LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

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LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

The LifePro FlexStride under Desk Elliptical Trainer is an underneath table elliptical gadget made for home or office use. In phrases of capabilities, it is just like the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872, but its fitness reveal shows more excellent exercise metrics. One of the exceptional parts about the FlexStride elliptical is that LifePro offers a lifetime guarantee for it.

Key Features and Specifications

•        Assembled dimensions: 22.7L x 18.5W x 12.9H inches (58L x 47W x 33H cm)

•        Assembled weight: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)

•        Weight limit: a hundred and ten lbs (49.8 kg)

•        Stride length: ~7 inches (17.7 cm)

•        Drive: Belt

•        Resistance: Manual magnetic, eight levels

•        Fitness display: Time, RPM, depend, generally depend, distance, energy burned, Bluetooth, scan

•        Warranty: Lifetime

Frame production and components

The LifePro FlexStride under-table elliptical teacher is constructed on a small steel frame. However, at the side of the force and resistance elements, its maximum is protected through the facet panels. These are fabricated from durable thermoplastic fabric. All the metal components within the unit’s creation are lined with a corrosion-resistant paint finish.

The front base bar of the unit rests on textured rubber pads which beautify its grip at the ground in the course of utilization. The facet covers of the unit shape an enormous manage on the pinnacle, which notably improves its portability. It’s a pretty mild unit, as correctly. Its net weight is 26.5 lbs (~12 kg).

Like maximum other underneath table ellipticals, the LifePro FlexStride isn’t always too massive. With all the components assembled, it’s far 22.7″ (~58 cm) long and 18.5″ (~47 cm) extensive. Also, its maximum point is approx. 12.9″ (~33 cm) above ground level. This LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer should match underneath any table, and except you’re an utterly tall man or woman, you shouldn’t hit your knees on the pinnacle of the desk even as using the device.

The unit’s pedals are also problematic thermoplastic material (nylon and polypropylene). They are pretty significant, approx. 13″ (33 cm) lengthy, so they ought to be capable of accommodating without a problem footwear/toes of most sizes. Their surface is textured for a progressed grip, and they also have front, inner, and rear guards for additional foot balance.

Each pedal attaches to a quick, square metal bar thru two bolts. The pedals are non-adjustable. Therefore, you cannot alternate the position of the elliptical path or the stride duration. Also, the pedals do now not have extra articulations or cushioning. However, just as for every other elliptical teacher, this one promises a shallow impact exercise.

Each pedal is attached to the crankset of the gadget at the front and rests on a giant wheel at the rear. The wheels are similar to those in rollerblades. They have sealed ball bearings interior and a thick layer of silicone rubber on the outside to reduce noise. The wheels slide on a metallic plate for easy movement.

The device is rated for a maximum weight limit of 110 lbs (49.8 kg) for each pedal. However, status at the pedals isn’t advocated, even in case you do now not exceed this weight. It is, in the end, underneath the table elliptical and requires the user to be seated on a chair during utilization.

Resistance and power

The LifePro FlexStride under desk elliptical is ready with a manual magnetic resistance machine. This LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer means it does now not integrate a motor and does now not require an adapter or an external energy source. But then again, it cannot alter the resistance mechanically and does now not have preset workout applications like most motorized ellipticals.

The resistance device consists of an internal magnetic brake linked to the anxiety dial on top of the trainer. By turning the knob, the brake changes its role on the internal flywheel, which ends up in a higher or lower pedaling issue.

Like maximum other exercise bikes or elliptical trainers with a manual magnetic resistance machine, the LifePro FlexStride gives eight resistance tiers. The first level offers a reasonably light exercising load. Conversely, the 8th anxiety degree offers drastically more resistance, terrific for all people who desire extra constant exercise and a chunk of muscle burn.

The exact weight of the inner flywheel isn’t always exact. But thinking about that, the system’s internet weight is only 26.5 lbs (12 kg), the flywheel likely isn’t heavier than 10 lbs (four.5 kg). Although it is perimeter-weighted, it provides a more incredible steady momentum. Likewise, it is bi-directional, so you can pedal in the opposite if you want.

Last however no longer least, the FlexStride beneath table elliptical is equipped with a belt force device. This kind of transmission does no longer requires any periodic lubrication. So, it would help if you didn’t go through the hassle of taking the unit aside for oiling its drivetrain, as it might be the case with a sequence-pushed motorbike or elliptical. Also, the belt promises slightly less vibration than a chain, so that is any other plus.

Fitness screen

As noted above, the LifePro FlexStride underneath table elliptical no longer has a motorized resistance system. Therefore, the blanketed fitness screen does not manage the resistance and no longer has pre-determined workout applications. However, it does have Bluetooth connectivity, and you may sync it with various apps, including Zwift, for workout making plans and online development monitoring.

The display unit capabilities and LCD are divided into sub-sections. It tracks Time, RPM, count, overall count, distance, and calories burned. The distance is shown in miles (there may be no alternative for converting it to kilometers or meters). The unit does not indicate speed in MPH or km/h; however, it does have an RPM reading which is the number of strides in keeping with the minute. They rely on analysis to show the number of strides consistent with contemporary exercise, even as the t-matter (general rely on) is essentially an odometer; it indicates the whole variety of strides because of the device’s first use.

The FlexStride trainer does now not have a pulse studying function. It has no sensor or an internal pulse receiver. Thus, you cannot sync it with a Wi-Fi HR chest strap. So, in case you want to preserve the music of your pulse during workouts, you will use a separate tool like a fitness band or smartwatch.

The display unit is straightforward to apply. It best has one button. By urgent it repeatedly, you may transfer thru the exercising metrics and pick out those you want to view. It also has a Scan Mode, which routinely rotates all the exercise metrics displaying every one for a few seconds. The button additionally covers the unit’s reset characteristic. If you press and maintain it for seconds, it clears all values to 0.

The unit is battery-powered. It calls for AAA batteries which might be included. It starts to evolve when it detects pedal motion or presses the button. It additionally automatically turns off after four minutes of inactivity at the elliptical.

Assembly and Maintenance

The predominant frame of the teacher with all of the pressure and resistance elements comes pre-assembled. So, all you need to do for the meeting is attach the pedal trays to their bars and place the batteries into the health reveal. This LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer shouldn’t take more than 10 mins of your time. A primary wrench for the pedal assembly is blanketed, and the manual provides very clean meeting instructions and schematics. LifePro offers a full lifetime guarantee for this product; however, to benefit from it, you have to sign up on their internet site within 2 weeks from commencing the package.

For maintenance, the pedal joints can also require lubrication. Other than this, you handiest should hold the unit clean and periodically check for unfastened components to ensure it nevertheless functions well.

The Pros

•        Compact production, small footprint;

•        Lifting cope with covered;

•        Non-slip rubber base pads;

•        Extra-massive pedals with internal, front, and rear guards;

•        Large silicone wheels for reduced noise;

•        No-friction, magnetic resistance system (8 degrees);

•        Belt power gadget for an easy and quiet pedaling motion;

•        Fitness display blanketed – it tracks RPM, count, overall rely on, distance, time, and energy burned;

•        Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with various fitness apps;

•        Batteries for the monitor are blanketed;

•        Easy to collect;

•        A wrench for the assembly is covered;

•        Little preservation required;

•        Excellent warranty.

The Cons

•        Does no longer support standing up workout (exclusively to be used even as seated);

•        No pulse studying function.


The LifePro FlexStride is an under-table elliptical teacher for domestic or workplace use. It is equipped with an 8-level guide magnetic resistance gadget and a fitness monitor that tracks time, distance, RPM, depend, t-count number, and calories burned. The reveal unit is also Bluetooth enabled so that you can sync your exerciser with various apps consisting of Zwift for online development tracking and exercise planning. In all, it’s an awesome elliptical for mild exercising, recovery education, stamina, energy development, strain reduction, and improving cardiovascular health.

10 Benefits of an Elliptical Machine Workout

If you typically want to attend in line to use your gym’s elliptical device at some point of peak hours, you’re not by yourself. The elliptical instructor is one of the most sought-after aerobic machines at health centers. It’s also a pinnacle choice for home workout equipment.

So what is it approximately this low-impact machine that makes it so popular? Check out those 10 blessings and determine for yourself.

The blessings of an elliptical device

1. Boost your stamina and cardio capability

Aerobic exercise, also called cardio, is a vital part of a balanced exercise ordinary. When you do your cardio exercise, your heart and lungs want to paintings harder to provide your muscle tissue with more significant blood and oxygen.

The elliptical gadget allows you to get an excellent aerobic workout, strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscle groups. This LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer in flip can help construct your stamina and endurance.

With an elliptical, you can carry out each high-intensity c program language period schooling in addition to regular-nation aerobic workout routines.

2. Burn quite a few energy

Suppose you’re exploring out a way to weigh down your calorie burn in a short amount of time, bounce at the elliptical. This cardio procedure can burn approximately 270 to 400 energy in 30 minutes, depending on how large you weigh. The lower give up of the range represents a person weighing a hundred twenty-five kilos, even as the better quit is for someone weighing 185 kilos.

Burning extra energy than you consume allows you to lose weight. To improve your calorie burn, don’t forget to grow the intensity of your elliptical exercises.

3. put much less pressure on your joints

When the elliptical hit the aerobic device scene lower back in the Nineteen Nineties, runners with achy joints and overuse accidents rejoiced at the concept of being capable of teaching their cardiovascular machine at the same time as relieving a number of the stress on their joints.

Your knees, ankles, hips, and other joints can assume a beating when walking or doing different excessive-effect cardio exercises. Since your feet do not elevate off the pedals with an elliptical, this system gives a low-impact cardio exercise.

A 2014 study, Trusted Source, showed that an elliptical exercise could extensively lessen weight-bearing compared to running, walking, and comparable workouts. In other phrases, with an elliptical, you can keep schooling without the wear and tear and tear that comes with the excessive-impact workout.

4. Get both an upper and lower frame exercise

An elliptical device with handles is one of the few aerobic machines which could provide you with a higher- and decrease-body exercise. The key to maximizing the top-frame benefits is distributing your weight and resistance flippantly. In different phrases, pump your arms simply as rapidly as you’re moving your legs.

The elliptical can goal your glutes, hamstrings, quads, chest, lower back, biceps, triceps, and center muscle tissue when accomplished efficiently.

5. Burn body fat

Due to its excessive calorie burn ability, an elliptical permits you to lose body fats and tone up your muscle tissues in a shorter quantity of time, especially if your attention on c language work. To maximize fat burning, you’ll want to pay attention to the intensity of your workouts.

Consider adding c programming language training in your elliptical workout routines with a two to one ratio: 30 seconds of high-depth paintings, followed by 15 seconds of recovery, or 60 seconds of excessive-intensity paintings, followed by 30 seconds of restoration. Do no longer prevent moving your legs during the rehabilitation periods. Persist in transporting the pedals, however, at a slower tempo.

6. Target specific leg muscular tissues

You can modify both the resistance and incline of the foot pedals on an elliptical. By doing this, you may target specific muscle groups on your lower body, including your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

By improving the incline, you may feel the lower back facet of your decreased body burning. If you adjust the foot pedals lower, you may experience your quads working more challenging. Plus, because the foot pedals move opposite, you could change the path of your stride and attention more incredible on your hamstrings and glutes.

7. Improve your stability

Weight-bearing exercise can help give a boost to your bones. But did you understand it may also enhance your balance? If you rise immediately and allow a cross of the elliptical handles, you may goal your center muscular tissues and work to your balance.

Just confirm the resistance and incline are set at a practicable level so that you can use the elliptical gadget adequately without the usage of the handles.

8. Maintain fitness after injury

If you’re nursing damage and can’t participate in your regular physical sports, working out on an elliptical may be a brilliant way to construct or preserve your health. Since it’s a low-effect exercise, it puts plenty less pressure on your joints than high-effect workouts, like running, going for walks, or leaping.

Working out on an elliptical behind an injury may assist you in regaining a complete variety of motions. It can also help beef up your muscles and joints while taking the pressure off the injured place.

9. Enjoy an expansion of alternatives

Elliptical machines commonly offer a variety of pre-programmed exercising that mimic hill mountaineering, internal training, and different customizable alternatives that assist you in getting the kind of workout you want.

10. Learn fast

One of the edges of an elliptical is that it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it. Although the learning curve with this gadget is reasonably easy, you may want to ask a personal instructor for steerage in case you haven’t used one before. They can come up with pointers on how to use it effectively and the exercising that can be satisfactory for your fitness dreams.

When beginning out on the elliptical, you may need to use the foot pedals. Once you get accustomed to the movement of the gadget, you may add the handles.


Nothing is ever as excellent as it appears, including the fitness world. There are some cons to maintain in mind with all of the execs that come with the elliptical usage.

“The movement at the elliptical is barely extraordinary than going for walks or strolling, so leg and center muscle groups are activated otherwise,” says John M. Martinez, MD, number one care sports activities medicinal drug doctor at Pain-Free Running. “This distinction in muscle activation might also probably cause injury if the frame doesn’t adapt to the brand new muscle firing styles and movement styles.”

He also indicates that since the elliptical has a decreased effect than strolling or on foot, you can see fewer profits in leg strength because less strain is recognized on the legs.

Because of this lower impact, Dr. Martinez says you could also see much less bone density development than strolling or weight lifting. This LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer is because of the truth that better masses or effects tend to grow and enhance the bone density of the lower body.


Including the elliptical gadget for your health habitual can assist enhance your heart, lungs, and muscles, even as boosting your stamina, enhancing your stability, and burning a variety of calories? It’s also a top-notch option if you have joint problems or need to build or maintain your health after an injury.

While this low-impact instructor is a brilliant preference for most fitness stages, it’s essential to include other sporting events in your ordinary if you’re looking to beef up your legs and construct bone density. This LifePro FlexStride Under Desk Elliptical Trainer is crucial for runners and competitive athletes.

How to Lose Weight Efficiently with Elliptical Workouts?

Elliptical machine exercises can burn from 200 to 400 calories in 30 minutes, depending on your frame. Would that be sufficient to be able to lose weight?

Losing weight is a system, and many factors could affect it: your age, current weight, health tiers, and hormones. In this article, you’ll analyze if an elliptical device allows you to for your quest to lose weight.

How a whole lot of weight do you want to lose?

The first aspect you want to invite yourself when beginning your weight reduction adventure is my goal weight? My advice is: don’t degree it in pounds but in body photo. How you need to look in the one’s jeans, rather than what the magic quantity for you is. 

Once you answer this query, you may be capable of calculating how long it’d take you to reach the purpose. Don’t count on miracles: weight loss includes a metamorphosis of your conduct, and for you to do that not and adequately entice yourself in an infinite jo-jo weight reduction circle, you must take a while.

Starting with the weight reduction

Every begin is hard, and your weight journey begins isn’t any unique: on the alternative! You want to break the old behavior and transform your mindset.

The first component you have to do is make a plan! My mantra is to make plans to prevent terrible performance properly, and I assure you that it will carry your consequences if you comply with it.

What is proper planning in this situation, you will ask? Well, it matters your food regimen and your workout habits.

We will speak approximately vitamins later; your exercising routine, however, is something we must speak about at once.

No matter what your modern-day shape or shape is probably, the elliptical gadget is one of the fine selections for weight reduction and your first-class pal on your weight loss adventure.


It engages the top and decreases body concurrently, related to multiple muscle businesses.

Thirty minutes at the elliptical in step with the day will burn a median of 335 energy, keeping with Harvard Health Publishing.

Elliptical exercises are a brilliant form of exercise because they provide the weight-bearing movement with much less effect on the joints than walking.

And there are many different reasons, inclusive of extensive health profits.

Plan your exercises to fit your schedule; even a minimum of 15 mins in your elliptical system can produce remarkable results in the end! Don’t leave out your plan: keep in mind your quest to convert yourself and your conduct. Being continual is the simplest way you’ll succeed!

With some minor changes to your nutrition conduct and a regular exercise timetable, you can have a steady, wholesome weight reduction of one to 4 kilos in line with the week. Of path, you may lose extra if that’s what you want; ensure that your exercise timetable helps this goal.

Keeping the load off

A critical part of your loss-making weight plans is ensuring you don’t slip again to where you commenced.

Your worst enemy is boredom and the absence of motivation, and you need to combat them with full pressure.

Make your exercise plan exciting and challenging by adding variations and monthly changes. Aim to attain new dreams every week, each month. Take gain of exercising options HOLOFIT has to provide at the elliptical to make sure you’ve got fun at the same time as working out.

Compete! Challenging yourself towards other, digital, or real opponents is a tremendous motivation. Even competing against yourself can inspire you to push tougher.

And once more: be continual. 15-30 minutes on your elliptical system in line with the day is enough to keep your wanted weight or maybe lose greater. Use the HOLOFIT associate app to remind you of your workout routines.

 Be glad along with your weight loss.

Remember to praise yourself, be happy with your achievements, and make sure you acknowledge all the top-notch outcomes in the back of you. Love your body, love your elliptical device and deal with them both well.

Do not beat yourself up if you haven’t hit the intention target precisely: strive to research why that occurred and use that understanding to enhance your future health plans.

You’ll learn each day and get higher each day. And your elliptical machine might be there to help you. 

Together with us from HOLOFIT, we are right here to comply with you for your journey for your health dreams. Virtual exercises with actual outcomes!

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