Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

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Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review

Technical info of exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent


Weight Capacity- 325lbs

Magnetic Tension Levels- 24

Cushioned seat/Backrest- Large Airsoft seat

User Height- 5′ to 6’ 3”

Smartphone/Tablet holder- Available

Special features- 12 workout programs


  • One year limited warranty
  • All parts warranty time 90 days

Shipping and Assembly

The Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Bike is eligible for free shipping. The terms of Amazon is all of the orders which is $25 or more are eligible for free shipping. Some of the items have additional options for qualifying for the free shipping on Amazon.

About Manufacturer

Exerpeutic is a famous brand which is owned by Paradigm Health & Wellness. They are the manufacturer of exercise bikes, elliptical, treadmills, magnetic recumbent bikes, and playground equipment.

Precision Balanced Flywheel of exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent

The Exerpeutic 4000 Recumbent Bike design provides very easy on and off capabilities. This bikes balanced flywheel and V belt drive provide a quiet and smooth pedaling motion.

12 workout programs with the computer screen

The Exerpeutic 4000 bike is 12 workout programs and LCD computer screen which very applicable for knowing time, distance, RPM, watts, heart rate control, 4 individual setting, 24 levels magnetic tension system and 7 different training models.

AirSoft seat with Air Chamber

This bike has an airsoft seat with Air chamber which has aerodynamic healthcare technology. The air chamber gives cool feeling which gives longtime workout facilities. 

Extended weight capacity

The Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic has 325 pounds of extended weight capacity.

Arm support with Elbow rest pads

This Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike has elbow rest pads that provide office chair style arm support, arm comfort, and timeless workout sessions. 

Comfortable mesh backrest

The Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike has a mesh backrest, which features is very useful and comfortable for users. Mesh backrest reduces any back stress and provides comfort when users workout.

Transportation wheels

This bike transportation wheel feature provides the users with extra facilities like users can relocate it anywhere.

Available accessories

The Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bikes have available necessary accessories, like as stamina fold-to-fit folding equipment mat, P.V.C mat for cardio fitness, treadmill exercise bike equipment mat, P.V.C mat for ski machine, revitalize conditioner, women’s natural hair regrowth by MONAT, finishing touch flawless hair remover replacement heads.

Features at a glance

  • 325 pounds of extended weight capacity
  • Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness
  • Hand pulse sensors
  • Precious balanced flywheel
  • 12 workout programs
  • Airsoft seat with the air chamber
  • Arm support with elbow rest pads
  • Comfortable mesh backrest
  • Transportation wheels
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Some assembly required

What we love about the Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

  • More resistance level & more workout programs
  • 7 awesome training models
  • Setting up to 4 people as well
  • The console is larger and more impressive
  • The electrical console system
  • Display performance data like time, distance, pulse, etc.
  • Data recorded by built-in pulse sensors.
  • This console has the adjustable latch which will keep secure your smartphones, tablets during your workout time.
  • Mobile apps tracker features

What isn’t so great?

  • Orange color seat and elbow rests
  • 1 year limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quiet is this bike?

A: This bike is extremely quiet.

Q: How deep is the seat?

A: 13” it is very comfortable, with great back support.

Q: Do you have plug it in or does it turn off batteries?

A: There are no batteries. You just plug and ride.

Q: Has anyone figured out how to keep the seat from rocking?

A: This bike seat is rocks, too.

Q: When attaching the wires, does it matter which colors go together?

A: The connections clips only go together in one way so there is no color problem.

Q: Is the seat adjustable?

A: The seat will adjust forward and backward for different leg lengths.

Q: Does a kindle or iPad fit over the console?

A: Watch the 30 seconds of the video, it shows how it sets on the dash.

Final words on the Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike

At around $320 the Exerpeutic 4000 magnetic recumbent bike is an awesome choice. This bike provides 12 workout programs and 4 individual settings. You will be benefited from this price range you will get apps facilities which allows you to download exercise pieces of information. You can compare with another type of bikes.

How to Choose an Exercise Bike

Find out how having your exercising bike can help you attain your domestic fitness desires.

Cardiovascular education may be a laugh and exciting way to enjoy exercise while placing your frame in movement. Sometimes, even though not anything pretty tops the outstanding interior. A workout bike can satisfy each, taking into account an effective workout from the comfort of your private home.

DICK’s Sporting Goods teammate Matthew Provenzano says training with an exercise bike may be an exquisite way to teach cardiovascular fitness with little bodily risk.

“It’s now not like tons of a stress on the frame as you’ll see with an elliptical or treadmill,” he says, “And you may see paintings at your very own pace.”

There are three specific sorts of workout bikes: upright, recumbent, and indoor cycling. Each offers a couple of benefits and different education perks to fit your dreams. Determining which fashion is proper for you must be your first step to get the most from your subsequent exercise.


This workout bike style continues you in a conventional riding function. Since the feature a widespread bike seat, there may be no lower back support. Upright exercise bikes offer handlebars and front displays. These bikes are properly-suitable for folks that need secure exercising; however, they don’t want a bike for excessive-depth schooling.

If you consider an upright exercise bike suits your dreams, look for models with clear and easy-to-use displays. Be sure that your bike can tune resistance, velocity, time, distance, and energy burned. Additionally, some models can also encompass integrated packages to keep your exercises clean and ever-converting.

Another feature to search for in an upright workout bike is a few coronary heart-rate monitoring forms.

“Cardiovascular education as a whole is about out to improve your heart fitness,” Provenzano says. “Your heart price is going up drastically while you’re doing these exercises, so a number of the models include this generation so that you can sing your heart rate and ensure it isn’t leaping to the point that might be dangerous for you.”

One famous choice for coronary heart-price monitoring is contact video display units. Often located within the handlebars, this tech activates thru touch. Some upright exercise bikes even offer chest strap heart monitors to supply a more accurate analysis.


Instead of the conventional pedaling fashion, recumbent bikes seat you in a reclined position in a broader, more secure seat. The pedals are out in front, which may help even out your body weight distribution. This Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review makes recumbent bikes and most suitable preference for people with back issues, joint issues, or pre-existing accidents.

Recumbent bikes offer handlebars at both the front display and along the sides of the seat. When selecting a recumbent bike, look for the same capabilities as an upright: the same show with the preferred measurements, built-in exercise applications, adjustable seating, and a few form of heart-rate tracking. Recumbent bike customers ought to additionally take the system’s dimensions into attention. Because of their reclined function and widened stance, recumbent can take more significant ground space than other bike options.


Indoor cycling bikes have much fewer capabilities however offer a better revel in to real out of doors biking.

“If you consider the outside cycling revel in, you’re not going to have all of these delivered features; that’s why it mimick with indoor cycling bikes,” Provenzano says.

Those machines can mimic vertical mountain climbing and other cycling maneuvers. Indoor cycling bikes are right for high-intensity c language training and rigid fats-burning workout routines. This motorbike choice is also often observed in workout corporations or spinning instructions.

Consider indoor cycling fashions with adjustable seating and handlebars to maximize comfort. Some patterns do provide presentations that song RPM, Kcal, time, distance, and velocity, however, without built-in workout packages.

Above all, resistance is the maximum critical feature to be aware of in an indoor cycle. Make positive the resistance provided is without problems adjustable and includes an extensive range of stages. Magnetic resistance structures can be distinctly long-lasting and very quiet. Indoor cycling bikes also can use a belt- and chain-power mechanisms for resistance.


Some luxury functions exist to make your schooling as relaxed as feasible. Water bottle holders, cellphone docks, and tablet holders can keep your assets close and within reach. Tablet holders let you visually follow sure workout packages while you pedal. Some models can also include fan structures to hold you cool during intense physical games.

Built-in speakers also can offer audio enhancement for a better song listening enjoy. Lastly, some motorcycles can tune your education through Bluetooth and sync your phone statistics.

Whether you’re seeking out a simple aerobic hobby or intense exercising, exercising bikes can make a brilliant addition to your recurring. Use those Pro Tips, and you can begin enjoying your newfound training routine in no time.


As you go approximately your look for a workout motorbike, you would possibly come to a surprise, which kind of exercise should you use? You may view the words magnetic and flywheel toss around. So in the query, that’s better, exercise bike magnetic vs. Flywheel, you feel a chunk pressured.

To answer this query, you want to consider one crucial element: it isn’t a versus situation.

Almost all exercising bikes include a flywheel of sorts. It’s how the flywheel use what you want to be looking.

In many instances, the flywheel’s burden is a variable issue. The heavier the flywheel, the more difficult it’s going to be to pedal, and for this reason, the extra the resistance could be. This Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review emerge as a limiting thing. Still, because your flywheel gets heavier and heavier, the bike will also get bigger and bigger. Since we don’t need tremendous bikes sitting in our homes, we need to find every other way. Two of the famous strategies are direct touch resistance on the flywheel, in any other case, magnetic resistance.

Changing the Level of Resistance

The first query you’re probably asking yourself is that it’s feasible to change the extent of resistance pretty quickly. The precise news is that this can be done entirely without difficulty during both the exercise bike magnetic vs. Flywheel resistance.

With magnetic resistance, it’s only a matter of getting gears used at the bike to alter how the magnets interact with the flywheel. With direct contact flywheel setups, it’s about the touchpads moving closer, growing extra friction.

Provided the bike is in the right working order, each needs to reap extraordinary results.

Accurate Levels of Resistance

The subsequent query you have to ask yourself is whether you could attain correct resistance levels with each bike. If you are trying to improve your software, it’ll be vital which you are continually biking at the identical stage of resistance as you did the last consultation – or maybe higher.

So is this feasible?

The magnetic flywheel device is extra accurate as those are generally automatic, and you may punch in which degree you want to be. It’s the kind you see so regularly within the industrial gyms because these bikes are trendy.

So in case you need accuracy, this will be the one to go together.

The touch-based resistance version with the flywheel may be slightly less accurate; however, it’s usually still pretty correct. Most humans have to, without problems, finish exercising satisfactory and spot appropriate advancements using this kind of resistance, so it’s no longer something you need to be traumatic approximately.

If you are someone who’s state training for an avenue race and need utmost accuracy, then the magnetic flywheel will take the edge.

High Levels of Resistance Achieved

When considering workout bike flywheel versus magnetic resistance fashions, you may also want to ask yourself how excessive resistance you can get with each of these models. Attending to the best overall level of resistance may be necessary to ensure you are doing super matters.

If you wish to get stronger, burn extra calories, and get quicker with your biking, adding extra resistance is part of that recreation.

The real news right here is that both of those can get you to very excessive tiers of resistance. Magnetic resistance but may also win out via an inch. With this sort of resistance, you may observe it so high that the wheel stops running altogether. With contact-based resistance structures, you can nevertheless get an excessive diploma of resistance, but usually, the strongest of individuals will nevertheless be capable of flow that flywheel if needed.

Level of Wear And Tear

Which bike is working to have more wear and tear? For this, most really contact sorts of resistance. Magnetic resistance is almost absolutely renovation loose because the only factor that’s converting is how powerful the magnet applies to prevent the flywheel’s spinning.

With touch-based total resistance, something is touching that flywheel so that you will get that higher stage of wear and tear and tear on the one’s pads, which may also finally need to replace.

If you don’t want to waste any cash on alternative expenses, go with a magnetic motorbike. Your probabilities of ever needing to update anything are a long way to decrease.


If you intend to use this bike at domestic within the early hours within the morning or late at night, the noise will probably be something you want to consider. The final element you need is a bike that’s so noisy you could pay attention to it three rooms away.

If that is the case, you honestly want to go together with a magnetic gadget. Contact primarily based resistance models are louder because something touching that flywheel is slowing it down—this Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review creates friction and, as such, noise.


Lastly, keep in mind the fee. If price range is your number one issue, you’ll discover that contact-based resistance flywheel systems are less expensive than their magnetic resistance opposite numbers.

Magnetic resistance motorcycles generally do include all of the bells and whistles even though – programmable alternatives, the LED console display screen, and such, so you have become an ordinary higher revel in on those motorcycles – or at least what a few humans would remember to be.

But in case you want extra of a conventional experience like you’re only driving an everyday motorbike outside, you may, in all likelihood, love the touch-based resistance motorcycles and can get one at a decrease fee point.

To preserve those execs and cons in thoughts when you pick out which sort of motorbike you want to buy. Both bikes offer top-notch results and can, in reality, take your fitness up a notch, but you do want to take into account which one goes to be maximum suited to your dreams, needs, and alternatives.

Choosing the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Spin Bike

When it appears to buy a spin bike while exercising from your property’s comfort, you have to study all its specs and get the one that maximum fits your necessities.

Among all the specifications, the one that topics the most is the flywheel weight.

As a novice, you might face difficulties selecting the proper flywheel weight in your spin motorbike.

In this article, I’ll help you find out what a flywheel is and how it comes out to be the foremost crucial thing to bear in mind while shopping for a spin motorbike. 

So, permit’s get started!

What is a Flywheel of a Spin Bike?

A flywheel is the heart of a workout motorbike. The large spherical disc-shaped mechanical tool position on the front of an exercise bike, This Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review saves rotational energy and ensures easy operation.  

A flywheel is attached to the pedals thru a string or a belt drive. As you pedal, the flywheel turns. 

Why is Flywheel Important in a Spin Bike?

A flywheel deficiency in a spin motorbike ends in an ineffective and uncomfortable trip and may cause severe injuries. The flywheel enables you to preserve a comfortable and secure operation at some point in your exercise.

The weight of the flywheel restricts the rotation. The flywheel weight also performs a vital role in controlling the bike’s resistance and inertia.

Hence, even as shopping for a spin motorbike, whatever that topics, the most is the flywheel weight. It allows discovering how flywheel weight subjects, and what factors need to be saved in thoughts while choosing the flywheel’s spin bike load.

The Working Principle of a Flywheel 

For a flywheel to carry out efficiently, it needs to keep a certain amount of kinetic electricity. Kinetic power is a feature of mass and velocity. This kinetic strength simulates the clean pedaling operation and gives an avenue like sensation while using.

The flywheel physics asserts that a flywheel will store twice as a whole lot as a power if you double the burden of a heavy flywheel preserving the same rate.

Which flywheel is good?

For a flywheel to be ‘good,’ it ought to take some force to set it spinning. It additionally requires a certain amount of power to get it stopped.

Heavy flywheels with massive diameters save greater strength in comparison to smaller ones. Similarly, the wheels that spin quicker save plenty of extra electricity than those that turn slower.

Heavy Weight Flywheel VS Low Weight Flywheel

Flywheel weight is the most critical issue to be considered while shopping for a spin bike.

Let’s speak all the data you must understand regarding heavy and mild flywheel weights.

Heavy Weight Flywheel Spin Bikes

When it involves choosing the flywheel weight, it is encouraged that heavier flywheels are higher than lighter ones: the higher the flywheel weight, the smoother the operation.

A heavy flywheel ensures secure movement to generate more incredible energy at a consistent charge.

A heavier flywheel makes the motion-controlled and less jerky.

The heavier the flywheel, the higher the aggregate of resistance and momentum you can generate during your workout.

That’s how you could enjoy an extra sensible feeling of traveling uphill.

However, there are a few disadvantages of a heavier flywheel:

•        The bike will become more burdensome, which makes its movement challenging.

•        Another hassle related to a heavier flywheel is that it calls for extra momentum and electricity to get it started out and into movement.

•        Furthermore, because the wheel gets heavier, the bike will become high priced.

The advocated flywheel weight for indoor bikes is set at 18-20kgs, while for business bikes, the weight can be around 20-22kg.

Two tremendous home spin bikes that I would endorse are:

In the United Kingdom – Is the JLL IC400?

This Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review has an incredibly clean 22kg flywheel; it’s a beautiful business bike you can use from home.

In the United States – Is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901/B

This Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review has an exquisite 40lbs (18kg) flywheel.

These are excellent, sturdy, and durable bikes that offer an honestly comfortable and quiet journey.

Ideal for a person who needs the nice from the spin session while maintaining noise to a minimal

A bike with a flywheel density of less than 16kg is not encouraged.

Hence, I always favor picking a bike with a heavier flywheel weight to evade choppy pedal stroke.

Low Weight Flywheel Spin Bikes

A slighter weight flywheel requires minimal effort to get started. These flywheels aren’t able to develop sufficient inertia wanted for effortless pedaling.

This Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review can bring about the riders experiencing stress at the joints, leading to harm. 

However, lighter flywheels help sell hamstring and glute recruitment at some pedaling stage, making your legs pedal quicker, supporting you to work more difficult.

Flywheel Positioning

Bikes with heavy flywheels usually have flywheels underneath the rider’s sweat sector.

This Exerpeutic 4000 Magnetic Recumbent Bike Review ensures the bike’s smooth movement.

However, setting the flywheel inside the sweat region isn’t considered ideal. It increases the threat of wear and tear and tears, which ultimately makes the bike require extra maintenance.

May spin bike in recent times generally tend to place their flywheel at the posterior of the bike, i.e., Away of the sweat quarter so that the hazard of wear and tear and the tear gets removed?

Bad Pedaling Technique and Bike Setup

There is no doubt that the flywheel weight plays an essential role in your successful exercise session.

However, we should find different precautions to ensure an easy-riding operation.

For example, awful pedaling technique, proper shape, and terrible motorbike set up (despite the flywheel being heavy or light) might also harm.

To avoid such a dangerous scenario, you have to ensure that you have set up the bike efficaciously and ensure that the pedaling operation is easy.

You can do this by way of looking at online video tutorials.


After looking at this, we can conclude that the bikes with heavier flywheel weights are comparatively higher than those with lighter ones.

Heavier weight flywheels make certain:

•        Faster Spinning

•        Smooth Riding Operation

•        Enough Inertia

•        Comfortable Ride

Moreover, to fulfill the spin bike’s premiere layout issues, it should place its wheel on the motorbike’s rear, far from the sweat region. That’s how may reduce wear and tear, may reduce wear and tear, and the motorbike transported without problems.

However, flywheels placed at the front of the bike also perform a brilliant task – it’s only a depend of taken that more care to maintain it clean and tidy.

Although this information became concerning selecting the motorbike based on the flywheel, it is clear that flywheels should no longer be the best factor to keep in mind while shopping for a spin bike.

You have to watch different essential factors properly, pedaling method, fabric sturdiness, and ease of cycling operation.

If you should have any queries, drop me a comment, and I’ll make sure to get lower back to you.

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