Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill

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Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill

The Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill is some other treadmill from the “Fitness Avenue” series. It’s nearly identical to the Sunny FA-7966 version that we’ve already reviewed here but lacks the automatic incline feature. However, it has a guide incline system, although, much like the XTERRA TR150 model, it proposes a folding rear pacifier.

Key Features and Spec

•        Assembled measurement: 60L x 29.5W x 47H inches (152L x 75W x 119H cm)

•        Tread belt measurement: 48.7L x 17W inches (123L x 43W cm)

•        Supported Weight: 220 lbs (

100 kg)

•        Assembled Weight: 104 lbs (47 kg)

Incline: Manual, three stages

•        Motor measurement: 1.6 HP, 0.5 – 7.5 MPH

•        Console programs: 12 pre-sets, 3 HRC, 1 body fats, 1 guide, 3 person profiles

•        Extras: Sound machine, Bluetooth, USB charging port, bottle holders, device holder

•        Warranty: Frame 3 years / Parts a hundred and eighty days

Frame creation

Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill highlights a metallic body manufactured from square tubing and coated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. The system also integrates several thermoplastic components in its production. For instance, the motor cover, the aspect rail covers, and the console dashboard are made of durable thermoplastic fabric.

The assembled teacher is not too large. Its footprint is best 60″L x 29.5″W (152 x 75 cm), so it could in shape pretty well, even right into a small room or rental. It is suggested, even though to allow as a minimum toe of clearance on every facet of the deck, and at the least 3 ft of support at the rear, for ease of getting right of entry to and secure usage.

This Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill is slightly lighter than the Sunny FA-7966 model that we’ve already protected right here. However, it nonetheless weighs approx. 104 lbs (47 kg), so it is encouraged that the packaged unit has to carry with human beings’ aid. Once it assembles, it could move with the best individual’s assistance as its front base body has transport rollers.

Like several other treadmills made for home use, the Sunny Fitness Avenue FA-7967 has a folding body. Its deck may be folded up so that the device can provide better storage opportunities. With the deck wrapped up, the unit’s footprint continues approx 36″L x 29.5″W (91 x 75 cm), even as its peak reaches 49″ (124 cm).

The folding mechanism involves a hydraulic detail. It doesn’t fold up robotically, as is the case for some commercial treadmills. Still, the hydraulic element is pretty beneficial while unfolding the deck because it lowers it, slowly stopping damage to the floor.

Deck construction and incline

The Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 is a mild-capability treadmill made for home use. This way, it doesn’t have the remarkable strong deck as a business version. However, it may still help users as much as 220 lbs (100 kg). It offers a strolling surface of 48.7″L x 17″W (123 x 43 cm). This Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill, being stated, should include users up 6’0″ (183 cm) or even taller if they only offer taking walks or mild going for walks workout routines.

The treadmill is prepared with a multi-layered belt with the top layer thicker and rubberized for progressed touch. The actual diameter of the rollers is not distinct. However, they’re topped to be able to offer advanced traction and belt balance. They additionally integrate sealed bearings for a clean movement.

The gadget’s deck doesn’t have visible cushioning factors on its aspects like other treadmills however does integrate eight rubber cushions (four on every side) which might be hiding via the side rail covers. These lessen the effect generated by using every foot strike, resulting in much less surprise on your joints and lower back.

The Sunny Fitness Avenue FA-7967 is prepared with a manual incline device. This Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill being stated, you cannot adjust the deck’s incline at some point of the workout. The incline method consists of two folding foot stabilizers located on the rear corners of the deck. These are made of heavy-responsibility thermoplastic fabric (in all likelihood polypropylene). Each folding foot has three adjustment tangles so that you can lock it inside the desired position thru a detachable metal rod.

The incline provided through the two adjustable rear stabilizers isn’t always extreme. When they fold, the deck offers an angle of approx. 2°. When they are spread out, the jogging platform is almost at 0°.

The step-up deck top is approx. 7″ (18 cm) when the reverse stabilizers are spread out (or locked within the top position). Therefore, to avoid inconveniences, it is endorsed to use this treadmill in a room with a ceiling at a minimum 10″ (25 cm) higher than the tallest consumer’s peak.

Drive motor

The Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 treadmill is composed of on-foot and running workout routines. It equips with a 1.6 HP motor. Although it doesn’t offer an industrial treadmill motor’s height energy, it nonetheless gives the possibility to stroll or jog for a reasonably long period without losing overall performance or overheating. However, it is suggested to stop the treadmill and relax for at least 10 minutes after every 2 hours of utilization.

The motor gives a velocity variety between 0.5 MPH and 7.5 MPH. The speed adjustment supplements are 0.1 MPH. There is speed adjustment controls integrated into the proper grip and at the console. There are also six short speed selection keys for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 MPH.

Since the machine’s motor handiest gives a maximum power output of 1.6 HP, its power intake is minimal. This Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill being stated, even if you may be using it each day, it shouldn’t add several bucks to the strength invoice. The motor itself doesn’t generate quite a few noises while in use, but relying on how speedy you pass, your cadence can also create more significant or less noise.


The Sunny FA-7967 treadmill is prepared with a reasonably good console for a domestic-use gadget. Although it doesn’t have online connectivity and isn’t always well-matched with any online health apps, it does provide quite some exercising applications.

The first exercising program is the Manual mode. This software allows you to modify the rate manually throughout your exercising. The P1-P12 applications are preset. Each certainly one of them has its segment layout engraved on the console. For every program, you may must installation a complete duration, and on account that every software has 20 segments, the length of each section may be 1/20 of the whole decided period. The packages will automobile-modify the speed of the belt.

Three-person applications, three HRC programs, and one Body Fat software are also available. The 3 user packages are U1, U2, and U3. For everyone in every one of them, you could create your custom segment layout, store it, and re-use it every time you want. The HRC programs have preset velocity limits. They depend on your current coronary heart price, so you have to hold directly to the sensors incorporated into the machine’s aspect grips to use them. When an HRC application is in use, the treadmill adjusts the belt mechanically’s velocity so that you can keep you inside the selected heart rate c programming language. And eventually, the Body Fat program calculates your mass frame index-based totally on your age, gender, height, and weight.

The console functions as an LCD with a blue LED backlight. It shows time, distance, velocity, energy burned, and coronary heart price. Speed and distance are with the aid of default set to English units (mph and miles), but additional metric units (km, kilometers). Also, the console isn’t telemetric. This Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill means that it doesn’t sync with any health bands or wireless HR chest straps.

Other top-notch console functions are the sound device, the USB charging port, the bottle holder, and the device holder. The sound system includes speakers seen on every aspect of the console. It has Bluetooth connectivity to sync your phone or pill with the console, an excellent way to play your track through the included audio system. The USB port most effectively offers a device charging function. You cannot transfer workout information through USB flash power. The bottle holders are placed on every side of the console dashboard; they may be large enough to house any hydration bottle. And sooner or later, the tool holder includes a small shelf above the console controls, which can offer aid to your pill or telephone.

Assembly and Maintenance

The treadmill comes pre-assembled and folded. All you need to do for the assembly is unfold the 2 upright poles with the console, lock the two console poles in the proper role, and fasten the joint covers. This Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill shouldn’t take greater than 20 mins of a while. All the vital gear is blanketed, and the guide provides clear assembly commands and connected illustrations.

Once the system is assembled, the deck calls for lubrication earlier than the first use. A bottle of lubricant needs to include with the treadmill. The console has a lubrication reminder characteristic as nicely and has to notify you when you need to lubricate the deck again. Other than this, you handiest ought to hold the gadget smooth, especially the belt, and periodically check for unfastened bolts and parts, and re-align the belt if necessary.

The Pros

•        Compact layout;

•        Folding deck with soft-drop mechanism;

•        Transport wheels;

•        Integrated deck cushioning;

•        Manual incline, three degrees (0° – 2°)

•        Speed variety among 0.5 and 7.5 MPH;

•        Speed adjustment increments of 0.1 MPH;

•        Speed controls built-inside the facet grips;

•        Quick selection pace controls for 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 MPH;

•        Low energy consumption;

•        LED-backlit display;

•        12 preset exercise programs;

•        3 consumer profiles;

•        Three HRC applications;

•        Body Fat calculator;

•        Lubrication reminder feature;

•        Sound machine included;

•        Bluetooth connectivity for the speakers;

•        USB charging port;

•        Tablet holder covered;

•        Bottle holders built-inside the dashboard;

•        Pulse analyzing feature;

•        Little assembly required;

•        Little maintenance required;

•        Decent warranty.

The Cons

•        A tablet placed at the device holder may additionally cowl the console show;

•        No online connectivity.


The Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Avenue Treadmill is an electric-powered treadmill designed for on foot and jogging. It is furnished with a 1.6 HP motor, a guide incline machine with 3 ranges, and a console with more than one exercise program, sound gadget, and a USB charging port. It’s a tremendous domestic-use gadget for stamina improvement, muscle toning, and weight loss. In all, it’s a reasonably respectable trainer, offering a fantastic price for the charge.

How to Use a Manual Treadmill to Lose Weight?

Who doesn’t prefer to have a flat stomach? A manual treadmill can be a notable help for losing weight. Well, you may consider that it’s a vintage object without an assist. That’s no longer authentic indeed. It’s a low-price gadget for exercising and dropping weight. So, everyone can afford this treadmill. For those who can’t have enough money, the high-priced and motorized treadmill may have the manual one for losing weight. A guide treadmill is run by using the owner himself.

By retaining a fantastic routine and having controlled food habits, you could burn energy quicker. It is likewise a tool that takes no greater area in your property.

Usage of a Manual Treadmill to shed pounds

With a managed diet, a guide treadmill can be the best enterprise for dropping the burden. The main distinction between the motorized and the guide treadmill is the working device. Manual one doesn’t have a motor, and the person himself controls the speeds. But within the motorized mill, this is managed with the aid of electricity. Also, it can monitor by extra function. In the guide treadmill, you have to do all the jobs by way of yourself. So, this system will accelerate your intention to burn fat. Again, earlier than you begin to work out, you ought to recognize the way to use it to lose weight:

Step – 1: Have an Exercise Routine

A balanced food plan is not enough for reducing weight. You may have a choice for a narrow discern. But excess fat in your belly is the primary preclude to this. Don’t worry; there’s an answer. Have a treadmill you could afford and begin with a chronic. It’s crucial while you are aiming to reduce off your stomach fat. Make a workout ordinary, considering some time and energy. Maintain that strictly regularly. If you are a novice with a manual treadmill, preserve at the least 30 min for exercise. Remember, a guide device can’t manage or set speed automatically; you have to set it up by taking walks. So, get caught to the ordinary, and you’ll see outcomes.

Step – 2: Warm your system and check the belt

By listening from your neighbor, you have simply offered a guide treadmill. And you’ll use it for the first time. In that case, you have to check your taking walks belt and heat your tool for a few minutes. You can stroll on it slowly for some time. After that, you could begin the real exercise.

Step – 3: Build the Speed that fits you.

Unlike an electric-powered and motorized treadmill, manual, you’ll keep your speed by personal. For this, you need to accumulate your limits. If you’re a beginner, start with a half-hour routine. At the start, stroll. Then growth the motion progressively additionally lives at the right place. Generally, exercise the coronary heart price will increase to approximately one hundred fifty bpm. It stimulates your frame to melt the extra fat. You must have an average pace of roughly six km every hour. Otherwise, your ‘fat belly’ trouble will now not be solved. Start with a moderated and sluggish pace to start. The range must be 3-4 km in an hour. Further, growing the price steadily each day.

Step – 4: Improve Workout instances.

There is not any correct in an occasional exercise. You had higher improve your workout times slower than a better starting. Most of the amateur makes this mistake. Listen, your exercising will only be beneficial while you continue it often. Starting your first day with and 1/2 an hour and taking a destroy on the second one day isn’t always the manner. If you locate it hard, start with a half-hour in line with the day within the starting week. Then, boom it to forty minutes, 50, 1 hour within the following weeks. After achieving your suitable one, continue that point and speed frequently.

Step – 5: Take Break and Increase Intensity

A c programming language can boost up the workout strength. If you think it is essential, you could take a destroy between the half of the exercising. This Sunny Health & Fitness FA-7967 Fitness Avenue Treadmill will boom your stamina. Again, it would help if you drank masses of water to stay hydrated. Your body will dehydrate because of sweating. Drinking sufficient water or glucose is paramount. Remember, you will do away with kilos within a few weeks. For this motive, you have to boom your intensity. Increase your pace in a small amount each day slowly. You will locate the outcomes.

Final Verdict

Though there are various kinds of updated machines, a guide treadmill continues to be most well known for some humans for losing weight. It may be your excellent corporation alongside the cautioned food plan charts. There is no such device in lower finance and high-quality efficiency. You can save this anywhere and start working out every time you are loose.

Is a guide treadmill worth it?

One of the maxima recommended portions of domestic workout equipment is a treadmill, as it gives a powerful aerobic exercise for users at any talent or conditioning stage. Professional runners and first-time exercisers alike can gain from this device. Still, electric-powered fashions typically found in business gyms can be prohibitively steeply-priced, as well as intimidating to novices. One famous answer is a guide treadmill, which allows customers to stroll, jog, or even run at their desired pace without a powerful motor or variable inclines.

Most guide treadmills are more inexpensive than their electric cousins, and that they can be an installation in locations where a heavier and noisier machine may not be welcome. Manual treadmills also are less complicated to shop and delivery. More experienced athletes may also prefer the project of a quicker-paced electric model. However, home customers often find manual treadmills a good opportunity throughout inclement climate.

If you are inside the marketplace for a manual treadmill, maintain studying our buying guide. Our pinnacle desire is the Sunny Health & Fitness Manual Treadmill, a feature-packed manual version that competitors the performance of entry-degree electric-powered treadmills, with a generous weight capacity and strict incline settings.

Considerations while selecting guide treadmills

Manual as opposed to electric powered

The recognition of electrical treadmills in industrial health centers and rehabilitation clinics speaks to the guide-versus-electric powered-treadmill quandary. In terms of extra capabilities and ease of use, most manual treadmills fall short through contrast. However, manual treadmills do have some benefits, such as portability, maintenance costs, and sturdiness. A guide treadmill may not provide a range of incline angles or a pre-programmed variable velocity exercising. However, it does paintings on the person’s preferred tempo. Fewer mechanical components also mean fewer feasible breakdowns. Some clients may also do not forget the economic, financial savings to outweigh any perceived limitations.

Weight limits

Manual treadmills typically have decrease ordinary weight limits than business electric-powered fashions. However, this doesn’t imply they won’t accommodate maximum adult users. Some lightweight manual models may have weight capacities of 200 to 225 pounds, while heavy-obligation fashions can cope with 300 pounds or greater. One advantage with a guide treadmill is that customers create their very own pace using stepping onto a motionless belt. Some electric fashions require users to step onto a moving belt.

Inclines and different adjustments

One famous approach to growing the intensity of a treadmill exercise is to alter the level of incline. While many electric fashions offer a flat zero-degree angle, many manual treadmills have a default placing of at the least six tiers. In this approach, the consumer could be taking walks barely uphill thru the entire workout. Better manual treadmills provide different incline angles that force users to paintings even harder. While we should adjust these inclines manually between sessions, they provide a manner to boom resistance without electric assistance.

Some better-end guide treadmills also offer adjustable resistance through magnetic tension on the belt and flywheel. Can also adjust the handgrips’ perspective to increase or decrease anxiety on the person’s arms and higher body.

Portability and simplicity of use

Because guide treadmills do not include heavy electric motors or a complicated manage panel, they are smooth to move from region to vicinity. The handrails typically fold down for a less brutal garage among classes. Most manual treadmills are significantly lighter than electric models, too. There may be a few minimum meetings required upon transport. However, maintenance is less highly-priced, and spare elements are commonly less challenging to discover and install. Manual treadmills can be noisy for operation duration, but they do not generate the level of vibration associated with electric-powered fashions.


An entry-level manual treadmill with a restrained weight ability and minimal capabilities can retail for much less than $100 in wearing goods stores. A stable mid-range version with adjustable inclines and an extra generous weight should have a price factor between $100 and $200. Simultaneously, better-give up treadmills with magnetic resistance and a digital show can cost as much as $400.


Q. Are guide treadmills quieter than motorized treadmills?

A. Generally talking, a manual treadmill does not generate the same degree of noise as an electric version. However, it isn’t always completely silent. The belt can nevertheless create friction, which frequently way loud squeaks and other abrasive sounds. The use of a treadmill pad to lessen noise recommend.

Q. I’m schooling for a marathon. Is a guide treadmill better than an electric one for lengthy-distance strolling?

A. Actually, a manual treadmill is better for shorter bursts of activity, no longer a longer duration of jogging or walking. A guide treadmill will not set a tempo for long-distance jogging as many electric models do. However, you could nevertheless use a guide treadmill as a part of a more extensive cardio exercise.

Manual treadmills we recommend

Best of the excellent: Sunny Health & Fitness’ Manual Treadmill

Our take: This manual model is right for those looking for a motorized treadmill’s exercise undertaking without paying motorized-treadmill prices.

What we like: Easy to transport from place to area. Includes a couple of handgrip and resistance settings, Supports as much as three hundred kilos.

We dislike: On the excessive side, for a manual version, we cannot modify the incline angle.

Best bang on your dollar: ProGear’s one hundred ninety Manual Treadmill

Our take: For folks who seek entry-degree exercising equipment or have confined space, the ProGear 190 is a guide treadmill worth thinking about. Be aware of the load potential, however.

What we like: Relatively easy to collect. More extended handrails for improved stability. Features incline settings—230-pound weight ability.

What we dislike: Some critical parts can be lacking or broken upon delivery. A 0-degree incline isn’t always viable.

Choice 3: Stamina’s In motion Manual Treadmill

Our take: Because the incline angles aren’t steep, this treadmill might be proper for elderly or bodily challenged users who are seeking a quieter version without sacrificing balance.

What we love: Padded rails provide excellent balance. Two incline settings available. 250-pound weight capability. Hushed operation.

What we dislike: The belt can be tough to regulate, creates a variable tempo.

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