fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage

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fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage

The fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage is a mid-priced domestic gym product for medium and superior degree weight running shoes. As expected, it is strong and heavy-responsibility. It gives 19 peak adjustment alternatives. However, the hole spacing isn’t as consistent with Westside spacing standards (the gold widespread in strength racks). It’s miles nevertheless a nicely-designed product with options to feature additional add-ons and attachments and create a multi-functional home fitness center setup.

When assembled, it weighs 133.5 lbs, which is not too marvelous compared to the commercial-grade electricity racks (so one can fee you extra than $1000). But, 133lbs weight is sufficient to provide you ok balance, so you received the ground bolting option. 

Here is how a consumer has summed up the Fitness Reality 810xlt Super Max Power Cage:

The Fitness Reality 810XLT rack is an implausible price. (I purchased it for best $169). It is rated for 800 lbs, has an excellent area, does now not want to be bolted down, and is likewise very strong. The 800 lbs ability is plenty for the general public of all ages who need to do strength schooling. For reference, using the calculator on the electricity stage, if you may squat 300 lb, you would be squatting extra than 65% of fellows ages 24-39 who electricity teach. You don’t want different than this rack for a home health club.”

After studying this testimonial and many others, we believe it’s miles a tremendous access-level energy rack for extreme weight running shoes looking for lower-priced and solid and sturdy power cage. 

To be sincere, you can discover an appropriate variety of electricity cages that are inexpensive than Fitness Reality 810XLT, but most of them intended for beginners. They do not have a robust shape and cannot handle numerous weights and rigorous use. Such squat racks will put on out within a few months. If Fitness Reality 810XLT suits your price range and your exercise needs, you need to cross for it. 

Let’s take a brief look at its critical functions, after which, we can come up with an in-depth description of Fitness Reality 810xlt Super Max Power Cage so you could recognize what to expect from it.

Key Features and details

• Assembled measurements: 68L x 46.5W x 84.5H inches (173L x 118W x 215H cm)

• Assembled weight: a hundred and fifty+ lbs (68+ kg)

• Weight capability:

Cage & protection bars: 800 lbs (362.Eight kg)

Let pull-down attachment: 270 lbs (122.4 kg);

• Upright bar positions: 19

• Possible exercises: 40+

• Warranty: 1 12 months limited

Best Suited to Whom?

The Fitness Reality 810XLT Power rack gives more than what you pay for it. This gadget appeals to numerous human beings as it has a weight potential of 800 lbs and offers 19 exercise tiers. The delicate part approximately this machine is that the consumer can purchase extras like dip bars, j-hooks, or weight plate garage and convert this finances electricity cage into exclusive domestic use.

It is, without a dilemma, one of the nice entry-stage energy racks available inside the market. This power rack is ideal for an amateur in addition to a professional lifter.

Build fine/Design

 2″ x 2″ steel tubing and a usual weight of 133lbs make the Fitness Reality a relatively stable energy rack; ideally, when you are buying an electricity rack, you would be seeking out the load of the frame to be over one hundred seventy five-200lb mark. Still, then we’d be searching at shelves two times the charge.

The 133lb weight will make sure a few an outstanding deal-wished balance; however you want to recollect this isn’t always a bolt to the floor rack, and with a low weight like this, the frame may additionally tilt ahead with a few exercises. That said, you shouldn’t have a whole lot problem so long as you are running within the rack.

With a few DIY tinkering, I’m positive you can find a manner to connect the body to the ground for extra balance.

The Reality Fitness rack has constructed to house the 7ft Olympic bar duration as all frames ought to do; the protection bars are durable steel and chromed and are 23″ in course. J hooks are to had to buy one after the other, and these are, in reality, a buy I could endorse because the bar holders look to be questionable.

The density of the 2″x 2″ steel body is 00.86, making it 14 gauge metal; the enterprise fashionable is eleven gauges, try not to stress a lot over having a higher measure.

The higher measure will make the rack lighter; however, from the many various reviews I even have studied approximately this rack, it sounds excellent for its weight.

When we purchase a rack, one of the most critical factors we want to don’t forget is depth, first the stroll-intensive, and secondly, the center of the gap between the upright pillars.

Powerlifters don’t need to worry too much approximately intensity because the bar has extensive travels in a direct line, for squats, presses, and deadlifts. However, for us jocks, we need some additional profundity for curve developments, such as relieving and expansions. 

Column To Pillar Depth

A base profundity of around 23-24″ between columns is worthy; it must provide you with sufficient forward and backward area for bar journey. Allowing you to twist the barbell without problems, that’s just what the 810XLT has, so a thumbs up right here, that’s extraordinary to look from an entry-degree electricity rack.

The 810XLT is a closed power rack, this is what bodybuilders are seeking out, and it helps provide the frame that more excellent balance and rigidness and, importantly, lets in for a chin-up bar.

Open pinnacle racks are super for standing presses but don’t provide you with the choice for a chin-up bar; we do now not want an available pinnacle rack.

Note: This rack is pretty tall at 83.5″; it isn’t always appropriate for low ceilings; additionally, plate garage can be on the back of this rack, so it’ll not be viable to shop in opposition to the wall in case you choose to buy the plate storage improve.


800lb weight potential is pretty first-rate for an electricity rack costing under $250 bucks; apart from the acute lifters amongst us, there won’t be many wanting a weight capability higher than 800lbs. This rack needs to be desirable to almost everybody, from newbie to superior on the load potential.

The weight capacity is that this rack’s essential selling feature, and it’s something that will make this a trendy frame among all kinds of weightlifters.

Whole Spacing

It’s disappointing to look the three″ hole spacing at the 810XLT, at the same time as a lot of you’ll be ok with it, a number of you’ll discover the spacing is just too extensive, we usually like to see 2″ spacing on power racks with the gold preferred being 1″-1.5″. Still, we speak to me $250 here, so we will’s assume the whole lot to be ideal.

3″ spacing will affect your bench urgent; you received too much for squatting; however, it could be intricate for benching, so this is aware

If you do have troubles with the spacing of the Fitness Reality rack and cardio climber, it shouldn’t be too challenging to discover a few 1″ plywoods to place underneath when you’re benching; this could narrow the space right down to the preferred 2″.

Frame, components, and add-ons

The Fitness Reality 810XLT power cage functions a heavy-responsibility body made of 2″ x 2″ tubular steel. All the metallic components in its construction are powder covered with a corrosion-resistant finish. Simultaneously, the upright bars are gray as the bottom bars, the pinnacle chinning bars, and the behind stabilizer bars are black. The upright manual bar of the letting system and the safety bars have a chrome end.

The fully assembled cage with the let machine attached in all fairness massive. It has a trace of approx 68″L x 46.5″W (173 x 118 cm), even as its height exceeds 7′ (213 cm). Therefore, you will need a place of as a minimum 100″ x 100″ (254 x 254 cm) for it, and a ceiling top of as a minimum 8′ (244 cm).

Since it does now not include a weight stack like the Body-Solid Power line PSM1442XS as an example, this Fitness Reality electricity cage isn’t always extraordinarily heavy. Nonetheless, weighs more than 150 lbs (68 kg) without a barbell or weight plates connected. Therefore, it gives an excellent balance, so it doesn’t want to anchor to the floor. Its base bears don’t have pre-drilled holes for this motive. The relaxation on ABS pads for ground safety; however, it’s miles endorsed to gather also utilize the unit on a rubber treated tangle.

The confine upstanding bars have 19 connection positions for the protection bars or the dip bars if you opt for them (they are no protected). 223″ (58.4 cm) safety bars, and 231/4″ (8.2 cm) catch bars covered with the cage. They all have a chrome finish and rated for weight masses up to 800 lbs (362.8 kg).

The included Fitness Reality 710 let attachment geared up with seven heavy-duty pulleys which integrate ball bearings for easy motion and an extended lifespan. The cable’s precise tensile power isn’t unique; however, its miles a metallic thread with a nylon coating made to withstand a good deal extra than the let device’s maximum load.

A bench is no blanketed with the Fitness Reality 810XLT 2821; however, you may opt for the FR 1000 bench sold separately. However, the cage consists of the knee stopper attachment, which capabilities more thick foam rollers for advanced comfort.

In terms of add-ons, this Fitness Reality cage and let attachment device includes a quick bar for short rows, a curved bar for let pull-downs, a temporary extension chain, and two spring clips for the let attachment pegs.

Workout stations

The fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage offers four predominant exercise stations. These are:

Power cage. Like any other electricity cage, the 810XLT allows you to carry out squats, curls, shrugs, or other physical games even as correctly using a heavy barbell. A barbell and weight plates do not protect with the unit, but it is designed for utilization with 7′ Olympic barbells as a fashionable idea.

Pull-up and chinning station. This workout station includes curved parallel bars attached to the top of the cage. They have a multi-grip design, supplying the possibility to carry out all sorts of pull-up and chin-up sporting events. The weight capacity is not specific for these top bars; this means that you must perform any weighted pull-U.S.A. or chin-up with no troubles.

High-pulley station. This fitness reality 810xlt max power cage is the primary exercising station for the letting system. It gives the possibility to carry out lat pull-downs, triceps press-downs, and a multitude of other high-pulley cable sports. As we’ve stated above, a well-known 39″ (96.5 cm) lat bar protect for it. It has rubberized curved grips for most excellent comfort.

Low-pulley station. The unit’s low pulley lets in the execution of seated rows, stand-up curls, or other low pulley sporting events. A short bar with rubberized handles blanketed for this exercising station.

Weight Resistance System

As we’ve stated above, the fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage with lat attachment does not consist of a barbell and weight plates. The lat attachment no longer has its weight stack; however, it’s far prepared with Standard pegs (1″ in diameter), loaded with dumbbell or barbell weight plates. Each peg of the lat gadget shifting element measures 6.5″ (16.5 cm) to preserve as a minimum of some leaves.

The gadget does not encompass Olympic adapters for 2″ plates, but you could opt for a fixed and loaded lat gadget with Olympic plates. A lot of 1″ jumps on improving Standard plates on it included, though.

The lat system’s moving detail rated for a weight ability of 270 lbs (122.4 kg). The precise weight ratio provided through the lat gadget is not exact either.

Possible Exercises

• Pull-ups

• Wide grip pull-ups

• Muscle pull-ups

• Behind head pull-ups

• Around the arena pull-ups

• One arm pull-ups

• Cliffhangers

• Weighted pull-ups

• Chin-ups

• Close grip chin-ups

• Wide-grip chin-ups

• One hand chin-ups

• Weighted chin-ups

• Hanging knee increases

• Hanging leg increases

• Dips

• Assisted dips

• Weighted dips

• Band-resisted dips

• Dip to leg improve

• Side-to-side dips

• Gironda dips

• Reverse Gironda dips

• Lat pull-downs

• Close-grip pull-downs

• Behind head pull-downs

• Aerobic rowing

• Kneeling rowing

• Biceps curls

• Triceps press downs

• Chest presses

• Single-arm chest presses

• Wide grip chest presses

• Close grip chest presses

• High-pulley crunches

• High-pulley twist crunches

• Seated trunk rotations

• Standing trunk rotations

• Stand-up leg curls

• Calf raises

• Sit-ups

• Squats

• Single-leg squats

• Kneeling unmarried-leg squats

• Wide squats

• Twisting squats

• Jumping squats

• Hip extensions

• Hip adductions

• Hip abductions

• and greater

Of path, a number of those physical activities require more add-ons. For example, chest presses name for a bench, while dip physical activities require the drop to take care of attachments that are not protected. For lat pull-downs, if you don’t choose the bar, you could usually use a chair.

Assembly and Maintenance

The machine requires a full meeting. It comes in numerous bins, and the system will take at least a few hours. The blanketed manuals offer exceptionally clean meeting commands, and some of the equipment for the meeting are covered.

Once the device assembles, upkeep doesn’t require a whole lot. The lat machine shifting manual detail bar might also want periodic lubrication for a clean motion of the weight. Other than this, it is advocated to test the unit for unfastened bolts and elements periodically, and re-tighten them if it’s the case.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Attachments

My favorite function of this budget strength rack is what makes this track stand out for me over its competitors. The option they provide you with for buying extra extras, no longer many finances benches permit for stuff like dip bars, plate storage, and so forth.

This fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage is super news, plate garage for myself, and maximum bodybuilders is a should. Who desires to be bending down every time you want to feature a plate?

Plate garage is a space saver and a time saver, and we highly advise this additional add-on while purchasing this energy rack.

The dip attachment is a fantastic addition; dips are excellent for decreasing chest development. I, without a doubt, select drops for including decreased percent mass compared to say no pressing. So that is every other upload-on properly worth taking a study for this power rack.

The Pros

• Sturdy, all-steel body – can aid loads up to 800 lbs;

• 4 workout stations, electricity cage, including lat pull-down station, pull-up/chin-up station, low pulley station;

• The cage is designed for 7′ barbells;

• Smooth pulley and cable motion;

• Chrome-plated trap bars and safety bars rated for 800 lbs capacity;

• 19 attachment positions for the seize bars and protection bars;

• Knee stopper element protected presenting thick foam rollers for added comfort;

• Multi-grip pull-up station;

• 270 lbs weight ability for the lat machine;

• Lat pull-down bar included;

• Short bar for low pulley exercises blanketed;

• Spring clips for solving weight plates at the lat attachment are covered;

• Over forty viable practices;

• Quiet operation;

• Little upkeep required;

• Fairly easy to bring together for a domestic fitness center.

The Cons

• Dip handles not includes;

• Olympic (2″) adapters for the lat attachment are not protected.

Who Is This Rack For?

Just approximately anyone looking to flow up from dumbbell training to a few more massive weight barbell rack work, And due to its tremendous weight capacity of 800lb, even superior trainers ought to get a few heavy barbells to work out of this rack.

You can perform squats, pull-ups, incline presses, flat bench, shoulder shrugs, and a ton of different physical games and your rack, making it a versatile piece of domestic health club device.

Safety requires to be your number one priority while lifting heavy weight loads, so does this rack meet protection expectations? Yes, with 23″ catches for protection, this is dual-installed and 3.25″ protection pins, the entirety remains in the area.

With more support bars fixed to the back of the cage, making the rack even more muscular, you need to hopefully have much less wobble than a number of the opposite price range racks.

Note: Stabilizer bars can impede positive placements of your adjustable weight bench and maybe a hassle in your feet when taking the barbell for squats or urgent actions. I haven’t studied any proceedings regarding this rack and stabilizer bars.

Titan T-2 Series vs. Fitness Reality 810XLT

Another energy rack that I reviewed before making my choice turned into the Titan T-2 Series Power Rack. This unit is a piece greater steeply-priced for a squat cage, but it still possesses the 2″ x 2″ metallic uprights for sturdiness and stability. There is a ramification of sporting events that may execute with it, including army presses, shrugs, curls, bench presses, and squats.

This energy cage has a little less weight capability at only seven hundred kilos; that’s much less than that health fact 810xlt. It comes with J-hooks, which can be a heavy responsibility, and plates can store at the back’s garage plates.


The fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage is a great entry-level power rack. Though the bench is a chunk narrow, and this might make the person a bit uncomfortable while executing unique sporting activities, the energy rack is well worth considering. You can test out the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1 if you want to test a few options.

This strength racks beneath $500 and has a variety of critical safety functions. The power cage is quite huge and has numerous modifications, ensuring you get an entire body workout using a single machine. The meeting manner is relatively easy, and it has a guarantee for a yr.

Despite the few impediments, this Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage is genuinely worth purchasing as you can buy different connections and convert this into a significant home health club at 1/2 the value of a domestic gymnasium.

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