Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike

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Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike

Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike is a finances-priced health aid that will enable you to burn energy and improve your fitness and health.

An upright folding version doesn’t take in loads of space, and after the use of It, you could wheel it away to save in a closet.  While its capabilities are fundamental, the motorcycle is secure, reliable, and elegant, and it’s far comfortable and smooth to apply.

Noteworthy functions consist of variable resistance and LCD monitors that display workout stats to monitor your progress and set new health dreams.

Keep studying this XTERRA FB150 assessment to discover its specifications, and for a top-level view outlining its essential functions, plus its professionals, and its cons.

We may also study how it compares to every other model within the variety, the XTERRA FB350, which, aside from a few small variations, is the same to the FB150.

Looking for an effective way to burn calories and get in better form, however, don’t have a lot of room? The Xterra fitness fb150 folding recumbent exercise bike is the ideal exercise tool to pedal away the calories smoothly. With folded dimensions of handiest 16.75″ x 18″ and built-in transport wheels, it allows you to shop it elsewhere while now not in use and loose up a few precious floor area. To ensure a smooth and robust exercising, the FB150 utilizes our strong X-frame layout with thick steel tubing and a silent belt drive gadget. Challenge yourself with eight degrees of resistance at the same time as you easily maintain tune of all of your workout information with the smooth to use console. It provides comments in your velocity, distance, time, calories, and pulse alongside a handy test function. Make your workout routines higher effective utilizing without difficulty monitoring your coronary heart charge with the handlebar set up hand pulse sensors. For progressed comfort, the FB150 offers a large anatomically designed thick padded seat and big multi-grip padded handlebars. Start the adventure toward achieving your fitness goals today with the Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike.

Technical Specifications

• Supported weight restriction: 225 lbs (102 kg).

• Multi-grip padded handlebars

• Assembled weight: 32 lbs (14.5 kg).

• Smooth and Sturdy Pedals with Straps.

• Balanced flywheel weight: three.Three lbs (1.5 kg).

• Padded seat 2-manner is adjustable.

• Fitness meter: Time, distance, pace, calories, pulse.

• Warranty: Frame 12 months / Parts ninety Days

• Assembled dimensions: 31.Five L x 18 W x 50.5H inches (80 L x 46 W x 128H cm)

• Resistance: Magnetic, eight degrees.

Product Dimensions / Weight

As mentioned above, this system could be very mild because it weights only 32 pounds. At the same time, it’s far fully assembled, making it undoubtedly clean to transport around your private home or apartment.

With dimensions (in inches) of 31.5 (L) x 18 (W) x 45.3 (H), and folded dimensions of 16.75 (L) x 18 x 50.5 (H), it will also take in little or no space in your own home.


The X-Terra Fitness FB150 has a bought X body layout, with the 2-piece body joined inside the middle. Though the bike constructed from metal, it is still relatively light, weighing the simplest 32 lbs. There’s a small set of wheels at the front base bar. You’ll be amazed at how tons room the Xterra bike saves.

With the body fully assembled, the bike is 18” (forty-six cm)wide and 31.5” (80 cm) long. Its maximum element is the handlebars, status 50.5” (one hundred twenty cm) above the floor. When you fold the motorcycle for smooth storage, the unit’s folded dimensions emerge as best 16.75” D x 18 W (forty two x forty six cm). The truth you can get a fantastic exercise on something particularly small is that this motorcycle’s best electricity.

You should attempt to hold two feet of clearance on each facet of the motorcycle and as a minimum one foot of area on the front and at the lower back. These hints will make specific secure operation and simplicity Of getting admission.

Unlike the Fitness Reality U2500, the rear of the Xterra Fitness FB150 Folding Bike is a right away bar, now not a curved one. Without the reinforcement bar for the seat, the most weight capacity is a touch decrease at 22lbs (102 kg). Other competing motorcycles in this category generally tend to have a weight potential of four hundred lbs, so that you may want to maintain that during mind before shopping.

The ultimate topic of interest is that this bike’s paint ends. This unit comes covered with chip-resistant, rust-resistant paint finish. The ABS precision-balanced flywheel covers and the belt are blue, even as the base color of the body is gray. Those are the best colors to be had for this version of the Xterra Fitness motorcycle.


It is a steel tube X-body which offers an excellent stable platform for in the seat workout. The stabilizers (the aid tubes at every quit of the motorcycle) are 18.1 inches extensive. Regardless of those being on the slim side, the bike doesn’t have a good deal Of a said wobble, with many describing it as stable.

It does want to be on a stage surface because it doesn’t have any levelers to balance up the motorbike.

It’s designed to use inside the seated role and is strong in that role.

It isn’t for standing on pedals as you’ll in a spinning or indoor biking exercise, and you may discover it is unsteady. If you want to do one kind of workouts, you want to have a look at an indoor cycle.

It appears to have a high file in being capable of being used for a first period without it breaking down (based on remarks in purchaser reviews after a few months of use). This Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike is with moderate degrees of workout in place of high depth.

The assurance is 1 yr at the body and 90 days at the parts, which isn’t the longest but is k considering the motorbike rate.

There is a small maintenance requirement that mentioned within the guide. It entails maintain it easy and making sure all of the nuts and bolts are stored tight.

There were a few reports of issues with the console and some reviews of troubles with pedals – which can be the result of now not following assembly instructions.

But not been remarks, the enterprise does reply and looks to paintings with customers to clear up the problem.


The motorbike may be adjusted to shape humans among the heights of 4ft 10 INS. And five ft. 10 INS.

This Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike achieved with the aid of sliding the seat up and down by way of liberating the adjustment knob on the guide pole after which through inserting pin and tightening up to save you slippage.

The seat moves handiest up/down on a diagonal, which brings you further away or closer to handlebars to allow for the top and upper body length changes.

It doesn’t have any lateral adjustment and nor do the handlebars flow at all. You ought to discover it near enough for comfort, but you won’t probably get the most beneficial function as you may with extra adjustment alternatives.

If you are over 5ft ten ins, you can use the motorbike; however, you are likely to locate yourself cramped, and also you received to get a proper extension in your legs with them bent more than suggested while the pedal is at furthest point (slightly bent).

If less than four toes 10 INS, you are likely to stretch your legs at the downstroke to preserve in touch with the pedal, which isn’t satisfactory.


The machine isn’t too huge, either. It’s around 31.5″ (80 cm) x 18″ (forty six cm) 50.5″ (one hundred twenty cm). You can also fold the body to shop up some space even as it’s not in use.

However, I suggest you preserve the most advantageous clearance on all of the sides for safer operation and clean access to the motorcycle.

Talking approximately the rear base of the FB150, it’s an immediate bar rather than a curved one that a few other motorcycles have. The seat bar isn’t a bolstered one, both, which is an essential purpose at the back of restricting the motorcycles’ maximum weight capability, which is 225 lb. Simplest.

I might’ve cherished to peer this stuff on this bike, but on the other hand, I remembered this is a low-cost motorcycle, and for this reason, few sacrifices made.

Reputable Construction

Other than being quite practical, this motorcycle is likewise official. This Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike stems mainly from the Shimano additives. That is because Shimano is renowned for sturdiness, reliability, and toughness of offerings. Its derailleur, especially, is a powerful and efficient courtesy of this authentic production.

Easy Adjustability

All the elements that circulate are entirely adjustable. The 21-velocity choice especially stands out from among those. They let you advertise up and down the hill with no constraints at the same time as so doing. Further to those, the parts additionally name for restricted effort and attention for your component.

Confident Stopping Power

When via together with your journey, you may enjoy confident stopping electricity. The strength provided by using the linear-pull brakes, which can be less complicated to engage, these brakes also are very responsive. You most effective ought to apply restrained attempt, and there you have got it! Say no to injuries and needless accidents.

Detailed Construction

Throughout its makeup, the motorcycle exudes some exact creation. It incorporates fenders, a rack on the rear, quick-release clamp made from alloy, and alloy rims. With this motorbike at your fingertips, you’ll no longer have to appearance some other place to your riding desires.

Comprehensive Attachment

Lastly, the motorbike also can accommodate many different attachments. It may also, for example, pair with the upright consolation-rise handlebars. When this attachment put in the area, the bike permits you to ride in a vertical function. We all understand that this role is genuinely wholesome, especially for your backbone.

Folding alternative

If you live inside the metropolis, it’s miles hard to locate places to maintain bicycles at home. You can without difficulty fold this bike when you’re not using it. You can keep this motorbike below the mattress. The most significant advantage of a folded bike is that it will keep the area.

LCD window

This motorcycle has an LCD window. You could go without difficulty song your pace, distance, time, and might read your pulse and energy you’re barn while you are using on this motorcycle. This bike has eight tiers of guide resistance.


Another factor that I want to mention concerning the unit is the paint finishing of it. The metal elements have rust and chip-resistant gray paint completing.  The belt and the covers of the flywheel painted blue, which offers this motorcycle a pleasing appearance.

But this is the only color choice to be had, so no possibility to choose.

Handlebars and Seat

The seat of the Xterra Fitness FB150 is more excellent massive, and secure. At a width of approximately 14″, it can accommodate most people, as long as they don’t exceed 225 lbs (102 kg). With an included layer of padding underneath the thick, long-lasting vinyl fabric, the seat gives maximum consolation.

The seat doesn’t share the same sort of collar design you may see with most exercise cycles. With a triangular plate related to the put up, held in vicinity by way of 3 bolts, it not always intended to replace. That stated, you may nevertheless be able to discover seats that may Be used with the motorbike, as there are comparable items on the market in the marketplace.

The post below the seat has seven unique positions, even as the place itself can be raised or reduced. So the user can reap a full leg extension while exercising, Xterra created the motorbike to be utilized by human beings among the peak of 4’10” to 5’10” (147 to 178 cm).

The handlebars at the Xterra Fitness FB150 folding motorbike cannot be adjusted. The curved metal bar is held in the region at the body with bolts. The handlebars blanketed using a layer of foam rubber for a multi-grip design that helps a comfy draw close; with included, you may use the console to tune your heart fee. Without details on heart fee, it is challenging to hold tune of whether you’re getting an effective workout.

Drive & Resistance

this folding motorcycle has a magnetic resistance gadget. With a small magnetic brake on the front of the body attached to a big deal, you can flip to alter the brake’s role to the flywheel.

The magnetic resistance from the anxiety knob reasons greater or much less pedal resistance, and because the bike’s de guide, you don’t should plug it in. You may also need to note that the console doesn’t impact the motorbike’s resistance.

This motorcycle comes with eight resistance ranges, beginning with light resistance for warming up or restoration education. Based on a few customers’ enjoyments, the eighth stage isn’t as difficult as you may expect. So, it may not be appropriate for muscle-burning physical games like which you would possibly get on heavy-responsibility upright motorcycles or spin bikes. With the belt drive, the pedaling motion is quiet and clean, without introducing lubrication.

The flywheel isn’t weighty, weighing the handiest 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg), so it doesn’t create strong momentum or the kind of competitive inertia that is probably dangerous. Keep in mind the motorbike is bi-directional so that you can also get a workout at the same time as pedaling backward, the console persevering with to offer comments in your velocity.

This bike comes with a three-piece crankset with steel crank hands. The pedals are durable with a steel core and a non-slip surface. Because they contain weights, they’ll usually be face-up when it comes time to use them. They also come with straps you could modify to in shape securely around your toes. They’re additionally without difficulty replaceable have to break or if you have some other issues with them.

As an exceptionally compact bike, the Xterra FB150 has a slender Q-aspect (the space between pedals). The dimensions aren’t precisely detailed, but its miles anticipated to be among one hundred fifty-a hundred and sixty mm. While using this motorbike, there shouldn’t be any lateral stress for your knees or ankles.


To tune your development, the Xterra FB150 comes with a primary health meter with an LCD show. It can help you measure your speed distance, energy burned, pulse, general distance, and extra.

The convenient experiment feature will rotate the fitness metrics as you require, allowing you to monitor whichever metric you like. To music your pulse, you need to keep the sensors inside the handlebars, as the console is not telemetric.

The meter is simple to use with the most uncomplicated one button. When you push it, it mechanically detects flywheel motion. Selecting the Scan feature will help you rotate values for several minutes, or you could pick out the one you want to screen your heart fee. Two AA batteries are protected energy it, as the console is going into sleep mode after several mines of inactivity.

Assembly & Maintenance

With a preassembled mainframe already connected to the crank, belt, and resistance system, this motorcycle isn’t tough to assemble. You best want to join the seat, handlebars, the bases, console, and pedals. It shouldn’t take very lengthy, handiest 30 to forty minutes. You can get all of the guidance you want within the covered assembly instructions.

The bike could be deficient maintenance. The components come pre-lubricated, and the belt force machine doesn’t require any extra lubrication. All you need to do to preserve this device is to test for unfastened components and wipe the dust from the body.


The bike doesn’t include any accessories. If you want to use a smart device, you’ll want to hold it or relax it on handlebars, and it doesn’t have something to preserve it in the area.

The console is also a touch better than handlebars on how to make it a little unsteady location to relax a tablet.

If you need a drink on hand, you’ll either keep your bottle or location on a desk next to you.

XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike Console

The console comes with a small LCD of 1 in via 2 INS and a style button.

It most effective displays one metric at a time. The numbers appear to be substantial sufficient to look for maximum users.

The metrics displayed are time, energy, pulse, velocity, and time. You can choose to see only one parameter, or you could set it to test thru Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike with it showing every metric for 4 seconds at a time using pushing the button. The variety proven is indicated by a small triangle at the lowest of the display screen aligned to the outline at the console.

There aren’t any pre-configured schooling applications with the bike. If you need something to observe along with to, there are online motion pictures and App which can give guidance on exercises and ones with a teacher to follow.

The console is powered using 2 AA batteries, and these included when you buy. To begin the console, you start pedaling.

There are issues that the console doesn’t turn off; however, this not the case; it turns off after four mines of no hobby detected. It stops recording after four seconds of no pastime.

It maintains a file of your metrics thus far. When you begin again, it’ll start from in which you left off through default (high-quality if interrupted within the middle of an exercise) – you could reset back to zero using the mode button.

The distance measured in miles with a maximum proven 99.99 miles before resetting

The calories measure is an “estimate” in place of an actual as you don’t put in any personal facts into the console. The employer says it far calculated at 36.8 energy burned per mile. It doesn’t forget resistance degrees. Many do locate that is too kind as compared to different gadgets and real cooked. The most energy measured earlier than starting again at zero is 999.

It might be not helpful to rely on the calories burned in you are calorie counting as you could discover your predicted “calorie deficit” isn’t as expected. A health App (like myfitnesspal.Com) or a health wearable device perhaps better to use to get your estimate.

For your coronary heart fee to register, you have to grip the heartbeat sensors at the facet of the handlebars. You might also discover that they may be too forward and feel uncomfortable. Both fingers need to grasp the sensors to get analyzing.

Hand pulse sensors may be temperamental, and it can be tough to get an inexpensive studying of coronary heart rate. This Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike is a not unusual hassle with these devices.

If heart fee tracking for the workout is vital, it is probably higher to apply a coronary heart price strap and display together with those made through Polar.

Although the console isn’t the maximum correct, you could use it to the song your workouts as you cross and if you need to compare to look how you are monitoring those want to record on a notebook or manually input.

There is no manner to have your exercise consequences robotically uploaded to a health tracker.

In the dim light, you won’t be capable of examining the console because it is not backlit. One individual bought a clip-on light to illuminate so they could maintain to exercise early inside the morning without turning the room mild on (in order not to disturb people napping).


The XTERRA FB150 Folding Bike exceptional suits new to intermediate stage customers who’re searching out a less expensive model. This Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike is reliable, compact, and comfortable to apply.  Experienced cyclists will no longer find the resistance ranges hard sufficient.

The motorbike suggested for people from 4′ 10″ to 5′ 10″ who weigh less than 226 pounds.  Some taller, shorter, and heavier humans claim to apply it without trouble.  However, it’s exceptional to observe the producer’s hints.

The Exercise Bike Buying Guide

Before you plunk down tough-earned cash for a workout bike, ask yourself approximately your health goals. If you’re trying to get lower back into running out after a long destroy, an easygoing recumbent bike like Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is worth sorting out. If you’re more acquainted with biking and painting a greater variety of muscle businesses, an upright like the Assault Air Bike Classic is probably extra your speed.

• How frequently do you figure out?  If you’re committed to breaking a sweat most days of the week, you won’t thoughts spending more for a top-class motorbike. However, people who are just moving into cycling would possibly need to keep some cash and go for a budget choice like Exerpeutic’s Upright Exercise Bike.

• Is cycling your essential selection for bodily pastime, or do you have other machines you like to apply, too? An upright motorcycle like the Spinner Aero Exercise Bike will feature paintings of other muscle corporations and help you run a more severe sweat than recumbent. If you use weight machines or love incorporating other cardio workouts into your exercising, you can escape with the use of a recumbent bike.

• Do you’ve to have other knee or hip accidents? Biking is a low-impact pastime that may be awesome for injury recovery, mainly for sufferers with knee troubles. You will possibly word more significant pain if your seat is just too excessive or too low, although. All of our pinnacle choices for exercising bikes have lots of alternatives for changes.

• Are you handy with a fixed of equipment, or will you need help setting your exercise motorbike together? Each of our pinnacle four workout motorbike selections comes with expert assembly; however, you’ll shop a couple of bucks if you can put them together yourself. You’ll also want to do not forget professional meetings when you have persistent ache or recent harm.


• The XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike may be very less costly

• The assembled motorbike is compact, and it folds to keep

• It is clean and quiet to use

• Its seat is peak movable

• A x-outline structure and front and back stabilizer bars with elastic end top to guard your ground offer secure and robust workout routines

• Variable resistance allows you to increase the task of your workout routines as you come to be fitter and will enable others on your household to apply the bike

• Built-in packages upload variety to workouts

• An easy-to-use reveal provides workouts stats that will help your music your periods and set fitness desires

• It comes with a heart fee screen

• The motorcycle’s slip-resistant handlebars are at ease to grip

• Its weighted ABS-finish foot pedals are textured to save you slipping, and they have protection straps that regulate for a perfect in shape

• Two built-in shipping wheels located in the front stabilizer bar make it easy to move the motorcycle

• The meeting procedure is rapid and straightforward. With the wanted device supplied

• Low protection, with no lubrication requirement


• The function of the motorbike’s handles can’t be adjusted

• The perspective of the show screen can’t be modified. And it doesn’t have a backlight so the display may be tough to read in a room with low lights

• This version does not have levelers, so, to prevent unwanted motion, it needs to use on a staging ground.

• This model lacks accessories which include a ledge for a digital tool, a water bottle holder, a fan, audio system, and an aux port

• It isn’t Bluetooth well matched

Consumer Ratings

Customer evaluations are on the entire wonderful

Most appear to think they have got a bargain with the motorcycle that is great for novices. They like the compactness, how quiet it’s far, how clean it rides, and robust. Most people locate it smoothly to gather too.

The console liked, but it appears it overstates overall performance, particularly the calories.

Where clients haven’t been satisfied with the bike because of a faulty component, the agency takes a proactive approach in contacting them and looking to work with them to get the problem taken.


This Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike is an economically priced workout motorbike. It appears from the evaluations that it’s miles greater than merely a low-priced motorcycle with most thrilled with its satisfactory performance (they feel they did get a good deal and didn’t sense they’ve let down).

When I checked on Amazon, the motorcycle certified for free transport

Questions and Answers   

How to assemble

Similar to the case with the entirety of the motorcycles under this review, the XTERRA Fitness FB150 Folding Exercise Bike calls for a few meetings before use. We have said that the bike is incomplete. That method you will deliver in many other accessories to operationalize it:

Step I: Acquire the right add-ons

This motorbike is mostly incomplete. You must collect numerous add-ons. To try this, you’ll have to refer considerably to your manufacturer’s guide. Be sure to settle most useful for those which are sturdy and applicable.

Step II: Match the accessories with the motorcycle additives

Now suit the add-ons with the additives of the bike. This Xterra fitness fb150 folding exercise bike is the maximum critical step. If you pass over it, you could end up doing a shoddy activity. Your motorcycle might also not function well as expected later.

Step III: Fix the elements and tighten them.

Lastly, fix the constituent components and tighten them. From time to time, check the joints to see whether or not they’re indeed solid. Hit the bike on the floor tough and be aware of how the components fair.

How to Increase Resistance on the Xterra Fitness FB-150?

On principle x frame of the motorcycle, there is a large dial knob. You turn it to get to the extent of resistance you require. The eight-degrees of manual resistance have evolved to house all users. For more facts on that info, take a look at the professional proprietor’s manual.

How do you fold this bike?

At the joint wherein the bars meet, there’s a screw-like factor that you can pull out. After that, the motorbike’s x frame will fold for clean storage.

Can I use this motorbike if I’m 6 ft? Tall?

It may be very tough. It isn’t always endorsed for users so tall, as they may now not be capable of getting a high leg extension. Though the seat adjusts, it can best go so excessive.

How quiet is that this device?

The quietness of this motorbike isn’t always just a gimmick. Many customers file this motorbike is nearly silent throughout use, and it shouldn’t disturb everybody else at some stage in use. You should be capable of use this motorbike in a condo without getting any lawsuits.

Is this motorbike an upright motorbike or a recumbent bike?

This motorbike is an upright version. Recumbent motorcycles are where you sit down towards the floor with your legs out in front of you. Recumbent bikes created to help the lower spine. That is something that this motorbike calls for you to do that on your usage of the padded seat. For more magnificent recommendations of notable

Final Thoughts

As a foldable magnetic upright bike, it comes smoothly to collect. The Xterra FB150 has eight ranges of resistance with a fitness meter than can music all metrics, inclusive of distance, velocity, pulse, and energy. Capable of light aerobic training, it affords the essential guide for weight loss and building stamina. You can burn the most 5,000 calories an afternoon the usage of this motorcycle, and at a low cost, it is a fantastic choice for compact workout gadgets. Lastly, the transport wheels make it very clean to transport this model from one room to another.

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