Proform 235 CSX recumbent exercise bike

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Proform 235 CSX recumbent exercise bike

Proform 235 CSX recumbent exercise bike is one of the maximum lower priced recumbent bikes from Proform, and additionally, one of the cheapest exercise bikes with an automated resistance gadget. It’s now not precisely the first-class Proform exercising motorbike, it has its pluses and minuses, and on this evaluation, we’re going to cowl all of them. For reference, this is the Proform bike element variety PFEX52715, one of the fashions delivered in 2015.

Specialized Details and Specifications

• Assembled measurements: 56L x 24W x 44H inches (142L x 61W x 112H cm)

• Shipping weight: 102 lbs (46.2 kg)

• Weight ability: 275 lbs (one hundred twenty-five kg)

• Seat: Adjustable

• Pedals: With adjustable straps

• Resistance: Eddy modern-day, 18 stages

• Drive: Belt

• Console: 18 exercising packages

• Extras: Sound device, pill holder, bottle holder

• Warranty: Frame 7 years, Parts ninety days

Frame creation

The Proform 235 CSX recumbent exercise bike capabilities a metallic frame with a long-lasting production, able to resist customers as much as 275 lbs (one hundred twenty-five kg). The base of the body at the side of the console mast and the seat’s body feature to connect the base bars, the place, the backrest, the reassure pole, the handlebars, the comfort, and the pedals. This Proform 235 CSX recumbent exercise bike functions a grey finish. The motorcycle’s construction also integrates numerous plastic elements: the casing of the console and the covers of the resistance system.

This exercising bike isn’t always hefty; but, compared with a recumbent road bike, it weighs approximately Two times as plenty. Its weight is close to one hundred lbs, and this weight provides quite a bit of balance. Plus, the rear base bar equipped with a hard and fast of customizable levelers.

The movement of the collected unit isn’t excessively troublesome, paying little mind to its weight. Its front base tops pivot and can go about as shipping wheels.

The assembled unit within reason massive; its assembled duration is approx 56″ (142 cm), at the same time as its width is two′ (sixty-one cm). Several different resources countries that the motorbike’s height is 61″ (one hundred fifty-five cm), which isn’t always accurate. Its maximum point is given utilizing the pinnacle of the console and reaches approx 44″ (112 cm) above the flood stage. Alongside those measurements, Proform suggests allotting a utilization area for the unit at the very least feet all round it.

One last factor to mention right here regards the motorbike’s step-thru design. This Proform 235 csx recumbent exercise bike may be quite a beneficial feature for users with disabilities or elderly users as it presents easy access to the seat.

Seat and handlebars

The Proform 235 CSX recumbent exercise bike equipped with an ergonomic seat, the place, and the backrest features 2″ layer of foam padding, with extended-lasting vinyl upholstery. Its base frame and adjustment rail are durable enough to support customers as much as 275 lbs (one hundred twenty-five kg). 

The entire seat assembly is adjustable. It can circulate ahead or backward on its rail, and you can lock it inside the preferred function via the lever on the right aspect. In case you’re questioning, the backrest cannot be adjusted independently from the seat as for the Life Core 860RB, for instance. It actions alongside the rail with the complete seat assembly.

The motorbike has two sets of handlebars, one connected to the seat, and once connected to the console mast. Both handlebar sets are non-flexible. They have rubber treated grasps for included solace, and the front handlebars likewise have incorporated pulse sensors.

Now, there are two main downsides to say here. The first one regards the pulse sensors. There would have been a higher placement for them inside the seat handlebars no longer in the front handlebars. But since the console mast comes quite close to the user, protecting the front handlebars isn’t too awkward for different bikes.

The other disadvantage regards the position of the front handlebars. Several customers, 5’8″ (172 cm) or taller, have mentioned that they’ve been hitting them with their knees during sports. Therefore, we don’t advise this recumbent exercise motorbike to users taller than 5’7″ (a hundred and seventy cm).

Resistance and pressure

The Proform 235 CSX workout bike capabilities an eddy modern resistance system that consists of a small servo motor and a magnetic brake. Therefore, the console requires 4 D-kind batteries to characteristic, which not blanketed. The motorbike also can be powered thru an adapter, which is likewise not protected.

The bike’s resistance can only adjust from the + / – buttons at the console. As you alter the strength, the servo motor changes the magnetic brake position on the subject of the flywheel, which increases or decreases the intensity of the internal magnetic area. This way, the pedal resistance is likewise increased or decreased.

Like most other motorcycles with a magnetic resistance device, there is no touch among the brake pad and the flywheel. Thus, using the bike generates nearly no noise.

This Proform exercising motorcycle gives 18 ranges of resistance. The lower ranges (1-3) provide very little pedal tension, being the first-rate for users with disabilities or customers who require recovery education. The 17-18 stages of resistance, alternatively, simulate a steep climb and provide the possibility to perform an extra excessive cardio exercise and leg muscle burn.

Like most different exercise motorcycles with a magnetic resistance device, the Proform 235 CSX capabilities a belt power device, its internal transmission integrates a heavy-responsibility poly-v belt, that’s stretch-resistant, made to final for decades of use. Just as another belt power system, it comes with three chief blessings. One, you don’t need to lubricate it; two, it generates less vibration than a chain; three, it promotes an almost entirely silent pressure.

The bike’s internal flywheel is inertia-stronger. In other phrases, the maximum of its weight is located in its perimeter, so that you can offer a more consistent momentum and a steadier movement. It weighs 14 lbs (6.3 kg), which is a mid-variety weight for a recumbent motorcycle.

The crankset functions dependable steel crank palms. However, since that is a recumbent motorbike, it’s no longer made for status up on the pedals. Both pedals are weighted and characteristic a non-slip floor. They’re equipped with adjustable straps to relax your ft at some point of pedaling entirely.


The Proform 235 CSX recumbent bike features a quite stunning console for this charge range. To start with, it has an LCD with blue LED backlight. The display split into three essential sections. The top phase shows speed in revolutions in step with minute (RPM), the power output in watts, and your heart fee when you operate the handlebar sensors. It additionally shows the resistance degree for a few seconds while you convert it. The show indicates every such metrics for several seconds.

The center segment of the display suggests distance and time. The range can be set both in miles or kilometers. If an intention value set for time, the show will display the time last for accomplishing that concentrate on preference to the elapsed time. These metrics can show instead, everyone for a few seconds.

The backside phase of the display suggests pedaling velocity and energy burned. You can set up the unit to recommend speed both in kmh or mph. Just as for the center and pinnacle phase of the show, the velocity and calorie metrics could alternate, everyone, being shown for some seconds.

The console unit does no longer has an online connection talent. However, it does have 18 preset workout applications in its reminiscence. They divided into two classes: Watts Workouts and Calorie Workouts. The Watts Workouts recognition on resistance and watts, during the Calorie Workouts consciousness on strength and speed. Each application class has its button on the console. When you pick a preset exercise, the motorbike will automobile-regulate resistance, relying on every software segment.

Apart from the health-orientated features, the console also integrates extras. One is the sound system, and the opposite is the pill holder. The sound system consists of two small speakers positioned on the bottom of the unit. There’s an audio jack input at the console and controls for a rational extent; the group is like-minded with the best smartphones, pills, or MP3 players. The pill holder located above the unit’s controls can accommodate most tablets or telephones. However, a pill positioned on it’ll cowl the console show at the least in part.

Assembly and Maintenance

The inner elements, including the servo motor, the flywheel, the belt, the pulley, and the crank fingers already assembled and connected to the principle frame. Thus, you most effective ought to connect the base bars, the seat, the backrest, the reassure pole, the handlebars, the comfort, and the pedals. This proform 235 csx recumbent exercise bike may additionally absorb an hour. A simple toolkit included, but you will need a Phillips screwdriver. The manual offers all the essential facts and schematics for the unit’s meeting.

For preservation, your handiest have to occasionally check the bike for any free bolts and elements and eliminate the dirt from it. The internal components don’t require lubrication or every other preservation, as a minimum now, not for a few years of use.

The Pros

•        Sturdy body – can aid customers up to 275 lbs;

•        Adjustable stabilizers at the rear base;

•        Step-through layout;

•        Foam-padded seat and backrest;

•        Adjustable seat;

•        Pulse sensors incorporated into the front handlebars;

•        Silent eddy current resistance device with 18 tension stages;

•        Weighted pedals with adjustable straps;

•        Three-panel LCD show console with blue LED backlight;

•        18 exercise applications available;

•        Sound device covered;

•        Tablet holder blanketed;

•        Bottle holder included;

•        Little maintenance required;

•        Easy to gather;

•        Excellent warranty.

The Cons

•        Front handlebars too low for customers taller than 5’8″;

•        Batteries are not protected;

•       A electricity adapter isn’t included;

•        A tablet positioned on the pill holder will cowl the console display.


The Proform 235 CSX is a mid-range recumbent motorbike presenting an automatic magnetic resistance machine with 18 anxiety levels and a console with 18 preset workout programs. It prepared with a comfy and adjustable seat. It is sturdy sufficient to support users up to 275 lbs. It’s fantastic for mild to medium intensity cardio exercises, weight reduction, stamina improvement, recuperation training, and muscle firming. And in the end, it’s one of the maximum low-cost recumbent motorcycles with a mobile magnetic resistance device.

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