Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike

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Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike

The Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike is a reliable and popular Recumbent bike inside the price range of recumbent exercising bike variety. For the straightforward setup, it doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles except the coronary heart charge tracking in the handgrips. But what the Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike does have is a durable and person-friendly layout that lets in you to step through the machine to get on and off, a 300 lb. weight restriction to house larger customers, and even though it simplest weighs in at sixty-three lbs. This gadget has a low middle of gravity and extended leg stabilizers to preserve it in the region throughout your maximum several exercises.

It additionally has a beautiful oversized padded seat and large pedals to accommodate a wide variety of customers.

I started this website on exercise bikes with a precise aim in thoughts that is to help other folks that are searching out an exercise bike. Sure, there are other web sites. There are masses of web sites on exercise bikes accessible, each imparting heaps of records, which may be deceptive, and from time to time, even contradictory.

So, my purpose here changed in to make sense of all of it, and to present the entirety, you need to recognize approximately exercise bikes clearly and concisely, and I suppose I have succeeded.

I am now not an expert or an expert on stationary bikes. As a count number of fact, sometime in the past, I had no expertise on them by any means. But, after doing considerable research, I am assured in what I recognize, and more than willing to percentage it with the relaxation of you. While informal and personal, I try and maintain my evaluations independent and objective. In view that I don’t have anything to advantage through favoring one manufacturer or model over the other. They said, permit’s flow directly to my assessment of the Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike with Pulse and found out extra about it.

The Exerpeutic 900XL is an entry-stage, very inexpensive bike that has a terrific enchantment to many in large part due to its reliable creation and extraordinary 300 pounds weight capability.

So in case you are seeking out your first spin bike and planning to use it to lose the ones extra few pounds and build some patience, then this basic model is probably ideal for you.

Assembly and Maintenance

The Exerpeutic 900XL is quite smooth to assemble. The pressure mechanism, consisting of crank, flywheel, transmission belt, brake pad, comes already sealed in the front part of the bike.

All you have to connect are the bases of the frame, the front handlebar, the seat, pedals, join the anxiety cable, and console wires, after which the console. It shouldn’t take extra than 45 min to collect.

The container consists of a booklet that guides you little on what to do and the equipment for it. Maybe the maximum hard assignment of the meeting component is connecting the anxiety wires. To make it easier, you have to flip the knob to the lowest placing.

When it comes to upkeep, this bike doesn’t name for the plenty. Every part of its mechanism is pre-lubricated and doesn’t require any additional lubrication.

The drive belt is made to closing a lifetime, while the brake does no longer sustains any put on and tear because it does now not are available contact with the flywheel.

All you need to do is preserve the motorcycle easy, without using any solvents on the plastic components and remove sweat or moisture from the progress tracking laptop.

Comfort and Ease of Use

The Exerpeutic 900XL gives all the support a recumbent exercise bike should provide. Nicely cushioned seat and again aid, both designed to exclude any soreness while pedaling.

Recumbent handlebars align properly, just a chunk above the seat, to boast a posture just like the one of an armchair.

The resistance tiers are clean to trade, at the same time as the use of the bike’s console is likewise quite lots honest.

What’s best about This Bike?

The 900XL recumbent bike from Exerpeutic comes for a remarkable rate for what it has to provide. It’s a ways from being a flimsy exercise bike, it’s reliable, stable, with a very at ease seat, promoting a wholesome posture.

It’s one of the smallest recumbent bikes that you may locate. Therefore, it just is probably the right one for you if you’re short on area. It’s tranquil, because of the belt-pushed mechanism, and magnetic brake, so it received intervene together with your track or TV suggests, nor disturb the alternative contributors of your family.

Plus, since the brake pad does no longer touch the flywheel, it never requires replacement, as the direct-touch ones usually present in spinning motorcycles.

The motorcycle has a console. Even although it’s pretty basic and straightforward, it does come up with the possibility to the song your progress, and even installation goals.

It additionally has heart fee sensors, function extraordinarily crucial for aged users, or users who have to keep in a selected cardio c language.


The console isn’t telemetry enabled, which means that you cannot use a coronary heart strap with the console. Therefore to track your coronary heart fee, you must hold the sensors at all times. On the opposite hand, now not many different bikes offer this option.

The motorcycle’s bases don’t encompass levelers, which may also render the motorbike a bit wobbly on uneven floors. But this may be without problems solved using putting the bike on a carpet or workout mat.


Safe Step-Through

A most important advantage is the safe step. This decrease profile makes it simpler for users to get on and stale of their motorbike without tripping or growing harm.  Considering that this version is famous amongst seniors, this feature offers more peace of thoughts.

Heart Rate Sensors

Hand grips set to the edges of the rider and consist of coronary heart price sensors that are pretty marvelous for an entry-stage bike. Not to say, the heart price’s brief reading has me in awe.

It’s excellent while you ought not to watch for a prolonged quantity of time, simply to see your statistics. I do desire that it didn’t require you to lean ahead to test your pulse, but that is an access degree model.


The pedals are comfortable. However, they do have integrated straps that let you push as well as pull. The straps can also assist your toes securely inside the pedals.

This exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike is a general length pedal thread, so if you want to replace the pedal, you’re nearby motorcycle store need to have one.

Built-In Stabilizers and Rollers

You will observe that the motorcycle’s legs consist of stabilizers that prefer on those more ambitious efforts. These stabilizers, blended with the decrease center of gravity, assisting to hold the bicycle steady.

The legs also characteristic rollers, for an easy-to-move procedure. Although, at 63 pounds, you won’t need to be taking it up and down any stairs.

Compared to the opposition, this model most effective weighs 63 lbs, so it is a distinctly mild weight option. I still want to have a 2nd individual every time-shifting device of more than 40 pounds. However, the wheels make this extra practicable.

It additionally does not fold up, so at the same time, as you may wheel it out after which wheel it away, it’ll usually take up a definite quantity of space.

8-Speed ResistanceResistance

The magnetic ResistanceResistance and V-belt is an excellent function, which it delivers a quiet, yet robust workout. The opposition has eight separate tiers. Those tiers permit customers to begin from the lowest, and paintings up their patience in a safe and greenway. The maximum placing is such that even a pinnacle athlete could battle, also as the decrease settings provide the newbie with a fantastic place to begin.

LCD Screen with Basic Features

The LCD smoothly presents you to watch your exercise. There are not any built-in exercise packages or non-public consumer interfaces. It only presentations the necessities together with the time which you have pedaled, coronary heart fee, and distance covered, speed, and burned energy.

I love the countdown timer, so you can set how long you want to work out, and it counts down for you. Somehow that motivates me.

It additionally comes with a three-12 months assurance on the frame, and a 90-day warranty on its elements. You likely will not have any technical issues with this gadget. It is very primary and easy to function.


The 63-pound weight makes this no small machine for transferring, however, gained provide the same feeling of stability that a two hundred pound business unit might. I just need to set expectancies as it should be.

Sometimes the anxiety is set up incorrectly on the manufacturing facility, inflicting the unit to be too difficult to pedal or causing it to capture.

Many users have reported being able to get rid of the pedals and the flywheel cover, after which popping the tensioner cable again into the groove in which it belongs or putting the belt lower back on if it comes.

Comparison Shopping

We’ve had plenty of readers asking me to dig in touch deeper and examine them to some of the different popular recumbents. I’ve attempted to do a short precise of the ones I’ve request approximately. However, in case you need me to cover one, simply go away a comment beneath.

What is the best recumbent bike?

Recumbent bikes, which include the Schwinn 270 and the Diamondback 910SR, are hugely popular portions of exercising systems that assist you in getting a fantastic exercise at the same time as reclining in a relaxed position.

These forms of workout bikes are very often visible in gyms and health golf equipment, but they’re outstanding for the house as accurately.

We’ve prepared this complete guide that will help you discover the first-rate recumbent motorcycle for your home fitness.

Exercise in comfort! Stationary recumbent bikes are the gentlest of all workout bikes. Unlike upright stationary bikes that can be hard for your body, the quality recumbent bikes have chair-like seats with relaxed cushioning and excellent lumbar guide.

They can relieve strain from your return as you lean lower back to cycle, plus this kind of seated biking is less jarring to joints for your ankles, knees, and hips. This exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike is partly due to the fact you exert less downward strain than while seated upright.

Recumbent bikes are best for people with restricted mobility or lower back pain, but those comfy aerobic running shoes are also famous with riders in pinnacle form.

After all, their layout prevents the usual ache inside the rear that some people enjoy with upright exercising motorcycles. Plus, the use of a recumbent exercising bike is much less in all likelihood to bring muscle discomfort the day after today.

Calorie burn is much less severe than it’s far with upright desk-bound motorcycles. However, the excellent recumbent desk-bound bikes can nevertheless be terrific gear for weight loss.

They’re additionally beneficial for rehabilitation, muscle firming, and cardiovascular workout routines.

Our favored recumbent exercising bikes – which can also be on our well known first-class workout bikes page – deal with three agencies of buyers.

For individuals who love to be online, NordicTrack entices with web-enabled touchscreens, tablet computer holders, and unlimited exercise downloads.

For rider’s maximum inquisitive about active ResistanceResistance, Diamondback Fitness beckons with 32-pound flywheels. Their great recumbent motorcycle has dozens of built-in applications too, some of which are heart price-controlled.

Finally, we endorse Sole Fitness to luxury shoppers and light industrial health room shoppers. Sole’s exceptional recumbent bike is made to mild industrial standards and has an additional-lengthy parts assurance for residential proprietors. Specs include a 30-pound pressure, ten preset applications, and wireless heart charge manage.

What is a magnetic recumbent bike?

Even if you are aged, have an infection, or are improving from damage or surgical treatment, you continue to can get the exercising you need for rehabilitation or experience active and higher at domestic with the assist of a great nice recumbent bike.

A domestic recumbent motorbike allows for low effect workout that may help with useful education, rehabilitation, or for trendy health.

It is ergonomic, comfy, and more secure to apply than ordinary motorcycles, thanks to its design, which puts you in a reclining position. The side handles also are more excellent secure to hold directly.

Still, recumbent motorcycles do offer numerous advantages on your fitness and health, so that you need to significantly consider getting one if ordinary upright models are not suitable for you.

They design to place all of the attempts into the legs and isolate the higher body. Plus, their seats are much extra secure than ordinary saddle seats.

You can work out more excellent on a recumbent motorbike without feeling fatigued and without risking damage or strain for your muscle groups, joints, and bones.

Since there are such a lot of reclining bikes available, we’ve got examined and hand-picked the top great ones you can currently order online.

Does recumbent bike burn belly fat?

Using a recumbent bike burns calories, allowing you to shed pounds all over your body, which includes your belly. While spot reduction is a myth, using a combination of cardiovascular workout, which consists of a recumbent bike, and belly strengthening sports will help firm and flatten your stomach muscle tissues.

Burn the Calories

Riding a recumbent bike is a powerful, calorie-burning cardio exercising. Set a course to your recumbent motorcycle that includes numerous hills to burn higher calories, even as working out. Pedaling quicker or increasing ResistanceResistance additionally burns extra calories.

Your calorie burn will also depend on your weight. If a hundred and twenty-pound man or woman cycles for a half-hour, she will be able to burn one hundred ninety calories, even as a 180-pound man or woman will burn 286 energy. Aim for 30 to 60 mines, 5 days every week of the anaerobic hobby. Up to 60 minutes of everyday aerobics can require for weight reduction.

Engage the Lower Abdominal Muscles

If you circulate the seat closer to the pedals, it decreases the amount of energy your legs can make contributions to pedaling, forcing you to have interaction with your lower belly muscular tissues.

You will also paintings your thighs, glutes, and calf muscle mass. You can carry out different belly strengthening sports, which include crunches on a balance ball, to similarly tone your belly muscular tissues.

Recumbent Bike vs. Other Cardio Equipment

Choose the recumbent bike over different styles of an aerobic system if it is more relaxed for your frame. Using the recumbent motorbike at a moderate pace burns more calories than taking walks at a 3 mph tempo, however fewer calories than the use of the elliptical gadget.

Both the elliptical trainer and recumbent motorcycle predominantly work the lower body, with less impact than a treadmill. However, a few elliptical running shoes have handles that still work the higher authority.

Recommendations for Use

Spend five mines stretching your decrease frame earlier than the usage of the recumbent motorcycle. Before beginning, slide the seat to factor in you have got a mild bend on your knee while your leg is at the rear aspect of the crank.

Perform a mild warm-as much as prepare your muscles and boom your center frame temperature. Maintain a straight posture; do now not lean forward. Consult a health practitioner earlier than starting any new workout application.

Is a recumbent bike good for knees?

Knee accidents are, unfortunately, unavoidable by using folks that generally interact in an active lifestyle. Indeed, something from the treadmill to steppers can inspire these forms of accidents.

A busted knee also takes a pretty long time to get better, which can be adverse in your fitness lifestyles. Old, obese, or overweight humans, as well as the person struck by cramps and varicose veins, are a good deal more significant at risk of knee damage at some stage in their exercise.

It is consequently encouraged to take the proper time and care to search for the ok device to be able not to have this kind of negative effect on your frame.

Cycling is, of the path, one such exercising. However, while upright and spinning motorcycles do take a tiny amount of weight off the joints, they nonetheless leave you liable to fitness-related incidents.

Therefore, green users frequently whine of the knee, back, and feet pain after a specifically hard training session on their desk-bound bikes.

On the alternative hand, recumbent bikes recognize to be comfortable at the knees and to reduce the hazard of such accidents primarily.

Why Are Recumbent Bikes Easier on the Knees?

For starters, recumbent bikes are prepared with huge bucket seating and back aid, permitting users to living room lower back and put up their ft even as they train. While this function is highly comfortable and hardly ever looks like an exercise, it’s additionally incredibly realistic because it transfers all of your frame weight from your joints and knees onto the gadget itself.

By this token, your knees won’t subject to extreme stress, for this reason allowing you to enjoy a wholly secure and painless exercising and not using an injury, aches, or burns.

Best of all, in spite of extremely secure characteristics, this device burns a beautiful range of energy in keeping with an hour. In truth, depending on their selected stage of ResistanceResistance, gender, and age, users can count on to lose something among 300 to 900 energy consistent with hour. Which quantities to pretty a fantastic deal of weight in the end.

As a long way, because the knees are worried, recumbent motorcycles are secure enough to be used by aged people as properly, particularly those that come with a step-thru layout, which includes the Live strong LS6.0R and the Schwinn 270.

Aged people often be afflicted by brittle bones or osteoporosis, situations that can without difficulty worsen if an appropriate gadget not use.

This exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike is why medical doctors and health specialists regularly endorse an education regimen of recumbent cycling paired with some mild swimming for anyone who suffers from those conditions.

Thanks to the ergonomic seating, the bones are well-blanketed. This exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike means that vintage people will no longer dread arthritis-related pain both.

Most of the time, the bikes include extra-company Velcro ankle straps to preserve your ft. Into place and prevent any friction that might injure the knee.

While these are absolutely the safest machines on your joints, it does repay to take some more precautions via indulging in some stretches and heat-up sports before mountain climbing for your motorbike.

After all, cycling – recumbent or no longer- is quite a repetitive exercising and your body desires enough time to regulate and get over the identical motions again and again. Athletes should additionally do not forget to calm down after the usage of recumbent machines.

What is the best recumbent bike for seniors?

The recumbent bike for seniors, a massive quantity of human beings daily, looks for the first-class recumbent motorbike for seniors. Those Bikes are also price range-friendly. Even if you’re a senior, top exercising can gain you in lots of unique ways.

That’s what we’ve heard during our entire life, and it’s sincerely real. No matter in case you’ve in no way labored out in your life, once you start to exercise – you’ll right now notice intellectual and physical outcomes.

If you’re a senior man or woman, running out on a geriatric exercise motorbike or recumbent motorbike will be a great idea, and you may wonder why? Best recumbent exercise bike for seniors nonetheless offers several workout and bodily advantages while it’s one of the safest workout bike workouts for seniors you can do.

Are recumbent bikes better for your back?

There is quite a ramification of various producers of recumbent on the market. So glaringly, I can’t wait for probable speak for them all — however, most recumbent likely share comparable seating principles. The recumbent I ride is a FLUX S800. As you could see from the photo within the above hyperlink, the seat shell is following the form of the human spine.

I keep saying, my recumbent is cozier than many sofas I even have sat on!

Also, your body’s weight ships over a vast region of the conveniently cushioned area, compared to diamond frame motorcycles “every day” motorcycles), in which almost your total weight is packed on a place hardly ever a whole lot larger than the size of a palm.

Those two elements alone provide a significant advantage in your bum. Additional to that, many “normal” bikes pressure you to take a seat on them in a completely “rolled up” pasture: Both on racing bikes in addition to on mountain bikes, you need to hump you’re again to maintain directly to the deal with bars.

Dutch bicycles, in which you take a seat very upright, in addition to Pedersen-bikes, are slightly higher in that regard, but even there, you are nonetheless sitting on a tiny saddle.

With my recumbent, I can take a seat on it for plenty of hours without even the tiniest ache on my butt! On an everyday bike, my butt could hurt already after one hour!

Last 12 months, I went on a long bike tour from Hamburg to Munich (760 kilometers, weeks). Neither my butt nor my again hurt on even one single day of my journey – also through earlier than that excursion, I had infrequently executed another motorbike excursion by any means, i.e., Was not very well-educated.

Quality recumbent (like as an example, the FLUX) is INSANELY relaxed – and one thing you will be aware of. Once your journey with exerpeutic 900xl recumbent bike, which you have SO MUCH MORE of an outline over the beautiful landscapes you are driving through, than you will have on diamond framed bicycles.

Of path, other than the brand you selected, the right adjustment of the frame and seat for your frame-length, as well as the usage of clipless pedals, are necessities so that you will enjoy your recumbent.

To get an overview of the kinds and brands of recumbent available on the market, you can have a examine this website right here. By the way, using a recumbent is simple in case you recognize the way to trip an “everyday” motorbike – you simply might also need or three days of “warming up with it,” and you prepare.

If you’ve got a recumbent dealer to your place, the unique aspect you could do is just to take one or two particular fashions for a spin, and strive them out for yourself. Enjoy!

Final Word

If you’re in search of an affordable, at ease, and lengthy-lasting recumbent bike, the Exerpeutic 900XL is without a doubt one to position on your listing. Although it’s now not a motorbike for excessive intensity workout routines, it could nonetheless assist your bolster you’re aerobic, tone your legs and decrease frame, or even lose a few weight with the right food regimen. Needless to mention, it’s an exquisite bike for rehabilitation exercise, and aged users, since it takes all of the strain from your joints and again, at some stage in your workout routines. Overall, it’s a high-quality exercising machine, which presents the proper setting for a keep and comfy workout.

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