GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

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GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

The GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer comes equipped with an upkeep-free, silent magnetic resistance gadget offering a fluid best elliptical machine for seniors motion. Whether an amateur or workout enthusiast, the V-950X is adjustable to fulfill your wishes.

The V-950X Elliptical offers limitless workout programs, random packages with countless versions, and 24 distinctive tiers of resistance Special Toggle Switch, a superb cardio workout for the amateur or superior user.

The manually adjustable 19″ stride mixed with the cushioned upper body handlebars presents a comfy top and lower body no-effect workout for optimum calorie burn. For brought comfort, this elliptical has oversized 25.5” x 5.5″ pedals that modify to 8 unique positions primarily based on the user’s preference.

The intuitive laptop provides a club-type 128 dot huge LED readout displaying the program profile, time, speed, distance, pulse, and calories burned. For continuous EKG, put on the optionally available GoElliptical HR chest belt with exquisite electrodes or use the included fixed handlebar pulse sensors.

GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

Product: GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

Price: For a first-rate deal in this elliptical, simply cross right here on Amazon

Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 1-12 months

My score: 8/10

Details and Spec

•        Assembled dimensions: 63L x 28W x 69H inches (160L x 71W x 175H cm)

•        Shipping weight: 174 lbs (seventy-nine kg)

•        Weight capability: 300 lbs (136 kg)

•        Stride: 19 inches (48 cm)

•        Incline: No

•        Pedals: Adjustable

•        Resistance: Eddy contemporary, 24 tiers

•        Console: 24 programs, restoration feature

•        Extras: Sound gadget, USB charging port, bottle holder, the tool holder

•        Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 1 year

V-950X Frame construction

 The elliptical V-950X elliptical gadget functions a heavy-obligation production just like a light-business version. Its body is steel tubing; however, most of its base and resistance system are large thermoplastic shields.

All the metallic tubes come coated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish, gray. The most effective exceptions are the higher sections of the shifting arms which have a chrome finish.

One of the essential functions to note right here is the adjustability of the transferring fingers. Many trainers in this price and feature variety do not have adjustable transferring hands. Their top sections have three adjustment positions and slide into the decreased sections. You can ensure them at the desired height with the turn-knobs.

The system additionally has a set of fixed handlebars. These integrate pulse sensors and resistance controls.

The fully assembled instructor is noticeably massive. Its base is approx. 63″L x 28″W (a hundred and sixty x 71 cm); however it’s far advisable to also go away at the tiniest toes of space everywhere in the device for ease of getting right of listing to and secure usage. The transferring fingers provide the unit’s maximum factor; they attain approx—69″ (a hundred seventy-five cm) above ground degree.

The machine is also weighty. With all of the elements assembled, it weighs about 170 lbs (seventy-seven kg). It comes packaged in two boxes, and the most important one requires persons to hold it. However, once assembled, one man or woman can speedy relocate the machine as the front base stabilizer integrates a hard and fast of small wheels.

Elliptical course, stride, and pedal height

The first aspect to observe is that the elliptical V-950X elliptical trainer does not have an incline machine. Therefore, the attitude of the elliptical motion and the duration of its stride is not adjustable.

It offers an exceedingly long stride of approx. 19″ (48 cm), which means that it could without difficulty accommodate customers among 5’1″ and 6’3″ (155 – 190 cm). The pedals have a maximum consumer weight capacity of three hundred lbs (136 kg).

The unit’s pedals do now not have more excellent cushions or articulations, but they arrive with a length adjuster. The adjustors can connect to the pedals’ prominent ribs in eight positions, 4 on the rear and 4 on the front.

GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

They act as supports or stoppers for your toes at the pedals, permitting a more stable footing in the direction of the front of the pedal’s rear.

Although it’s a rear-drive teacher, its elliptical direction offers a neutral attitude. Due to the massive pulley, it generates enough motion to attract a couple of muscle corporations. Even though the pedals no longer have more cushioning factors, the system still affords a comfortable, low-effect trip, top-notch for users of all fitness ranges.

The unit’s pedals are at approx. 6″ (15 cm) above the ground stage when at their lowest position. Conversely, their maximum point is at approx—16″ (forty cm) above ground degree. Thus, the step-up pedal height is someplace in among, at approximately 10″ (25 cm).

Therefore, it’s first-class to apply the machine in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ (fifty-one cm) higher than your top.

V-950X Drive and resistance

The elliptical V-950X elliptical machine comes equipped with a reasonably heavy flywheel. It weighs approx. 17.6 lbs (8 kg) and has a fringe-weighted layout for a regular pedaling movement with a velocity ratio of 1:12.7. It is also bi-directional. In other words, the device supports you to pedal in opposition to recognition on distinctive muscle companies.

When pedaling in reverse, the resistance stays steady, given by way of the selected stage. Coasting on the system isn’t possible; the flywheel stops when you stop pedaling. Also, the gadget’s lengthy palms continue to transport for so long as you pedal; they cannot remain stationary.

The gadget integrates a J6 poly-v belt as its essential transmission element. Therefore, the unit’s drivetrain does not require periodic lubrication. It also provides a tranquil, vibration-free motion.

GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

The elliptical V-950X pass trainer comes prepared with a motorized magnetic resistance system. This approach calls for a connection to a solid supply to regulate the resistance. It also means that the gadget can regulate the resistance robotically. A strength adapter comes with the machine.

The unit’s resistance machine includes a servo motor and a magnetic brake. The motor connects each to the console and the brake. Therefore, as you modify the resistance from the console or the controls incorporated into the constant handlebars, the motor modifications the pull of the brake’s magnets which increases or decreases the resistance.

The machine makes it have 24 resistance degrees. The first stages are not excellent mild due to the moderately heavy flywheel. Nonetheless, they may be high-quality for muscle toning or recuperation schooling.

The tension ranges above 20 offer significantly extra pedal tension. The GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer is great for anyone who desires to undergo a steady, full-frame aerobic exercise, improve stamina, energy, and burn extra energy.


The elliptical V-950X comes with a multi-feature console offering an LED show with five windows. The large pinnacle window shows the programs’ segments, even as the smaller windows beneath it indicate (from left to proper) time/calories, resistance degree/distance, RPM/Pulse, and watts/pace.

For speed and distance, you could choose both metric and imperial units. The pulse analyzing characteristic works thru grip touch if you preserve on to the sensors included into the device’s constant handlebars or thru a Wi-Fi heart price chest strap that is elective.

The console doesn’t have online connectivity, and it isn’t compatible with any fitness apps. However, it has pretty an impressive variety of integrated applications. First, it has the Manual mode, which permits you to regulate the resistance you want in your workout.

GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

Next, 24 preset packages have exceptional phase layouts and will regulate the resistance mechanically. There is an HRC program that changes the resistance relying on the chosen coronary heart rate percent.

There is also non-public software and a random program. Plus, the console allows you to enter your information, including height, weight, age, and gender, for better calorie analysis.

A pulse restoration function is likewise to be had. This GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer has its brief key on the console. However, it calls for you to both preserve on to the incorporated pulse sensors and wear an HR chest strap. It counts your pulse at the quilt of the exercise, and based on how rapidly your heart receives lower back to a regular BPM, and it will come up with a health score among F1 – great and F6 – bad.

V-950X Amenities

We can mention the sound gadget, the USB port, and the pill holder, amongst different super console functions. The sound system consists of a small audio system included in the console. An AUX cable also comes covered so that you can join your cellphone or MP3 player to the console and play your favored song via the integrated audio system.

The USB port is only for recharging your tool; you cannot save, import, and export exercise data on a flash drive. And ultimately, the tool holder includes a small shelf integrated at the lowest of the console that could serve as a guide in your cellphone or pill.

V-950X Assembly and Maintenance

The base of the gadget with all of the power and resistance factors comes pre-assembled. However, the relaxation of the components does require a personal meeting. You will connect the 2 base stabilizers, the front mast, the console, the fixed handlebars, the moving arms, the pedal bars, and the pedals.

This GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer can take more than an hour, but the challenge is not too complex. Plus, the guide affords clear assembly commands, and all of the essential equipment includes the device.

Once assembled, renovation does now not require a whole lot. You best must wipe the sweat which could fall onto the body on the end of the exercising, lubricate the joints if they expand squeaking noises, and periodically test for unfastened bolts and parts and retighten as wished. The inner mechanism is pre-lubricated from the factory and does not require periodic lubrication.


GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer

•        Solid creation, excellent stability;

•        Can aid customers up to 300 lbs;

•        Transport wheels at the front base;

•        Fixed and mobile handlebars;

•        Grip HR sensors built-in the constant handlebars.

•        Resistance controls at the fixed handlebars;

•        Three stages of adjustment for the transferring arms;

•        Balanced flywheel for an easy-pedaling motion;

•        Extra-big, adjustable pedals;

•        24 ranges of eddy present-day resistance;

•        LED show console with LED backlight;

•        24 exercising programs;

•        Recovery function;

•        HRC software;

•        Custom software;

•        Random application;

•        Device holder integrated into the console;

•        Bottle holder blanketed;

•        Sound gadget blanketed;

•        USB charging port covered;

•        Quiet operation;

•        Reasonably easy to assemble;

•        Little protection required;

•        Decent assurance.


•        No incline;

•        No online connectivity.

GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer Summary

The elliptical V-950X is a heavy-duty rear-force elliptical instructor made for home use. It comes ready with a 24-level motorized resistance gadget, a 17.6 lbs inner flywheel, a fixed of outsized adjustable pedals, and a console with multiple exercise programs.

Moreover, it’s an excellent teacher for users of all ranges for light to high-intensity complete-body cardio workouts, muscle toning, stamina and strength improvement, and weight loss.

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Elliptical Buying Guide: Choose the Right Elliptical for You

Elliptical Trainers is one of the fastest-growing health classes. Elliptical education combines stair hiking, move use skiing, and running in a low-fat, variety-rich workout. It is an exceedingly powerful cross-training hobby that is feasible for everyone, from starting exercisers to elite athletes.

It is worth noting that Precor® changed into the first to introduce elliptical running shoes to the world in 1995 with the Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer.

Now elliptical running shoes are a mainstay in the cardiovascular system.

Shopping for Your Elliptical

1.      Consider your desires and the desires of other ability exercisers in your house before you begin your search. Most families may have more than one individual with the intention to be using the device probably. Runners will benefit from the non-effect motion as a complement to their going for walks. Older users will admire the fluidity and simplicity of the motion.

2.      Start your shopping by studying online to find the system that interests you. Find out the top-rated manufacturers thru rating websites, product evaluations, and more. You should go to the manufacturers’ websites and even their Facebook pages to peer who the usage of their device. Often the best manufacturers additionally make commercial equipment used in gyms and health golf equipment.

3.      Find out where you should buy the gadget once you discover a few businesses and fashions that interest you. Most can be purchased online thru the manufacturers’ websites or other buying sites and via retail shops. For retail stores, a better social system is offered through vital point fitness outlets, not discount stores.

4.      Think about the level of service that you need. The maximum stage of service will come from an area of expertise fitness store. Purchasing online is often less expensive. However, you will want to do additional studies about which merchandise you want and regularly need to bring together the system yourself. At the same time, it arrives – even though this varies by buying sites.

5.      Authorized unique fitness stores. Make a listing of neighborhood retailers who specialize in fitness systems and which brands they convey. Many sellers solely promote optimistic manufacturers. This GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer is why it is crucial to do your studies in advance of time. Specialty fitness dealers will likely have extra educated personnel, higher-high-quality devices, and the ability to gather and carrier your product more correctly. Some have financing alternatives. Sometimes these dealers will even have relationships with non-public running shoes that will help you begin your software.

6.      Test the gadget if you pick out to buy online, attempt to find a way to check the equipment via a pal, health club, spa, or motel. The satisfactory producers regularly promote industrial merchandise so that you can get an experience for their device someplace else. Note that it isn’t simply honest to retail sales workers for you to go into their savings, soak up their time, and cross-buy inexpensive someplace else.

7.      If you go to a store, be organized to check the gadget inside how you may be using it. Almost any gadget will experience and seem ok if you take a look at it for 5 minutes. It’s most effective when you start putting an elliptical through its paces, using exclusive packages, or exercising in both forward and reverse motions. You will begin to word foremost variations in quality and comfort. Plan on carrying comfortable workout garments and on foot or walking shoes.

Must Haves

Adjustable incline. This GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer is a feature that makes this product a real cross-trainer. Adjusting the incline varies the focal point on muscle agencies and presents a perfect way to feature range to the chronic. It’s a function well worth finding, given that that delivered range can lessen boredom, enhance motivation, and hold you from reaching an exercise plateau.

Smooth elliptical motion. The elliptical motion affords the nearest simulation to strolling and strolling to be had without the impact. An essential factor to search for right here is the feel of the movement. Some machines have a “kick” in their movement in which the heel comes up off of the platform. You do not need to feel any “kick” or “leap” in your motion. Find a gadget that gives an actual elliptical movement pattern for each forward and backward guideline.

Natural motion. How does the motion “feel?” This GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer is a critical question to ask while trying an elliptical. Does the product experience clean? You can most effectively determine this using trying several types. Spend a minimum of 20 mins exercise on a unit. You must no longer feel uncommon strain in your knees or hips. Also, while using the unit, you need to exercise in an impartial role without attaining the handrails or bending over.

Dependent higher frame motion. Some machines have top body levers to feature a higher frame exercising detail. If you are not power training, having top body movement can assist in accomplishing some top-body strengthening. Remember that if you are trying out a higher and decrease frame elliptical instructor, make sure that both motions are relaxed and intuitive. You no longer must learn to complete the variety of motion or otherwise compromise your position. Test special machines to find what is maximumly relaxed for you.

Adjustable resistance. Good gadgets can have a wide variety of resistance that is adjusted electronically. Look for a gadget that makes resistance modifications intuitive and straightforward so that interval training sessions may be easily integrated into your ordinary.

Forward and reverse motions. The capacity to transport in a forward or opposite movement provides range and venture to the exercise. This GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer additionally dramatically reduces the threat of repetitive use accidents not unusual with some treadmill and stair climber customers. Most ellipticals have this option.

Quiet operation. Look (and pay attention) for a product that feels smooth and is quiet in operation. A virtually well-designed elliptical trainer need to be pretty silent in any respect intensity levels.

Electronic capabilities. Many ellipticals have a spectrum of capabilities to trap buyers ranging from enthusiasts and interactivity to showing calories burned. Consider what is crucial to you and the way you may use it. The secret’s to search for electronic capabilities which can be motivating and challenging for YOU. Look for a digital bundle, an excellent way to grow with you as you develop and one to accommodate the desires of more than one customer.

Programming and motivation

The fundamentals from a fitness factor of view are elapsed time, stride, and incline. Having a degree of calories burned also can be very motivating. Consider what extra information or features will help maintain your prompt day after day. Some of the maximum functional brought capabilities consist of:

Heart Rate interactivity. Measuring your heart rate (HR) is the most helpful indicator of development and depth. Everyone has a target heart price variety which they must work inside. Too high, and you risk injury. Too low, and you may not reach your goals. The great elliptical have coronary heart fee manipulate packages on the way to alter your workout variables while measuring your coronary heart charge to ensure that you stay inside this variety. You enter the preferred coronary heart rate, and the gadget will respond at some stage in the workout.

Preset and custom programs. One of the most significant reasons humans give up a program is boredom. Having a product that gives a myriad of applications will assist preserve a software fresh and complete variety. The capability to customize a program in your precise desires is likewise an excellent characteristic. Look for some studies in the back of the applications.

Custom Courses. The pleasant merchandise will “recall” your favored workout routines or can help you create your custom course. Look for the ability to create and shop custom courses with the purpose of replica them once more.

Ease of Use. In the sector of personal education, we’ve observed over time that many customers are intimidated or honestly frustrated with the number of functions and buttons on electronic devices. It turns into any other impediment to a regular workout. The excellent products preserve it easy. It must take no more than 2 to 3 steps to release an application. View for an elliptical that has a manual or “short start” mode. These modes expect only 1-2 pushes of a button, and you move.

Variety. The key to fulfillment in any exercise program is consistency over the lengthy haul. If you find a product that may upload variety and mission for your recurring, you’re more likely to wait motivated and experience success in spreading your dreams. Minor tweaks to one or more of those variables will hold your recurring clean and complex.

Safety and Maintenance

Safety functions. Look for different protection features that comfy your system when it isn’t always in use, consisting of locking functions to keep the pedals from moving or the system being started.

Maintenance. Look for a product this is protection-loose. An adequately designed unit takes regular put on and tear into consideration so that you do not should.

Warranty. An elliptical is an electronic portion of equipment. The best unit in long-term funding that, with everyday use, will require carrier sooner or later. Most high-quality devices will provide a lifetime assurance on the frame. When it comes to other components, search for a guarantee that provides at least 1 year of hard work and at least 1-3 years of insurance on parts. Ask what components are blanketed. Be sure your warranty consists of electronics and other vital additives.

Important: If you buy from a retail store, does the supplier from whom you’re buying have their carrier body of workers who’re trained and authorized by using the producer to service your device?

How to Lose Weight on an Elliptical Machine?

Are you trying to shed pounds? If so, an elliptical teacher is one of the excellent gear you can use to help you attain this purpose. Offering a full-frame exercise that also increases cardiovascular patience, an elliptical instructor is a low-impact alternative that everybody may use to help with weight reduction.

Creating a Weight Loss Plan

Before you start operating out along with your elliptical trainer, it is a good idea to give you a diet regime. Ideally, you must strive to lose everywhere between ½ to at least one pound in keeping with the week. Not only is this a fast rate of weight loss, but it’s also going to help lower your chance of putting the burden again at a later date. If you are initially overweight, it can be secure to lose up to 2 pounds per week.

Understanding Calories

The key to weight loss is knowing calories and their impact on weight. To lose 1 pound consistent with the week, you need to create a calorie deficit of 3,500 energy every week. This GoElliptical V-950X Elliptical Trainer can be executed by reducing 1,750 calories from your weight loss program, even as burning a further 1,750 through exercising.

Working out on an elliptical device can help with burning a substantial range of energy. For someone who weighs 125 kilos, operating out on an elliptical for just one half hour burns 270 calories. For a person who weighs one hundred fifty-five kilos, this same exercise will burn 335 pounds. For a person weighing 185 pounds, it burns four hundred energy.  An individual weighing two hundred kilos will burn 432 calories in half an hour.

In addition to burning calories through operating out, it’s crucial to remember that a weight loss plan is also an important issue. Monitor what you consume to reduce caloric intake while simultaneously increasing your consumption of healthful foods.

Reaching Your Target Rate

To most efficaciously burn calories, even as working out on an elliptical gadget, you need to attain your target charge while operating out. One quick and easy way to calculate your goal heart fee is first to calculate your maximum heart price with the aid of subtracting your age from 220. Then, multiply this parent by 60 percent and 70 percentage to determine your goal heart charge range. Interval training, which entails running out at higher depth for brief bursts before returning to decrease intensity, after which repeating this cycle, is a fantastic manner to attain and keep a heart price within your target coronary heart fee area.

Increasing the Length of Workouts

To gain quality weight loss results, your purpose ought to be to increase the period and frequency of your exercises steadily. If you are new to operating out, starting with just 310-minute classes in line with the day can be an excellent starting line. To maximize weight reduction, you ought to paintings as much as sessions that are ultimate 30 to 60 minutes lengthy. In addition, while you could start exercising just a couple of times in step with week, you need to grow your number of sessions consistent with a week to at least 5 on the way to experience the satisfactory consequences and obtain the best quantity of weight reduction.

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