Sole f63 treadmill reviews

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Sole f63 treadmill reviews

The Sole f63 treadmill reviews is another stellar launch from the constantly superb SOLE line of a health device. The maximum low-cost folding treadmill in a pinnacle-rated series by Sole, the F63, is crafted from significant-high components, which might be long-lasting and dependable. It’s a less costly machine that doesn’t sacrifice tremendous or experience to hit that charge factor, still providing a sweat-dripping strolling or on-foot experience. This treadmill is full of alternatives that cater to beginner runners and walkers while also imparting workouts to even the most skilled consumer. The F63 is compressed and has a foldable choice for easy storage. This treadmill is low cost and extremely consumer-pleasant, making it an ideal option for a person building their first home fitness center.

Specs that make the F63 this sort of sturdy preference for runners include a durable 3.0 CHP motor, a 60″ track, a 12 mph pinnacle velocity, and a commercial deck with tremendous surprise absorption.

Key Features

• Three horsepower motor – this is a pretty a massive motor for a home use treadmill and offers the Sole F63 an impressive pinnacle speed of 12 mph.

• 0-15% grade – a 15% slope is entirely steep. Where most domestic use treadmills max out at 10%, the Sole F63 treadmill will keep you mountaineering better and higher to supply a far extra severe exercise.

• Folding design – treadmills are large items of workout package, taking on quite a few areas in your property. The Sole F63 treadmill is foldable so that the jogging deck can store in an upright, area-saving role. Folding assisted by using a hydraulic piston so that you ought not to be outstanding-strong to position your treadmill into the garage.

• Cushion Flex walking deck – running is a high-effect activity that could negatively affect your joints. The Sole F63 treadmill has a stun engrossing Cushion Flex walking deck, which, in step with the manufacturer, reduces impact via as tons as 40% compared to running on concrete.

• 2-ply walking belt – the Sole F63 treadmill has a business quality 2-ply strolling belt outfitted as well-known. This way, it has to be plenty longer-lasting and won’t fray or shred like inexpensive, thinner straps are prone to do.

• 6.5” LCD show screen – backlit and easy to read, this LED display screen shows all of your exercising records, consisting of pace, calories, and exercise period.

• Heart price sensor and hand grips – test your coronary heart charge quickly and without difficulty via maintaining the sensor hand grips.

• Bluetooth telemetry – link your chest strap coronary heart price reveal, your MP3 participant, or your phone to your Sole F63 treadmill. This feature also permits you to log your exercises using several fitness websites, inclusive of iHealth, MapMyRun, Record, MyFitnessPal, and Fitbit.

• USB ports – providing another way to attach your smart gadgets for your treadmill.

• Tablet holder – if you like to observe films or TV shows while you work out, you’ll, in all likelihood, respect the comfortably-placed tablet shelf.

• Water bottle holders – strolling may be thirsty work. Keep water on hand in these reachable bottle holders.

• Accessory shelf – a handy vicinity to go away your sweat towel and anything else you want to maintain near hand.

• Built-in cooling fan – this component will help keep you cool and comfortable while you run.

• Headphone jack – join your earphones legitimately to your treadmill.

• Built-in speakers – avoid the earphones and tune in your preferred music even as you make sense.

• Sole Fitness App membership – where most treadmill producers provide a non-obligatory paid app, Sole Fitness app subscription is loose. Once downloaded, this app permits you to govern your treadmill out of your device and tracks any outdoor runs.

• Pre-programed exercises – the Sole F63 treadmill has ten different exercise packages to pick.


The Sole F63 is a minimal treadmill that needs to match maximum homes. However, its miles essential to ensure which you have sufficient area for this device due to the fact, although it’s a small gadget, it’s going to require more generous space than a spin motorbike or stepper nonetheless. It’s also quite heavy, and you could want help getting it into the region. However, as soon as assembled, it can be rolled at the fitted casters pretty without problems.

• Footprint in use: thirty five” (width) x eighty two” (length) x fifty seven” (peak)

• Running area: 20” (width) x 60” (length)

• Weight: 280 lb.

• Maximum user weight: 350 lb.

Treadmill Design

The first issue you’ll observe approximately the Sole F63 treadmill is the big, nicely-designed front console. Each button is indeed marked and located thoughtfully for smooth get entry. Next, you’ll see that there is a category for the entirety you’re probably to want for the duration of your exercising, from your telephone in your pill to two water bottles.

The treadmill has a very cutting-edge appearance, with a black frame, silver trim, and red accents. This Sole f63 treadmill review is a superb-looking system! The 6.5″ show display screen may not be the most important around. However, it’s vibrant, clear, and smooth to peruse.

At last, the Sole F63 treadmill looks and feels healthy. It’s based on a robust metallic body and is long and huge enough to run on it without feeling hemmed in or constrained quickly.


Primary Display – Consumers have complained approximately the display, and even as it is not the touch shows the industrial health club treadmills have, you get what you pay. There will be more excellent information on it, and it can be larger, but you are paying much less than $1,000. It is a touch old fashioned, but at least they now have the only health app to download and proportion your workout routines.

Broken Quickly – It seems that a small number of clients receive damaged treadmills or ones that brake fast. I would say it that a treadmill is a complex piece of equipment, and unfortunately, they can come to be faulty or obtained that way. From what I’ve study, Sole has been very seasoned energetic in getting these problems dealt with in as quick a time as viable.

Computer Features

The Sole F63 treadmill’s laptop is relatively easy; however, still, all the features as you’ll want for a notable workout. The 6.5” display screen displays:

• Elapsed workout time

• Distance included

• Current velocity

• Pace in line with mile

• Current incline

• Calories burned

• Pulse

• ¼ mile song progress meter

Also, there is a photo illustration of your speed and angle to see where you’re to your current workout.

the Sole F63 treadmill has ten preprogrammed workouts are:

1. Cardio

2. Fat burn

3. Hill

4. Strength

5. Interval

6. Heart rate 1

7. Heart fee 2

8. Custom 1

9. Custom 2

10. Manual

Ease of Use

The Sole F63 treadmill may be very consumer-pleasant and easy to use. Most of the essential functions may access with a single button push. All of the controls are inside smooth reach at the forward console, and there are extra controls on the facet handrails.

The 3-horsepower motorway this treadmill offers an easy strolling, jogging, or running motion, even though customers document that it speeds up pretty slowly.

The Cushion Flex walking deck makes for a secure jogging experience, while the enthusiasts will help stop you overheating. While there is no integrated media or amusement package deal, you may, without problems, use your very own tablet, phone, or MP3 player to hold you entertained while you figure out.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Sole F63 capabilities of two handrails are flanking the lower part of the dashboard. They have pulse charge sensors integrated into them, conserving which customers can display their coronary heart charge. Heart price can additionally monitor thru a BLE4.0 Wi-Fi HR chest strap transmitter that’s covered.

Built-in Workout Programs

The console of the Sole F63 features ten built-in exercising applications. The first certainly one of them is the Manual Mode. It offers users an opportunity to stroll or run while adjusting the velocity and incline as per a person’s desire. The next 5 (P1 – P5) packages are Preset, each one among them having a particular structure. Thus P1 is hilltop Climb, P2 is Fat heat, P3 is Cardio, P4 is Strength Training, and P5 is a HIIT (c program language period).

The subsequent two are User Programs (User 1 & User 2). They supply users the opportunity to create their applications, store it, and re-use it as long as they need it. Thus two biographies – User 1 and User 2 – can be made. Users have to wish between User 1 and User 2, and the display will deliver commands that they ought to follow and fill their call, age, weight, preferred time length, and pace.

After these records stuff, the console will shop it and present it to the consumer on every occasion they need to use it. Next time when customers use it, the console will ask if they want to run it. If users pick ‘Yes,’ their user application will run. If they choose ‘No,’ it’s going to ask if they need to delete it.

And the final two programs are heart charge based totally. One of them has a delinquency level of 60% client’s extended most extreme Heart Rate, though the alternative has an 80% cost. During any of those two programs, the machine will auto-adjust the velocity to maintain customers at the selected projected coronary heart charge level.

Cushion Flex Whisper Deck

The treadmill features a heavy-responsibility strolling deck that design to keep users as much as 325 lbs. (147 kg). It integrates the Cushion Flex Whisper machine, which reduces the effect on joints with the aid of as much as 40% compared to outdoor strolling tracks and is whisper quiet. Because the exercise-related pain and stress decreased, customers can practice for more.

The running stage includes a 2-handle, non-slip elastic belt. It has two flexible layers over a center PVC layer with support manufactured from nylon that rolls over the deck and rollers. The rubber gives electricity, the PVC prevents over-stretching of the belt, and the nylon offers a comfortable, static-unfastened surface to waft over the deck and breakers.

The belt dimensions 60″ x 20″ (152.4 x 50.8 cm) (L x W) that is more than enough for customers up to 6’5″ (196 cm)

The integrated rollers’ diameter is 2.5″ and that they have a topped structure with copper groundings and sealed bearings to limit static. They provide advanced traction, in addition to touch the floor against the belt, increasing the lifespan of the belt, and stopping slippage.


The Sole f63 treadmill reviews feature a motorized incline device, which means that customers can adjust the incline during the exercise from the console’s controls. Moreover, the console has many exercising packages that robotically adjust the angle required for them.

The incline machine accommodates a metallic lift and a motor that’s one-of-a-kind than the drive motor. When users alter the incline, the engine controls the charge and slowly raises the deck’s front.

The incline extent of the Sole F63 is between 0% and 15%. It increases inside the increments of 0.5%. Controls for gradual incline adjustment located on the console’s left aspect, beneath the show, and they integrated inside the gadget’s left handlebar. The console functions quickly incline choice keys for 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, and 15 incline settings.

Step-up Height

The step-up top of the Sole F63 is round 8″ (20 cm), while the incline is 0%. When the angle sets to the highest level, the front of the deck’s height increases with the aid of a few inches. Hence, customers should make sure that the room’s ceiling height in which they’ll set up and use the machine is at the least 20″ (fifty-one cm) better than their very own size.


The speed variety offered by the Sole F63 is from 0.5 MPH and 12 MPH. It will increase within the increments of 0.1 MPH. These Sole f63 treadmill reviews are splendid because customers can, without difficulty, find a nice pace for their workouts. Gradual pace adjustment controls are positioned on the console’s right aspect below the display and included within the proper handlebar. Like the incline, there are quick velocity controls supplied by using the allay for the 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12 frames.


The Sole F63 comes with several add-ons. Firstly it’s geared up with a legitimate device that comprises speakers positioned atop the unit. It’s like-minded with most smartphones and MP3 players, and customers can play their songs via it for a better output.

They also can sync it with their tool thru Bluetooth. However, customers ought to input their audio as it doesn’t function any enjoyment alternatives.

Also, sound output can’t manage through the console, so users need to adjust it on their tool. But with the headphone jack, users can input the audio and pass the audio system altogether.

Next, positioned between the two speakers are two exercise lovers who give excellent cooling at some extreme or longer rides. They have best a one-speed setting; however, their route may adjust up or down.

Then there are bottle/accessory holders on every aspect of the dashboard and a tablet holder atop the unit.

Lastly, a USB port is likewise a gift that enables customers to recharge their telephone or pill simultaneously as they are exercising.

Electrical Requirements

Like any other motorized treadmill, the Sole F63 should relate to an external strength source of 120V. The machine includes a cable with a US plug. Its connector locates at the front of the deck along with the On/Off transfer.

Noise Level

The motor is pretty quiet. Even the noise created by way of customers’ cadence is absorbed using the deck’s cushioning machine. However, if customers run at a high velocity, their rhythm will virtually be heard.

More Advanced Than Most Entry Level Treadmills

Perhaps the most appealing feature that we got here across throughout our Sole F63 evaluation is that you get so much functionality while not paying for it.

The F63 has a capable and robust motor, 15 degrees of incline, solemn obligation production, a complicated jogging deck, and a rock-solid assurance to the whole lot.

All of the capabilities could typically cost as a minimum of $2000, and you are becoming it for beneath $1000.

You could be tough-pressed to find all of these functions and talents somewhere else…it just doesn’t exist.

User-Friendly Display

The brilliant 6.5″ LCD blue display at the Sole F63 shows you all your exercising stats in a clean to examine layout.

You can see your velocity, incline, time, distance traveled, energy, pulse, and tempo.

There are convenient buttons for without difficulty scrolling through the show, adjusting your speed, changing your incline stage, or selecting one of the many constructed in exercising applications.

Adjust pace by pressing Fast/ Slow keys at the console or handgrip. Also, you could use the keys from 2 to 12. The incline may be adjusted using pressing the Adjust Up and Down keys on the console or handgrip (or from the console’s preset keys).

Diverse Workouts

The F63 comes with ten built-in programs: 1 guide, five preset profiles, two user-defined applications, and two coronary heart price control packages.

The workout routines variety from cardio unique to fats burning to time/distance/calorie goals.

So you could alternate up your recurring from one exercise to the subsequent, concentrated on distinct muscle businesses, or putting goals for yourself.

And with tracking functionality, which we discuss below, you can see how you progress from one exercise to the next.

Bluetooth Workout Tracking

One of the latest capabilities found at the Sole F63 treadmill is Bluetooth capability, which lets you switch all your workout information to your tablet or cellphone, and then use the Sole Fitness app or one in every one of your personal favorites.

This Sole f63 treadmill reviews allow you to keep the music of your progress, set dreams and milestones for yourself, and percentage your information with a circle of relatives and friends to keep you encouraged.

It’s something found on increasingly treadmills in recent times, but it’s uncommon to have this functionality on an entry-level version.


The Sole F63 treadmill calls for some meetings earlier than use, Tools no supply. Users record that the meeting manner is pretty uncomplicated but can be time-eating. Because of some of the additives’ weight, you could need to assist in putting this treadmill together.


As you’d anticipate from a reputable treadmill producer like Sole, the F63 made to final. Materials and artistry are of the very best quality. However, inside the unlikely event of a breakdown, it’s correct to recognize the Sole F63 treadmill has the subsequent guarantee insurance:

• Frame: Lifetime

• Motor: Lifetime

• Parts & Electronics: 3 Years

• Labor: 1 Year

• Return Policy: Sole Fitness cardio trainers offered with 30-day money-back guarantees.

Choosing a Treadmill

I recognize plenty goes into the decision-making manner to purchase a treadmill. When you, in the end, get to the component when it’s time to start evaluating machines aspect-by means of-facet, it’s a terrific concept to have a cheat sheet of stuff to compare.

Here’s a boiled down model of the top critical specs I think need to be considered when seeking out a treadmill. For the full version, test out my treadmill customer’s guide, which goes into greater detail:

Running Surface

Running floor, also called belt length, refers back to the fundamental components of the treadmill belt. The aspect of the belt you get to apply all through your workout anyway. These Sole f63 treadmill reviews are a basic spec to consider as it’s probably going to affect your consolation stage all through use greater than some other feature.

The going for walks floor of home treadmills varies significantly. If you get one with a strolling bass, this is too small for you, and you’re going to know it immediately- because it’s going to sense awkward to run on (or maybe stroll on relying on how small it’s far and the way tall you’re).

Most domestic treadmills have belt widths inside the 18-22″ variety, with 20″ being the gold preferred. The lengths usually variety among 48-60″. Bigger is continually higher in terms of jogging surface, mainly if you 6 ft tall or taller.


The motor electricity is every other spec you should pay close interest, Motor electricity measured in horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP). CHP is an extra standard dimension in recent times in best treadmills, as it refers to the quantity of electricity the motor can maintain over time- that’s what we’re interested

Most home treadmills are packing cars, which can be somewhere in the 2.0-4.0 CHP variety. More vital is usually better, but all vehicles design in a different way.

Some higher geared up to preserve the intense pressure to maintain that treadmill is running at peak performance.

If you’re making plans on jogging, you ought to be seeking out a motor that’s at least 3.0 CHP. That has to make sure you have sufficient electricity to preserve better speeds without sporting out the engine.


Last, but now not least, it is a guarantee. I assume a warranty needs to be considered no matter the type of system you’re shopping. When it involves treadmills, the contract typically damages the frame, motor parts, and labor.

Quality treadmills will provide lifetime warranties at the body and motor. Parts warranties vary; however, they usually land someplace in the 1-3 year go. Work guarantees are consistently shorter; generally, 1-2 years tops.

A few manufacturers will spoil down the element’s assurance a little farther into electronics and deck warranties.

Keep in mind, about warranties; longer is higher. Also, extra costly treadmills typically have more extended warranties (however, now not always).

The Sole F63 Treadmill

The Sole logo has earned outstanding recognition in the domestic and light-commercial health international. Exclusive merchandise recognizes for being built out of excessive-grade substances and typically backed using generous warranties.

Sole gives several domestic treadmills, and the F63 is their maximum finances-friendly model. Like many of Sole’s merchandise, the F63 has been named “Best in Its Price Range” via numerous assets.


• Sturdy but the foldable body

• Three. Zero CHP motor

• 20″ x 60″ song

• Cushion Flex Deck to reduce the effect on joints

• Up to fifteen% incline

• Bluetooth well matched for SOLE App, FitBit, and MyFitness Pal

• Secure pill holder

• Wireless heart charge receiver

• Contact pulse sensors

• Personal cooling fans

• Affordable charge point

• 10 distinctive exercise applications

• Dual water bottle holders

• Fan built into the display

• Can preserve up to 325lbs in weight

• Compact design and smooth to maneuver around the house

• Integrated pill holder

• Bluetooth audio speakers

• USB charging port


• Simple features, no actual-existence trainers or interactive displays

• Slow acceleration compared to different models

• Short side rails

Running Surface

The calling card of a good treadmill is its jogging floor. Regardless of the rate, you can tell a lot about a treadmill using how spacious its running surface is.

The F63 scores, especially on this crucial spec with a belt size of 20″ x 60″, These Sole f63 treadmill reviews are the gold general for home treadmills- at this length, pretty a lot all customers can run (or stroll) comfortably without having to shorten their stride.

If you’re nicely over 6′ tall, you might have problems sprinting, but in case you’re that tall, you’re going to have troubles on quite a whole lot all domestic treadmills- sorry.

Another incredible perk this treadmill has going for it is that that is a folding treadmill. The deck can fold up vertically while not in use for the garage. The “clean assist” mechanism makes use of hydraulics to make it smooth to fold, which a plus is considering the load of this system.

The F63 also has a max weight ability of 325 lb that is superb for a treadmill on this price range. The better weight restriction indicates superior body energy and average excellent.

Many home treadmills max out around three hundred lb, making the F63 a keen desire for large individuals.

Sole’s “Cushion Flex” shock soaking up technology will help reduce stress through your joints as you stroll or run on the F63. This Sole f63 treadmill review is a nice feature for parents who have had joint aches or injuries looking to reduce stress as plenty as possible throughout their workout routines.


The F63 arrives with a 3.0 CHP, DC motor. This treadmill can reach a top 12 mph speed with this effective motor, which should be speedy sufficient for maximum (five minutes/mile tempo).

Sole uses heavy-responsibility flywheels with their motors to offer a smoother going for walks enjoy for the users. Still, it also keeps the engine going for walks more relaxed (which prolongs the motor).

They additionally user big, 2.5″ rollers for smoother belt motion and a more significant durable going for walks floor.

This device additionally has 15 levels of electricity incline for brought intensity. The incline stage can be selected manually (0.5% at a time) or with the fast set buttons (the velocity additionally has short set buttons).

This treadmill gives ten general workout applications: 6 preset (aerobic, fat burn, and so forth), two coronary heart fee focused exercises and a couple of custom.

Overall, the F63 geared up with a robust motor and plenty of exercising options to keep you operating. Impressive for a treadmill below $1000.

How is the build slight?

You wouldn’t understand it with the aid of its build friendly; however, the Sole F63 is, in reality, Sole’s most inexpensive treadmill at $1000.  These Sole f63 treadmill reviews are honestly a testimony to the excellent of Sole’s system.  All in their treadmills are excessive fine.

The Sole F63’s build excellent is just as suitable as a lot extra highly-priced treadmills.  Build high-quality is the leading crucial factor on a treadmill, and that’s why I always propose buying a mid-priced treadmill just like the F63 at least and no longer have the one’s cheap ones that gained lasted a year.

I even have had stories with cheaply made home exercise system that falls apart as you’re using it.  We handled a budget treadmill (I received to point out the call) in which the belt cut up into two as I become strolling on it! It turned into sufficient for me to say “in no way once more,” and now my circle of relatives and I most effectively use unique gadgets.

Is it too loud?

The steel body at the Sole F63 is indeed thick and heavy and comes with a lifetime warranty.  The F63 is stable as a rock and won’t rattle or vibrate as you run on it.  Having a damn piece of exercising system drains me quicker than a full dash.

The Sole F63 also has a cushioned layer that enables it to stay quiet while you run.  Sole f63 treadmill reviews call it the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, and its method that the deck has a little bit of providing with every step you are taking.  I like to concentrate on audiobooks simultaneously as I run to stay productive, and I can without problems, pay attention while going for walks.

Not handiest does the cushioning make the deck quieter, but its miles sincerely simpler in your ft and joints.  I stopped going for walks on concrete some time ago because of bad knees, and I only used elliptical for a while, so the Sole F63 is fantastic for me.

What is it want to run?

Overall the Sole F63 runs fantastic.  It has quite an effective three CHP motor that helps it keep its velocity as I said earlier than it’s miles low impact that’s superb for my knees and ft.

There are a few issues, although.  One trouble is that the console and the palms seem kind of low.  It doesn’t sincerely reason any problems for me except I’m on a steep incline; however, I can believe that taller humans could have issues needing to lean over unnaturally if you want to attain the controls.

Another problem is that its miles sluggish to exchange speeds.  For some reason, the Sole F63 looks as if it takes some time to hurry or alternate from four mph to 6 mph.  This Sole f63 treadmill review is essentially no more than a minor annoyance for me considering that I tend to run at a steady speed; however, if you wanted to do c programming language education, it could be trouble.

What Features does the Sole f63 treadmill have?

The layer

The squash on the Sole F63 is a massive 20 inches via 60 inches.  This Sole f63 treadmill review is one in every of the largest running spaces on a treadmill in this rate variety.  Most treadmills at this Price can have a tread duration of fifty-five inches, which starts evolved to experience crowded as you begin to accelerate.

Sole says that the tread belt is two-ply.  I have by no means required to replace a tread belt before, but you may, without a doubt, feel the distinction in quality between a one and a pair of ply belt.  It should last you a long term.

I already mentioned the cushion system earlier, so I won’t go into detail once more.  I’ll simply say that Sole’s Cushion Flex Whisper Deck system works and makes going for walks quiet and simpler.

Many humans want to understand how high the deck is off the floor due to the fact they may be both tall or have low roofs.  The Sole F63 has a pretty flat deck as compared to many treadmills at 7.5 inches.  Some ProForms and NordicTracks could have decks that are nearly a foot off the ground.

The Sole f63 treadmill is very convenient for anyone who doesn’t have a dedicated home fitness center room.  Boosting the deck into the folded position is notably smooth because of the piston that facilitates the burden.  Also, while it’s far folded up, the F63 may be tilted and wheeled out of the way.  Don’t plan on wheeling into a one of a kind room even though because it is more comprehensive than maximum doorways.

When you equip to lower it down, you simply press against the deck and pull the big yellow lever and fall.  The piston does all of the lowerings be just right for you, so you don’t need to decrease it yourself.  It will merely gently and quietly fall to the floor.

Speed and slope

The Sole f63 treadmill can go from .5 mph to 12 mph.  This Sole f63 treadmill review is quite a wide variety, although some cheaper models best move up to ten.  One of the problems I have located is that there isn’t a button for each velocity at the console.  The mph buttons pass 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, and 12.  It’s humorous because my two favorite speeds are six mph and eight mph, which don’t have their buttons.  So in case you want to run six mph, you will press the five-button and then the up button ten times.  This Sole f63 treadmill review is inconvenient, mainly while you are running fast.

The incline can pass from flat to a 15% grade, and the button layout is the same manner as it is with speed.  The console buttons move 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 12, 15.  If you desired to run at a 4% grade, be organized to push numerous buttons.

Of direction, the hassle with the buttons often impacts those who like to run on guide, like me.  There is speed and incline on the plus facet and up and down buttons on the hands of the F63.  This Sole f63 treadmill reviews make the button trouble not so terrible because it’s far a lot less difficult to adjust your speed and incline through the use of the buttons at the fingers instead of on the console.

Heart fee monitors

One neat component you get with the Sole F63 is a chest strap coronary heart fee screen.  Usually, these are blanketed handiest on more luxurious models.  A chest strap is correct than a Fitbit or pulse grips.  Plus, you can’t exactly use the heartbeat grips while you’re strolling, but you can effortlessly run with a bosom strap.

The chest band connects with the treadmill, and you may then regulate your pace and incline based on your heart charge.

Workout applications

The Sole F63 had ten constructed in exercise packages.  There are six well-known applications, two packages that you can customize, and two coronary heart programs.

The heart applications are cardio and fat burn.  The aerobic applications use the heart rate screen and adjust the treadmill’s rate and incline based on your heart price.

It relies upon your age and weight what your goal coronary heart fee can be at the heart packages.  But the aerobic exercise continues your heart rate honestly excessive, and the fat burn program keeps your coronary heart price handiest type of extreme.

Music and sound device

The console on the F63 has plenty of loudspeakers.  There is an auxiliary port (similar to a headphone jack) inside the console’s middle where you could plug to your telephone or mp3 player to listen to track via the speakers.

This Sole f63 treadmill review should have a function for parents.  Before kids, I should run with headphones in; however, now I need to maintain my ears open!

I do desire that the Sole F63 could play the track through Bluetooth.  I don’t want to have the cable cluttering up my console.  The treadmill does have Bluetooth; however, it can’t use for playing songs.


Not only can the Sole f63 treadmill review connect to your chest strap heart fee reveal with Bluetooth, but it could additionally hook up with innovative health tools.  You can ship all your exercise information for your fit bit or Apple health or many different devices and packages.

You also can use Bluetooth to see all your fitness statistics live for your smartphone or tablet.  It type of mirrors the screen of the F63 for your cellphone.

But like I stated earlier, you may’s play tune via the Bluetooth, which is a characteristic I genuinely desire it had.

The console

There is lots of area and quite a few compartments on the F63.  You may want to suit a gaggle of oversized water bottles, a few smartphones, and a couple of books in case you needed to.  I want to keep my console clean of chaos, though, and I don’t allow the kids to position their toys in any cubicle.

One “must-have” for me is a fan, and thankfully the Sole F63 has one.  There are fanatics on the console’s pinnacle within the middle, which could blow cold air proper to your face.

The display on the F63 isn’t top-notch marvelous. It’s a 6.5 inch, sky-blue and white LCD; many other businesses are putting large appealing touchscreens on their treadmills.  Of direction, I have stated earlier than that I’m not sure that a touchscreen on a treadmill is a lot higher than only having physical buttons.

The display shows the coronary heart rate, pace, pace, incline, energy burned, and other statistics.

How Is The Sole F63 Delivered?

No treadmill is straightforward to have introduced and moved around.  It’s the strength of the beast while you purchase a 250-pound item.  The Sole F63 comes in a massive container with three toes extensive, 7 foot 2 inches long, and 17 inches thick.  All together with the field, it weighs between 250 and three hundred pounds.

Unless you’re competing in the World’s Strongest Man competition, you need to now not even try to pass this component using yourself!  You need two sturdy guys as a minimum.  I endorse having the shippers give it into your house and take it to the room where you need to keep it.  From there, assembling it, your self is simple.

However, if having an assisting hand isn’t a trouble for you, simply head over to Amazon and get there with unfastened shipping and free customer support (they always facet with the purchaser in case you ever have any issues).

If you order from Sole’s website, you’ve got three shipping options, general residential, ground interior, and turnkey.

Standard residential is an unfastened choice in which all they do is get it to your private home.  If I study successfully, it looks like you’re even accountable for getting it off of the truck!  No, Thank you!

The subsequent alternative is my favorite, ground internal.  If you choose this selection, the transport guys will bring the treadmill internal your house to any room you like, even up or downstairs.  Make sure you’ve got them to bring it to the place that you want to store it in because it is there, you may not be able to flow it out.  You should collect the F63 yourself with this selection; however, assembly is straightforward and takes much less than an hour. This option expenses $99.

Turnkey is the very last option.  This Sole f63 treadmill review is where the shippers will flow it into your home and then bring together the treadmill themselves—this option fees $239.  You will want this choice if you have no interest in trying to get together the F63 yourself.

How to Solidify the LS1 Error on the Sole F63?

If you study different Sole F63 treadmill evaluations, you’ll locate a few humans complaining that they couldn’t use their F63 because it got here with low-paced blunders called LS1.  I have not had this problem; however, I have read about it.  You can, without a doubt, sometimes fix this error yourself, and there may be no need to name client assistance or haul your hair out.

Stage 1

Turn your treadmill off and afterward back on.

Stage 2

Eliminate the wellbeing key (that purple issue that forestalls the treadmill if it eliminates).

Step 3

Hold down the inception and speed up buttons on the console even as you placed the safety key back in the vicinity.

After you do those steps, the screen will go mild up, after which some words will scroll across the bottom.  Press enter, and it’ll take you thru a few steps to adjust your treadmills, such as asking you the wave size (2.5), the most reduced velocity (.5), the pinnacle pace (12), and the incline (15).

Once you are finished urgent all the buttons, it will begin trying out its functions; you do not need to be status on it.  The tune will accelerate all the manner to 12 mph, and the incline will move up.

The Sole F63 Treadmill Review – Comparisons to Other Treadmill

Sole F63 treadmill vs F65

The Sole F65 is just a few levels up from the F63; however, it is commonly the same.  The F65 has a more powerful effective motor at 3.25 CHP, and additionally, a song this is 2 inches wider than the F63.  The broader music is, in reality, what makes the two treadmills specific.  The display is also a chunk more massive on the F65 at 7.5 inches instead of 6.5.  But the screen isn’t any one-of-a-kind other than that one extra inch.

The Sole F65 is some hundred dollars greater at $1299.  I suppose when you have a large gate or a more significant individual, typically, than perhaps the more $300 greenbacks might be worth it.

Sole F63 treadmill vs F80

The F80 is, in reality, some steps above the F63.  The F80 has a miles extra effective 3.5 CHP motor, a much more comprehensive 9-inch display, and a much wider 22-inch tread.  It also has a better weight capability at 375 pounds, wherein the F63 has 325 kilos.

Those are typically small improvements; however, they could suggest loads to amazing people.

The F80 Price is $1499, and the F63 is $999.

Sole F63 treadmill vs ProForm 995

The ProForm 995 is just like the Sole F63 in lots of ways.  Both treadmills have equal strolling space, and their motors have an identical quantity of energy.

The considerable difference is that the ProForm 995 is well-matched with iFit.  IFit is a big draw, you have to buy the subscription, and the ProForm 995 is likewise $500 extra than the F63.

Without iFit, greenback for dollar, the Sole F63 is a miles higher treadmill.

Who Is The Sole F63 For?

The Sole F63 is a great mid-priced treadmill that nearly everyone may be glad about.  People who need to invest in the health of themselves and their families will discover that the F63 will serve them properly for many years.

People who exceed the 325-pound weight restrict will want to improve to a larger version.

Where to Buy the Sole F63 Treadmill?

If you’re inclined to pay for someone to deliver the treadmill to your home and set it up for you as nicely, the turnkey provider with Sole Fitness might be for you.

However, in case you need easy shipping with comfortable customer support, I would, in my opinion, go along with Amazon, where the returns and customer service is pleasant and smooth in case you ever want it.

Bottom Line

The Sole F63 treadmill is a strong mid-charge performer that is good for home use. It’s not the maximum superior treadmill available on the market; however, it has the whole thing you have to walk, run, or run at domestic. The 3-horsepower motor approaches its rapid enough for maximum customers, and the 15% incline is steep sufficient for all, however, the hardiest hill walker.

While the onboard laptop is quite simple, the Bluetooth connectivity approach has no problem preserving yourself entertained as you work out, either with song or video. As a delivered bonus, you can subscribe without cost to Sole Fit and use the app to control your treadmill and track your outdoor workouts.

The built-in fanatics and the Comfort Flex walking deck will ensure that your workout routines are cozy and fun.

The Sole F63 treadmill should afford years of devoted carrier and be without difficulty folded away for garage while no longer in use. For the rate, this compact treadmill is hard to overcome.

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