Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

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Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench is the entirety of the best weight benches in the marketplace. Today, we’ll be discussing all of the essential components of it. People have asked various questions regarding this bench, including buying substitute components, a hundred lbs weight set, bench manual & instructions, and extra. There are in particular fashions ggbe19615, ggbe1486. We’ll cowl them as well.

If you are studying this text, I’m pretty sure that you are interested in buying a weight bench. There are heaps of fitness center gadget groups that make the load benches. But locating the right one for your self is every so often a bit complex. You have to hold a pair of factors in thoughts about this, including affordability, durability, guarantee, and ease of use. We’ll be covering all crucial aspects in element within the under sections.

It comes with the adjustable returned assist, which you may incline at your disposal and do the various exercise at your comfort. In most instances, consumers complain approximately the bench’s stability; however, right here, you gained face that hassle, and its stable base provides you a smooth workout enjoy.

The concrete base helps you to maintain the proper body posture and, in the end, engages the lower and higher frame correctly. XRS 20 additionally has the squat rack, and you may also slide far from the bench, which offers you more room for dumbbell workouts.

On pinnacle of it, you furthermore may get preacher curl base and leg developer, that’s without a doubt top in your biceps and leg exercises. You can dozens of workout variations and have the right to complete body exercise.

Also, consistent with the company, they have stored all the safety measures into consideration, so you should not fear approximately that.

When you do exercising at your home, typically, there is no spotter. In that case, you could set a protection bar helps at various specific heights, so the bar doesn’t flow beneath a particular factor. This weight bench is suitable for humans of different sizes. Even though you’re tall as 6feet 3inches or short as 5feet 2inches, you’ll without difficulty adjust in length without problems.

We’ll talk about extra in detail in the evaluation segment. I propose you examine the object very well and watch the underneath video till you have proper readability approximately the product you are shopping. In case you have any questions, you can let us understand inside the feedback down under. We’ll try to reply as quickly as possible.

Technical Details and Specs

•        Bench assembled dimensions: 72L x 26W x 22H inches (183L x 66W x 56H cm)

•        Rack assembled dimensions: 32L x 48W x 64H inches (81L x 122W x 162H cm)

•        Total assembled weight: 128 lbs (58 kg)

•        Rack weight capability: three hundred lbs (136 kg)

•        Bench weight capability: six hundred lbs (272 kg)

•        Possible sports: 10+

•        Warranty: 90 days

To keep away from any confusion, the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 consists of an adjustable weight bench, with a leg improvement attachment and a curl pad, but additionally comes with a squats rack with protection bars for chest press sporting activities. The entire set does now not include a barbell, dumbbell bars, or weight plates.

Full body workout of weider xrs 20 olympic workout bench

Most of the burden benches focus on your upper frame workout. But this engages your complete body and offers you higher activity enjoyment. It has a preacher pad wherein you can do the numerous biceps exercise. The leg improvement attachment is right to your calf and hamstring. If you never used the burden bench earlier, and this is your first time, I might tremendously advise you to go through the user manual.

In the beginning, don’t try and push too much. Try to recognize the device first; as soon as you understand how to use it and the safety precautions, you can begin doing excessive exercise on it.


You can do some sincerely powerful workout routines with the aggregate of the barbell, weight plates, and dumbbells. Below are some of the principle exercises that you could do on this bench.

Hammer Bench Press: This is a perfect workout that engages your chest and biceps. In the exercise, you take hold of the dumbbells of appropriate weight and lie face up on the bench. Keep the ft flat at the ground; you position your palms immediately to the shoulders. Then you take dumbbells up and then deliver your fingers lower back. That’s one rep.

Triceps Dip: This workout is appropriate for your triceps and handiest needs on the bench. No dumbbells and bar required. You sit on the edge of the bench, setting your palms downwards. You area your legs straight, maintaining the fingers instantly, then you deliver your frame after which up. That’s one triceps dip rep.

Preacher Curl: Place your top fingers at the preacher pad, after which clutch an E-Z bar. The palm ought to face ahead and slightly tilted toward the inward path. You breathe and lower the bar smoothly till your biceps are fully stretched, and you then exhale and bring lower back the bar to the starting role. You can do 4-5 sets of 10-15 reps.

Leg Curls: Leg curls help construct balance and muscle balance. In this exercise, you take a seat on the bench (You can also adjust the bench attitude at your disposal), and you then positioned your legs below the leg development attachment. Put the ideal weight on the branch, and then you could pull it down and convey it returned. Keep your center tight, and motion ought to be easy. This weider xrs 20 Olympic workout bench works for your legs and the center part of your body.

There are extra than 20 workouts that you could do with the gadget. Below are some of the principle workout routines that you can deliver an attempt.

•        Shrugs

•        Back squats

•        Front squats

•        Incline dumbbell curls

•        Flat barbell bench press

•        Seated aspect laterals

•        Dumbbell Lunges

•        Pullovers

•        Incline dumbbell flys

Build quality of weider xrs 20 olympic workout bench

The Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench construct of robust metallic tubes. It also has desirable completion, dyed with grey corrosion-resistant paint. Its outer appearance is pretty top. Good satisfactory cushioning is there with durable upholstery. It will be final for years without any wear and tear. You can incline and decline the bench at several significant positions. You can bend the bench up to 70degree at the same time as declining is only as much as five stages. It can aid user up to 300lbs that is an honestly appropriate potential.

Let’s talk about the Squat rack that’s suitable for Olympic 7′ bar. It has a weight plate stopper for higher protection. I sincerely love that the bench can slide away from the rack, which offers you more space for a workout, and you could, without difficulty, do bench and chest press with none glitch. The preacher pad is fixed at 30degree that, unfortunately, can’t be changed. Though, you can trade the vertical top-up to a few stages.


This weider xrs 20 Olympic workout bench is one of the best benches beneath the $300 range. Considering the price, it’s no longer reasonably-priced, but it is worth it’s funding as it comes with quite a few features. Though, you would possibly spend extra bucks in shopping for the dumbbells and barbells. If you want a few high-quit options, then you could examine the higher alternatives phase. Also, allow us to recognize in the feedback do you think this is worth its charge?


The base may be excellent, and it doesn’t wobble in any respect. It has integrated protection catches with firm support. You never realize, but things may turn out to be absolutely all of a sudden when you are doing the bench press by yourself. It will get rid of the opportunity of the bar falling on your chest. The protection trap has 10inches of width that you could alter at the exceptional top as a result.

Compatible with dumbbells or Olympic bar

One of the incredible capabilities of the XRS 20 is the truth that it can be used collectively with the squat rack for barbell physical activities, or may use the bench, in my opinion, for dumbbell sporting events. Having the option to use various weights offers you more alternatives to incorporate into your exercise.

It would be hard to apply dumbbells on most other Olympic benches because the squat stand is usually permanently attached, so it may also impede your motion. If you’re after the Gold’s Gym weight bench with the lat pull-down, it’s far from the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 you would want.

6-roll leg developer

Work your quads and your hamstrings with the 6-roll leg developer. A perfect attachment to have as you possibly wouldn’t buy a separate system to work just your hamstrings, so the leg developer guarantees you gained be neglecting your hamstring muscle tissues.

Preacher pad & curl yoke

Used to teach your biceps and forearms, may eliminate each attachment while you’re not using it, so it doesn’t get to your manner. If you choose, you could cast off the curl yoke and use simply the preacher pad alongside a dumbbell to teach your palms.

The curl yoke might not be at ease for all customers, so using a dumbbell gives you a much wider variety of movement, and your activity is not as constrained.

Adjustable safety spotters

Believe it or no longer, but having safety spotters helps you conquer a few physiological barriers and help you push a little bit greater than you usually might. Knowing you’ve got a shape of security can help boost your self-assurance and intellectual strength.

Adjust the protection spotters to your chosen position for bench press and squat sports. Having an actual spotter would nevertheless be better, but the safety spotters are the first-rate opportunity.

Multiple positions

Can be fitted to flat, incline, and decline positions like full adjustable exercise benches. Many Olympic courts do not now have as many adaptable places as ordinary bars do. So, the Gold’s gymnasium XRS 20 Olympic workout bench truly offers you the identical flexibility as an adjustable bench might.

Weight plate garage

On the return of the squat stand, you might use two posts to store weight plates once you’ve completed yours’re exercising. Ideal for keeping your exercising place tidy! It’s also reachable to put weights on right here while workout to assist the stand.

Maximum weight

A pretty strong bench that’ll be perfect for novices to intermediates; the most limits are as follows:

Squat rack – 300 lbs

Bench – 300 lbs

Squats Rack

The most crucial aspect of the squats racks that need to underline right here is its design for Olympic 7′ bars. The distance between the rack’s upright posts is 41.5″ (105 cm) at the internal and approx 48″ (122 cm) on the outdoor. This weider xrs 20 Olympic workout bench means a Standard, 6′ bar is just too quick for it, and its weight plate stoppers might fall on the pinnacle or in between the upright posts of the rack. Also, even though a 6′ bar might exceed the upright publish, there’s gained be an excessive amount of clearance remaining for its sleeves to load it with numerous plates. So, it’s first-class to choose a 7′ Olympic bar for this rack and bench as a small end right here.

The squats rack protected with the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 doesn’t have a huge footprint. It’s 32″ (eighty-one cm) long and 48″ (122 cm) wide, and when it comes to the space needed for its use on my own, you gained need tons extra than that, maybe one more foot on the front. The upright posts are adjustable although, proposing nine adjustment holes with approx—3″ (7.6 cm) between them. The bar’s most height is 64″ (162 cm).

The rack capabilities 9.5″ (24 cm) trap bars, with four attachment positions every, It has two pegs for the weight plate garage, with 1″ fashionable thickness included with the set. The pegs connect to the rack at the rear.

The body of these squats racks made of metal tubing, lined with corrosion-resistant paint; it’s strong enough to guide weights up to 300 lbs (136 kg).


The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 fundamental factor is the weight bench. Its body is constructed from the same metal tubing because the squats rack, dyed with grey, corrosion-resistant paint. It functions as durable upholstery, made of synthetic fabric, with approx—3″ (7.6 cm) of cushioning, presenting all the consolation required for the available physical games.

It’s an adjustable weight bench presenting numerous positions, such as incline, horizontal, and decline. Its most incline position sets the backrest at an altitude of approx. 70°, while the most superficial decline position puts it approx. 5° below 180°.

This Gold’s Gym weight bench is quite robust, being able to aid a total weight of 600 lbs (272 kg), or in another way positioned a most of 300 lbs (136 kg) of person weight and 300 kg (136 kg) of purposeful measurement.

When it proceeds to dimensions, the bench is 72″ (183 cm) long and stands approx. 22″ (56 cm) high, while adjusted in the horizontal role. It’s width measures 26″ (66 cm), being extensive enough to offer the required consolation and stability for all sporting activities. Also, thinking about that it stands 22″ above the floor stage, shorter users, beneath 5′ may find it a bit tough to the touch the floor while appearing horizontal presses. But as a standard idea, the bench needs to healthy customers of all heights with ease.

The bench comes with two primary attachments: preacher pad and leg improvement attachment.

Preacher pad

This exercise station is naturally designed for preacher curls. It functions the identical upholstery because the bench, and it’s set at an angle of approx—30 °. The tip of the preacher pad is non-adjustable. However, its vertical put up has three top adjustment situations.

A curved bar (or curl yoke) for missionary curl exercises is supplied with the bundle. This bar is relatively easy, presenting comfortable grips. Both the missionary pad and curl yoke are detachable.

Leg development attachment

This unique workout station allows carrying out both leg extensions and leg curls. It’s sincerely the detail that bears the load attachment peg for the curl yoke as well. This peg is 1″ thick, designed for preferred weight plates. However, the package additionally consists of an adapter for it, which presents the 2″ thickness required for Olympic weight plates. This part is also detachable, much like the preacher pad.

The leg attachment integrates three padded rollers units to offer the usual consolation for leg branches and curls. The wadding on them is made of rubber foam fabric.

The weighted end of the leg attachment is 300 lbs (136 kg).

Possible Exercises

The foremost exercises that may be carried out with this fitness gadget are:

•        Bench press

•        Incline bench press

•        Decline bench press

•        Dumbbell press

•        Incline dumbbell press

•        Decline dumbbell press

•        Preacher curl

•        One-passed preacher curl

•        Leg curl

•        Leg extension

•        Squat

However, considering that the squats rack’s lateral posts make bigger 64″ (162 cm) upwards, via placing an Olympic or Standard bar on top of those posts, you ought to also be capable of carrying out pull-U.S.A. And chin-ups. Of route, for those sports, you’ll need to maintain your knees bent.


The Assembly of the gadget is quite simple. It is recommended to go through the user manual first. Though, the system may be straightforward once you recognize what the process is. You don’t get tools with the package. You have to shop for them one by one, which includes adjustable wrenches and screwdrivers. Tight the nuts and bolts well so that they don’t come off in the center of the exercising, which could be very risky.

Maintenance of the burden bench is minimum. You may have to place the lubricant sometimes at the joints. If you need greater comfort, I might suggest you buy some XRS 20 add-ons.


•        It has the excellent construct first-rate and lightweight at the equal time. You can effortlessly move it from one vicinity to another.

•        Rack and bench aren’t linked. You can slide away from the bench, which gives more area for your higher body exercises.

•        It additionally has a preacher pad and leg improvement adjustment, which’s useful in attractive your complete frame muscle tissue.

•        It is a low protection machine, and you could without difficulty collect it after studying the consumer manual.

•        It is also very compact and may be stored in a minimal location on your property.


•        There are no protection catches while doing squats; they are only for chest press.

•        You can’t change the preacher pad’s attitude, and additionally, the leg curler’s top isn’t always adjustable.

•        Can decline the bench as much as five levels most straightforward.

•        It most effective comes with 90days assurance length, which isn’t excellent.

•        You don’t get barbells with the bundle. You must spend extra money to buy them.

Alternative selections

Marcy MWB-20100

Did space deprive however nonetheless want an Olympic bench? The Marcy MWB-20100 is a folding Olympic bench, which makes it a superb choice. A fold-up exercising bench is a very sensible choice in case you’re missing space.

Includes just as many and comparable attachments; however, one of the downfalls is that you couldn’t use this unit for squats. Marcy does provide a far higher assurance alternative, so this bench will be well worth considering.

Marcy MWB-20100 Review

Body-Solid GFID225

It provides a much higher most weight ability, so perfect for each person who can push past the three hundred pound potential the XRS 20 gives. Also, backed through an entire life guarantee, so it designs to ultimate for a life-time. Not to mention the fact that it can fold up and fit appropriately underneath your mattress!

Unfortunately, this bench makes price extra money as you can consider, and it’s best well-matched with dumbbells in preference to an Olympic bar.


We have included everything that you ought to recognize on this Weider XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench. It engages the upper and lower frame muscle tissues successfully. The build great is super, and it lasts for years. Though, there are a few negatives as correctly because it doesn’t have barbell help for squats and no longer suitable in case you need to lift heavyweights, honestly. The availability of preacher pad and leg developer makes it stand out from the crowd.

So, the choice is up to you whether you need to move for it or not. If you want to attempt something else, you can look at a better alternative. In case you have any questions or recommendations, you can let us recognize them within the feedback beneath.

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