Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike

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Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike

The Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike is intended for turn exercises. As far as highlights and development, it may be contrasted well with the Fuel Wellness FB7 or the SOLE SB700. It’s a spin bike made for private use, yet it certainly has the durability and component scope of basically a light-business mentor.

Key Elements and Details

•       Gathered aspects: 41L x 21W x 40.5H inches (104L x 53W x 103H cm)

•       Gathered weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)

•       Flywheel weight: 48.5 lbs (22 kg)

•       Upheld weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

•       Seat: 4-way customizable

•       Drive framework: Belt

•       Obstruction: Rubbing, cowhide cushion

•       Wellness screen: Time, speed, RPM, distance, calories, beat, clock, objectives

•       Additional items: Gadget holders, bottle holders

•       Guarantee: Casing lifetime/Parts 3 years/Work 1 year

Outline development

The Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike includes a one-piece X-type outline made of steel tubing. It joins round and hollow, oval, and rectangular bars in its development for further strength and feels. The fundamental edge segment and the base stabilizers are covered with an erosion-safe and chip-safe paint finish. The seat post, the handlebar post, and the flywheel include a chrome finish.

The ultimately collected bicycle isn’t excessively cumbersome so it can fit pretty well even in a little room or loft. It is approx. 41″ (104 cm) long and 21″ (53 cm) wide. It is suggested, however, to leave no less than two feet of freedom surrounding it for simple entry and safe utilization.

As far as weight, the Soul Wellness XIC600 is one of the heaviest indoor cycling bicycles for home utilization accessible right now. Its net weight is 141 lbs (64 kg). This Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike essentially expects individuals to for conveying it while it is bundled. Whenever it is gathered, it can be migrated by the wheels and coordinated into its front stabilizer without much stretch.

Because of the great weight and soft focus of gravity, the bicycle gives unrivaled strength. It will help if you rest assured that it won’t wobble or move, regardless of whether you take part in an extreme focus turn exercise. Additionally, the two base bars highlight movable levelers so you can impeccably balance out it on a story. Nonetheless, it is prescribed to put and utilize this exercise bicycle on a flexible mat or floor covering because of its weight.

Seat and handlebars

The Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike has a four-far (up, down, front, back) movable seat. Its upstanding post has numerous change positions, while its even slider adds a few extra creeps of front-to-back change. This Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike, the bicycle ought to have the option to oblige clients somewhere in the range of 5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm) with no issue, permitting a total leg expansion. It is likewise evaluated for the most significant client weight cutoff of 300 lbs (136 kg).

The included seat is undeniably more significant than the thin dashing seat and has additional cushioning. Its back part incorporates approx. 2″ (5 cm) of froth padding, so it certainly gives more solace during situated exercises than the thin seats. It likewise has a middle pattern for further developed breathability.

The seat has a standard collar-type connection framework. Accordingly, it is not challenging to eliminate, and viable substitutions are broadly accessible. You ought to have the option to find a seat with a comparative collar connection framework in fundamentally any bicycle shop.

The bicycle is furnished with a multi-hold handlebar. It offers the likelihood to embrace a climbing hold, a nearby grasp, and a dashing hold. It likewise has a little circle bar in the center that permits a nearby equal hold. A layer of PVC froth material covers it to give an agreeable grasp. It likewise incorporates a double jug holder.

Very much like the seat, the handlebar is 4-way customizable. Its upstanding post has a few change positions, and its flat slider gives a couple of crawls of front-to-back change. Both the seat and the handlebar have a switch-based change framework, implying it requires a couple of moments to change them to accommodate your size impeccably.

Drive framework

The Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike highlights one of the heaviest flywheels anyone could hope to find. It weighs 48.5 lbs (22 kg), implying that the bicycle gives a highly consistent and reliable accelerating movement. Its accuracy was adjusted with a few steel combination plates welded together.

The flywheel is bi-directional. This Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bikeimplies that you can pedal backward, assuming you need. However, similarly, concerning most other twist bicycles, drifting is beyond the realm of possibilities on this exercise bicycle. While accelerating backward, the opposition stays steady, given how much rubbing is produced by the bicycle’s brake cushion.

The bicycle’s drive framework utilizes a hard-core poly-v belt. There are a few benefits to this sort of drive framework. For instance, a belt doesn’t need grease and produces less vibration than a chain.

The bicycle is furnished with a solid 3-piece crankset and long steel arms, like street bicycles. The pedals are made of an aluminum combination. They don’t have SPD cuts for turn shoes; however, they have flexible toe confines. They are adequately strong to help clients up to 300 lbs (136 kg) for any twist exercise. They additionally have standard 9/16 strings, so if you hope to supplant them at any point, viable choices are broadly accessible.

The specific pedal Q-Variable (dispersing between the pedals) isn’t determined yet and is very restricted. This Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike being said your feet’ position is expected without being excessively far separated. You will not need to manage additional sidelong weight on the knees or lower legs.

Obstruction framework

The Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike includes a contact opposition framework with manual activity. That said, you don’t have to interface the bicycle to an external power source, and you needn’t bother with a connector. Yet, then again, the bicycle can’t change the obstruction naturally.

The bicycle’s opposition framework comprises an enormous calfskin brake cushion associated with the pressure handle that goes through the primary edge tube. Turning the handle clockwise, the brake cushion applies more erosion to the flywheel, which builds the accelerating movement.

The bicycle’s slowing mechanism is step less. It doesn’t have pre-decided levels (or snaps). In this way, you can fundamentally fix the cushion on the flywheel to the point you can scarcely pedal. The handle likewise has a crisis brake capability; you can squeeze it down to prevent the flywheel from turning immediately.

It’s vital to refer to that the brake cushion will ultimately break down and will require substitution. Notwithstanding, this is the situation with any wellness practice bicycle with a grinding opposition framework. Likewise, to profit from a smooth and calm accelerating movement, it is prescribed to occasionally apply some ointment (3-in-1 oil or 10W oil) on the flywheel.

Wellness screen

The Soul Wellness XIC600 indoor cycle has a genuinely good wellness screen. First, it includes an LCD show separated into four areas. The top area demonstrates RPM, and the two center segments show heartbeat and calories consumed, while the lower area demonstrates speed, distance, time, and clock. Speed and distance can be set either to metric or English units. The beat perusing capability is telemetric, as it were. In this way, you should wear a remote HR chest tie (excluded) for it to peruse your heartbeat. The handlebar doesn’t incorporate heartbeat sensors.

The screen unit is genuinely simple to utilize. It has just two buttons Mode/Reset and Begin. The Mode/Reset button permits you to change speed, distance, time, and clock on the lower show. It likewise covers the unit’s reset capability; you can press and hold it for a couple of moments to clear every one of the qualities on the unit. The Beginning button starts the exercise and permits you to affirm input information.

The screen unit doesn’t have pre-set exercise programs yet has two objective settings: time and BPM. If you select a period objective, the control center will count down from the chosen esteem until it arrives at nothing. For the BPM set-up, you can choose a most extreme BPM and a base BPM if you need to practice inside a specific pulse span. You can likewise enter your weight and orientation with the goal that the unit can compute your calories consumed all the more precisely.

Both the wellness screen and the included speed sensor require AAA batteries, which are incorporated. The screen ought to awaken when it distinguishes flywheel development or when you press the mode button. It likewise naturally switches off after moments of inertia on the bicycle.

Gathering and Upkeep

The primary body of the bicycle comes pre-gathered, with the flywheel, obstruction framework, crankset, and belt previously joined. You need to add the two base bars, the handlebar, the jug holder, the wellness screen, and the pedals. This Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike shouldn’t require over 20 minutes of your time. The manual gives clear get-together guidelines, and every one of the vital instruments is incorporated.

For upkeep, the intermittent oil of the brake cushion is required. This Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike should effectively be possible by applying a touch of 3-in-1 oil on the harshness of the flywheel. Besides this, it is prescribed to clear the residue off the edge, get fluids far from the wellness screen, and occasionally check for free parts.

The Pros

•       Strong casing, like light-business bicycles;

•       Can uphold clients up to 300 lbs;

•       Tasteful plan;

•       Transport wheels on the front base;

•       Customizable stabilizers on the two bases;

•       Prevalent miniature flexibility – 4-way customizable seat and handlebars;

•       Switch-based change framework for both the seat and the handlebars;

•       Froth cushioned seat with a center section for ideal solace and breathability;

•       Multi-hold handlebar covered PVC froth for ideal solace;

•       Double container holder included;

•       Standard grinding opposition;

•       Extra-weighty, 48.5 lbs flywheel for steady energy;

•       Substantial wrench, ready to help any client up to the most significant recorded weight, in an upstanding accelerating position;

•       Strong metallic pedals with toe confines;

•       Smooth and calm belt drive;

•       Wellness screen included – it can follow time, speed, RPM, distance, heartbeat, clock, and calories;

•       Objective settings for time and pulse;

•       Simple to set up;

•       Get-together devices are incorporated;

•       Little upkeep required;

•       awesome guarantee.

The Cons

•       No heartbeat sensors;

•       HR chest tie is excluded;

•       No backdrop illumination on the screen show.


The Spirit Fitness XIC600 Indoor Cycling Bike or Wellness XIC600 is an indoor cycling bicycle for private use. Supporting practically any twist workout is constructed. It includes a rubbing obstruction framework, a 48.5 lbs flywheel, belt drive, and predominant miniature customizability, and incorporates a wellness screen that tracks RPM, beat, calories, time, speed, distance, and clock. It’s a phenomenal mentor for serious cardio exercises, stretch preparation, strength and endurance improvement, muscle conditioning, and weight reduction.

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