Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

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Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike

With so many workout exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike round in recent times, producers were developing more new and more exciting ways to make their recumbent bike stand proud of the gang. One of the satisfactory methods of doing this has been to cope with commonplaces issues that plague usual exercise bikes and deter many ability users from getting one. The capabilities that the Exerpeutic 400XL deal with most drastically lie in its progressed ergonomics and area efficiency. We’ll get into more excellent information on these improvements afterward inside the evaluation; however, first, it allows some essential records about this version.


The manufacturer recommends the recumbent exercise bike may be adjusted to fit human beings among 5 feet 2 INS and 6 toes 2 INS tall.

User experience seems to be different

People below the minimum height right down to four toes 11 INS were able to without difficulty reach the pedals for an excellent workout. But this isn’t customary, and it does rely on leg length. If you’ve got long legs, you must be able to ride the magnetic recumbent bike – additionally, a few humans have used/suggested using pedal blocks to assist in achieving the pedals.

However, on the taller give up of the dimensions, there are humans 5ft ten ins and above experience that the magnetic upright bike isn’t large sufficient for them. They say they don’t get the range of movement in the knee. They have to at the ways give up of the pedal stroke with the leg prolonged with only a slight bend on the knee. This exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike isn’t everybody, but it’s far an incredibly common complaint from taller human beings. To cater to this, a few have successfully attempted yoga blocks to get a higher peak needed to get the right leg extension.

Forends of the peak range, it can depend on leg duration, making a difference as to whether you may use it. Long legs assist people who are shorter than the encouraged top and likely cause people over 5ft ten ins to conflict with getting the overall leg extension for the most effective exercise.

Adjusting exceptional heights is brief to do. It is a straightforward procedure of loosening the adjustment knob at the seat publish until it can move up and down. I am then sliding it until the seat is in the right position for you, after which inserting the pin (part of the knob) into the pre-set hollow after which tightening within the place.

This exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike should take much less than 30 seconds allowing it to be without problems used by as many different folks that want to apply it — allowing you to have the best recumbent exercise bike for the complete family.


Setting the quantity of strength you want is completed by turning the knob just underneath the console. This exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike moves a magnetic pad nearer or, besides, away to boom/decrease the resistance. There are marking the knob to guide you like the amount of resistance you have got set the best indoor cycling bike too.

The marked degrees make it easy to understand wherein you’ve set the resistance. At the same time, you are trying to increase it (or decrease) objectively and also for returning to a preceding degree.

The anxiety knob is in smooth attain on the front of the motorbike; however, you may locate you have to slow right down to modify it.

At resistance placing 1, it’s miles spotless to pedal without tons resistance in any respect (nearly none). At this degree, it’s far mild on the knees with little or no or no effect to harm them. Many human beings have used the motorcycle to assist with rehab on the knees efficaciously and different scientific situations (getting better from coronary heart assaults) – on medical doctor’s advice.

As you grow, the tension the resistance turns into tougher to push. It will increase step by step in increments – it doesn’t move from clean to hard from one stage to the subsequent – it is only a small growth – so that you can set it at the level you’re relaxed at or take care.

When you get to 7 and 8, it turns into hard to push against, and the cycling movement can grow to be choppy because it hurries up and slows down as you move from driving down to transferring spherical the top and backside of the stroke.

This exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike can upload a bit impact to the strokes, but it’s miles best the pushing of your legs no longer your body weight at the back of the stroke, so the effect isn’t as incredible as you get with on foot or an upright motorbike. (It has a mild flywheel, so you don’t get the inertia to drag through the pedals as you get on a spin motorcycle.)

Drive Type

The bike has a V-belt force system that delivers a secure riding revel in that grips the pedals and flywheel to offer a no-slip experience. It is also tranquil and doesn’t require maintenance. It should provide years of trouble-free workouts.

It stores in a casing which stops any little hands getting stuck up in it or your legs or clothes.


The pedals are out in the front of you, which ones reduce the strain at the knees and legs but not as a lot as a complete recumbent bike. It appears that many people with joint issues use the bike effectively without pain and the country it has helped of their rehab.

The pedals are made from robust plastic and design for athletic footwear with a non-grip floor. There is a strap that goes over the shoe to preserve them in place to make sure there may be no slippage.

It is physically viable to pedal backward on the bike, but its miles counseled no longer to do this as it may loosen and strip the pedals.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Despite its lightweight and foldable layout, the 400XL is robust and well-built to deal with the pains of an intense workout without shaking excessively or being in any other case uncomfortable throughout everyday use. The ergonomic recumbent seat design does properly at reducing strain on the lower back and different problem spots that regularly ache for the duration of lengthy exercising periods on other machines – making it best for users susceptible to troublesome aches and pains.

This recumbent motorbike provides a smooth experience with little or no noise and almost no shaking at some point in even the maximum vigorous workout routines. This mixed with its optimized seat design makes it appropriate for customers of every age and with any of an extensive sort of fitness situations that make regular exercising motorcycles unacceptable.

When it comes to ease of use, this version is quite average on this branch. It affords an LCD with simple controls, which are much like the ones used on other similar gadgets. Users already familiar with different exercising motorcycles will recognize precisely how to get around the various alternatives, and new users shouldn’t have too many problems finding their way across the intuitive controls both.

Product Specifications and Features

  • Maximum Capacity: three hundred kilos
  • Product Weight: 39lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 33” x 19” x 46”

The Exerpeutic 400XL’s maximum important features lie in its ergonomics and the garage and portability upgrades built into the layout. Like pretty a few present-day workout motorcycles, this model design with a horizontally adjustable semi-reclined seat that permits for better frame positioning at some stage in workouts and decreases again ache and dangers of damage. This feature makes the exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike suitable for customers. That locates regular exercise bikes too uncomfortable in addition to those with pre-existing situations, along with back pain or present process rehabilitation that might make right body positioning and minimizing strain on positive areas a top priority.

As ways as portability, the exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike comes fitted with wheels that make moving it round pretty easy. It doesn’t hurt that – at 39 pounds – it’s much less than half the burden of some of its peers. When combined with its compact foldable layout, it makes for an exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike that may be without difficulty picked up and tucked away beneath a bed or in a closet much less difficult than you’ll with a typical exercising bike with twice the load and none of the “foldability.” Now while some may not discover this feature beneficial, it’s a deal-maker for people who live in small residences or want the motorcycle out of sight when not in use.

This version additionally comes with a number of the more fabulous visible features. You would anticipate any upright, recumbent bike to have, such as eight resistance degrees, that is equal that you’ll find at the famous Marcy Recumbent Bike and is enough to offer a decent variety of options for users of all fitness stages. On its LCD, you’ll be able to keep the song of your health associated information, which includes speed, distance traveled, coronary heart charge, and energy burned at some point in the workout. This exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike makes it quite smooth to apply a tribulation and mistakes method to determine gold standard workout intensity for user-unique goals quick.

One other useful function – especially if you want to entertain while you exercise – is the double-drive transmission and balanced flywheel. While this might no longer make numerous experiences to the average readers, it essentially way that this motorcycle offers one of the smoothest and most silent workout routines possible on an exercise motorbike. That ideal for watching TV or talking about the cellphone even as you ride without being disturbed with the aid of noisy pedaling sounds. Additionally, since it doesn’t have a massive monitor on the manner, customers might be capable of enjoying a film or watch the youngsters while operating out at the 400XL.


Assembling the exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike is quite directly-forward – especially while in comparison to comparable recumbent bikes. Most customers will have it achieved within an hour, and a few have even managed to get it finished. In only fifteen mines – honestly higher than many models that could keep you busy for hours and give you a full exercise merely seeking to place them together. Personally, even as I’m now not very professional on the subject of assembling matters, it took me solely half-hour to put this bike together, thanks to the clean commands.


While this is an excellent model for such a low priced rate, as shown by using its impressive 4.Five/5 rating, it’s far well worth citing that the taller users might locate it a touch bit too cramped and small for their liking. Now, this isn’t an ordinary opinion using any means; however, it’s virtually something to consider if you’re taller than six feet and two inches or so and taking into consideration buying an exercise motorbike to complement (or begin) a personal health routine. Another bike with a more fabulous room might be more appropriate for such customers; however, the exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bike relatively small size ought to be a non-trouble for maximum everybody else.


  • Folds up for secure storage in a closet or up against a wall out of the manner – ground area required is about the scale of an eating chair
  • Quick to alter for extraordinary sizes to make it suitable to be used by 2 or extra humans for his or her exercises
  • Comes with a primary console for comments in the course of your exercise
  • You can get as harsh a workout and burn energy at a similar price as on an upright motorcycle
  • The primary console offers your comments that can use to song workout routines and effort that smooth to peer
  • The bike is nicely priced and offers desirable fee
  • Assembly is short and flat, all equipment wished are provided
  • Continuous resistance adjustments to get the durability of exercise you want
  • Resistance tiers marked making it easy to set and go back to the quantity you want
  • The motorbike is compact and doesn’t soak up a lot of space while in use
  • The very quiet bike is not going to disturb others while getting used


  • List object 1
  • List object 2
  • Doesn’t engage the abdomen as a whole lot as an upright motorcycle
  • The console gives handiest estimates (except for correct time) that may most conveniently use as a manual in place of relying on
  • Doesn’t have levelers to stability up the bike
  • It is semi-recumbent, so gainers provide you with quite the identical exercising and comfort of strain at the legs
  • Manual doesn’t have any help on the way to set motorbike up properly or sample workouts
  • The console doesn’t include pre-programmed workout routines
  • Not appropriate for critical athletes

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Consumer Ratings

I read through over 400 opinions online, and it’s far apparent that the massive majority of clients love this motorcycle with its most uncomplicated having a few things they say to look at out.

The main trouble is to do with the console’s accuracy. The coronary heart fee monitor doesn’t sign in coronary heart charge that predictably ensuing in false readings. The other measures (besides the proper time) are over-estimating the work completed and the energy burned.

As to be predicted now, not every person is satisfied with the motorbike. Some evaluations talk about the bike they obtained having faulty or broken elements. The dealer has not replied or has been very slow to respond when contacted through the customers.

They do appear to be a touch hit and miss with this as a few clients who have had these forms of problems were very thrilled with their response and also have a bike that they prefer very an awful lot.

Exerpeutic 400XL Folding Recumbent Bike Price

The charge for the bike is inexpensive for the general public, especially while it is in comparison to gymnasium club costs and most different exercise bikes. It could make a bargain even if it best lasted multiple years! Enjoy of customers is that it lasts more years than that.

What is the best folding recumbent bike?

Exerpeutic 400xl folding recumbent bikes are trendy for home gyms because of their low-impact, powerful, and versatile workouts. There are many benefits, together with an exercise bike, on your exercising ordinary. There are many exceptional fashions and brands in the markets.

Folding workout bikes are a version of recumbent or upright bikes, which intention to store area by being surprisingly transportable and clean to save. For people with smaller houses or flats, folding exercise bikes provide the versatility to show any room into a fitness center on the drop of a hat, without sacrificing the fitness blessings of a traditional desk-bound bike.

What is the best recumbent bike?

Recumbent bikes together with the Schwinn 270 and the Diamondback 910SR are hugely famous portions of exercise gadgets that help you get an excellent exercising while reclining in a very comfortable position.  These kinds of exercise bikes are very often visible in gyms and health clubs, but they’re terrific for the house as well.  We’ve prepared this comprehensive manual to help you discover the exceptional recumbent bike for your private home fitness.

Recumbent Bikes at Home?

Recumbent motorcycles are very famous in health clubs and gymnasiums, and for a proper purpose.  It’s a terrific way to both warm up the body for also workouts, or for a stable exercising in itself.  And with a recumbent exercising motorbike in your own home, you’re loads much more likely to be encouraged to get the ones notable exercises underway.  The bike will be staring you in the face, begging on the way to get on and get biking.

Ordering a recumbent bike online is simple, and also you’ll be capable of finding the dynamite charges and transport options on sites like Amazon. Plus, you avoid having to carry the large motorcycle container home from the local health shop.

Investing in your recumbent bike is a splendid way to take your health and fitness to the following level inside the consolation of your home. Best of all, you can park the recumbent motorcycle right in front of your TV or pc and control your amusement while operating out.  Pop on a few headphones and get inside the quarter.  Or simply prop an eBook up and get your reading in even as getting your cardio on.

Best Recumbent Bikes by Price

The recumbent bike class consists of brands and fashions that include a big array of capabilities and rate tiers.  It’s plenty to keep in mind.  But the freshest news is that when looking for recumbent motorbike, you’ll see that there’s something for every person, and you’re guaranteed to find one that suits your budget and health goals. To help you find the proper recumbent bike, we’ve indexed what we sense is satisfactory via rate variety below: PRICE RANGE: $one hundred-$four hundred.

What is the best exercise bike to lose weight?

Do you want to make your full-frame very strong through the pleasant exercising bike? By retaining this in mind, have you ever felt the want to have an exercise machine at domestic that can meet your fitness wishes, even when you feel lazy to visit the fitness center?

Yes, we’re discussing exercising bikes or Sports bikes or stationary cycles that have saddles, peddles, handlebars video display units to file the work accomplished and heart price, and numerous other picks for durability and pace of cycling. So right here you move, you have got an all-time preferred first-rate exercise motorcycle to shed pounds at domestic!

As all of us recognize, cycling is excellent for weight reduction goals and correctly tightens the body. You get a stunning spherical ass, killer legs, and carved calves only most effective with the aid of doing biking. On the alternative facet, in case you consider internal frame function, cycling offers you all the cardiovascular blessings which you get from other aerobic sporting events. It is a great way to train and make stronger your heart and breathing system without burdening an excessive amount of hobby.

However, you can’t merely trip bicycles all of the time because of climate demand and different problems you may face while you go biking outside. So, we recommend you to apply the quality exercising bike or desk-bound motorbike/ cycle to lose weight at domestic.

Therefore on this editorial, we have come with the pinnacle 10 best exercise bike that you can’t deny if you are severe about your health and weight reduction agenda. Thus, right away, let’s begin with the overview of the motorbike and then some vital queries you should recognize before determining to get a nice workout bike.

Review Summary

This folding workout bike is a superb manner to add interest to your life without spending a fortune on fitness center expenses or a pricey workout motorcycle. You can get the workout completed while looking at TV or reading a book, and as it’s so quiet, you could get that carried out in the middle of the night while others are dozing.

When you couple this with a perfect weight loss program, it may be utilized in burning calories to shed pounds. Or just usually to get in and stay in shape. Many people additionally find the semi-recumbent role allows to provide a low impact workout suitable on their knees and enables those who are rehabbing them (with medical doctor’s advice).

It’s now not the proper answer for the ones looking severe training and workout routines such as you get with spin bikes or fan bikes. Although the motorbike is stable and resistance can get very tough (too strict), and that is fine for the majority trying to improve their health and health, it no longer designed for individuals who take all of it very severely.

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