Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike

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Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike

The Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike is currently the most superior and inclusive indoor cycling bike from Schwinn. Although it has a pretty comparable construction to the Schwinn IC3, it functions as a magnetic resistance gadget and derives with a Bluetooth console. It additionally includes a hard and fast of dumbbells, add-ons that many other spin bikes do now not include.

The Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike has one of the most pleasant monitors compared to its competitors and the preceding model, Schwinn IC3. This IC4 utilizing Schwinn comes with Bluetooth technology for Zwift connectivity, workout monitoring, wireless telemetry chest strap connectivity, and RPM studying.

Additionally, it has a robust media shelf to house a mag, pill, and mobile cellphone. It is incredible for watching spinning exercising movies while exercising.

IC4 prepared with lots of Schwinn’s pleasant overall performance components for indoor home cycles. Most importantly, the Schwinn IC4 cycle has superb ergonomics from the SPD pedals to ergonomically designed adjustable handlebars and convenient twin bottle holders.

For a quiet spinning exercising, the Schwinn IC4 workout motorbike equipped with a reliable one hundred-stage magnetic resistance machine. But what’s even cooler is that you may see the present-day resistance degree at the motorbike display. And to assist with consolation and convenient adjustment, it has clean to attain knob with push down emergency brake.

A favorite function at the Schwinn IC4 is the great and near to silent operation that I will cowl higher intensity on this Schwinn IC4 evaluation down underneath.

To make the Schwinn IC4 cycle especially useful for all riders and to healthy customers with exclusive body sizes, it designed with 4-manner handlebar adjustment in place of just 2-manner change (up/down). Indoor cycling bikes without horizontal and vertical handlebar adjustment shade in contrast!

For a near to silent spinning exercising and occasional-maintenance, the Schwinn IC4 indoor cycling bike has a belt as opposed to a sequence. So, it doesn’t require oiling or frequent cleansing and adjustment.

As some distance, because the fee is concerned, the online sale fee of $800 offers a notable price. Especially thinking about the Schwinn IC4’s magnetic resistance machine, dumbbell holders, and forty-pound flywheel and buying the Schwinn IC4 exercising bike immediately from Amazon, the price consists of free delivery.

Important Note:

This Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike is wherein I evaluate the Schwinn IC4 spin bike with different available indoor motorcycles within the same price range and inform you if the IC4 is an excellent price for the cash or no longer. Based on the facts (emblem, capabilities, durability, ergonomic design, and charge), the IC4 Schwinn indoor cycling bike is a fantastic fee product for now (November 2019).

Rest assured, you’re shopping for one of the excellent cost spin bikes on the market; however, if your finances are low, I suggest you check out the Schwinn IC3. It is a long-lasting and utterly adjustable spin motorcycle, except it isn’t magnetic and lacks in Bluetooth technology. Search our internet site for the IC3’s pros and cons.

To make it easy so one can navigate through our Schwinn IC4 exercising motorcycle evaluation, and I put together the table of content material below. So, you can find the information you are looking for without difficulty. Or, you can read the Schwinn IC4 assessment very well to higher recognize what you are paying. I will attempt to keep it quick and informative.

Technical Information:

Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycle Specs:

• Height: 50.8″

• Width: 21.2″

• Length: 48.7″

• Bike Weight: 106 Pounds

• Max User Weight: 330 Pounds

• Inseam Capacity: 29″ to 39″

• Shipping Weight: 121 Pounds

• Transport Wheels: Yes

• Adjustment Base Levelers: Yes, 4

• Water Bottle Holder: Yes, dual

• Media Shelf: Yes protected

• Power Requirement: Wall adapter

Is this Schwinn spin motorcycle Sized for you?

One key spec for the Schwinn IC4 is the 4-manner adjustment. It makes the bike ideal for beginners and intermediate-stage trainees of brief, average to taller heights.

Primarily, folks that are significantly taller or shorter than average could recognize the Schwinn IC4’s adjustable 29″ to 39″ inseam potential.

As for weight capability, it exceeds my expectancies through 30 kilos. Designed for domestic use, the IC4 can assist up to 330 kilos of user weight, which shows the fine and durability of the motorcycle. Schwinn controlled to preserve the motorbike at a light-weight, but long-lasting structure so you can without problems flow it around.

This Schwinn workout bike comes with a health reveal. So, it wishes a supply of energy to display the stats on the LCD screen. The display calls for energy plugin, so in case you need to look stats, you want to keep the motorbike connected to a wall socket.

You don’t have the freedom to area the motorcycle anywhere in the house if you need the reveal to turn on. For smooth transportation and to hold the bike stable and to shield your floor to a point, the Schwinn IC4 stationary motorcycle comes with durable wheels and adjustable base levelers.

IC4 Schwinn Monitor:

• The Schwinn IC4 comes with a backlit reveal to tune Your development.

• It requires to be plugged into electricity and is derived with an adapter.

• IC4’s LCD reveals presentations on your present-day resistance stage, time, pace, energy, and pulse. Additionally, it measures your cadence the usage of the RPM function on the reveal.

• You can install the display for specific calorie and time desires. It also consists of healing software.

• This display is like-minded with the wireless Bluetooth chest straps to song your coronary heart charge (chest strap likewise included).

• IC4’s screen has a well-known Bluetooth connectivity, which lets in connectivity to fitness apps and Zwift.

• It also has a USB port to allow for charging your device (smartphone, tablet, and lots of others). You can not use the USB port to download/upload ordinary workout routines to the laptop.

• IC4 would not have, ANT/+, internal reminiscence, or the watt/energy tracking capability.

Unlike the older fashions of Schwinn spin bikes, the IC4 indoor cycling motorcycle comes with the backlit pc. It might be one of the high-quality in its charge class that provides most of your indoor cycling workout feedbacks and continues you aware of your overall performance.

There are five factors of IC4’s display that stand out and hard to find for this charge. They encompass; showing advanced resistance degree, the RPM analyzing, Bluetooth technology, backlit characteristic, And USB charging port. But what I love the maximum, approximately Schwinn IC4’s laptop is its constant Bluetooth connectivity.

Unlike maximum spin bikes that have Bluetooth but don’t connect with primary spinning apps, which include Zwift, the Schwinn IC4 connects to pretty lot all of the spinning apps. It can send your stats (RPM, HR, and many others) to the cycling apps so you can compete with other cyclists online and feature a more fun spinning exercise.

The RPM (Revolution per Minute) tells you ways rapidly, and you pedal on certain resistance stages. It is beneficial, mainly, in case you want to observe spinning workout movies as they instruct you to do certain RPM all through the workout. Here is some other suitable feature; for maximum spin bikes with dial/knob adjustment, the resistance stage not always displayed so that you just need to bet. But with the Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike, you could tune your resistance stage at the display.

As for the coronary heart rate, it’s far a crucial metric that lets in you to recognize which exercising zones you are on. For example, in case your HR is a hundred and twenty-one hundred fifty bpm (beat per minute), you’re in fat-burning mode. Luckily, a Bluetooth wireless chest strap included with the Schwinn IC4. So, you could store $50 and be capable of tune your HR accurately.

The downsides to this motorcycle’s display are the shortage of ANT/+ generation and inner reminiscence. You may not shop your day by day development on the screen, and you may not join the motorcycle to devices that handiest Have ANT/+ technology. Also, this Schwinn indoor motorbike lacks in watt tracking (widespread for this price variety) so that you can’t see how an awful lot strength produced on each pedal stroke.

But there may be nothing to worry about; you are fascinated to save your daily development, and you can still join the bike in your Bluetooth devices (cellphone, computer, etc.) and download one of the many well-matched spinning apps.

Pedals and Q-issue:

• Schwinn IC4 Q aspect is one hundred ninety mm.

• Schwinn IC4 pedals are nine/sixteen″ twin-sided aluminum alloy SPD.

• The dual-sided brakes are well suited with clipless cycling shoes and will also accommodate conventional athletic footwear.

• It has a three-piece crank-arm gadget.

The Schwinn IC4 spin bike capabilities a popular q component that is proper even by way of Pro cyclists. In case you’re new to indoor cycling, the q issue is one of the maximum essential features to look for when buying spin motorcycles.

It is the gap among the pedals. The less distance, the higher it’s far. Broad q factors generally tend to maintain your ft wider than your knees and hips. So, three joints for your lower body (hips, knees, and ankles) gained aligned during the exercising that may reason accidents.

Thankfully, you don’t want to fear approximately this problem while buying the Schwinn IC4 indoor cycle due to the fact this motorcycle has a secure and biomechanically correct q-issue size.

As a long way, because the pedals are concerned, IC4 through Schwinn Fitness is SPD spinning shoes well matched. Meaning you don’t need to spend any other $50 to shop for clutches if you need to trip with specific biking footwear for a more secure and more significant efficient exercise. The rider has the option to use ordinary gym footwear or clip-much less spinning footwear.

The crank arms are durable and aid all spinning exercises inclusive of out of the saddle function. And the bearings are splendid to prevent clicking noise after many Months of use.

Schwinn IC4 Flywheel:

• This Schwinn IC indoor motorbike comes with a front-force flywheel layout due to this; the bearings, magnets, and flywheel are all in the sweat quarter.

• But to make confident the sweat doesn’t reach those components and to minimizing protection paintings, it has a sweat defend at the flywheel.

• Schwinn IC4 spin motorbike flywheel is forty pounds for a comfortable regular pedal stroke.

• It has a wheel that is also perimeter-weighted, which makes the experience smoother.

• Schwinn IC4 exercise motorbike has a hard and fast-wheel mechanism. So, it’s miles bidirectional.

Compared to numerous magnetic spin motorcycles in the marketplace, the Schwinn IC4 exercising motorcycle has a heavier flywheel, which allows it to provide a smooth and steady pedal movement.

It has a flywheel safety shield that allows guarding the flywheel, front bearings, and the resistance machine in opposition to sweat and different elements.

Previously on this Schwinn IC4 workout motorbike evaluation, I stated this motorbike is constant-wheel. What its manner is that the flywheel and the crank-hands move and stop collectively. The advantage of this layout is that you can also pedal reverse to engage unique muscle groups.

The downside is that if you want to get off the motorbike in case of an emergency, you’ll just wait till the flywheel stops turning. Also, in case you want to take a 5-2d break-even as on the bike, you may have to prevent the bike completely.

There are a few high priced spin motorcycles that function a freewheel smart release system. They perform just like an outdoor bicycle. Meaning even when you stop pedaling (due to muscle cramping or need to prevent driving for some seconds), the flywheel maintains turning. Unfortunately, this technology is available handiest on spin motorcycles, which might be $1000+.

IC4 Bike Resistance:

• Schwinn IC4 prepared with manual magnetic resistance generation. Not “electromagnetic”.

• It is manually adjustable through dial/knob and might provide challenging speedy aerobic in addition to a mild electricity exercise.

• The resistance ranges aren’t marked at the knob, but it far displayed on IC4’s reveal.

• Push down brake brings the motorbike to an immediate stop.

The Schwinn indoor cycle IC4 capabilities the pinnacle of the line magnetic resistance device that offers silent operation. Unlike friction resistance, the magnetic gadget calls for little to no renovation.

And since it does not are available in touch with the flywheel, because the friction resistance does, it makes zero noise. So, you may revel in cycling at any time of the day or night without bothering your friends or your own family.

The Schwinn IC4 indoor cycle’s resistance not always numbered/marked on the knob/dial. But it is shown at the reveal, so you don’t need to guess your present-day resistance or what turned into your ultimate strength.

This spin motorcycle’s resistance is sufficient to provide an appropriate most, standard, and minimal pressure for all fitness ranges. 

Note: Schwinn IC4 geared up with the emergency push-down brake, which can use to stop the flywheel at any time at some point in exercises.

Note: IC4 resistance isn’t always “electromagnetic.” So, biking apps like Zwift can’t manipulate the strength routinely. Its manner is that the resistance remains the equal (until you were manually alternate) while You attain and uphill or downhill at the spinning apps.

Belt Drive System:

• Schwinn IC4 capabilities a belt-driven mechanism to offer less protection and silent pedaling.

• IC4 has a front-force layout with an extended-lasting belt cover and flywheel protect.

• The statistics at the tools ratio isn’t always disclosed.

• Two dumbbells protected for top frame workout routines.

This Schwinn magnetic indoor cycle functions a belt transmission that gives less protection and silent pedaling on every stroke. Unlike chain-pushed exercise motorcycles, it does not require oiling, cleansing, or frequent adjustment.

Another characteristic that I like about the Schwinn IC4 indoor exercising motorbike is the long-lasting belt cowl and flywheel safety layout. The flywheel, belt, magnets, and, greater importantly, the bearings are all saved from the sweat region. So, there’s much less to clean and hold after each spinning exercising.

When shopping for the Schwinn IC4 on Amazon, you may receive 23-pound dumbbells. They live underneath the handlebars at some point in the exercise so that you can quickly select them up and do upper body physical games. Some online spinning lessons that you might the usage of dumbbells.

Handlebars and seat:

• Schwinn Fitness IC4 handlebars are four-manner adjustable (vertically and horizontally).

• The PVC ergonomic handlebar lets in more than one spinning position.

• IC4 seat is likewise 4-way adjustable, unisex, and padded so your workout can stay at ease while Doing longer spinning sessions.

• The Schwinn IC4 indoor cycle seat and handlebar posts manufactured from durable metallic, but not light-weight aluminum materials.

• Handlebars provide numerous grip positions for range and additional at ease rides.

• IC4 spin motorcycle is ready with the tablet holder to watch a video or examine an e-book.

• There are convenient dual water bottle holders constructed on the handlebars to help you stay hydrated.

• Handlebars and seat use levers as opposed to knobs, which is less challenging to tighten and loosen, plus they remaining longer.

Let’s begin with the materials of posts: The Schwinn IC4 capabilities metal seat and handlebar posts. They are long-lasting but substantial; therefore, adjustment is not as easy as it is with aluminum protection posts. Schwinn reduces the corner in this a part of the bike, and I wish they change their mind because, for this rate, jobs have to be high-grade light-weight aluminum.

But apart from the materials of the posts, the whole thing else is pretty fantastic. This Schwinn spin cycle is entirely customizable for most riders (encouraged consumer heights in the “Specs” paragraph). IC4 features a patented layout that ensures the posts continue to be in a location while permitting you to regulate The fore/aft.

The padded and non-slip multi-grip handles can adapt quite a great deal to all of the cycling positions except for the drop grips. It would have been brilliant if they delivered the racing fashion drop handlebars. However, it is not a massive deal because you can purchase them separately and install them if that’s something you like.

The seat is four-way adjustable with an easy twist of a lever to ensure the right suit. So, your workout can continue to be at ease at some stage in more extended spinning periods. But even extra importantly, the Schwinn IC4 indoor cycling bike is ready with a pleasant pill holder and convenient bottle holders.


The bicycle has a metallic casing and stabilizers to provide a respectable robust base in your sporting events, throughout the seat. There must be no shaking or wobbling of the place and handlebars.

There are levelers at closing tops on the stabilizer bars on the off danger that the ground you are using is marginally lopsided. By turning these, you could alter the bicycle to forestall the risk of shaking.

It has the first-rate period of assure with ten years on define, mechanical and electrical three years and 1 yr. on paintings. Schwinn appears to make a respectable try to keep their clients upbeat and kind any issues that emerge, even though they may relatively delay at reacting now and then.

Most clients state they have got a bicycle so one can be stable and reliable to deal with their problems for a decently wide variety of years.

It has virtually low guide conditions, and these clarified within the guide, it incorporates cleansing and checking the stray pieces are appropriately tight alongside a test of the belt snugness (simple to do and just consists of accelerating).

It is a mid-assessed bike, yet the features covered are habitually best available with logically high priced bikes.

The motorbike ensures plenty.

Schwinn says it companions with Peloton and Zwift further as distinctive unique Apps.

Schwinn has mean popularity. It seems first-rate, additionally. It has a first-rate arrangement risking the whole thing; besides, does it fulfill the assurance?


The motorcycle has a metal edge and stabilizers to provide a tolerable solid base in your activities, for the duration of the seat. There has to be no shaking or wobbling of the place and handlebars.

If the ground you’re using is insignificantly unbalanced, there are levelers ultimately beaten at the stabilizer bars. By turning these, you could modify the bike to forestall the opportunity of shaking.

It has a high-quality duration of assurance with ten years on plot, mechanical and electrical three years, and one year on paintings. Schwinn appears to make a conventional endeavor to hold their clients satisfied and sort any troubles that upward push no matter the manner that they may fairly postpone at responding now and again.

Most client’s nation they have got a motorbike an excellent way to be robust and honest to cope with their problems for a no longer too horrific range of years.

It has honestly low help necessities, and those explained inside the manual, it consolidates cleaning and checking the wanderer portions are definitely tight nearby and take a look at the belt coziness (smooth to do and just joins quickening).


The bike has a four-way alternate for the seat and handlebars. This Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike indicates you may adjust the stature and even circumstance of them each.

The seat stature adjusts the usage of the adaptable cope with on its help publish. You put off if and pull to release the pop-pin and slide into a role, modify the pre-set starting, install the stick, and fix it into the region. When repaired set, there ought to be no slippage.

The retrogressive/advances of the seat and handlebars and stature of handlebars work like this, yet you could match in with the location you need and attach installation.

These progressions license you to get the most satisfactory and excellent match for your activity.

The adjustments as in step with the vertical and degree assessment can achieve quickly and no issue by any stretch of the imagination.

It can match humans between 4ft 6 ins and 6ft 6 ins allowing it to be utilized by exceptional humans in a nuclear family to get their aerobic training session. The converting won’t be an obstacle to bouncing at the motorbike. You can use an everlasting marker on the offers on mark your healthy when you’ve evaluated the motorcycle for you to make it faster.

While modifying the handlebars, the water bottle holders can disappoint everything while fixing and casting off the handles. Yet, you may pull the coping mechanisms to change the motive of the transfer and, shortly afterward, maintain fixing or discharging. There’s no convincing motivation to depart unfastened or take-off components or leave in a mistaken condition as precise clients have referenced their reviews.

IC4 price and assurance:

• Schwinn IC4 price is $750-$799, relying on the offers.

• IC4 domestic use guarantee includes:

• Bike body: 10 Years

• Mechanical and electric elements: 3 Years

• Other parts: 12 Months

• Labor assurance: 1 Year

To make your confidence legitimate and active or declare your guarantee, you could touch the Schwinn/Nautilus customer support at (800) 605-3369 or visit the “www.Nautilus.Com/warranty” to check in your Schwinn IC4.

• Extra Schwinn Protection Plan may purchase for:

• $79 to increase parts and hard work coverage to three years

• $109 to extend parts and labor insurance to five years.

• The Schwinn protection plan is eligible for buy in the United States of America.

• To upload a safety plan for Schwinn IC4, touch the (800) 924-7451, after buying the bike.

• If you ever need help concerning your protection agreement, name the Administrator toll unfastened at 1-888-257-9258.

• Be sure to preserve the settlement file and your contract purchase receipt, as you will want them to confirm your coverage in the case of a declare.

Unless you discover the Schwinn IC4 discounted, the rate is not less than $800. Sometimes the Schwinn Fitness may position the IC4 magnetic cycle on offer.

But it does no longer show up too often as this cycle is considered properly-priced for its capabilities and excellent. As for the guarantee, it is quite extraordinary in comparison to competitors like Sunny Health and Fitness.

All in all, the IC4 cycle with the aid of Schwinn has better guarantee terms compared to most bikes from different manufacturers, and it additionally has affordable protection plans. Keep in mind that the guarantee and the safety plans most straightforward cover this motorbike if used for private use (no longer industrial).

Soil and Cleaning

You shouldn’t find out any residue originating from the bicycle, so the bike itself gained upload an excessive amount on your tasks. It is right to wipe it down all the time to hold it within the great form. On the off risk which you resemble me while turning out hard, you could find out you sweat a remarkable deal and make them trickle directly to the bicycle and floor. This Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike needs to be cleared off the motorcycle to forestall it eroding the bike. To protect your ground from any development or something dropping a hobby tangle is a smart concept.

Shipping and Assembly:

• The Schwinn IC4 manual is blanketed with the bundle (English and Clear).

• The Schwinn IC4 meeting within reason easy.

• Assembly tools covered With the Schwinn IC4.

• IC4 indoor cycle transport is free inside the United States.

According to the agency and the clients, the Schwinn IC4 indoor commercial cycle takes as long to unpack as to gather. This cycle comes mostly pre-assembled.

However, you will want to attach the pedals, screen, dumbbell holders, front and rear stabilizer bars, handlebars, and seat posts. This motorcycle comes in one field, which means you may need to open the box outside and convey it inside in small portions. The Schwinn IC4 guide and assembly tools are all protected inside the delivery box.

Pros of Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike

• Bluetooth enabled and worked with a fantastic variety of Apps which includes Zwift and Peloton and more

• Dumbbells and Holder included

• Heart charge armband included

• Magnetic resistance with a hundred degrees measure on console

• Heart charge and RPM measured

• Transport wheels

• Very quiet motorbike

• Low preservation

• Works properly with Peloton

• Dual-sided pedals

• Wide range of heights can use effectively

• Tablet holder included

• Cleats blanketed

Cons of Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike

• Resistance is manual and not controlled by Apps

• Uncomfortable seat

• RPM on a console is measured using a bar rather than numbers

• Doesn’t well hook up with Zwift with dependable strength numbers

• Console degree strength

Consumer Ratings

There is an aggregate of ratings for the bike. The critiques say that it is an excellent, nicely built motorcycle and at a reasonable price for the exceptional and functions included. They like how quiet it’s far. Although there was a problem with damage on delivery in addition to crank and pedals being issues, Schwinn does work to remedy while made conscious.

In one assessment, it mentions the problem with Zwift and the accuracy of the electricity metrics.

There is a problem with it overstating the numbers at the console, and while linked to Zwift, it exaggerates electricity.

The organization does seem to work on an update to clear up this acknowledged problem.

Customers like its connectivity to the range of different Apps to apply and the Peloton Digital App mainly. It all enables them to keep them prompted and persevere with exercising.


The Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike is considered the same as the Bowflex C6, and some users have confirmed this with Bowflex. The C6 indoor motorbike may be priced higher than the IC4 and include a mat. It may be down 1/3rd the price of Peloton.

However, it’s far extra than the Schwinn IC3 Indoor Bike and for which you get Bluetooth to hook up with Apps, which includes Peloton, a heart price armband, magnetic resistance with suggested tiers and dumbbells with holder more magnificent.

Last Word on Schwinn IC4 Indoor Bike:

Equipped with a heavy-duty metal frame gadget with a 40lbs perimeter-weighted flywheel and magnetic resistance device, the Schwinn IC4 indoor bike permits you to hastily transfer between less stressful and more challenging sporting activities with several resistance settings.

The adjustable resistance lets you select among excessive-cadence cycling sessions or bump the strength and work up your electricity.

On top of that, the Schwinn ic4 indoor cycling bike is ready with a Bluetooth LCD screen that tracks the time, speed, RPM, HR, and distance, and calories to help you hold song of your overall performance and screen your development. This motorbike also has a comfortable, absolutely-adjustable seat without problems, actions up/down fore/aft to healthy customers with different body sizes.

A few other excellent functions encompass convenient bottle holders constructed on the handlebars, racing fashion handlebars, And a tablet holder that helps you to follow in conjunction with your preferred fitness films and vicinity your mobile tool securely on the tool holder.

Overall the Schwinn IC4 is a top-notch indoor cycling motorbike constructed for all forms of spinning exercises, and we suggest it for the newbie as well as critical cyclists. Lastly, in the UK, this motorcycle is categorized as Schwinn IC8. The names are exclusive; however, the IC3 and the Schwinn IC8 indoor cycle are the same.

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