MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike

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MaxKare Recumbent Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike

The maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike has a comparable design and range of functions as the Efitment RB034. It’s an exercising bike made for domestic use and mild cardio workout routines. It additionally has a smaller footprint than other fashions, so if usage and storage space is in trouble, this might be a fantastic preference to put in your listing.

Key Features and Specs

•        Assembled measurements: 45.7L x 18.9W x 41.7H inches (116L x 48W x H cm)

•        Assembled weight: 62 lbs (28 kg)

•        Weight ability: 220 lbs (one hundred kg)

•        Seat: Adjustable

•        Pedals: Weighted, with straps

•        Resistance: Manual magnetic, eight levels

•        Console: Time, distance, odometer, speed, energy, pulse, dreams, SCAN

•        Warranty: 2 years restricted

Frame construction

As we’ve referred to above, the MaxKare has a comparable body layout because of the Efitment RB034; however, it has a more inadequate footprint and weight capacity. It is designed for users as much as 220 lbs (one hundred kg) best and has a track of 45.7″L x 18.9″W (116 x 48 cm). The complete bike is some inches wider and profits some inches in duration if the seat adjusts to the back. Anyway, only as for some other recumbent bike, it is encouraged to leave as a minimum toe of clearance all around it for secure get right of entry to and utilization.

The bike has a step-through layout. You could easily skip thru the body and have a seat in different words. This maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike can be a plus for users with positive disabilities.

The bike’s body is manufactured from metal, presenting a one-piece chassis those consequences in extra durability. All the steel parts in its production are powder coated with a gray corrosion-resistant paint end, to date, this being the only color available for this bike. Of direction, the bike’s construction additionally integrates numerous ABS components. For instance, the covers of the power elements and several small covers made from rigid ABS plastic.

Since it’s now not an excessive-potential trainer, the maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike isn’t too heavy both. With all the elements assembled, it weighs approx-62 lbs (28 kg). Thus, it could be carried and assembled using the most straightforward individual. Plus, as soon as the bike assembles, it can transport it through the small front wheels without difficulty.

Although the bike isn’t too large, it still weighs extensively more than the standard street bike. All this weight meditate in its typical stability. Also, on the subject of stability, its rear base is prepared with polygonal caps, which can rotate and serve as levelers.

Seat and handlebars

The maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike is prepared with a reasonably comfortable seat. The bench pad is 14.5″ (36.8 cm) extensive and 11″ (27.9 cm) long, providing masses of the contact outside. The backrest is approx. 2″ (5 cm) smaller than the seat, but longer, composed to offer all the vital lumbar aid. Both the bench pad and the backrest pad point approx 1.5″ (3.8 cm) of foam padding and long-lasting vinyl upholstery for optimum comfort.

The bike’s seat is adjustable. It is connected to an indirect rail and can be locked right into a function nearer or further from the pedals. Its adjustment system is lever-based totally, which is quite a plus because you may modify it simultaneously as seated and bring it to the exact function you want. The adjustment is accomplished effortlessly via, in reality pulling the lever at the proper aspect.

The seat’s rail gives an adjustment span for a user inseam between 27″ and 35″ (68.5 – 89 cm). Differently, the bike can accommodate customers between 5’0″ and 6’3″ (153 – 190 cm), supplying an entire leg extension. And as we’ve noted above, the bike is rated for a person’s weight capability of 220 lbs (one hundred kg), which pretty a whole lot applies to the seat.

In terms of handlebars, the bike equips with units connected to the seat meeting, opposite the front mast. The seat handlebars integrate pulse sensors. They do no longer alter independently from the seat. If you’re wondering, the gap between them is approx—22″ (56 cm).

The front handlebars are slightly curved toward the person to provide a more natural hand positioning and reduce the wrists’ effect. Just as the seat handlebars, they’re non-adjustable. However, due to the more inadequate size of the bike, they aren’t awkwardly placed too far away from the person as it’s miles the case for other bikes, so keeping on to them while pedaling is pretty easy well.

Drive and resistance

Like most different recumbent exercising bikes, the MaxKare model integrates a flywheel. This part’s genuine weight is not specific, but since the bike weighs approx. 60 lbs (28 kg), the inner flywheel load has to exceed no longer 10-15 lbs (4.5 – 6.8 kg). The flywheel is balanced, though, to offer a smooth and consistent pedaling motion. Reverse pedaling is feasible as well.

The bike capabilities a magnetic resistance machine with manual motion. This maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike doesn’t have or want an energy adapter and does now not require an external electricity supply. The console cannot automatically alter the resistance and does not have preset exercising applications, like the Tunturi E50-R.

The resistance system consists of an inner magnetic brake connected to the anxiety knob on the unit’s front upright bar via a metallic wire. By turning the knob, the brake develops its role about the flywheel, shifting nearer or farther, which increases or decreases the pedaling problem.

There are eight resistance tiers available in this bike. This first degree gives a completely light pedaling difficulty, which’s terrific for customers that require restoration training. Conversely, the eighth degree offers significantly more excellent resistance, splendid for each person who wants to burn more calories and enhance their stamina.

The bike is outfitted with a durable crankset; however, it is not made from standing on the pedals; it is supposed only for seated workout routines. The protected pedals fabricate from long-lasting nylon material. They have a weighted design so that they continually flip face-up if you dispose of your toes from them. They also prepare with adjustable straps for progressed foot balance for the duration of pedaling.

One closing element to say here regards the bike’s drivetrain. Like most different bikes with a magnetic resistance system, the MaxKare version features a belt transmission. This manner saves you from the problem of periodic lubrication. Also, it provides a completely easy, vibration-free traction.


The bike’s console functions as an LCD show that tracks time, distance, pace, calories, and pulse; it isn’t always telemetric and may the only song your pulse thru the sensors included into the seat handlebars. It cannot get hold of statistics from a wireless H.R. chest strap and cannot communicate with a telephone or smartwatch; it’s quite an excellent primary fitness meter.

Since it’s a bike with a standard resistance system, the console cannot alter the resistance and doesn’t have preset programs. However, it does have purpose settings for time, distance, and energy. If a goal for any of those metrics is selected, it will display the final value until the final touch.

The console unit may be elementary to apply. It has three buttons. These are Mode, Set, and Reset, and The Mode button permits you to pick out any of the exercising metrics to view the unit’s show or pick the Scan Mode. When this mode is chosen, all the metrics rotate in a chain, each performing on display for some seconds. The Set button lets you pick exercise desires, and eventually, the Reset button offers you the possibility to clean all the values on the console to 0.

The unit is battery-powered. It requires two A.A. batteries. It starts up while it detects pedal movement and mechanically turns off if it does not discover any bike input for a couple of minutes.

Ultimately, the console unit does not have Bluetooth, spokesmen, or a cooling fan but does combine a pill or telephone holder. This maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike includes a small shelf located below the principle controls.

Assembly and Maintenance

With all of the force and resistance factors, the bike’s principal body comes pre-assembled. You only must add the bike’s base bars, the seat, the front upright bar, the handlebars, the pedals, and the console. This maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike shouldn’t take a couple of hours. The guide provides pretty clear meeting commands, and a fundamental toolkit is protected.

Maintenance doesn’t require lots. The inner components shouldn’t want any preservation for a protracted period. So, you best must hold the bike smooth, preserve liquids far away from the console, and periodically check for free or damaged elements.

The Pros

•        Sturdy, steel frame – 220 lbs capability

•        Adjustable rear stabilizers;

•        Transport wheels;

•        Step-via body design for easy get admission to the seat;

•        Seat handlebars with pulse sensors;

•        Front handlebars;

•        Padded seat and backrest, for choicest consolation;

•        Lever-based seat adjustment;

•        Quiet magnetic resistance device;

•        8 stages of magnetic resistance;

•        Weighted pedals with adjustable straps;

•        Exercise meter which could tune time, distance, total distance, velocity, calories, and pulse;

•        Goal setting features for the time, distance, and energy;

•        Tablet holder protected;

•        Lightweight, smooth to deal with;

•        Fairly easy to bring together;

•        Little to no renovation required.

The Cons

•        No bottle holder;

•        The console display isn’t always backlit;

•        A tablet placed at the tablet holder will cowl the console show and controls.


The MaxKare recumbent bike functions as a guide magnetic resistance machine with 8 issue levels; it consists of a padded seat that gives plenty of adjustment and an exercise meter that tracks all the critical exercise metrics. It’s a bike designed for mild cardio workout routines, restoration training, muscle toning, and weight loss. And subsequently, it’s a few of the maximum low priced exercising bikes available for the time being.

Benefits of Recumbent Bikes for seniors

As we get older, a conventional bike turns much less appealing. The maxkare recumbent exercise bike indoor cycling stationary bike can put a strain on your hips and knees, are uncomfortable to sit down on for long intervals of time and are just more significant exercise than you could handle. However, riding a bike doesn’t have to and shouldn’t be painful. Using a recumbent bike, you may enjoy bike riding once more, without the pain. Here are a number of the advantages of recumbent bikes for seniors and the population’s relaxation. 

Recumbent Bike Basics

A recumbent bike enables you to exercise your thighs, calves, and glute muscle tissues with less pressure. It has a much broader and lower seat than an upright bike. Additionally, recumbent bikes placed less pressure on your joints, which is right for people with arthritis, and are an awful lot less difficult to balance on and take a seat easily.

Can You Still Get a Cardio Workout in on a Recumbent Bike?

Yes! You can get high-quality cardiovascular exercising on a recumbent bike. In preference to an upright, this bike’s benefit is that it takes much less attempt to balance and flow the pedals. This method less strain on your joints while permitting you to get excellent cardio exercising.

What Muscle Groups Does a Recumbent Bike Help?

A recumbent bike goes for the equal muscle organizations as an upright bike. However, you’re using the muscle mass differently. However, this lets in for a strain-free workout for your joints, the identical capability to reinforce your leg and butt muscle tissues.

Workout Length

However, if you find that you enjoy riding, you can’t do it for so long as you used; if you want to on an upright, you can need to recollect attempting out a recumbent bike. Because recumbents are more comfortable to journey, you can often trip them for longer intervals in the experience that they put less pressure on tender joints.

Riding longer durations has validated health benefits for each physical and intellectual effect. Exercising releases natural chemicals to your brain that reinforces your mood. When you feel better mentally, you may want to feel higher physically. Using a recumbent bike enables you to have typical fitness enhancements with less physical ache and suffering.

Balance & Stability

As we age, our stability tends to be worse than it turned into in our more youthful years. Some feel that they aren’t as reliable on an upright bike as they are on a recumbent. You may get superb exercise with little concerns

 with an extra protection experience.

A recumbent bike’s design offers a larger seat in a semi-reclined role. While you aren’t mendacity down, you aren’t in an upright and ahead function, both, like you would be with an upright bike. This seated role puts much less strain on your back. It additionally places less strain on your hips and knees.

Additionally, because you aren’t holding up on a recumbent, now not handiest are you greater security, you are also much less likely to harm using the exercise equipment.

While you don’t want to sell or throw away your upright bike, you should be aware of how you sense using it as you become old. If you start regarding that, you have more body aches and pains after your ride, and you may need to strive out a recumbent bike and see if that enables you to relieve some of your soreness. You can also locate that you’re feeling higher and can journey longer on a recumbent bike than you can on an upright. While there’s not anything in opposition to the use of each form of the bike, be sure that you aren’t placing yourself up for future damage need to you continue to use your upright bike.

How Long Can You Exercise On A Stationary Bike?

Certified fitness can obtain thru one-of-a-kind types of strategies, from most useful to the maximum complex. By just getting adequate sleep, having a nutritious food regimen, practicing a wholesome lifestyle, or exercise on a stationary bike, you’re already a few steps away from becoming a wholesome person. Suppose you aim to attain both being a match and healthful, paintings your manner up by exercise on a desk-bound bike. If you have no concept of how long to exercise on a stationary bike, this text is best for you.

How Long Should You Spend Practicing on a Stationary Bike?

On how long to exercising on a desk-bound bike, you can use 30 as much as 40 mins of some time at the least 3 to 5 days per week. Some humans use their bikes for up to 60 minutes or up to one hour each day.

If you need to shed pounds quicker, you may add more significant time to your cardio exercise. It depends on your frame weight and fitness desires. In merely 10 mins of riding on your exercising bike, you could already burn 40 up to 80 energy.

Riding to your stationary exercising bike is different from using a regular bike. Your exercising bike will not take you to locations just like the everyday bike does, but it can nevertheless give you several health benefits.

A desk-bound bike is simply one of the many gadgets that we commonly see in a gym or a gymnasium. It may additionally appear like a straightforward form of system, but its health blessings are superb. That is why knowing how long to work out on a stationary bike is also essential.

Aside from the fitness advantages, it is simple to apply. You can practice it as an ordinary bicycle. You also can use it anywhere and at your maximum convenient time. It is a super indoor and outdoor exercising system for all ages.

Reasons Why Stationary Bikes Are Reliable for Your Health

A gym is taken into consideration as a sanctuary for fitness buffs. These human beings love to spend time at the fitness center. Some join within the health club and lease their gymnasium instructor. Others observe a particular program and do not now see the want to lease skilled fitness instructors. As an alternative download exercise movie from the internet, they follow the comfort in their home.

On the alternative hand, people who are quite correctly off opt to build their fitness center in their place and fill it in with performance or fitness gadgets. Why do they build a home gym? The answer is easy. They try not to have excuses to visit the gymnasium anymore.

There are many health systems in the gymnasium. There’s the desk press, chest press, treadmill, cardio system, weights, and desk-bound bikes, to call a few. This gadget tones down the muscle tissues and enables the frame to get in shape.

The stationary workout bike is one of the most usually used machines in this system. The desk-bound bike, or the stationary exercise bike, resembles the not unusual bike, except it doesn’t have wheels. This system has a saddle, pedals, and handlebars. Using a desk-bound bike has many health benefits.

Here are the top five motives desk bound cycling is ideal for your fitness and understanding how long to workout on a desk-bound bike will assist you in gaining the subsequent:

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Cardio exercise is one of the pleasant physical games that you can often do to boost your cardiovascular device is widespread. This exercise additionally promotes lung and heart health. Pedaling your exercising bike is a perfect way to assist your heart pump blood efficiently.

Boosts Energy

Some research display that riding a bike boosts energy tiers by using 20 percentages and reduces fatigue via 65 percentages.

Helps with Weight Loss

Exercising the use of a stationary bike is efficient in burning energy. Ten minutes of biking help you lose around 40-80 calories or rely on your body weight and exercise intensity. Every pedal you’re making allows you to shed a few kilos because of the energy you used up while driving on the machine.

Promotes Heart Health

A desk-bound bike enables you to increase your heart price. As you pedal, your coronary heart price will increase, and your coronary heart muscle tissues efficiently pump blood. The heart performs an essential function inside the body and maintains each of us alive, so we should contend with it how we deal with our body’s alternative components.

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

People who’re obese or overweight have a high blood sugar stage. Regular use of stationary bikes assists you to lose weight. Shedding some pounds may help improve blood sugar ranges and mitigate the threat of tormented by diabetes.


Now you know how lengthy to exercise on a desk-bound bike. Keep in thoughts, no matter what gadget you operate, continually undergo in thoughts that it gained paintings simply as you want if you will no longer practice strength of will. To attain a healthful mind and frame, you have to realize how to manage yourself. Remember, staying match and wholesome has to be now not compromised.

How to Ride a Stationary Bike to Consume Belly Fat?

Shaking your legs on a stationary bike is much more likely to help you lose an additional belly bulge than crunching your abs. Exercise, mainly cardio, helps you lose visceral fat living in the bottomless stomach and gain lean muscle. A constant program that weaves each regular-country using and intervals into your week burns energy and stimulates fats-burning, so you get slimmer.

Steady-State Riding

If you’re new to exercising, the Arthritis Foundation indicates driving for 5 mins, three instances an afternoon. Build as much as a regular ordinary of stationary cycling to shed pounds that includes at least 30 minutes of moderate-depth aerobic, 5 to 6 instances in step with week. Does this slight-depth work by using pedaling a desk-bound bike at an effort that raises your coronary heart charge to between 50 percentage and 70 percent of your maximum.

Another way to figure out exercise intensity is by using the “speak check” suggested through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Physical exercise Guidelines for Americans. If you may speak but no longer sing, your exercise may be considered slight. If you need to practice a breath every few words, it’s intense.

If you can’t commit 30 instantly minutes to desk-bound cycling, you may spoil it up into 10-minute durations, and nonetheless, the advantage is gained to your health and burn calories to help reduce belly fats.

Exercise Bike for Weight Loss

Using a stationary bike for weight loss implies you have alternatives once you can control ordinary, slight-paced riding, which is a little harder at some of your weekly pedaling sessions.

When you pedal your bike, grow the level of resistance you operate at two of your workout routines. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes at this more expensive power that raises your heart rate to approximately 75 to 85 percentages of your most. You’ll be left huffing and puffing and increase pretty a sweat; however, the effort may be worth it while you see your girth go down.


A smooth way to estimate your maximum heart charge is to subtract your age from 220. For instance, if you’re 45 years vintage, your most heart price might be 175 (220 – 45 = 175o). If you want an extra specific assessment, search for a gymnasium that performs metabolic trying out.

Perform Interval Training

Steady-nation exercise receives you started with fat loss, at the same time as high-depth periods flip up your fat-burning engine. The American Council on Exercise shows that interval education burns extra calories in much less time and increases fat-burning hormone production.

Every exercise you do should not contain HIIT or excessive-intensity c language schooling. Consider doing two to three HIIT exercises on the bike in step with week, using these within the region of constant excessive-depth workouts. Other days need to encompass slight-depth pedaling, or you may hazard burn out.

To carry out intervals on a desk-bound bike:

Step 1: Warm

Warm-up for 5 to 10 mins at a low resistance, sense your joints wake up, and blood drifts growth. Your coronary heart rate may even start to upward push; however, it will now not be anywhere close to your maximum.

Step 2: Hit the Interval

Pedal one to two minutes with better resistance and intense pedal-stroke attempt as you could. Feel your coronary heart beat upward push, eventually achieving a factor where you feel nearly breathless.

Step 3: Recover

Return to a smooth attempt of pedaling for one to two minutes. Know your heart rate recover and your breath rate go back to a greater managed level.

Step 4: Alternate Intensities

Alternate the excessive-intensity and coffee-depth durations 10 to 15 times overall. One of the advantages of excessive-intensity periods is that they sizzle fats in an exceedingly quick exercise.

Step 5: Cool Down

Conclude you’re exercising with 3 to 5 mins of pedaling quickly as a cool down.


Intervals can tackle many unique configurations. If one to two minutes is simply too long, perform 30-second periods. Or, to add a new venture, make your intervals of severe paintings last five to ten minutes with minutes of less complicated effort between them.

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