XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike

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XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike

XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike merges the best elliptical machine for seniors and an upright workout bike. Although it has a similar production, layout, and dimensions as the XTERRA EU100 that we’ve already reviewed, it has mechanical resistance and a console with a couple of exercising packages.

Key Features and Specifications

•        Assembled dimensions: 42.5L x 24.5W x 61.5H inches (108L x 62W x 156H cm)

•        Assembled weight: 70.5 lbs (32 kg)

•        Flywheel weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)

•        Supported weight: 265 lbs (a hundred and twenty kg)

•        Seat: 4-manner adjustable

•        Stride: thirteen inches (33 cm)

•        Resistance: Eddy contemporary, 24 stages

•        Console: 23 packages, pulse healing

•        Extras: Sound gadget, device holder

•        Warranty: Frame 1-12 months / Parts 1 year / Brake 1 year

Frame construction

The XTERRA EU150 hybrid trainer functions as a metal frame coated with a corrosion-resistant paint end black in color. Most of the steel bars in its creation are cylindrical except for the main longitudinal base bar, which is rectangular. The cases of the drive and resistance elements are fabricated from long-lasting thermoplastic cloth, white and black, to match the relaxation of the frame.

The wholly assembled teacher isn’t too big. It is most effective 42.5″ (108 cm) lengthy and 24.5″ (sixty-two cm) wide. Therefore, it has to match quite correctly in a small room or condo. However, XTERRA recommends leaving at least an ft of clearance all around the system for easy access and safe utilization.

The gadget, in all fairness, is heavy; its internet weight is 70.5 lbs (32 kg), so the transport of the packaged unit may require folks or a box carrier. However, as soon as it is assembled, it may without problems be moved with the aid of the best character as its front base stabilizer integrates a fixed of small wheels. Also, the rear stabilizer is prepared with polygonal plastic caps, which also can rotate and act as floor levelers.

The XTERRA EU150 trainer does now not have a step-through design like other exercising motorcycles or ellipticals. However, its base frame segment is only approx. 20″ (51 cm) inside the middle, so stepping over it to function your toes on the pedals shouldn’t be too difficult.

Seat and different components

The XTERRA Fitness EU150 hybrid teacher is geared up with a reasonably trendy bicycle saddle. Its shell is manufactured from durable nylon cloth with a challenging but bendy urethane (or other high-density foam) cowl. Its pinnacle is likewise contoured for stepped forward breathability and is relatively large, so it offers masses of the contact surface.

The seat gives four-way adjustability (up, down, front, returned). Its upright publishes numerous adjustment positions simultaneously as its horizontal slider provides some extra inches of the front-to-returned adjustment. This XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike, the device has to be able to accommodate customers between 5’0″ and 6’0″ (153 – 183 cm). Taller users may additionally hit the front bars with their knees through elliptical workout routines but need to use the gadget as an upright bike.

The XTERRA EU150 instructor is ready with sets of handlebars, one fixed, one cell. The constant handlebars connect immediately to the front mast of the system. They are non-adjustable. They have brief grips and integrate metal pulse sensors. The shifting arms feature lengthy grips and oval grips on the pinnacle. They attach to the pedal bars and the front mast, so they may flow for so long as you pedal.

The instructor is equipped with hard and fast oversized, elliptical-style pedals. Their trays are made of a heavy-duty thermoplastic cloth offering the front and inner side guards for stepped forward foot balance. However, they do no longer provide any adjustability, and they no longer have any cushioning. Nonetheless, similar to every other elliptical teacher, the device presents an experience with a low effect on your joints and lower returned.

The pedals are long-lasting enough to help customers as 265 lbs (one hundred twenty kg). They provide a mild stride of 13″ (thirty-three cm). The step-up pedal top is approx—6.5″ (sixteen cm). Conversely, the very best pedal point reaches approx. 17″ (forty-four cm) above floor level. Therefore, it’s far advocated to use the machine in a room with a ceiling that is as a minimum 20″ (51 cm) better than your top.

Resistance and power

The XTERRA Fitness EU150 elliptical and upright motorbike instructor is geared up with a motorized magnetic (eddy current) resistance device. This XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike produces an immaculate pedaling movement because the internal resistance parts do not now contact. It additionally calls for an external strength supply (adapter covered) and may robotically modify resistance.

The unit’s resistance gadget includes a servo motor and a magnetic brake. The motor is attached to the console, so when you adjust the resistance from its controls, or when an application is in use, it increases or decreases the magnets’ pull consequently.

The machine gives 24 ranges of resistance, just like the elliptical V-950X. The first ranges supply a relatively mild resistance. The anxiety levels above 20 offer significantly greater pedal tension. They are fantastic for all who desire to go through a regular, complete-frame aerobic exercise, enhance stamina, strength, and burn extra energy.

The XTERRA EU150 integrates an eleven-lb (five kg) flywheel with a fringe-weighted shape for improved inertia. It is bi-directional, so you can pedal in the opposite if you want to diversify your workouts. However, it’s vital to mention that the resistance remains steady once pedaling in the opposite, given through the chosen tension stage.

Like many different ellipticals or upright bikes with a magnetic resistance machine, the XTERRA EU150 capabilities a belt pressure machine; it uses a durable poly-v belt as its principal transmission detail. This XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike, the drivetrain, does now not require periodic lubrication. It also gives you a tranquil, vibration-unfastened motion.


The XTERRA EU150 hybrid teacher is equipped with a multi-function console. It functions as a 3.7″ diagonal show with a blue LED backlight. It suggests time, speed, RPM, distance, energy, and pulse. Speed and distance are preset for English gadgets (mph and miles); metric gadgets have no choice. Also, the heartbeat studying feature is grip simplest. Differently placed, you will keep on to the sensors included into the constant handlebars for the console to study your pulse; it can’t examine your pulse from a Wi-Fi transmitter or smartwatch.

The console does now not have online connectivity and isn’t always like-minded with any health apps. However, it has its very own 23 workout applications. The first program (P1) is manual; it permits you to make guide resistance modifications as you like throughout your exercise. If this software is used, you could also choose an exercise target for time, distance, or energy burned.

The P2-P13 programs are preset. They have distinctive segment layouts so that they will target numerous workout routines. For example, some are high-quality for stamina improvement, others have a c language format, while others regularly increase the resistance until they quit.

The P14-P7 applications are custom consumer-defined. In different phrases, up to four users can create and store their program profile with the favored period and resistance modifications.

The P18-P22 are coronary heart fee programs. The first four of them have preset coronary heart price percent targets. These are 55% HRC, 65% HRC, 75% HRC, and 85% HRC. The P22 application allows the person to pick a custom % HRC.

The console also has a Body Fat calculator software and a Pulse Recovery characteristic. The Body Fat calculator is P23. This software requires you to enter your weight, height, age, and gender, calculate your Body Mass Index and offer you the best exercise regimen. The Recovery characteristic determines how fast your coronary heart returns to an ordinary BPM on the give up of the workout and is based totally on the result. It gives you a fitness rating among F1 – first-rate and F-6 bad.

Last but not least, the console also has a built-in sound gadget. It consists of speakers and an AUX port to which you can join your cellphone or pill to pay attention to your music. An AUX cable is protected. Also, the console unit has an integrated tool holder.

Assembly and Maintenance

This XTERRA Fitness hybrid teacher comes in part assembled. In different phrases, its necessary frame with all the force and resistance parts comes in one piece. The rest of the elements require person assembly. You will attach the front mast, the console, the fixed and moving palms, the pedals, and the seat. This XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike might also take more than an hour or a while, but the project isn’t always too complex. Plus, the manual affords clean step-by-step meeting instructions, and all of the necessary equipment are included.

Maintenance doesn’t require a lot. The inner parts do now not require lubrication. Its joints can also need a chunk of lubrication every so often. Other than this, it’s miles advocated to inspect the system for unfastened or broken components periodically.

The Pros

•        Double capability – elliptical instructor and upright bike;

•        Sturdy construction – can keep users up to 265 lbs (a hundred and twenty kg);

•        Transport wheels on the front base;

•        Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base;

•        Large, durable pedals;

•        Four-way adjustable seat;

•        Large, contoured, and cozy saddle;

•        Pulse analyzing feature;

•        Eddy modern-day, computerized resistance machine;

•        Excellent resistance micro-adjustability (24 stages);

•        Quiet belt pressure system;

•        Multi-feature console with LED-backlit display;

•        23 exercising applications on the console;

•        Goal settings for time, distance, and energy;

•        Recovery feature;

•        Sound system incorporated into the console;

•        AUX cable covered;

•        Device holder covered;

•        Fairly clean to bring together;

•        Tools for the meeting are protected;

•        Little maintenance required;

•        Decent warranty.

The Cons

•        No bottle holder;

•        No online connectivity.


The XTERRA Fitness EU150 is a hybrid elliptical and upright motorbike instructor featuring a 24-stage contemporary resistance gadget, a four-way adjustable seat, and a multi-characteristic console with 23 exercising applications an included sound gadget. It is a fitness device for light to medium intensity exercises, muscle firming, stamina development, c language schooling, and weight loss. It’s additionally one of the most low-cost hybrid trainers with an automated resistance device available in the interim.

Should I Get on My Elliptical Every Day to Lose Weight?

When it comes to weight loss, running out frequently on an elliptical machine is a solid strategy. However, it is also vital to include resistance schooling, in addition to a rest day, to stay robust and healthful.


An elliptical exercise will pass a long way closer to helping you burn calories for weight reduction. However, you should also incorporate strength training and permit yourself a relaxation day to recover.

It would help if you didn’t get at the elliptical each morning — your body wishes at the least one rest day from workout each 7 to 10 days, in step with the American Council on Exercise. If you are doing arduous exercising on the elliptical every morning, as well as incorporating power education, you run the danger of overtraining.

Signs of overtraining include feeling burned out or having a problem falling asleep, even if you’re feeling exhausted. Allowing yourself to take an afternoon of relaxation allows your muscles to restore damaged tissues and allows the circulatory system to eliminate metabolic by the way of-products from muscle cells, ACE reports.

Calories Burned on Elliptical Machine

Cardiovascular activity — commonly shortened to simply “cardio” — is essential for any weight-loss application. The physical pastime suggestions inside the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015-2020, say to do at least 150 minutes consistent with a week of moderate-depth exercise or 75 minutes of lively-intensity exercising. Cardio refers to any pastime that receives your coronary heart rate up, according to the Mayo Clinic, and this may include going for walks, swimming, biking, or, of the path, the elliptical gadget.

An hour of an elliptical exercise at moderate depth will burn approximately 365 calories, in line with the Mayo Clinic, although the specific range you burn at the machine varies based totally on gender, weight, and different man or woman factors. Be cautious no longer about placing an excessive amount of stock in the number of energy that the device says you have burned — studies published in April 2018 in Exercise Medicine cited that elliptical appear to overestimate caloric expenditure notably.

HIIT on Elliptical Machine

To ramp up your weight reduction efforts, pass the moderate-depth, consistent-state elliptical exercise in prefer of an excessive-depth interval training (HIIT) workout.

To do a HIIT exercise on the elliptical, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) says to increase the resistance and pace at the machine for 30 seconds and then lower both for two mins for restoration. Repeat this cycle continuously you have reached your favored time allotment; however, remember that the exercise should also encompass a quick heat-up and cool-down.

According to the ACE, HIIT is an anaerobic workout to raise your metabolism now, not the handiest throughout your exercising. Still, afterward, as nicely, a phenomenon referred to as the “after-burn effect.” This XTERRA Fitness EU150 Hybrid Elliptical Upright Bike permits your frame to burn more incredible energy, even if it is at rest that can assist with weight loss. HIIT can also help you take in and use extra oxygen throughout regular-nation schooling and enhance your staying power.

Strength Training for Weight Loss

Using the elliptical for weight reduction is a good plan, but aerobic isn’t always the be-all and quit-all of fitness. Adding resistance, or energy schooling, to your exercising regimen may also assist you to shed kilos. Research published in January 2018 within the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism concluded that folks that progressed their weight loss plan and engaged in resistance education had been capable of losing frame fat as well as boom their lean muscular tissues.

The physical pastime pointers advocate at least two days per week of strength schooling, resistance training, or muscular electricity and staying power sports intended to enhance muscle power, persistence, and mass.

Each exercise must contain all predominant muscle companies, from your shoulders for your center on your legs. You don’t ought to have a gym membership or very own dumbbells or fancy resistance machines to perform this; body-weight exercises, such as squats, push-ups, and lunges, all paintings just as well.

How Long Should You Work out at the Elliptical Machine

We all realize well that the elliptical system is one of the first-class options for aerobic physical activities.

The elliptical device comes with so many exciting features in addition to benefits and disadvantages. However, the most critical factor we want to know is how long we should exercise on the elliptical machine to stay healthy and fit.

Exercising on elliptical machines offers you significant effects. However, inadequate or wrong frequencies and periods may provide you with terrible as well as disappointing outcomes. So, it is vital to be aware of frequencies and length.

Here, we will briefly discuss how long we ought to exercise on the elliptical device.


Exercising for one hundred fifty mins consistent with the week is extra than enough to prevent weight gain and decrease the chance of sicknesses. It way that if you exercise 30 minutes in keeping with day for 5 days, it’s miles enough. American College of Sports Medicine indicates 150–200 minutes of exercise weekly for significant effects.


It is enough to work out five days per week at the elliptical system. But, if preferred, you could additionally exercise for more than 5 days. If you cross for daily exercising, 10 minutes of exercising are sufficient to stay healthful and suit.


Exercise intensity manner the most quantity of instances your heart can beat in one minute. You can estimate it by subtracting your advanced age from 220. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, for beginners, the most coronary heart charge is fifty-five to sixty-five, and for experienced exercisers, it’s far 90%. May maintain higher depth for much less time – intensity and period are inversely associated with every different.


It has been found that elliptical machines provide much less joint stress and ache than the treadmill or regular walking. It is the first-rate option for adults, novices in addition to for old and center-elderly people.


According to The New York Times item, a regular workout reduces the danger of coronary heart sickness by 45%. Walking 12 miles a week assists you in lessening your LDL cholesterol stage, and a longer workout of 20 miles helps you to accurate boom cholesterol.

According to Dr. Len Kravitz, elliptical running shoes can help you burn 8–9 energy according to minute. It is the same as 11.5 mins of going for walks or aerobic exercise.

Elliptical machines offer less joint strain and ache as compared to the treadmill or everyday strolling.

Total mins

You may use your elliptical for walking or walking between 12–20 miles in line with the week for maximum benefit. If you work out five days per week, and it takes you 15 mins to tour one mile, you want to log between 36 and 60 minutes each session. If you exercise three days per week, you want to exercise for 60–100 mins per consultation.

Make sure to matter every minute.

To burn a maximum quantity of energy and increase your fitness, make sure you matter each minute you exercise. Spend the first 2–5 mins at a clean pace, after which increase the resistance and pace of your elliptical striding. Try no longer to balance the handrails and instead work your higher frame using movable bars while striding. Spend 5–7 mins each session striding at your maximum intensity stage to simulate speedy walking intervals.

Ways to get a perfect elliptical workout

•        Keep your toes flat at the pedals.

•        Try to mix in some core sporting events.

•        Vary the incline to hit your butt muscle groups.

•        You also can go lower back on the elliptical without turning your frame round.

•        Use the pause button for an internal timer.

•        You must recognize while applying handles and while to let them pass.

•        Add dumbbells.

•        It is usually suitable to do a high-intensity c language exercise.

•        Wear the proper equipment. Check the first-class evaluations from runningshorts.Com

Common errors which anyone makes on an elliptical system

•        Your resistance stays 0.

•        You become a sloucher.

•        You don’t enter your facts.

•        You don’t change instructions.

•        You don’t change your workouts for a long time.

•        You placed an excessive amount of strain on your toes – you cross on till you may feel your feet.

•        Your system makes too much noise. If you enjoy such noise, it approaches that you are going too fast.

•        You do now not work your top 1/2.

•        You spin your manner up a hill.

The final verdict

So, it becomes all about the crucial component you need to be privy to even as a workout on the elliptical machine: duration and frequency. We already noted how both of these factors might affect the outcomes.

Along with essential elements like length and frequency. You also can check about the pinnacle 9 elliptical machines compared – bikemarts.Com.  You can also watch some YouTube motion pictures or pay attention to free YouTube mp3 while you’re doing all your workouts.

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