NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9

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NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9

The brand new NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 combines excessive-cease parts with interactive workout routines, a web browser, and the choice to circulation your favored song. People at all health tiers can get ideal workout routines time after time, as this cross instructor has a wide variety of venture settings and works with iFit Coach for customized steerage. It’s one of the fine NordicTrack elliptical made with a front force to assist floor space.

The key to the exercise experience is iFit Coach; a 1-12 months subscription is blanketed in your checkout cart. iFit Coach is intended to help replace a health club or personal teacher by turning in adaptive personal training. Every day you’ll get hold of customized iFit Coach elliptical workout tips and different personalized health recommendations. The greater you tell iFit Coach approximately your meals and another health hobby, the extra tailor-made the tips can be. Additionally, you may use iFit Coach for workout programming and different health guide away from your elliptical gadget.

Highlights of Fit Coach exercising packages encompass

•        High-definition video workout routines filmed with global-magnificence private trainers

•        Interactive Google Maps exercises with an endless variety

Your growth is shown on a 7-inch touchscreen, which also has an internet browser.

NordicTrack equips the C 12.9 with a 32-pound flywheel and 26 resistance settings to assist easy striding with simply-right resistance. For quiet operation and precision, the resistance is magnetically controlled.

Stride duration is adjustable from 18 to 20 inches to suit the typical consumer’s natural gait, and for variant electricity incline is blanketed. You may hike with up to twenty diploma perspectives. The C 12.9 also helps you pick out from 3 attitude settings in your foot position for consolation.

With a C Series elliptical, you can work out just your decreased half or use the shifting armbars as you step for a complete-body workout. Other functions of the new NordicTrack C 12.9 are 35 built-in exercising apps, 2-inch stereo speakers for an MP3 participant, an adjustable tablet pc holder, a cooling fan, and a water bottle holder.

NordicTrack affords a lifetime warranty on the body, 5 years of insurance for components, and years of coverage for hard work.


•        Height: 64.5″

•        Width: 26″

•        Length: 80.25″

•        Item Weight: 220 pounds

•        Max User Weight: 350 kilos


•      30 lb Inertia-more desirable flywheel for smoother, extra green, and quieter performance

•        24 exceptional digital resistance degrees to pick out from and set.

•        Built-in heart fee monitor to keep the music of your heart price all through exercising.

•        Front set up smooth to roll transport wheels so that you can bring the elliptical anyplace you’d like.

•        Quick touch manages controls so that you can manipulate the whole lot even as working out.

•        Auto breeze exercise fan maintains you relaxed and calm at some stage in each exercise, without difficulty turn it on and stale from the control middle.

•        0-20 diploma adjustable energy incline, so you can pick out which level you want to exercise at.

•        18-20″ electricity adjustable stride period to hold you are moving longer.

Computer Features:

•        10” HD touchscreen for clean get entry to

•        Bluetooth well-matched sound machine, simply plug in and flip up and move.

•        35 exercising apps assist you in maintaining on the right track, getting in shape, and playing right at the pill – all of which are designed through non-public running shoes

•        customize your workout routines based totally on calories, coronary heart charge, depth, and more.

•        IFit® enabled, establishing the doorways to an entire world of live education classes with elite trainers, on-demand studio periods, and much more

•        Wireless heart strap is provided to keep the song of your heart free without the pesky twine that generally comes with it.

•        Display study outs for the massive display encompass:

•        Calories (Cals & Cal/Hr)

•        Distance

•        Pulse

•        Resistance

•        RPM

•        Stride

•        Time

•        Speed


•        Frame: Lifetime

•        Parts: 5 Years

•        Labor: 2 Years

Shipping & Assembly

•        Shipping can vary. NordicTrack may unfasten shipping on the product relying on promotions and time of the year.

•        While the NordicTrack C 12.9 Elliptical does include plenty of portions, the clean-to-follow commands will manual you via the procedure. It can also take a few hours to get it up and walk; however, it shouldn’t be too hard. Certain stores also offer assembly for a brought fee; however, this is no longer in reality necessary.

Full-Color HD Console

You get a complete-color, HD, touch-display screen console in this version. Plus, NordicTrack upgraded the console these 12 months from 7 inches to a more superb 10 inches throughout – making it less complicated to examine your workout stats.

In addition to watching your exercise stats, you may additionally connect to iFit and run trails all around the international. You’ll see natural landmarks skip you by inside the console display screen (more excellent on iFit beneath).

Another high-quality contact is the dual-pace fan inside the console – an exquisite manner to stay calm as you run.

Heavy 30-Pound Flywheel Gives You Extra Stability

A heavier flywheel gives you a smoother feeling trip without the jerky stop-and-start motions you often get with less expensive elliptical.

The flywheel on the NordicTrack C12.9 elliptical is a whopping 30 kilos and gives you an ultra-clean trip. Plus the more weight adds balance to the device. So you can get paintings from this teacher without traumatic approximately wobbling or shaking.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Commercial 12.9 offers dual cardio grips to measure your heart rate, assisting you to live in your ideal area for your exercises.

Touch Screen Display

All of the new front pressure fashions, including the base Commercial 9.9 model, come with Smart HD touch displays. You can’t most effectively see all your stats; however, exercise sessions actually and teach anywhere within the World thru Google maps.

The Commercial 12.9 has a 10″ contact screen, up from and 7″ on the base Commercial 9.9, at the same time as the Commercial 14.9, has a 14″ contact display.

Explore the World with iFit Coach

The NordicTrack C12.9 elliptical teacher comes with iFit Coach built-in. It connects your teacher to the Internet.

From there, you may watch HD fitness movies out of your preferred running shoes – or pick to run well-known world trails from Hawaii to Arizona.

You’ll see natural landmarks bypass you using inside the console display screen – for a more digital reality form of experience.

Want to gradual it down?

Take a strolling tour through Florence, Italy. Or do c programming language training at a temple in Thailand.

You also can use iFit to music your workout routines over time, your each day hobby, or even your dietary of sleep behavior. Set new dreams in those regions to attain your satisfactory fitness and energy degrees! And the exemplary component?

If you get the NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 via the producer, you may get a 1 12 month’s club to iFit included together with your elliptical. So you can attempt it out to look if you want it. (You don’t want iFit to use this elliptical – iFit is simply an upload-on option in case you need it).

 Cross-train With 20 Degree Power Incline

Incline modifications the slope of your elliptical course and facilitates to work for notable decrease frame muscle organizations.

You get from 0 to 20 diploma incline with this elliptical. Its strength incline – so you can exchange it from the console without getting off the gadget.

More Resistance Levels

The NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 additionally comes with different resistance ranges than the starter elliptical – a complete 24 tiers of digital resistance. This NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 offers you several rooms to grow with the device.

So it’s less in all likelihood that you’ll pinnacle out at the very best resistance level on this trainer while your health improves.

Can fix upper Body Grips That to Separate Positions.

As if that wasn’t enough customization alternatives as it was, you can also set the top frame grips into a variety of various positions. This NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 cannot most straightforward help you feel extra cozy even as working out; however, it is another manner you could goal-specific upper body muscle groups to have an extra whole and complete frame exercising as opposed to simply setting your legs via their paces.

 Get the body you justify with the C 12.9 from NordicTrack

Looking for a top-notch elliptical that doesn’t compromise on first-rate? Check the NordicTrack C 12.Nine; this one is built to remaining and to endure extensive exercises. Who stated that to break a sweat, you add to go to the gymnasium. Enjoying a complete body workout at domestic has never been less complicated.

Adjustable Foot pedals

Customize the texture of your exercising with adjustable, oversized foot pedals. There are 3 one of a kind toe-heel angles to pick out from so you can choose the maximum comfy match for you!

NordicTrack Commercial 12.9 Test Drive

NordicTrack has honestly executed their component in enhancing their front power models this year. All are correctly more desirable with new capabilities and touches that are certain to satisfy most customers.

The dual grips are excellent for those who want to preserve your heart charge in the perfect sector. You get masses of exercises to select from. As we stated, there is a whopping 50 on the device itself. Still, then with iFit, which calls for a trim every year subscription (the first year is every so often free!), you get a ton extra, so you can do exceptional exercising whenever you are at the machine. Add to that 24 exceptional resistance levels and up to a 20 diploma incline, and you can get a full-body exercise that’s in no way identical from one workout to the subsequent.

Speaking of iFit, in our opinion, its miles well worth the nominal every year rate for what you have become. The Google maps by myself are well worth that price, as you could pick a niche everywhere, and it’s if you are there training. Plus, you get monitoring, sharing, and goal putting as well as the workouts we cited above.

The 10″ Smart HD touch display is shiny and user-pleasant, and you could see the whole lot unfold right in front of you while you work out, which genuinely facilitates the time move through for those of you who need a touch more significant push to keep you at the device longer.

The exceptional part of the NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 is that you can set it up within mins right out of the field. Controls are clean to apply and intuitive, and shipping wheels make it very easy to transport around.

We enjoyed our exercising at the C 12.9 immensely, as nothing is lacking in this system.

NordicTrack C12.9 Review –What You Should Know:

 Apps and Connectivity

The NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 presents you with over 35 exclusive apps that you could decorate your workouts. Each of them can be custom designed for your specific exercise goals. The iFit® compatibility additionally works to provide the highest satisfactory exercising tracker. You can personalize your entire exercising habit with the connectivity that this series of NordicTrack Elliptical. The potential to change up workouts every day is truly endless, making this a perfect investment for those searching out a high depth, effective workout too by no means get dull. The app will robotically alter the system to where it wishes to be with every exercise.

Customized Workouts

Being able to personalize the machine but you’d like with many capabilities offers extra benefits. Changing the incline, stride, resistance, and more, you have got a way to get a vast collection of exercises in a single gadget. If you’d like to take it easy at some point, you could trade it. The excellent component is that the elliptical will remember the alternatives you make to make sure that the machine recollects who you are and what sort of exercising you’d like next.

Not Really an “Adjustable Stride”

NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 as having an adjustable stride from 18 – 20 inches. But that’s a touch deceptive. As you change the incline, the stride adjustments couldn’t simply set it and cross with a few trainers.

IFit Subscription

it is a subscription-based totally carrier. While you can get your 1st 12 months included, you will renew it subsequent yrs. in case you need to maintain using iFit. (You don’t should renew if you don’t need to – but it’s something to be privy to.)

The Price

This NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 is funding in your fitness, and although it’s miles in line for what you’re getting, it can be on the excessive give-up relying on your budget. While NordicTrack is a prominent name in the enterprise and recognized for supplying first-rate, the charge is probably a piece high for those seeking out an elliptical. That stated, for the features, it’s well worth it to spend a bit extra here.


•        Quick assembly

•        Full shade HD 7″ touchscreen

•        Enabled for iFit Coach 24/7 private schooling

•        Android net browser

•        35 built-in exercises

•        Tablet computer holder with adjustable attitude

•        32-pound flywheel

•        26 resistance stages

•        Power-adjustable stride from 18″ to 20″

•        Tilted pedals for correct ergonomics

•        Automated incline from 0 to 20 levels

•        Resistance and incline controls on handlebars

•        Moving armbars with gentle grips

•        IPod-like-minded (2″ speakers)

•        Wireless heart rate monitors (Chest strap covered)

•        Water bottle holder

•        Auto Breeze™ exercise fan

•        Transport wheels

•        5-12 month’s parts assurance

•        Two-year labor warranty


•        Not compact or foldable for garage

•        Slow customer service is regularly reported in NordicTrack client evaluations

•        Purchase calls for a 1-12 months subscription to iFit Coach, while different NordicTrack elliptical can help you pay month-to-month or bypass customized education altogether

The Bottom Line

The NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 is a favorite alternative for multi-consumer households way to its sturdiness and custom mechanical settings… and since iFit Coach is blanketed with new interactive workout routines every day, this move instructor is a great healthy for everybody who wants schooling steering and would typically get bored in indoor exercise. Besides all that, there’s an Android browser, a sound machine, and space to dock your very own pill pc securely. With the 32-pound drive to maintain your challenges and a 5-12 months components warranty to keep your funding blanketed, the new NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 is a good buy on sale less than $1,599.

Is NordicTrack a unique elliptical?

NordicTrack is a pioneer inside the domestic elliptical industry. Known for which includes motivational “extras” on machines with diverse prices and performance degrees, this brand has splendid options for pretty much anybody.

NordicTrack Vs. Sole Elliptical Trainer – Which Should You Choose?

You’re now not alone. These are each properly-respected, fairly awarded elliptical trainers. Both brands make several starters to business-grade in-domestic cross-trainers.

What about while you examine them in opposition to each different? How do they stack up?

While I’m a bit biased closer to NordicTrack (as a result of this blog), I do suppose Sole has a few extraordinary fashions as correctly.

This put up will display some of the essential thing differences between the two manufacturers to help you select the high-quality elliptical for you.

NordicTrack vs. Sole Elliptical – Design

Sole tends to use a front-power elliptical layout mainly. The front pressure elliptical means that the pressure device is located in front of the pedals.

Many users like this layout as it could feel a piece extra strong than rear power designs.

Sole also uses a unique 2-degree angle of their foot pedals that they claim reduces the pressure in your hips – again for a more excellent secure workout.

NordicTrack produces numerous surprisingly rated front-force running shoes correctly. However, additionally, they come up with the choice of rear-drive constrainers and even center pressure trainers just like the NordicTrack ACT 10 below.

Some people experience that middle-pressure cross trainers are extra at ease since you stand more upright on the pedals with much less leaning at the handrails. The pedals also tend to be toward the floor, making a few human beings experience more security.

NordicTrack additionally has rear power machines or even folding elliptical.

So in case you’re searching out more options in layout, NordicTrack tends to have the advantage right here.

NordicTrack vs. Sole Elliptical – Console

Some consoles tend to look very just like each other. They are all backlit, twin coloration, and clean to examine.

They give you a constant readout of everything you need like your heart price, calories burned, exercise program, etc. The essential difference between Sole consoles is that they tend to get more significant when you cross up in fees.

NordicTrack has a more extensive range of consoles on their cross-trainers. They have twin coloration consoles on their starter fashions, just like the C7.5 trainer.

But they have got something on their different running shoes that Sole does not. Many of the NordicTrack elliptical now come with complete-shade, contact display screen net browsers.

So you could surf the net, read emails or catch up with Facebook pals as you work out.

They also have pill holders above the console, so you can attach your tablet above the console and watch your favorite films or Netflix as you exercise.

So in case you need a chunk extra in phrases of enjoyment alternatives and a laugh, you can need to go with a NordicTrack.

NordicTrack vs. Sole Elliptical – Armbar Controls

Only places resistance and incline controls on the moving arm bars of all in their elliptical running shoes – even the starter fashions. This NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 is accessible because you don’t have to interrupt your higher body exercising to trade resistance.

NordicTrack simplest places armbar controls on their commercial-grade fashions just like the C14.9.

NordicTrack vs. Sole Elliptical – Stride

Stride is the furthest distance among the pedals. Most customers assume that an 18 – 20 inch stride is most comfortable.

Sole elliptical are all made with a wholesome 20-inch stride – except for one model; the E95S gives you an 18 – 24 inch stride.

NordicTrack tends to present you with an 18 – 20 inch stride as well. However, more fashions like the ACT 10 or the freest rider FS7i teacher – seen beneath – offer an adjustable stride.

So you may drill down and surely pick out the stride that fits satisfactorily for you. This NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 guarantees you have got the most relaxed stride fit in your frame.

NordicTrack vs. Sole Elliptical – Tracking Your Workouts

With the trend towards monitoring your pastime and energy these days (fair bit, calorie-tracking apps, etc.), maximum manufacturers also are including monitoring abilities to their machines.

Sole lately introduced Bluetooth tracking to all of their new fashions. So you could tune your workouts and sync them in your clever tool with the use of the unfastened Sole app or different well-suited health apps.

NordicTrack also has online tracking referred to as iFit. With iFit, you could track your workout routines – but you may additionally download new workout routines or even race around the sector, watching actual trails pass you by using. So it’s a chunk more superior to what you get with Sole.

However, to be truthful, the Sole app is free. It is a non-obligatory every year subscription-primarily based carrier that runs around $99 a year.

Bottom Line

So that is satisfactory for you – the NordicTrack vs. Sole elliptical teacher? Well, both brands have their strengths. Sole tends to focus greater on ergonomic layout and excessive-grade construction.

NordicTrack elliptical are also correctly made and feature pulled in numerous “Best purchase” awards. But they also generally tend to provide you extra alternatives in phrases of entertainment, adjustable strides, and online monitoring options.

It truly comes right down to what you’re searching out in a cross-trainer.

Want to Learn More?

Can you operate iFit with any elliptical?

For all of our cutting-edge iFit participants, you can now do the subsequent: Access exercises on your cell tool during the use of any treadmill, elliptical, motorcycle, or rower. Follow body weight, power, and yoga workouts that require no device.

Should I Get on My Elliptical Every Day to Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight reduction, operating out regularly on an elliptical gadget is a solid strategy. However, it is also critical to comprise resistance training, in addition to a rest day, to stay sturdy and healthy.


An elliptical exercise will move a protracted manner closer to supporting your burn energy for weight loss. However, you ought to additionally contain strength training and permit yourself a rest day to recover.

According to the American Council on Workout, you should not get on the elliptical each morning — your body desires a minimum of one relaxation day from exercise every seven to ten days. If you’re doing a strenuous exercise at the elliptical each morning, as well as incorporating electricity training, you run the chance of overtraining.

Signs of overtraining consist of feeling burned out or problem falling asleep, even if you’re feeling exhausted. Allowing yourself to take a day of rest allows your muscle groups to repair damaged tissues and lets in the circulatory gadget to remove metabolic by using merchandise from muscle cells, ACE reports.

Calories Burned on Elliptical Machine

Cardiovascular interest — generally shortened to simply “cardio” — is an essential part of any weight reduction software. The bodily hobby pointers inside the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015-2020, say to do as a minimum a hundred and fifty mins per week of slight-depth exercising or seventy-five minutes of full of life-intensity workout. Cardio refers to any activity that gets your coronary heart fee up, in line with the Mayo Clinic. This NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 can consist of jogging, swimming, cycling, direction, and elliptical machine.

An hour of elliptical exercising at mild intensity will burn approximately 365 calories, according to the Mayo Clinic, even though the specific number which you burn on the system varies primarily based on gender, weight, and other character factors. Be careful no longer to position too much inventory within the wide variety of calories that the regularity says you have got burned — research published in April 2018 in Exercise Medicine noted that elliptical appear to overestimate caloric expenditure considerably.

HIIT on Elliptical Machine

To ramp up your weight loss efforts, skip the mild-intensity, consistent-country elliptical workout to desire a high-depth c program language period schooling (HIIT) workout.

To do a HIIT exercising on the elliptical, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) says to grow the resistance and velocity on the gadget for 30 seconds, after which lower each for 2 mins for restoration. Repeat this cycle until you’ve reached your desired time allotment, but consider that the exercise should also consist of a brief heat-up and funky-down.

According to the ACE, HIIT is an anaerobic workout to raise your metabolism, no longer handiest in your exercising. Still, afterward, as nicely, a phenomenon called the “after-burn impact.” This NordicTrack NTEL71218 Commercial 12.9 lets your body burn greater calories, even if it’s a relaxation, which can help with weight reduction. HIIT can also assist you’re taking in and use more excellent oxygen throughout steady-country training, in addition, to enhance your patience.

Strength Training for Weight Loss

Using the elliptical for weight loss is a good plan. However, aerobic is not the be-all and gives up all of fitness. Adding resistance, or energy schooling, to your workout routine will also assist you to shed pounds. Research posted in January 2018 inside the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism concluded that folks who advanced their food plan and engaged in resistance education have been able to lose frame fat and grow their lean muscular tissues.

The physical hobby recommendations are a minimum of two days every week of electricity education, resistance education, or muscular energy and endurance exercises to improve muscle energy, patience, and mass.

Each workout involves all fundamental muscle businesses, out of your shoulders in your middle to your legs. You should not have a fitness center club or own dumbbells or fancy resistance machines to accomplish this; frame-weight sports, including squats, push-ups, and lunges, all work just as properly.

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