Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary

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Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary

The Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary desk-bound are mid-variety home use motorcycles ready with preservation unfastened belt-driven generation for a splendid quiet, and clean exercising enjoy.

Though those Yosuda biking motorbike running shoes had launched in 2018, which is quite current as compared to many different workout motorcycles, they already managed to turn out to be Amazon’s a number of the excellent dealer and surprisingly-rated spin bikes under $500.

Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary has only three indoor cycling bikes and not the most effective one. Still, each of those Yosuda spin motorcycles is excellent buys and rated higher than 90% of different indoor bikes on the market.

Some of the superb features of Yosuda bike include quiet and durable wool felt pad resistance, no-slip aluminum alloy pedals, ergonomically designed 4-manner adjustable seat for additional support, and inertia-greater heavy flywheels for exciting, smooth rides

In any case, significantly more critically, the Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary features the main enterprise q-elements. With 177 mm q-component, the Yosuda indoor workout bike gets rid of the pressure and impact from knees and ankles. I will speak greater extensive about the q-thing below this Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary opinions.

In this Yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary overview, I am going to cover the “YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Exercise Bike with Belt Drive (L-007)” and the “YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary – Cycle Bike with iPad Mount (L-001A)”.

In addition to an in-depth Yosuda spin motorcycle reviews, you will additionally locate the assessment table for Yosuda workout motorbike down beneath. It’s far going to be simpler to decide which kinds of Yosuda desk bound bikes to shop.

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Review Specification:-

• Heavy-duty creation fabric

• New up to date model ready

• High-exceptional workout bike

• Lovely 35 lbs flywheel

• Adjustable resistance degrees

• Two adjustable alternatives for handlebars

• Four flexible options for a seat

• Maximum consumer weight capability 270 lbs

• Good looking LCD Fitness reveal

• Stationary motorbike exercise for beginners

• Sudden brake system

• Dimensions forty L x 22 W x 45 H inches


Before thinking about any ready, you have to be checked key capabilities without precise features do not take into account any equipped; however, this stationary motorcycle price and characteristic are superb in your requirements.

The flywheel is the most vital part of any workout prepared—a correct best exercising ready offer and exquisite wheels. The Flywheels additionally helps simulate the ride of a real road motorcycle and gives you a clean and quiet driving experience. If you operate this exercise bike, so you sense that riding the real workout bike in your house and revel in the high-quality cardio exercising blessings. Start your fitness journey with a brand new up to date version stationary bike with 35 lbs. Flywheels.

The Digital LCD Console: Basically, all of the physical activities prepared presents proper searching and nicely-examine virtual console for monitoring health dreams. YOSUDA riding bike equips offers a pleasant fitness monitor that suggests your present-day exercising instances, pace, exercising distance, energy burned, and odometer with correct information. It is a straightforward way to maintain reading and calculated the music of your fitness progress. On the opposite hand, it offers an unfastened flat bracket to watch videos or list to your favorite song with an iPhone at some point in an exercise.

The adjustable resistance: Although resistance is an integral part of the exercising system without right and adjustable resistance, you don’t fill your health intention. The pleasant workout motorbike offers you adjustable resistance to simulate actual avenue riding experience due to the fact every man desires to get real driving revel in. Replace A3 steel without a forty-five metallic that’s more inflexible and appropriate for excessive resistance driving. If you want to complete, pull the emergency brake lever and stop it very quickly.

The adjustable seat with handlebars: The motorbike comes in a brilliant secure seat and adjustable handlebars. The place designed ergonomically and very satiable length 10 L x 8.6 H x 2.3 inches W. It could be spotless to alter to one-of-a-kind size and height. It helps longer riders. The seat can easily adjust up and down the back and front. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary is an utterly cheap charge exercise bike in your indoor use. Keep driving your exercise bike.

Transportation wheels: The transportation wheels on the lowest provide you to transport very quickly to pay attention and there with none trouble. Tilt and turn out to be utilized. No need for heavy weight lifting or muscle strain, transportation wheels provide you with a more secure move from nook to nook without face struggle.

The cage pedals and brake pad: The pedals additionally play significant roles in the course of biking motorbike. It has more comfort and safety with aluminum alloy cap pedals, and adjustable covers will guard feet slip and deliver more aid at some point of use. On the opposite hand, it has a terrific, more fabulous brake pad for a substitute in the bundle. The natural wool reduces using noise and offers more exceptional sturdiness. So I notion it was full-fill the driving requirements of your favorite exercise motorbike.

According to the YOSUDA bike manual, the Assembly is very smooth to install, merely following the guidelines and preparing. If you observe the right preparation so that you will want only 1/2 an hour for complete assemble. I guarantee that my friend isn’t always a well-known desk-bound exercising motorbike but offers you super using benefits.

The warranty: Not most effective gives first-rate performance; however, it additionally gives 30 days money-back ensures with six months replacements of elements. So it is enough to a part of the assure coverage.


An indoor cycling bike with a 35 lbs Flywheel’s miles on the light facet with a substantial responsibility metal body is available in at sixty-eight lbs. Despite that, at the complete, it offers a stable platform in your spinning exercises. 

There may be a few slight wobbling when going complete out, however no longer sufficient to be disconcerting.

There are four plastic end caps on the stabilizer bars that offer a secure platform. There are levelers in them, and through turning the adjusters at the end of them, you may find stability up the motorbike if the floor is a touch choppy.

Customers have pronounced that it appears long-lasting with them for eleven months or so without troubles.

But there are various which have had issues with pedals falling off and different troubles. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary, However, the supplier appears to be very proactive in sorting the problems out and replacing components without question, which allows offsetting most of the issues and getting people again to exercise

If you want to touch them, this desires to be executed through Amazon or using e-mail; they don’t seem to have a presence in the USA. I’m not a fan of this. I want to see an appearance in the USA, and on the internet, however, they do a terrific job of helping clients despite this. Yet, they haven’t answered to my electronic mail request for records.

The assurance is to update parts for one year, and they seem to face solidly in the back of that.

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Adjustability

The seat may be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The handlebars height can handiest be adjusted. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary permits the motorbike to be adjusted to get a high-quality suit for human beings of different peak and sizes.

It received to be near a match as you can get with the addition of horizontal handlebar adjustment.

The manufacturer recommends the bike for humans with an inside leg measurement between 25 INS and 35 INS, which I believe might fit humans of heights between four toes 10 INS and 6 ft. Four INS. However, I do have a subject with this.

The top height seems a touch off to me, and I think someone of the pinnacle peak may be capable of use the motorbike without hitting the handlebars, but they gained have right leg extension at the lowest of the pedal stroke, i.e., Leg need to simplest be barely bent.

The backside of the variety appears to be approximately 4ft 10 INS from customer feedback for attaining the pedals, although humans do say they are stretching for the handlebars. The pinnacle of the variety seems to be higher, about 5ft 10 INS from client comments.

The peak of seat and handlebars have adjusted the usage of the adjustment knobs on their posts. You undo them and pull to launch the pin from the preset holes within the adjustment pole, then you slide a pole into function and re-insert preserving pin into the hollow after re-aligning and tighten into the area. It is easier than I’ve written and is a standard method of adjustment for workout bikes.

It holds the seat and copes with bars in the area. As it makes use of preset holes now and again, you may find that you’d decide upon a function in among the gaps where one is just too quick and one just too high. It may be a little uncomfortable, however lamentably, there’s little that can accomplish. Most discover it’s far a close enough in shape.

You can, without difficulty, alter it to the height you need Toughness.

For an indoor cycling bike with a 35 lbs fine in shape for you, It can execute fast, and if sharing with others, you can want to mark the pole with a marker pen to expose you wherein you want it adjusted.

The horizontal seat adjustment is a similar operation to the vertical changes. You want to undo the adjustment knob below the seat and slide into the area after tightening the lower back into the location. The adjustment is ready 2 – 3 inches and some clients have felt it leaves them to away from the handlebars, especially when you are at the lower stop of the adjustment scale or too close they’re at the top quit of the range.

The handlebars don’t have as a lot of vertical adjustments. If you do decide to get the motorbike and you are over 5 feet 10 ins, you may locate they are lower than you want for an at ease match, and it has stated they can move slightly from side to side at the top of the adjustment variety.


Resistance used to make the pedaling more robust furnished with the aid of felt wool pad that sits on the pinnacle of the flywheel on the front of the motorcycle. The tension knob manages the quantity of resistance at the front of the motorbike close to the water bottle holder.

To grow or lower, you turn this knob. It can move from very smooth to very difficult. The boom is incremental, and you could vicinity it to the amount you need.

When the resistance carried out, you get a quiet whooshing sound, particularly while pedaling hard, and the strength is delicate. It shouldn’t disturb anybody else in your house.

The felt fleece cushion wears out from touch with the flywheel. It can begin to make a squealing sound or start skipping. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary can look after through making use of some silicone-based lubricant.

Also, it will require replacing sooner or later with time, relying on use. Included with the bicycle is a trade cushion for a while the time comes. There aren’t instructions covered on how to do that, but it can work out, and customer service will send out info or a video on how to do this while asked.

The degree of resistance not always recorded at the knob or the console. If a person has modified the motorcycle’s strength once you finish, you’ll have to pass with the aid of experience to decide the level you need to exercise. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary is standard for indoor cycles at this rate range (and extra highly-priced ones too.)

It’s the identical when following alongside an exercising that has numbered degrees, like Peloton, you need to estimate the extent. It can be a little hit and leave out to start with, but it could master in a brief period.

There is a gatekeeper over the obstruction cushion and flywheel to save you sweat and other matters dripping on to it – this helps save you damage to the pillow and wheel from the corrosive effects of sweat and many others.

Drive Type

The bike has a belt power with a 35 lbs Flywheel. They offer a quiet and constant alongside the resistance experience to the pedaling.

The flywheel weight momentum continues the pedaling motion constant, lowering the sluggish down that could show up at the pinnacle/bottom of the pedaling cycle turning it more into a stepping movement, which ends up in impact to the joints.

The belt is low protection and presents a smoother enjoy than you have got with a chain force. You must no longer make any changes to belt as you will with a chain, but you lose a number of the authentic sense and noise of an outside motorbike that a sequence gives you.

You can’t freewheel. The pedals and flywheel are constant – when the wheel is popping, the brakes are turning too. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary helps with the price and retaining the legs turning over. It is commonplace for the indoor cycle and spin bikes to operate this manner.

It does mean that while you want to get off the motorbike, you have to watch for them to stop with mild stress with your toes, or you can press down steep at the resistance knob because it acts as a brake while you need to get off in a rush.

The belt and the pedal wheel enclosed in a plastic defense, which enables the protection of the mechanism itself. It also can maintain little hands from being trapped or harm, but the flywheel is open, so while being used, it’s far essential to be vigilant if you have small youngsters or pets.


The pedals have a toe container that you can slide your shoes into with lashes to fix to hold your foot in area and prevent them from coming off in the middle of exercising. It additionally enables with pulling and pushing via the pedal cycle.

The pedals match athletic footwear. There is no want for expert shoes.

If you need to use spinning footwear, you may update the pedals with the SPD clip-in brakes. It has a 9/16 string, which is preferred. You can use outside bike pedals with this thread on the bike.

If you want, you can pedal backward on the motorbike to get a one-of-a-kind type of exercising. It has a substantial flywheel, so will a few add more stress than you have with upright bikes and recumbent motorcycles.

As indicated by the producer, the Q-factor is 177mm; that’s the horizontal measure among the pedals. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary is narrower than maximum indoor cycles at this charge range. It can assist with keeping toes, legs, and hips in alignment, which can prevent injuries.

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Comfort

Seat. The seat is contoured with airflow and padded to offer some comfort to take a seat bone. Some like it and locate it just proper; however, as with all motorcycle seats, it received to all of the user’s liking, as comfort in this area may be very private.

If you’ve no longer ride a bike in a long time, you will, in all likelihood, go through earlier than your take seat bones grow to be used to the seat. After multiple weeks the discomfort can leave, and the vicinity now not nod off.

But this won’t usually be the case. If you are unfortunate, there are some options you could attempt. You can try a pad or collapsed towel on the off chance that you live inside the seat and are consistent on the bike. For a more excellent comfy answer, you may attempt cushioned bicycle shorts or a gel seat spread (seat measurements are 2.3 INS by way of 7.7 INS and 10.24 INS).

Alternatively, it’s far feasible to trade out the seat with an extra cozy one. Most popular fitting motorcycle seats need to fit the bike. It is much like changing an outside motorbike seat.

Noise. It is a quiet motorbike aside from low whooshing sound that won’t disturb others within the residence even when they are asleep in every other room. There may be only a bit of vibration from the bike so that you should use it upstairs, an apartment, and an exercising mat will make it doubly positive that you don’t disturb all of us in your private home or under you.

Dirt. The bike won’t upload too much in your cleansing chores. It is essential to preserve it smooth to stop sweat, specifically beginning to destroy the motorbike. It takes a brief wipe down with a humid fabric to do that. It shouldn’t drop something on your floor other than sweat and dirt from the pad, but an exercise mat can assist save you any harm on your ground from any movement or dust.


The motorbike is reasonably compact, needing a place of forty through 22 INS while no longer in use, so it doesn’t soak up an excessive amount of room while being stored.

There are two little wheels on the front stabilizer that you tip the bike directly to while wanting to move. The bike weighs 68 lbs.

The wheels maintain the load with you having to roll and navigate the motorcycle to where you want it to head. It can be a little complicated due to attitude it is tipped directly to, to round corners; however, as long as you don’t rush, there shouldn’t be any troubles. One character can do it; however, it’s miles easier with two to avoid mishaps.

Most exercise bikes use this approach to move them around. They paintings properly on harsh surfaces; however can get extra hard to walk on the carpet, particularly luxurious ones in which the wheels can jam up.


The motorbike does require a meeting while added. It can complete in an hour with a few completing it in half-hour.

The motorcycle comes with commands and tools to complete the meeting. The instructions are clear with diagrams to assist. There is also a useful video online that shows how to do it – it’s about 6 mins lengthy.

You are required to include the stabilizer bars, handlebars, aid posts, seats, pedals, and console. It is a lot less complicated to prepare than maximum kit set fixtures.

The brought product weighs about 69 lbs. It may be beneficial to have two human beings complete the installation of the elements. It makes fixing and keeping simpler; however, it could finish by using one person.

It is essential that care take over the pedals’ putting in, and the appropriate one hooked up to the right side of the motorbike. The left pedal has a contrasting thread and needs to screw counter-clockwise, and the right is growing to become clockwise. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary is ordinary for motorcycles and stops them from coming undone as you pedal. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary may also help forestall the issue that a few clients have had with pedals coming fixed, or the string stripped. 

It isn’t difficult at all, but if you are genuinely unsure, there is an assembly carrier offered via Amazon; however, it does price higher.

The video beneath goes through the meeting manner, after which a brief user assessment of the motorbike from 5: 50.

Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike Stationary Console

The first console that comes with the motorbike presents time, distance, pace, and energy. It has a little LCD screen that gives each measure in turn and mode button underneath. The numbers are nevertheless able to examine.

You can pick which one suggests by using pushing the button beneath – small arrow lines up with the index to let you realize which metric you showed. You also can choose the test feature to cycle through the measures every few seconds to hold absolutely up to date.

To reset, you keep the mode button down for some seconds. The monitor will begin when you start pedaling.

The console powered through 2 AAA batteries, and those are protected. It doesn’t want to be plugged right into a wall socket. It makes it less difficult to apply the bike wherein you need, and the motorcycle will feature paintings without the console running.

The console is not likely to be backlit so that you received able to see it when light is dim.

It gained upload your statistics to an App, so if you want to track development, this will want to accomplished manually.

There are no preset packages blanketed. You can comply with online exercises or use an App service like Peloton or Les Mills for training to follow.

You are probable to discover that the lack of resistance degree, no RPM measure in particular, or heart fee tracking method you need to estimate and go through sense to comply with along; however, you may nonetheless get a good exercise. (Many indoor biking motorcycles don’t have these measures relying on humans to gauge RPM and resistance degree by way of sense and revel in).

The console measures are a manual to how you’re going; however, it shouldn’t be dependent. The calories don’t keep in mind your weight or resistance. You can nevertheless use it to measure development via evaluating exercises to some other if you maintain a record.

There is confusion as to whether the distance measured in miles and kilometers. (I have requested an explanation from the supplier.) It can make a difference if you use the records in an App to determine calories burned; however, you may still use it for motivation and feedback on the way you are getting on. With both degrees, it’s far an estimate but can be a terrific mental enhance to keep you stimulated – I realize I want to have it.

The measurements and weight of the bicycle are:

Tallness forty-five INS

Width 22 INS

Length forty INS

Bike weight sixty-eight lbs.

Max User Weight 270 lbs.


The motorcycle comes with a couple of accessories:

The water bottle holder located around the center of the motorbike. It puts the bottle in smooth attain when within the seat without stretching too much. It suits a small water bottle quite simple, but it may spread for large ones – just makes it somewhat more testing to place the container again when biking. 

The situating expects you to be a touch cautious while getting on and rancid the bike. If you step through instead of swinging Leg over the return, you may locate you’re kicking the holder, smash it off or have the bottle disappearing to the other facet of the room.

Media Tray There is a niche directly underneath the console with a holder for your media devices. It can without problems fit a smartphone for watching motion pictures. It’s now not surely designed for whatever a lot large.

If you want to place an iPad or giant pill, then you can have a chunk of warfare as you want to balance it up towards and overlaying the console. It may be at greater of a tilt than you might need making it tough to study.


• Basic console

• Quiet belt drive

• Media tray protected

• Transport wheels

• Affordable price

• Adjustable for a number heights

• Proactive customer support

• Easy to assemble

• Q aspect is 177 mm which is ideal for indoor bikes on this rate range


• Doesn’t work with Apps

• Resistance stages aren’t displayed

• RPM (Cadence) isn’t always measured

• Customer service is only via Amazon

• Some issues stated with pedals

• Media holder is small

• Handlebars only regulate vertically

Consumer Ratings

The bike comes sturdy customer scores. However, the dealer does seem to push for exact evaluations with clients, mainly because it has solved a difficulty for them. This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary might also have skewed the outcomes.

A portion of the audits left seems to have a bizarre fashion of English to them and have observed very helpfully.

Having stated that, I suppose the motorcycle is well-rated, even bearing in mind the above.

Customers like the feel of the motorbike for the price, it’s comfortable to collect, quiet, and can have exercising after they want of their domestic. Customer provider surprisingly praised in most situations.


This yosuda indoor cycling bike stationary is a low cost priced motorbike that comes with reasonable first-rate for the price. You can get a lot of identical fitness blessings as you would with a more magnificent costly bike without the added capabilities and cost.

When I checked at Amazon, it certified free of charge transport on eligible orders.

YOSUDA Spin Bike Buying Guide:


There are a couple of things to know when shopping for Yosuda exercising bikes. One of them is that Yosuda Fitness still does not have an immediate touch record or a website.

Therefore, in case you need to reserve elements below guarantee, you may have to contact the seller on Amazon. In maximum instances, they responded immediately, but someday they appear to have omitted the costumers’ first e-mail.

Bidirectional constant-wheel (restore-tools):

Earlier on this Yosuda spin bike critiques, I stated these bikes are constant-wheel and bidirectional. What its approach is that the flywheel and the pedals are constant collectively.

The disadvantage to this machine is that you’ll want to anticipate the flywheel to prevent turning before you could get off the motorbike during an emergency. The gain is that you may pedal ahead and opposite to simulate more leg muscle groups.


An adjustable handlebar permits more than one person to your family to apply the system quickly and effectively. Having the appropriate handlebar adjustment is crucial to ensure you gained harm. You returned while giving it your all.

While the Yosuda indoor desk-bound exercising bikes don’t permit four-manner adjustment (fore/act up/down), these motorcycles feature high-quality parallel frames that ensure the riders suit the bike cozy. It is the same frame type discovered at the Life Fitness IC1 motorcycle. So, as long as you fall in the encouraged inseam, these Yosuda spinning bikes must first be first-class.

Bike Q-Factors:

One of my maximum favored capabilities that I have already mentioned on this Yosuda exercise motorbike reviews is the q-elements. According to the vendor, these Yosuda spin motorcycles feature 177 mm q-aspect.

Unlike wide q-factors, that’s too commonplace in the price range spin bike, the Yosuda workout bikes’ slim q-elements hold your feet aligned with your knees and hips for a low-impact workout.

The Q component is one of the most important capabilities to take a look at on a Spin Bike. The Q aspect is the gap between inner of pedal attachments on the crank hands on either side and, more simply, the width of the difference among the two paths your ft.

Bike Computers:

When shopping for Yosuda indoor cycling bikes, you may obtain a central computer. Like all of the spin bikes below $500, they’re no longer ANT/+, or Bluetooth enabled so that you can’t music day by day exercises on the apps.

These computer systems don’t have backlit because of this; if you need to look the stats, you’ll need to hold the room mildly for the duration of the low-light circumstance.

Spin bike Flywheel:

The flywheel weight is a crucial function to examine when buying a spin motorcycle, especially if it has friction resistance devices like Yosuda indoor cycling bikes.

Light flywheels tend to be jerky and now not healthy, particularly for the duration of high-depth. The heavier the wheels tends to offer extra momentum and a smoother journey. Thankfully, Yosuda spin cycles function a 35 to 45 kilos considerably complements revel in a close to sensible bike ride at the same time as ensuring safety.

Spinning Clothing and Accessories:

Cycling footwear:

Spinning shoes offer precision ergonomic healthy, adding consolation and security to all of your rides. They permit you to get the most out of each pedal stroke with fiberglass-reinforced sole, which provides top-rated stiffness and maximizes energy switch.

Padded shorts:

Unlike everyday shorts, bike cycling shorts with padding do not aggravate the pores and skin. They designed with skin-friendly materials. The bicycle shorts have a first-rate moisture feature and a four-way performance stretch and multi-panel anatomic design for advanced chafe-unfastened consolation.

Exercise motorcycle mat:

Exercise device generally vibrates and scratch the floor on the hard floor. Buying a floor safety mat for spin bike can shop your carpets and hard flooring from damages of desk-bound motorcycles and another bulky exercise device. Dense mats can also soak up vibration, noise, and impact brought on when exercising on the aerobic system. Spin motorcycle ground mats are also simpler to clean in comparison to hardwood ground or carpet.

Bike seat and cushion:

Yosuda exercise bikes desk-bound functions padded unisex seats. They are comfortable; however, they may not be as comfy as gender-particular motorcycle seats. Therefore, if the handiest one character makes use of the bike, you may need to don’t forget to convert the position. Before doing that, I advise you don’t forget adding a spin bike gel seat cushion. They are reasonably priced and offer suitable aid for a spin workout.

Final Word on YOSUDA Cycling Bikes:

Overall that Yosuda desk bound bikes are designed with all of the requirements to help you live on pinnacle of your fitness goals. They are not for pro cyclists, but with absolute confidence, the Yosuda spin cycles provide the whole lot a newbie trainee desires.

The close to natural pedal stroke, comfortable sense of the motorcycle’s saddle, adjustable handlebar, and seating hold this workout bike the proper biking teacher on your in-home gymnasium.

Additionally, those low-cost, high-quality indoor exercise motorcycles by way of Yosuda feature a combination of belt drivetrain and heavy flywheels, which provide a smooth and relatively quiet exercising.

The lightweight, compact layout and delivery wheels make this biking motorcycle easy to move and keep. And more importantly, the slender q-factors tend to make the ride safer and higher comfort.

However, if I live in a small apartment and seek a quieter motorbike, I advise the Efitment indoor cycling motorcycles. They have magnetic resistance, RPM computer systems, and 4-manner adjustable handlebars.

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