GoElliptical V-600X Elliptical Trainer

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GoElliptical V-600X Elliptical Trainer

The GoElliptical V-600X Elliptical Trainer is a swish searching, long-lasting, complete-body, and the best elliptical machine for seniors designed for domestic use. 

GoElliptical V-600X Elliptical Trainer is a motorized and belt-pushed unit that operates smoothly and quietly. Hence, you can training session every time you want, no matter the time or place. 

The included EKG contact and the wireless heart price receiver allow you to study and hold your target heart fee sector at all times.

Product Dimensions & Specifications

•        Length: 60’’

•        Width: 28’’

•        Height: 68’’

•        Shipping dimensions container 1: 55.9’’ L x 15’’ W x 25.9’’ H

•        Shipping dimensions container 2: 28.3’’ L x 9.8’’ W x 5.9’’ H

•        Net weight: one hundred forty lbs. /sixty three. Five kg

•        Gross weight container 1: 143.3 lbs. /65 kg

•        Gross weight box 2: 17.6 lbs. /8 kg

•        Maximum consumer weight potential: 300 lbs. /136 kg

•        Drive: Belt

•        Resistance machine: Eddy contemporary magnetic with 24 adjustable stages

•        Pedals: Super huge (25’’ x 5.5’’), and adjustable to 8 positions

•        Handlebar: Fixed & dual-action this is adjustable to 3 positions

•        Heart charge monitoring: EKG touch & wireless HR chest strap

•        Flywheel: 17.6 lbs. /8 kg

•        Frame: Steel

•        Mile/mph to km/km/h changeable option: Yes

•        Console: Club type 128 Dots huge LED LT Display 

•        Power adapter blanketed

•        Recovery characteristic

•        Program: 24 presets, and a random custom application with limitless versions

•        4 User profiles

•        Built-in speakers, auxiliary port, and USB charging port

•        Water bottle holder: Yes

•        Tablet holder: Yes

•        Transport wheels: Yes


•        Lifetime for the FrameFrame

•        3 Years for the Parts

•        `1 Year for Labor


The GOELLIPTICAL V-600X Elliptical Cross Trainer is distributed out in a huge and a small box that weighs 143.3 lbs./65 kg, and 17.6 lbs./8 kg, with dimensions of 55.9’’ L x 15’’ W x 25.9’’ H, and 28.3’’ L x 9.8’’ W x 5.9’’ H, respectively. 

They are transported to the buyer freed from charge and in multiple days with the aid of Amazon. 


Assembling this system isn’t always rocket technological know-how. But on the opposite, it is straightforward to do as it arrives 80% preassembled.

You are simplest anticipated to attach the stabilizers, the handlebars, the pedals, the mast, and the console to the principle unit. It will probably take about an hour, more or less, to completely get it assembled. 

However, in case you want, you could opt for the top-rate professional meeting carrier where someone will come over using your own home to do the assembling on your behalf. 


This pass trainer is almost protection-loose, usually maintaining it smooth, lubricating the joints while necessary, and keeping it in a fab, dry, and clean area. 

Also, enterprise to take a look at it before every use to prevent damaged or loose components from coming off and inflicting extra harm or harm. 

The Frame and Construction

The GOELLIPTICAL V-600X Elliptical Cross Trainer is to be had in black/yellow color variant best. It is extra colorful and fashionable than the V-six hundred version. 

Its important construction components include a long-lasting metal body lined with anti-corrosion paint and protecting ABS covers. 

However, the dual-movement handlebars are chrome plated. 

The go teacher is micro-adjustable. This GoElliptical V-600X Elliptical Trainer allows customers to customize it for a higher exercise enjoyment characterized by comfort and protection. In different words, customers can alter the twin-motion handlebars, the pedals, and the base for a perfect shape and stability.

The unit’s base features the front and rear anti-slip metallic stabilizers with adjustable levelers that do specific regular exercises. Its standard assembled weight (a hundred and forty lbs. /sixty-three. Five kg) further optimizes the stableness. 

The gadget is not overly big, in particular, compared to the SOLE E95S Elliptical teacher. The universal assembled dimensions are 60” long by way of 28” huge using 68’’ high. 

Differently put, a place with measurements of five’ period using two ‘four’’ width can be adequate for exercising sports. However, for safety motives, an additional extra clearance of 2’ is needed across the device. 

There are shipping wheels at the front base that effortlessly facilitate the relocation process of the unit from one room to another. 

The Handlebars

This pass instructor has biomechanical constant and dual-motion handlebars. They offer particular workout postures which can or might not have interaction with the upper body muscle organizations.

The static handlebars are attached to the console mast, and that they comprise heart price sensors and quick resistance adjustment buttons.

While the adjustable twin-action/moveable handlebars are related to the pedals with several transferring components and ball-bearing joints, their movement is easy and quiet.

The 2 sets of handlebars are covered with a smooth anti-slip rubber foam fabric that permits customers to exercise often and longer without experiencing slippage or blisters inside the fingers. 

Pedals of the GOELLIPTICAL V-600X Elliptical Cross Trainer

The pedals are giant (dimensions are 25″ lengthy by using 5.5″ wide) and textured. They are fabricated from durable plastic and steel center and are attached to solid crank hands.

Therefore, a consumer whose weight is as much as three hundred lbs. /136 kg is supported. 

An adjustable stopper at the pedals might be shifted to 8 prime positions (4 on the front and 4 at the rear) for optimum footing stability.

Their stride length is 18″; consequently, maximum users can exercise with complete leg extension.

Due to the general layout of the pedals and the elliptical motion, the decreased body joints are included from stress regardless of how long you work out with the system. 

The Drive

The GOELLIPTICAL V-600X Elliptical Cross Trainer is geared up with a belt drive system that comprises a heavy-responsibility J6 V-belt, high inertia 17.6 lbs. /8 kg flywheel, a pulley, and crank-arms. 

These factors offer an easy and quiet operation that eliminates any possibility of distractions or disturbances in the course of a workout.

Consequently, you should be able to exercise at your time without having to worry that your own family or neighbors can be disturbed. 

Moreover, the drive machine no longer requires periodic maintenance that may contain lubrication or adjustment instead of a chain power system.

Finally, the pressure’s bidirectional movement allows you to pedal reverse on every occasion you wish to diversify your workouts and tone more muscle companies. 

The Resistance System of the GOELLIPTICAL V-600X Elliptical Cross Trainer

This unit is geared up with an eddy current magnetic resistance device with 24 adjustable stages. This way, the device desires to be plugged right into a power source earlier than the resistance works, and the power adapter wanted is covered inside the package. 

The factors worried about generating resistance include a small servo motor, a magnetic brake pad, and the flywheel.

Upon enticing the resistance, the motor shifts the magnetic brake pad close to the flywheel to emit magnetic fields with a purpose to, in the end, purpose a drag. This additional method of resistance intensity relies on how near the magnetic brake pad is to the flywheel. 

The resistance level can be accelerated or decreased via the console buttons or the special toggle buttons at the static handlebars.  

There is enough exercising demanding situations that are appropriate for the elderly, those that are improving from bodily damage, and everybody else that needs to improve their cardiovascular fitness, power, and patience level. 

The Console

The console on the GOELLIPTICAL V-600X Elliptical Cross Trainer is futuristic. It features an intuitive membership kind 128 Dots Large LED LT reveal that tracks exercise stats such as Time, Speed, Distance, Calories, Program Profile, and Pulse. The clarity is extraordinary in all light conditions. 

The Speed and distance devices are changeable from mph/miles to km/h/km, and vice versa.

Several clean-to-use navigation buttons at the console encompass Start/Pause, Quick Start, Reset, and More. 

The integrated 24 preset exercise packages and a custom random application with unlimited versions offer the possibility of attaining gold standard fitness desires quickly.

Each of the preset exercise packages has a pre-assigned resistance degree. 

In other phrases, while you pick out any of the preset programs, a positive resistance level will automatically engage.

The heart fee can be tracked when the EKG touch grips are grasped or when a wireless 5KV HR chest strap is worn throughout an exercise because the console is telemetric.

However, the HR chest strap device is non-obligatory. It isn’t included inside the package however needs to be bought separately.

Four consumer profiles allow 4 exclusive users to enter their data, including gender, peak, weight, and age, for correct calorie and recuperation data output. 

The console additionally has a restoration characteristic that calculates and produces a health rating from F1 (outstanding) to F6 (poor) based on the user’s coronary heart fee condition throughout an exercise. 


Some extras are blanketed to make users’ exercise sessions secure and amusing. 

These extras consist of integrated high/low speakers, an auxiliary MP3 compatible port, and a charging UBS port. Therefore, you may plug in your telephone device or an iPod device to the console for high-quality audio output.

A tablet holder and a water bottle holder allow you to hold a cellphone/tablet tool and a water bottle accessible for entertainment and hydration. 


As aforementioned, this unit isn’t foldable. However, it isn’t overly big either to weigh down your space. 

A garage place with measurements of 5’ period by 2’4’’ width can accommodate it. 

It has front-hooked-up transport wheels that permit customers to relocate it without difficulty regardless of its assembled weight (a hundred and forty lbs./63sixty three. Five kg). 

Pros/Features Overview

•        Durable and Elegant/colorful

•        The robust base functions adjustable levelers for maximum stability

•        2 sets of ergo biomechanical fixed and twin-movement handlebars for particular exercise postures

•        Very customizable; for this reason, users of various heights and sizes may be accommodated

•        Supports the most person weight ability of 300 lbs. /136 kg

•        Its operation is straightforward and quiet, accordingly, making it to be home-friendly

•        The pedals are extremely good massive, and adjustable

•        The superior console is telemetric

•        EKG contact grips for heart charge tracking

•        The LED display tracks exercise stats such as Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, Program, and Pulse with excessive clarity

•        four user profiles spark off users to enter private facts inclusive of weight, top, age, and gender for a more excellent correct facts output

•        It has a recuperation feature that calculates and places out a fitness rating between F1 (tremendous) to F6 (poor), primarily based on the consumer’s coronary heart charge in the course of an exercise.

•        24 preset workout applications, and a custom random application with unlimited versions

•        Eddy cutting-edge magnetic resistance machine with 24 adjustable degrees provides exclusive workout challenges for beginners, intermediaries, and advanced users

•        Low protection requirement

•        Transport wheels included for clean relocation process

•        Not challenging to gather

•        Tablet and water bottle holders available 

•        Sound system and USB charging port to be had


•        No cooling-fan

•        No online app connectivity

•        HR chest strap device no longer included (has to be purchased separately)


The GOELLIPTICAL V-600X Elliptical Cross Trainer is a full-body and low-effect cardiovascular system suitable for those improving from harm, the elderly, and anyone else who wishes to enhance their normal bodily health. 

Elliptical Trainer vs. Strider & Climber

With obesity on the rise in America, involving in the ordinary physical pastime, inclusive of some form of cardiovascular exercise, is one of the most critical things you could do for your health. Cardiovascular exercise allows you to manipulate your weight, decrease your chance of disease, and improve your mental health. Not to forget some options when selecting a cardiovascular interest, including which aerobic workout is suitable for you. Whenever starting an exercise program, it is essential first to consult a physician.

Cardiovascular Equipment

The cardiovascular gadget is designed to stimulate the cardiovascular system. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that wholesome adults beneath sixty-five do a half-hour of mild intensity exercising five days every week or 20 mins of excessive depth or energetic exercise three days per week. Moderate intensity workout is defined at the level of increasing the heart charge to break a sweat. Ellipticals, striders, and stair machines can all be valuable resources in accomplishing cardiovascular recommendations.


Elliptical trainers are one manner to reap cardiovascular exercising on a desk-bound system. An elliptical instructor is designed to simulate running without setting extra strain at the joints. For this motive, the elliptical instructor is favored using people who have joint damage or joint ache. The elliptical instructor presents a cardiovascular workout that the user can alter in methods. The first way is to pedal faster to boom depth, and the second is to regulate the quantity of resistance. Some elliptical trainers have transferring arm handles, even as other models provide stationary arm handles.


Strider machines are a mixture of incline running shoes and elliptical machines. The arc-shaped motion of the device has led to striders additionally being called arc trainers. The movement of the gadget lets in for low effect at the joints with growth in muscle firming in the hamstring and glutes. The system is suitable for people who need a low effect workout but are searching out more toning than a widespread elliptical gadget affords. Striders are geared up with each valuable and non-functional arm handles and resistance to increase exercising intensity.

Stair Climber

There are the most critical kinds of climbers; stepping machines and revolving stair machines. The motion of the hiking device simulates the motion of hiking stairs. On the step gadget, you operate frame strength to push down pedals, simulating stair hiking. May set varying degrees of resistance on the system to make the exercising extra tough. The revolving stair device is powered by a motor and may be located at exclusive speeds. This kind of cardiovascular activity causes extra strain on the joints than elliptical machines and striders. However, it is greater powerful at firming muscle tissue. Climbing machines also are to be had with shifting arm handles and stationary arm handles. Moving arm handles allow the user to perform an extra overall frame workout.

How Can an Elliptical Machine Help You Lose Belly Fat?

The belly is extra than just the Frame’sFrame’s core. It’s the middle of so many fitness targets, the reason for a great deal of frustration, and a place of cognizance for all kinds of exercises.

Across demographic groups and enjoy degrees, accomplishing and maintaining a slender center is a not unusual health objective. And whether or not you’re aiming for six-p.c. Abs or virtually seeking to shed pounds standard, there’s a significant threat that dropping stomach fat is one of your exercising intentions.

This aim is often pushed by choosing to look desirable: Many people would love to feel less self-conscious in a swimsuit or slip on a flattering pair of jeans that don’t quite fit anymore. While it’s first-rate to persuade clear of unrealistic or dangerous weight loss goals, plenty of humans see a slimmer belly as one in all their crucial health dreams.

Beyond those photograph-conscious concerns but, reducing stomach fat is a critical fitness priority. In reality, medical research shows that abdominal fat is incredibly complicated, posing additional fitness risks than fat saved elsewhere.

There are two basic classes of belly fat, and everyone can be harmful. The first is subcutaneous fat, which rests simply below the skin. This form of fats exists somewhere else in the body nicely, and all human beings possess a minimum number of fats around their midsections. Though regular and healthful in small quantities, subcutaneous fats can result in demanding scientific situations when accrued in massive quantities.

The second (and probably more excellent regarding) form of belly fat builds up around the organs positioned for your middle. This “visceral fat” is frequently invisible, rising handiest in superior clinical scans. Notably, even distinctly narrow people can build up vast pockets of visceral fat in and around their bellies.

Visceral fat can cause numerous health troubles, compromising the function of the organs it ensnares. Relative to subcutaneous fat, visceral fats secretes more excellent chemical compounds that purpose infection and release more incredible fatty acids into the bloodstream.

Due to the mainly injurious nature of visceral fats, flab in the belly area has been connected to some lethal and continual illnesses, including heart ailment, diabetes, and sure sorts of cancer. While excess fat in any vicinity can strain your FrameFrame, belly fats may be the most regarding variety.

Thankfully, there are a few powerful, sustainable strategies to reduce stomach fat incrementally. And on this adventure toward a healthier midsection, an elliptical gadget may be a vital device. Offering a complete-frame cardio exercising and lots of capacity adjustments, the elliptical may be your high-quality bet to shed belly fats – and preserve it off.

In this text, we’ll briefly cover the causes of belly fats, why it could be so tough to lose, and how elliptical schooling can assist. From there, we’ll provide some pointers to make sure that your elliptical workout is maximally powerful in burning stomach fat.

Keep analyzing to learn how the elliptical device can slender down your stomach and hold your stomach fats in the test for the lengthy haul.

Belly Fat Basics: How Elliptical Help

When people devour extra energy than their bodies require, the extra energy is saved in their bodies as fats. As one may anticipate, consequently, stomach fat is frequently related to the usual weight advantage culprits: an unhealthy weight loss program and too little exercising. The clinical evidence is clear: Eating nicely and exercising regularly can assist in preserving stomach fat at bay.

Belly fat can also result from different complicated causes. Lifestyle factors, along with pressure and alcohol intake, can contribute to flab in the belly vicinity. Most importantly, genetics play an enormous role in a man or woman’s propensity to broaden stomach fat. For some of us, any weight gain is in all likelihood to reveal up in our midsections, as opposed to some other place on our bodies.

Additionally, belly fat may be tough to shed. In evaluating different body parts, the belly vicinity tends to have greater attention of fats cells, which are proof against lipolysis, the fat-breakdown technique. Even in case you eat correctly and exercise often. Therefore, your belly can be one of the last regions to expose results.

How do you conquer these potential boundaries? If you’re keen to subtract kilos out of your stomach, you will be seeking out weight loss solutions tailor-made, especially on your belly. Unfortunately, this sort of specific weight reduction method isn’t viable.

Indeed, scientists have very well and time and again debunked the parable of spot reduction weight reduction regimens. Even if you repeatedly workout your middle, your caloric intake and expenditure perform out across your whole body. You may additionally benefit muscle to your midsection, but you received burned stomach fats in particular. Even if you do succumb weight, you may choose and pick where exactly you’ll shed pounds.

Accordingly, the most practical method to burning stomach fats is a holistic eating regimen that involves the entire FrameFrame and burns thru plenty of energy. As a properly-rounded aerobic machine, the elliptical fits that description flawlessly.

Indeed, elliptical machines enable exercisers to burn masses of energy and torch body fats. They engage the top and lower FrameFrame simultaneously, concerning more than one muscle agency. Additionally, they provide an assignment even as treating the FrameFrame gently, with decreased effects than other cardio machines.

Of direction, now not all elliptical exercising can be similarly beneficial in burning fats at some point in the body. Here are different tips that will help you make the maximum of your elliptical workout routines.

Blasting Belly Fat: Five Elliptical Exercise Tips

 Try High-Intensity Interval Training

To acquire the most significant possible rewards from your time on the elliptical, excessive-intensity c programming language education (HIIT) can be your good wager. Rather than proceeding thru your exercising at a regular tempo, the HIIT approach includes durations of acute exertion, accompanied through durations of active restoration. On the elliptical, high-depth quantities could entail introduced speed, incline, or resistance, requiring you to push yourself.

The advantages of HIIT workout are well documented, mainly for folks who want to burn large quantities of energy in a confined time frame. Multiple studies have related HIIT to vast fat loss, and some even propose that this technique can be mainly effective for burning visceral fats. Many elliptical machines offer a c program language period-based workout choice, but you can manually regulate your device to differ the degree of difficulty throughout your session.

Vary Your Aerobic Exercise

If you’re getting ill from your regular workout, feeling disengaged, or experiencing diminishing returns, it’s possible time to mix things up. Experts endorse changing your ordinary every six to eight weeks to mission yourself and avoid a performance “plateau.” On the elliptical, alternate would possibly entail including extra resistance or pushing for more incredible speeds.

However, you can additionally begin alternating your cardio approach consistently, blending your elliptical in with going for walks or cycling classes. Another choice is alternating long elliptical periods at a steady pace with HIIT workouts, providing you with the body a diverse set of reviews. When it involves weight reduction through exercising, diversity generally drives the quality results.

Use the Handles to Engage Your Full Body

Among aerobic machines, the elliptical is prominent with the aid of its complete-body blessings: When you use its handles and pedals simultaneously, you’re enticing multiple muscle corporations. From your quads for your back and middle, maximum of your body receives involved. Because dropping stomach fat is about burning energy, it’s excellent to have all those regions of your body actively use electricity.

However, a few elliptical users don’t actively use the handles, allowing their legs to force all motion. To get your complete FrameFrame worried, it’s great to have interaction your center and push and pull at the handles. While the pedals will still be the principal driver of your movement, you’ll be getting your whole body within the mix.

Increase the Incline and Resistance

It’s a simple calculus: When you boom the incline or resistance at the elliptical, you’ll need to supply extra attempt with every stride. You’ll burn more calories, grow your persistence, and keep away from lapsing into complacency while on the device. You may also build muscle for your legs and gain additional fighting via delivered resistance and incline.

The correct rule of thumb is to feel the tension running against you as you use the device. If you’re breezing along propelled mainly using momentum, you’ll gain some distance less over the path of your exercising.

Add Complementary Strength Training

When it comes to losing belly fat, specialists advocate doing extra than aerobic on my own. While aerobic exercising is essential, strength schooling is another pillar of losing weight and keeping it off. If you could combine elliptical classes with consistent weightlifting or calisthenics, you’ll be on target to peer optimum outcomes.

Strength education additionally builds a basis to keep away from destiny weight benefit because muscular tissues demand calories each day. By increasing your muscle groups, you’re much less likely to come to be with extra calories stored as fats. You can integrate elliptical and energy schooling periods or do them on alternating days.

Long-Term Weight Loss: Banishing Belly Fat with an Elliptical

We desire the proof and recommendations we’ve furnished so far to guide your health journey, assisting you in using an elliptical to burn via stomach fat. There’s one very last elliptical gain worth bringing up: As a sustainable fitness solution, the elliptical will let you preserve the weight off for the foreseeable destiny.

Unfortunately, many that efficiently shed stomach fats, in the end, gain it lower back. Some preserve strenuous exercise workouts for brief durations; however, they necessarily fall again to their former sedentary behavior. Others exercise too vigorously, go through harm and conflict to resume an energetic lifestyle.

As a low-effect workout alternative, the elliptical is ideal for individuals who hope to lose belly weight for the long term. Relative to different cardio alternatives, you’re ways less likely to get injured – and the broad kind of incline and resistance settings can preserve matters difficult for years yet to come. As you get older, your joints will be thankful for sparing them from repeated effects. Another barrier to retaining belly fat is an inconvenience: Traveling to the fitness center may be unappealing and time-consuming. That’s why we make it clean to carry the ideal workout gadget into your home. Our professional opinions help you select an extraordinary elliptical at any price point so that you in no way need to depart domestically to get a fat-busting exercise. We’ll assist you to keep a wholesome weight, even as you gain so many different fitness blessings.

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