Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine gives all the requirements for a great cardiovascular exercising at the side of any and everything all at-home fitness fans ought to wish. This magnetic rowing gadget gives an eight-stage tension knob to without problems transfer up your workout intensity. With an easy twist, you can boom or decrease magnetic resistance so your workout can remain challenging and influential throughout your habitual. This rower capabilities massive textured pedals with safety straps to offer the user a non-slip surface and security. No count how intense your performance degree maybe, the steadiness of this rowing gadget will never be compromised. The SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine also offers a cushioned seat that provides the user at ease rowing revel. The device likewise prepared with a handy LCD that presentations critical workout statistics so you in no way marvel about your intricate paintings paying off.

Technical Features and Specifications

• Assembled measurement: 82L x 19W x 23H inches (208L x 48W x 58H cm)

• Product weight: 59 lbs (26.7 kg)

• Supported weight: 250 lbs (113.3 kg)

• Frame: Steel

• Footrests: With straps

• Resistance kind: Magnetic, eight ranges

• Performance reveal: Basic

• Warranty: Frame 1 years / Parts 90 days

Best Suited to Whom?

The SF-RW5515 Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine is the great magnetic rowing system suitable for all those who favor having upper and decreased body exercise with their fitness equipment. Those customers who look out for the first-rate cardio exercising sessions at home.

We should also opt for this magnetic rowing machine as it additionally helps to build muscle mass. The customers who specifically want to lose their stomach fats and reduce their usual body weight must buy this device because it involves using all the body’s primary muscle mass, resulting in higher fitness and flexibility.

This rowing device is a powerhouse of performance because it carries. The exercise of gluts, abs, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, obliques, top again, %, biceps, triceps, deltoids, and lats.

It is an excellent rowing device beneath $300 because it affords excellent performance with accurate outcomes.

Resistance machine

This Sunny rowing system functions as a manual magnetic resistance device. This approach, you don’t need to join it to an electrical circuit. The resistance device is incredibly much like the ones utilized in upright magnetic motorcycles, inclusive of the Exerpeutic 1200, concerning a decent flywheel and an attractive cushion. As you turn the opposition handle, the gorgeous place moved closer or farther when it comes to the flywheel; for this reason, the resistance adjusted. The flywheel in this rower is slightly larger in diameter and somewhat more massive than the ones utilized in folding magnetic bikes, including Exerpeutic 1200.

The resistance method of this rower features eight specific tiers. As a general idea, the primary stages provide little resistance, intended for mild aerobic, and for users with disabilities, novices, or customers who require recuperation schooling. But the 7-8 steps will provide quite a challenge to a beginner. However, as we’ve cited above, this gadget isn’t always precisely one recommended for a professional athlete rower, and one of the motives is that it has magnetic resistance. In different phrases, it doesn’t generate the “natural” feel of a Water Rower or an air rower along with the Concept2, as the resistance stays regular, doesn’t intensify if you pull harder. However, the system affords excellent aerobic schooling, focusing more than one company on muscle tissues.

Since this Sunny rower functions a magnetic resistance gadget, its operation is honestly clean and quiet. There’s now not drag, no air modern-day generated, and almost no sound as you exercise on the device. Thus, it’s a first-rate choice for condominium use, as you can be sure you gained disturb the acquaintances.

Frame production and different components

Most components inside this rowing device’s body products are the product of steel tubing, consisting of the main rail, the bases, and the parts on which the flywheel and other inner elements connect. All steel components a dyed silver, the paint being corrosion resistant. The best top plastic piece is the casing of the flywheel and resistance gadget.

The rower’s rail is strong sufficient to help users up to 250 lbs (113 kg). The fence is located at an angle now not fully horizontal, which means you’ll benefit from a higher exercise in your leg muscle groups and a slightly faster recovery movement.

The frame’s bases also make from metallic. They completed with plastic caps and rubberized, adjustable stabilizers. These now not best ensure the gadget’s maximum stability, even on abnormal floors, they will also prevent the flooring from maintaining scratches. Also, the front base combines caster wheels for a clean relocation. The device but isn’t always hefty. At fifty-nine lbs, nearly everybody ought to fold it and convey it to its storage location.

As you can see in the detailed photograph right here, this rowing machine functions a folding body. The rail folds up, lowering the period of the rower to greater than half. When prolonged, the rower is approx 82″ (208 cm) long, and 19″ (48 cm) wide. By collapsing the rail up, the length remains approx. 38″ (ninety-six cm), presenting higher garage possibilities. Its dimensions, this rowing device can be utilized by persons up to 6’7″ (201 cm) or even taller, relying on their inseam period. The track and pull-strap are long enough to deliver a full leg extension and rowing movement even for taller customers.

One of the main blessings concerning this rowing gadget is its seat. It is a vast, contoured seat, with regular cushioning, presenting exquisite comfort for rowing, and diminishing it. The chair glides on a fixed of four, excessive-grade rollers and integrating sealed ball bearings for extended use. In case you’re questioning, the seat’s highest factor above floor level is approx 8″ (20 cm) and will give you a complete elevation on the rear, of approx 10″ (25.4 cm).

The footplates supplied with this machine are substantial enough to deal with sports activities shoes of all sizes and provide the desired balance. They manufactured from heavy-duty nylon material and function heel guards, which will save you toes from sliding off.

Last, however, no longer least, the handlebar’s strap is made of strengthened nylon material. It’s exceptionally durable, much like a vehicle’s seat belt. The handlebar includes a comfortable, straight steel bar, 15″ lengthy (38 cm), blanketed by a rubber foam sheet, for additional consolation.


The console unit supply with the Sunny SF-RW5515 rowing gadget integrated into the flywheel case. It’s a simple console that maintains song of your exercise time, range, or strokes consistent with the session (count), the broad range of strokes (general rely on), and energy. Distance no protects by using this health meter. However, as a fashionable concept, it’s considered that one stroke is equal to one and a half meters. You can select this kind of values to display on the display screen in any respect time, or you can use the SCAN function so that it will show every cost for more than one seconds, then transferring to the following, and so forth.

The console capabilities three keys: SET, RESET, and MODE; with the MODE key, you may scroll through the console; the SET key gives you the possibility to choose one, even as RESET used to delete all exercising records to zero. The console is powered on while pulling the strap or while urgent one of the buttons. It makes use of 2-AA batteries.

Assembly and Maintenance

There are only four steps for meeting this Sunny rowing gadget: connecting the rail to the mainframe, adding the seat, then the rear stabilizer, and the pedals. The entire task shouldn’t take more than 20 min. Manual and tools for the meeting provided.

When it involves maintenance, you don’t certainly need to fear approximately the “insides” of the system. They come pre-lubricated from the manufacturing facility and must continue to be that manner for an extended period of use. The essential factor to have in mind for preservation and prolong the device’s existence is maintaining the gliding rail freed from sand, dirt, or small items that could motive nicks in it or damage the rollers.

The Pros

• Sturdy and solid construction;

• Folding frame, offering area-saving possibilities while the system isn’t always in use;

• Elegant layout;

• Cushioned, contoured seat;

• Pedals with heel guards and straps, supplying exquisite opportunities to relax your ft for your exercise;

• Eight levels of magnetic resistance;

• Fitness meter blanketed;

• Smooth and quiet operation, incredible for condominium use;

• Easy to collect;

• Easy to handle and relocate;

• Little maintenance required.

The Cons

• Takes quite a chunk of the area, period-clever, when prolonged, which can be a small room problem.

The Rowing Machine Buying Guide

• Perform a weekly test to your rowing machine. Check that the screws and nuts haven’t come loose. If they have, make an effort to tighten them. Use a lubricant at the screws and chains, so that they aren’t rubbing towards every different and shaving off any steel.

• Once in keeping with yr, it’s a terrific idea to take the rowing machine aside to modify and lubricate its inner components. You must have obtained a product care manual together with your purchase, which can take you through this method one step at a time. If you didn’t and don’t recollect yourself on hand, you could schedule an appointment with a mechanic and carry out the necessary renovation for you.

• Cleaning and disinfecting your rowing system frequently is extraordinarily critical. Choose an all-reason purifier with germ-combating competencies and use that and a lint-loose material to wipe down the rower’s floor. The handlebars, padded seat, and footrests are incredibly essential, as these spots are the most possibly to come in touch together with your sweat and the dirt out of your footwear. If you favor to wipe down the system with a moist fabric, you’ll need to spray the system down with a disinfectant later on. Let your rower dry before you resume using it in your workouts.

• Store your rowing device in a groovy, dry area while now not in use. Hot regions with more significant moisture should reason the steel parts of the system to rust.

• Always check with your family medical doctor earlier than you begin any new exercise recurring, even one on a rowing machine. This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine is particularly essential when you have any pre-existing fitness situations or are presently pregnant.

• Set health desires for yourself before the usage of the rowing system for the primary time. Start sluggish, as you can always increase your dreams in a while. You can list how lengthy you need to spend at the gadget in step with day, how many calories you want to burn, or how many strokes you need to obtain. Only taking the time to position those desires on paper will help you attain them.

• No matter what your finances, you’re sure to find a rowing device that lets you reach your fitness dreams. The Sunny Health SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine is one of the cheapest fashions. You’ll pay a moderate price for the Fitness Reality Bluetooth Magnetic Rowing Machine and the MaxKare Water Resistance LCD Monitor Rowing Machine. If you’re seeking out a rowing system with all of the bells and whistles, you cannot mind spending extra for the Bluefin Fitness Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine, which has the highest rate tag of the bunch.

Why Choose The Sunny Health Magnetic Rower?

Unlike several different entry-stage magnetic rowers, the SF-RW5515, without a doubt, receives a reward for the electricity of the resistance, even on stages as low as four-five.

The commonplace hassle with many finances rowers across the $200 mark is the absence of any severe resistance for extreme cardio workouts. However, there’s good news on the Sunny Health Magnetic Rower; it’s been quoted by way of many as having a sturdy, smooth resistance even at the decrease degrees.

This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine may be very encouraging for an access level rower; it’ll leave you quite a few rooms to grow, set desires, and improve fitness stages. It also makes the gadget appealing now, not best to beginners, but to intermediate customers.

Can I lose Calories Using the Sunny Health Rower?

With maximum price range fitness machines, calorie loss is hard; yes, they’ll improve heart and lung fitness and tone muscle. Still, on the whole, maximum do not provide sufficient resistance for exercises extremely sufficient for vast calorie loss.

But you do have a better risk than the maximum of losing calories with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515; as we stated above, the more potent resistance of the machine than other budget rowers allows for higher-intensity workout routines resulting in an extra loss of energy.

Alternatives to the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515

For this evaluation, I have the most straightforward considered magnetic resistance type alternatives. Those are the main competitors to the SF-RW5515 and the most common form of home rowing gadget due to their relative quietness, mobility, and simplicity of use.

The alternatives considered are all in a comparable price bracket to the SF-RW5515.

JLL R200 Luxury Home Rowing Machine

The JLL R200 is the primary device I might recommend as an opportunity to the SF-RW5515. It gives ten ranges of resistance. However, it can help the handiest deal with a maximum load of 220lb, substantially less than the 250lb functionality of the SF-RW5515.

The LCD offers exactly the similar features (besides, no pre-programmed exercises & no heart fee studying), and the unit can also be folded & moved way quickly to the wheels on its base. It is extraordinarily light at simply 51lb, but not as robust as the SF-RW5515.

At its most period adjustment, the slide rail is 45.5″ long, which means that at 48″, the SF-RW5515 can accommodate a taller person. This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine is a main selling factor for the Sunny Fitness model – tall people should have no difficulty using the gadget.

The assurance for the JLL R200 is a 12-month coverage for the entire unit. I might endorse that this a slightly better assurance, as it’s far not going that you’re going to have trouble with the body. Still, you are a long way much more likely to have a hassle with a component or aspect, and the Sunny Fitness warranty best covers parts/elements for six months.

Sunny SF-RW5623 Rowing Machine

The foremost distinction between the Sunny SF-RW5623 and the SF-RW5515 is that it features each magnetic & fan resistance. This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine manifestly means that it’s far going to offer an added degree of exercising (the resistance dial still levels from 1 – 8). however, if you are a newbie or aren’t looking for a strenuous exercise, you may need a needless addition.

This gadget can handle a more massive most load of 300lb, and the dimensions are 68″L x 25″W x 30.5″H. Consequently, it is a much broader system able to accommodate more gear. Still, it has an appreciably shorter body, meaning that if you are a tall person, this will not have a lengthy sufficient sliding motion on the way to get the maximum out of your exercise.

ProForm 440R Rower

Much like the alternative models, the ProForm 440R aimed toward a newbie to intermediate level users. It is a reasonably lightweight, foldable & portable gadget that does not require an awful lot garage space.

It has the most load limit of 250lb, similar to the SF-RW5515. Assembly is said to take around forty-five mins, that’s the approximate meeting time for all the rowers we’ve got noted on this assessment, and the necessary tools blanketed with the unit.

It additionally has eight ranges of resistance to be had, with dimensions of 76.6″L x 20.5″W x 38.3″H, making it somewhat shorter, yet appreciably taller than the SF-RW5515. The LCD presentations all the identical information as the alternative fashions, but has the most massive display screen of the machines we have compared here.

The ProForm comes with a hefty 5-year coverage at the frame, but most effective 90 days on parts and labor. I could advise that the proof presented by Sunny Fitness is of more significant gain than this one, as once more, you are a long way more likely to revel in troubles with the parts or additives as opposed to the frame.

Titan Fitness Magnetic Rower

Titan Fitness is a properly-reputable company known for making some of the excellent home gymnasium devices; they were around for pretty some years now and commonly held very excessive ratings for their products.

The Titan Magnetic Rower may be very just like the Sunny Health & Fitness device in that it too has eight resistance tiers, an LCD show, and could be very quiet in operation. The Titan’s barely more compact design will imply taller human beings may warfare to gain a complete leg extension.

Targeted more significantly closer to the newbie, seasoned rowers have complained about the resistance’s power with this system. Still, this isn’t a deal killer; what this magnetic rower can use as a heat-up gadget is higher than a finances bike because it works each your top and lower frame.

Suppose you’ve got been after a compact magnetic rower for hot-U.S. And funky-downs, then this very quiet, foldable magnetic rower might be worth a closer appearance.

EFIT Magnetic Rowing Machine

Another logo is offering up a low-cost magnetic rower, a strong rower that sticks out a little from the others because of the seat design, rather than the standard firm plastic seat. Edit has long past for a wide padded seat, extraordinary for novices or individuals who opt for some more consolation when exercise.

This rower additionally comes with eight resistance stages, an integrated LCD, and much like the others, its miles whisper quiet while in motion. And with a 40″ rail, this rower needs to effortlessly permit people as tall as 6’2″ to acquire complete leg extension.

The low profile layout and extensive stabilizing ft need to help hold this rower strong. Although no longer as popular because the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rower, mainly because the Sunny Health Rower has been around a lot longer. This magnetic rower continues to be certainly one of our favorites inside the entry-level bracket and shouldn’t handle by using without attention.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515

The SF-RW5515 is maximum probable no longer to satisfy you if you are already in peak bodily situation. You’re looking for an excessive-intensity workout that will be undertaking you and push you for your limits.

If you fall into this category, I advocate for rowing machines in a much better price range. This Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine includes the Sunny Health & Fitness Windmill Air Magnetic Rower or the famed Concept2 Model D. At around four times the price of the SF-RW5515. These are the varieties of rowing machines you often locate in gyms and are utilized by many expert athletes.

Some of the things you should don’t forget earlier than purchasing the SF-RW5515 are:

• What stage of fitness are you currently?

• How an awful lot cash do you need to spend?

• What are your last health dreams?

• Where are you making plans to use the rower?

Final Thoughts on the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 is a robust and dependable entry-stage rowing device that might be properly-desirable to absolutely everyone on the newbie to an intermediate degree of health.

If you’re seeking out a rowing gadget, this is going to offer you with a hardcore workout regime, or you’re a finished rower seeking out a machine to exercise on, then this rower likely isn’t always for you.

Many alternative rowing machines on the market in a better charge bracket, which might higher design to provide a high-intensity workout, offer a much different massive range of functions.

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5515 is, but an excellent value, robust, relatively quiet domestic rowing system. That is in all likelihood that makes the typical character very happy with their purchase and helps you hold a healthy lifestyle with a moderate degree of aerobic health.

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