Pooboo S211 Upright Bike

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Pooboo S211 Upright Bike

This pooboo S211 Upright Bike utilizes a 14-level manual attractive opposition instrument. You can change the cardio exercise power by contorting the handle. You’ll pick the appropriate setting for light to medium-power cardio preparing, muscle conditioning, endurance advancement, and weight reduction as per your state of being.

This S211 comes furnished with a wellness console with an LCD that tracks time, speed, distance, total distance, calories, and heartbeat. Tragically, the beat perusing capacity is grasp contact, as it were. Subsequently, the control center doesn’t peruse your heartbeat from a small HR chest lash. Put your telephone or tablet on the holder to watch recordings, making it more straightforward and enjoyable to adhere to your exercise.

The pooboo S211 upstanding bicycle accompanies a wide foam cushioned seat that is 4-way customizable (forward/in reverse and up/down), so your legs get the appropriate step as you pedal and stay agreeable while riding for significant stretches. Moreover, a turn handlebar lets you put your hands in an agreeable situation while working out.

The pedals on the S211 are demanding and agreeable. They have customizable lashes that shield you from slipping during a fast twist, and the pedals suit most shoes. This exercise bicycle comes outfitted with a belt drive framework to bring smoother and calmer exercises.

Subtleties and Specifications

•       Gathered aspects: 42.9L x 23.6W x 55.9H inches (109L x 60W x 142H cm)

•       Collected weight: 76 lbs (34.4 kg)

•       Weight limit: 300 lbs (136 kg)

•       Seat: 4-way Adjustable

•       Opposition: Manual attractive, 14 levels

•       Wellness Monitor: Time, speed, distance, all-out distance, calories, beat, objectives, examine

•       Additional items: Device holder

•       Guarantee: Frame 1 year/Parts a half-year

S211 Frame development

The pooboo S211 upstanding bicycle includes a development like light-business bicycles. Its edge is heavy measure steel tubing, twofold covered with a consumption-safe and chip-safe paint finish.

The base segment of the cycle with the drive and obstruction components has two enormous boards made of solid thermoplastic material for covers. In general, the bicycle has a seriously smooth, proficient-looking plan.

Like most other upstanding activity bicycles, the pooboo S211 is undoubtedly not an enormous well-being machine. With all of the parts accumulated, it is roughly 42.9″ (109 cm) long and 23.6″ (60 cm) wide. It is fitting to permit somewhere around two feet of leeway to ease access and safe utilization. Its most elevated point is the highest point of the handlebars, which reach approx. 55.9″ (142 cm) above floor level.

The bicycle has a soft focus on gravity and is generally weighty too. Its net weight is roughly 76 lbs (34.4 kg). In this way, it offers remarkable steadiness. Additionally, its back stabilizer comes furnished with two movable levelers.

Despite its weight, the bicycle is direct to utilize once collected. Its front stabilizer accompanies a bunch of enormous silicone wheels, which work with its movement.

Seat and handlebars

The pooboo S211 upstanding bicycle comes furnished with an adjustable four-way seat. Its upstanding post includes various change positions, while its even slider offers a few extra creeps of front-to-back change.

The upward post and the flat slider have enormous handles that are simple to hold and turn, so changing the seat to the ideal aspects shouldn’t require over 30 seconds.

Subsequently, the bicycle ease obliges clients somewhere in the range of 5’1″ and 6’4″ (155 – 193 cm), permitting a total leg augmentation. It likewise has a most extreme client weight limit of 300 lbs (136 kg) which isn’t awful for a home-use practice bicycle.

The included seat is somewhat enormous. It is approx. 12.6″ (32 cm) wide and 11.8″ (30) long, so it gives a lot of contact surface. Its inward shell is a hard plastic material (most likely nylon or polypropylene), while its cover is high-thickness froth. Its top likewise comes formed to give unrivaled breathability.

The bicycle’s handlebars are non-customizable. The entire handlebar gathering connects to the upstanding front pole of the bicycle through screws, so you can’t change its point or level. Nonetheless, it gives multi-hold prospects, including a standard grasp, a nearby low hold, a climbing grasp, and a hustling hold.

The side segments of the handlebar gathering highlight PVC froth sleeves to give better contact and solace. They likewise incorporate metallic heartbeat sensors, and the included control center has a heartbeat understanding capacity.

S211 Resistance framework

The pooboo S211 practice bicycle comes furnished with a manual attractive opposition framework. This Pooboo S211 Upright Bike implies that you don’t have to interface it to an outside power source or need a connector. In any case, then again, the bicycle can’t consequently change the opposition.

The principal benefit of an attractive obstruction framework is that the strain components don’t contact. Accordingly, the accelerating movement is exceptionally smooth, constant, and murmur calm. You don’t need to stress over brake mileage or supplanting brake cushions.

The bicycle’s obstruction framework includes an attractive interior brake associated with the strain handle on the right half of the upstanding front pole of the bicycle through a steel link. When you turn the handle forward (clockwise), the link straightens out and pulls the brake nearer to the inward flywheel. This Pooboo S211 Upright Bike builds the accelerating trouble.

The bicycle offers 14 degrees of obstruction. The 1-3 levels convey moderately low accelerating trouble, incredible for warm-ups or recuperation preparation. On the other hand, the 12-14 pressure levels give more obstruction, surprising for endurance advancement and muscle-building.

Drive framework

Like most other exercise bikes, the pooboo S211 has an inner flywheel. Its precise weight isn’t indicated, yet considering that the bicycle weighs 76 lbs (34.4 kg), the flywheel presumably doesn’t surpass 20 lbs (9 kg). However, it is border weighted. This plan further develops movement solidness and adds consistency to the ride.

The flywheel permits accelerating backward. Notwithstanding, drifting is incredible on this bicycle as it would be on a street bicycle. Likewise, the obstruction stays consistent when you pedal backward, given the chosen pressure level.

The bicycle’s drive framework utilizes a poly-v belt. This sort of transmission accompanies a few benefits. First, it conveys less vibration than a chain, adding to the ride’s general perfection. Furthermore, second everything, you don’t have to stress over its oil.

The bicycle accompanies an uncompromising crank set highlighting solid steel arms like the ones on street bicycles. Be that as it may, standing up while accelerating or it isn’t prudent to perform turn exercises.

Moreover, regardless of whether the pedals and the wrench arms are sufficiently strong to help your entire weight, it isn’t fitting to remain on the pedals as this might prompt faster wear of the pedals and the joint direction.

To wrap things up, the bicycle comes outfitted with standard upstanding bicycle pedals. They have a finished surface and customizable lashes for further developed foot solidness. Notwithstanding, they don’t have weight components generally to turn up.

S211 Console

The bicycle includes a giant wellness screen. It doesn’t have preset programs or a Bluetooth network, nor is it viable with any wellness application. It includes an LCD that tracks time, speed, distance, total distance, calories, and heartbeat.

Tragically, it doesn’t have an RPM work. Additionally, the beat perusing capacity is grasp contact, as it were. The control center can’t peruse your heartbeat from a small HR chest lash.

Albeit the control center doesn’t have preset programs, it has exercise target settings for time, distance, and calories consumed. Accordingly, you can choose an objective for these exercise measurements. After picking an objective, the control center will count down from the predefined esteem until it arrives at nothing.

The control center is direct to utilize. It has three buttons – Mode, Set, and Reset. The Mode button lets you choose the exercise metric you need to see in plain view.

Along these lines, you can likewise choose the Scan Mode, which turns every one of the measurements showing everyone for a couple of moments. The Set button is for choosing exercise targets. Lastly, the Reset key clears every one of the qualities on the control center to nothing.

The control center is battery-controlled. It fires up when it distinguishes pedal development or when you press one of the buttons. It additionally naturally switches off on the off chance that it recognizes no pedal development for over a few minutes. Lastly, the control center likewise has an underlying gadget holder yet has no association ports for your gadget, like AUX or USB.

S211 Assembly and Maintenance

The base unit of the bicycle with all the drive and opposition components comes pre-gathered. In any case, the other parts require a client get-together. You should introduce the two base stabilizers, the upstanding front pole, associate the opposition link, and add the handlebar, the control center, the seat, and the pedals.

The undertaking is essential, the manual gives clear, bit by bit, guidelines, and every one of the essential instruments accompanies the bicycle. Accordingly, the entire interaction shouldn’t require over 60 minutes.

The bicycle’s inside parts needn’t bother with any support (basically not for a significant time frame). Subsequently, as far as care, it’s fitting to clear off the sweat that might drop on the edge toward the finish of the exercise and occasionally check for free bolts or parts and retighten as the need should arise.


•       Strong development – can uphold clients up to 300 lbs;

•       Smooth plan;

•       Flexible stabilizers on the back base;

•       Transport wheels on the front base;

•       Four-way customizable seat;

•       Larger than an average seat with a shaped top for further developed solace;

•       Multi-hold handlebar with coordinated HR heartbeat sensors;

•       Smooth, frictionless attractive opposition;

•       Bi-directional flywheel;

•       Murmur calm belt drive;

•       Larger than usual pedals with lashes;

•       Objective settings for time, distance, and calories;

•       Tablet holder;

•       Simple to set up;

•       Little support is required.


•       No jug holder;

•       The control center doesn’t have online availability;

•       No handlebar customizability;

•       There are no preset programs.

Pooboo S211 Upright Bike Summary

The pooboo S211 is a hard-core upstanding bicycle made for home use. It includes a 14-level manual attractive opposition framework, a 4-way movable seat, and a control center that can follow time, distance, speed, calories, and heartbeat. Furthermore, it has a substantial edge like business-grade upstanding bicycles and a smooth plan which can likewise be an inspiration factor.

Besides, it’s an excellent bicycle for clients of all levels for light to medium-force cardio preparation, muscle conditioning, endurance advancement, and weight reduction.

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