are at the front that works well on even rigid surfaces. You tip the bike up onto them. They have to be fair on the carpet as they are uncovered, preventing them from getting jammed up with all, however, the most bottomless pile.

They do preserve a maximum of the weight of the motorcycle, leaving you to navigate the bike. Still, it’s far cautioned that there may be 2 of you to be safe to keep away from any overbalancing that can purpose damage to the motorbike or yourself.


The bike comes partially assembled with you desiring to finish the process. Most of the motorbike is already together, including the frame, power, and crank, so it isn’t too huge of an activity.

You’re required to feature the pedals, stabilizer bars, handlebars, seat, adjustment poles, console, and a water bottle holder. Everything must stay healthy together as it’s far made from great additives.

The tools needed to finish the activity are blanketed. Most humans can end this type of meeting within an hour – it’s miles, plenty less complicated than putting kitset furniture collectively. The commands are clean and easy to follow.

The hardest part of the assignment is probably coping with the motorbike’s load because it weighs 145lbs. It is perhaps a terrific idea to have two of you for moving it around when it is in its’ packaging and setting at the stabilizer bars.


The console sits at the front of the bike on the inner bar’s cease in an excellent comfortable position to see as you work out.

The console reviews on RPM, calories, speed, distance, time, clock, and coronary heart fee while sporting a heart price strap (blanketed). Rate and length may be in miles or kilometers.

It gives you records to display your exercise, but it doesn’t have any pre-set practices or graphical show.

The RPM is displayed on the pinnacle of the console. The coronary heart charge and calories are within the center.

At the bottom, you notice the speed, distance, time, and clock; however simplest one shows at a time, and to cycle thru them, you have to push the left button.

The right button is for setting your weight and whether or not to display km or miles.

The display is 5 with the aid of three inches, sufficient to peer while you experience. It isn’t backlit, so you want it to be in good lighting to look well.

If you require to get off the bike, the show will stay on for 2 mins earlier than turning off – so you can handiest take a brief spoil in case you need the console to continue from in which you left off.

It is fantastic to see that the coronary heart fee strap is protected; most motorcycles don’t, and I anticipate you to pay extra for that. You can see it; however, it doesn’t consist of heart rate zones or assists you in setting zones.

It is impossible to add or save your exercise result, so if you want to music progress or report workouts, it must be completed manually on a spreadsheet or magazine.


The measurement and weights of the bike are:

Height 53 INS

Width 22 INS

Length forty-six INS

Bike Weight 155 lbs

Flywheel Weight forty-five lbs

Max User Weight three hundred lbs


There are dual water bottle holders within the handlebars for smooth access at the same time as you exercise. You can quickly seize the water bottle and return it to the holder as they slip inside and outside effortlessly- no need to sluggish or stop to get it out or again inside the holder.

But that is it with regards to add-ons- there’s nowhere to plug in your mp3 player or region your pill.

The instructions blanketed are proper for assembling the bike, but there may be little in the manner of a way to installation the motorbike or usage. The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle is first-rate if you are a skilled spin motorcycle rider or a person within the residence.

But if you are an amateur, the option you’ve got is to go online to watch online movies and examine articles. The correct news is there is a lot of proper ones that can help you get commenced.

You can locate loads of workout routines online too, and you’ll need to get them up to your laptop or TV and have your bike situated so you can see them.

This lack of add-ons isn’t uncommon, and those that do have extra do charge greater.


•        Provides a remarkable strong base for exercises

•        The trip is comfortable and feels herbal and evaluate favorably with gym bikes

•        Includes a console for monitoring your workout

•        Includes coronary heart rate strap that works with the console to reveal your heart rate

•        Gel protected seat for brought consolation and can be replaced

•        Easy to assemble inside an hour

•        Fully adjustable to in shape human beings between the heights of 5 feet and six toes – allowing multiple individuals to apply

•        10-year warranty on the body, three years on components, 1 yr hard work


•        You can’t upload exercising facts to a health account

•        There are no resistance degrees marked

•        Standard motorcycle pedals don’t match professional footwear; however, they can be changed

•        No pre-set exercises

•        No commands protected for novices

•        There is nowhere to position your mp3 player or pill

•        Narrow variety of adjustment of sizes makes bike no longer appropriate for people underneath 5ft and over 6 ft

How frequently every week have to, I spin?

Are you new to spinning? You ought to have loads of questions for your mind. Most beginners tend to surprise at the right frequency of spinning per week.

Experts advocate that you spin for a minimum of three times a week. For a whole newbie, you can begin with spinning classes per week then continue increasing this as time is going by the way.

Human beings have distinct critiques regarding the range of instances to spin because everyone has their own health goals.

The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle ought to decide the frequency and intensity of your spin sessions. We will assist you in taking away any form of confusion by coaching you on a few matters approximately spinning.

Why do you need to wait for spinning periods?

If you want to conduct good exercises, then cycling on an indoor motorcycle needs to be a choice now.

Spinning is one of the excessive-intensity workouts that may give you multiple health advantages. For instance, it could assist increase your cardiovascular wellbeing. If you need to lose some weight, at that point, begin turning nowadays.

This exercise shape can help you burn between four hundred and seven hundred calories in keeping with a consultation. Even if you begin spinning once a week, you can still burn something so long as you are regular and observe your weight loss program.

Once you begin being used to spinning, you want to grow your periods more than once every week. The activity also can assist you in preserving an energetic lifestyle.

Since you have interaction maximum of the frame parts for the duration of spinning, you get to stimulate the muscle tissues and raise your stamina. The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle can help you get for your preferred weight or tone your body.

Cycling interior can grow your heart fee and boost your electricity stages. For this cause, the general public discovers it to be a powerful exercise for burning calories.

The exercising is likewise extra at ease in comparison to different workout routines. Since it does not exert too much stress on your bones or joints, you need to have no problems doing it some days a week.

What is the proper frequency for spinning?

As we cited in advance, your spinning session’s frequency relies at the unique goals you want to achieve. If you need to shed pounds, you need to commit at least three days per week to spin.

In recent times, make sure you attend a forty-five-minute consultation so you can burn at least 600 energy each day.

If you compare indoor biking with aerobics or walking, you may discover that spinning facilitates you burn extra energy than other exercises.

You need to add a component in your body structure and weight to determine the frequency and length of spinning.

Research reveals that an average grownup should spend as much as one hundred fifty mins every week on a workout bicycle. As you construct electricity, you can grow the quantity of time you spend cycling interior.

Losing weight via indoor biking but takes time. Do now not count on to shed it all within the first week or even after one month.

Others spin to build aerobic patience. An indoor bike can help your frame face up to extreme bodily sports for lengthy. If this is what you prefer, make sure you spin three instances every week.

Do it for around thirty minutes and increment the term as your body fabricates persistence. Ensure your consciousness of increasing your spin sessions’ length rather than the times you attend spin instructions.

For example, you could exchange your consultation from 45 to 60 mins for at least three days instead of spinning for half an hour for seven days.

Lengthening the duration instead of the frequency can help your body build staying power if you need toned muscle tissues, awareness on spinning for at least days a week.

Though cycling has a minimal impact on your normal muscle tissues, it may give you a curvy frame. Ensure you spend at least 45 minutes spinning.

A novice can spin for 20 mins at least every week until they’re comfortable sufficient to increase this.

Though spinning can rework your body, it’s far essential not to overdo it. Attending spin classes every day might not be healthy for your frame.

It can purpose troubles on a number of your frame elements, inclusive of the hips and knees. Some human beings turn out to be growing tendinitis out of spinning excessively.

Do now not push your muscle mass excessively, considering that this will result in an injury and affect your plan. You may additionally end up growing decrease lower backache, muscle pain, or a neck strain.

Others report it to ache in frame components inclusive of the ankle, hips, and knees from over spinning.

What regulations do spin classes set for individuals?

If you aren’t new to a gym, you then are familiar with a few standard guidelines. Spin lessons also have some regulations that each member should adhere to.

If you need to maximize the advantages of spin elegance, you want to observe the policies strictly. The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle can prevent you from disappointments and frustrations.

The first rule is about taking spin classes with moderation. You best want to exercise session for a few days and spend a minimum of half an hour on a stationary motorcycle to keep away from injuring yourself.

You need to additionally stay hydrated because you are liable to sweating from the spinning. Ensure you comply with the precise instructions that your teacher outlines so you can revel in your enjoyment.

Do now not begin your spin consultation with an injury. You need to provide your body time to get better earlier than you start spinning. If you have a clinical circumstance, tell your trainer in advance.

Start boosting your health nowadays by taking spinning instructions. They can also benefit you in making your frame sturdy and horny.

You should, however, understand the right frequency and length of your classes. Though your fitness goals play a significant role in this, you want to train at least three times every week.

Do now not forget that the secret in attaining your fitness dreams lies in inconsistency.

The Best Low-Impact workouts for People with Bad Knees

Think you couldn’t get in a killer aerobic or leg workout simply because you’ve got terrible knees? It’s no longer “sport over,” but – there are plenty of excellent, fat-torching physical games you could do while preserving your knees in tip-top form.

Keep in mind that knee pain is commonly due to your kneecap going out of alignment, which causes the encompassing muscle mass and ligaments to weaken and stiff. If you’re handling terrible knees and still need a terrific workout, consciousness on low-impact activities that reinforce and gently stretch the surrounding muscle tissues, consisting of Romanian Deadlifts or an excellent Spin bike exercising.

We’ve listed a number of the best knee-pleasant physical activities and workouts underneath. Still, you may also take a look at this vlog, compliments of Studio SWEAT on Demand where founder, Cat Kom and Trainer Bethany display a few splendid sports you may do if you have terrible knees.

So, there is no more defense for skipping leg day. Check out several exceptional, low-effect exercises for horrific knees.

1.      Step Downs

The excellent manner to step up your workouts without wrecking your knees? Try step downs, one of the maximum deceptively clean leg workouts for horrific knees that’ll target your leg muscle tissue and stretch out your knees nicely. With step-downs you:

•        Find a step stool, brief bench, platform, or stair-step

•        With your legs hip-width apart, position your left foot on the stool

•        Keeping your proper leg immediately, use your left leg to lift your right leg directly

•        Do ten reps on every aspect for three cycles

2.      Bench Up and Overs

This version of the step down is slightly jazzier. Still, it’s fantastic to concentrate on the quads, hamstrings, and calves—basically, the muscular tissues you might want to strengthen to assist terrible knees.

With Bench Up and Overs you:

•        Get a platform or a brief step stool or bench

•        With the step in front of you, position your left leg on

•        Using your left leg, lift your proper leg from at the back of the step

•        Set your proper leg in the front of the stool

•        Do ten reps on every three cycles

3.      Quad Short Arc

This leg exercising for awful knees is as low impact and occasional-tech because it gets a foam roller (or sincerely, a rolled-up towel will do). a Quad Short-Arc will reinforce and stretch your quads while separating your knees from anxiety and stress. To perform Quad Short Arcs you:

•        Lay down at the ground along with your legs beforehand of you

•        Place a foam roller below your left leg, proper above the return of the knee

•        Tap your foot on the ground

•        Extend your leg out

•        Do ten reps for each leg

4.      Straight Leg Lunges

Have a bum knee; however, still, want to train session your other leg? You can bump up your workouts while warding off a complete knee blow-out with lunges, which might be the most effective leg workouts you could do without a device. Lunges are first-rate exercises for horrific knees because they’re comfortable, intuitive, and easily customizable. All you have to do is ensure the leg with the wobbly knees are saved when you extend your leg behind you. For direct leg lunges you:

•        Step your suitable leg forward

•        Bend your leg till it’s at a 90° point

•        Make sure your knees are precisely over your lower legs

•        Extend your leg with the powerless knee at the back of you

•        Keep this leg straight

•        Repeat on the alternative facet, bending only barely while bending the terrible leg

•        Do ten reps for each leg

5.      Spinning

Before you give us some critical side-eye, bodily therapists have recommended Spin workout routines as one of the great workouts for horrific knees. Honest! Spinning is tremendous for strengthening the muscular tissues and ligaments in the legs, liable for knee pain, even as being first-rate low effect. And as it gets you to those excessive heart-price zones STAT without slamming your joints, a Spinning exercise is undoubtedly an excellent cardio exercise for humans with horrific knees!

Want to follow a Total Body on Demand workout that’s full of exercise only for people who struggle with knee issues? Look no also – Studio SWEAT on Demand has a few brilliant alternatives, like AJ’s Knee Friendly Total Body Sculpt Workout.

If you’re nevertheless an ill’ bit gentle in your knees, it’s outstanding vital to make sure you’re well stretched out and competently warmed up earlier than you attempt any of those workout routines. But once more, the key isn’t to give up on constructing muscle tone. It’s extra approximately finding a balanced approach that frivolously strengthens the muscle groups around your knees. And in case you’re searching out more effective incredible exercises taught by actual, world-class running shoes, sign up for Studio SWEAT on Demand’s 7-Day Free Trial. You’ll get access to masses of hardcore exercises, custom exercises for humans with bad knees and bad backs, and an international network of Sweaters such as you!

Inspire Fitness IC1 Indoor Cycle Consumer Ratings

When penning this review, I couldn’t locate any purchaser critiques for the bike.

I did take a look at critiques on other products made by Inspire Fitness.

There aren’t that many to take a look at; however, they are high-quality.

It appears they deliver good merchandise and their customers are happy with them too.

Inspire Fitness IC1 Indoor Cycle Price

There are a few top bikes priced around the same as this bike with similar functions.

This one does appear like it’s a fair match for them too.


The inspire fitness ic1.5 indoor cycle is an excellent bike for those who need to severely take their spinning and training. It has a heavy flywheel and steel frame that offer a strong foundation for extreme workout routines.

It can be used by beginners too and those who need to exercise reasonably. It doesn’t have any instructions or education.

It has a primary console for keeping your education on track. One aspect that does set it apart from other spin motorcycles is that it consists of a coronary heart fee strap that’s brilliant to look at. It makes schooling on your coronary heart fee area tons less complicated while you may see it in front of you. It may be quick adjusted to suit a range of sizes between 5ft and 6ft.

It is a quiet motorcycle with a tiny footprint making it the right choice for the house. It properly made so should be with you for a year’s status up and presenting a fantastic base for extreme exercises’ challenges.

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