XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine

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XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine

While XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine isn’t one of the well-known extra producers of the best elliptical machine for seniors, this has been confirmed to be a strategic benefit. At the same time, it comes to the engineering and design of the XTERRA FS1.5 Dual Action Elliptical Trainer. The result is an entirely technologically superior, quality device bought at an inexpensive, competitive fee.

In our breakdown of the XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine, we discovered a few problems that some customers may discover: deal-breakers, including no backlighting at the display and a short stride length.  But other customers are probably capable of looking beyond those and run with the upsides. The XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine has an impressive general of thirteen workout applications, inclusive of 2 coronary heart charges, person, and manual applications that provide relatively practical, challenging exercises. In addition to the great exercise packages, the XTERRA FS1.5 also offers 16 degrees of resistance to house and mission all health levels.

The XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine has a heavy-duty flywheel that gives a clean, quiet, non-impact general frame workout. You can use it in a forward or rearrange direction to goal and exercise exceptional muscle businesses. XTERRA is also going the extra mile by adding rear spin-out levelers to ensure the gadget stays balanced throughout use.

This pleasant exercise machine will praise any placing with its fashionable, compact layout. Manufactured into smaller spaces, it makes an incredible piece of the device for folks that no longer have a massive quantity of space. Packed with extra capabilities, this XTERRA Elliptical is a beautiful piece of equipment for the money you will spend on it.

Technical Info:

•        Height: 63.8”

•        Width: 25″

•        Length: 52″

•        Weight: 112 lbs

•        Maximum user weight: 250 lbs


•        Compact Design

•        16 Resistance Levels

•        13 Total Workout Programs Including 2 Heart Rate Control, 1 User-Define, and Manual

•        Heavy Duty Steel Frame

•        17.6 lb Heavy Duty Flywheel (22 lb is likewise to be had)

•        Computer: Large 5-Inch x 2.5-Inch LCD Display

•        Soft Cushioned Handlebar Pads

•        Magnetic Resistance System is Friction-Free

•        Transport: Front Wheels Provide Easy Transport

•        Oversized Pedal

Computer Features:

•        Time Elapsed

•        Speed

•        Heart Rate/Target Heart Rate

•        Calorie Burned

•        Program

•        Level of Resistance

•        Odometer / Trip Distance


•        3 – 12 months warranty at the Frame, 1 year on Parts.

Shipping and Assembly:

Customers file the XTERRA FS1.5 Elliptical Trainer arrives in a one-layer delivery field. Assembly within reason is easy because it comes already partially assembled. Most humans are in a position to finish assembly in 1-2 hours with the covered tools.

Frame creation

The XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 elliptical device functions as a metal body, with the casing of the drive and resistance gadget fabricated from durable thermoplastic fabric. All the metallic elements in its production are coated with a chip-resistant and corrosion-resistant paint end. The shade used is black, this being the best shade to be had for this machine.

The trainer isn’t always extraordinarily massive. With all the parts assembled, its foundation is 50.8″ (129 cm) lengthy and 24″ (61 cm) huge. However, simply as for any other elliptical, there have to be at the tiniest toes of clearance all nearby it for ease of getting right of entry to.

The unit has a pretty good balance as correctly. It weighs over ninety-nine lbs (forty-five kg) and has a shallow center of gravity. Plus, its rear stabilizer integrates a fixed of adjustable levelers. This XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine shouldn’t rock or wobble even if you interact in more intense exercising.

Although it’s pretty heavy, it isn’t always too hard to transport once it is assembled. Its front stabilizer is ready with a set of small wheels that facilitate its relocation.

Like many different ellipticals, the XTERRA FS1.5 is geared up with two sets of handlebars, one constant and one mobile. The fixed handlebars are appropriate to the top of the machine’s front mast. They have brief grips and integrate pulse sensors. The shifting handlebars connect to the mast and the pedals as correctly. Therefore, they continually move while you are pedaling; they can’t be locked to remain desk-bound. They have more extended grips but do now not integrate pulse sensors or resistance adjustment controls.

Elliptical path, stride, and pedal top

First of all, the XTERRA FS1.5 Elliptical Machine is ready with a fixed of oversized pedals featuring a textured floor and internal/the front facet guards for upgraded foot durability. The pedal trays are made from durable thermoplastic fabric and are attached to metal bars. Therefore, each pedal and the system’s crankset help customers up to 250 lbs (113 kg) without trouble.

It’s essential to mention, although, that the pedal size or function are non-adjustable. Also, they have a reasonably easy creation without articulations or more cushioning.

The XTERRA FS1.5 elliptical does no longer have an incline system. Thus, the placement of its elliptical path or the period of its stride is non-adjustable. Although it’s a rear-force instructor, its elliptical course has a neutral angle. In different words, the using feeling does now not resemble a descent on a slanted floor as is the case with different machines. It presents an entirely natural, low-impact pedaling motion.

The device’s stride is 14″ (35.5 cm) lengthy. This XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine ought to accommodate customers up to 6’3″ (190 cm) with no trouble. Taller users should additionally be capable of using this device; however, they’ll no longer gain from an entire variety of motion.

The step-up pedal height (lowest pedal position) is approx—6″ (15.2 cm). However, at their maximum factor, the pedals stand at approx. 15″ (40 cm) above ground degree. Therefore, it is advocated location and use this Elliptical go trainer in a room with a ceiling that is at the least 20″ (51 cm) better than the tallest person.

Resistance and force

The XTERRA FS1.5 rower functions as a motorized magnetic resistance machine. This approach that it calls for an outside electricity source. It is also the way that its console can automatically adjust the resistance. The unit appears with a DC9V / 1.0A adapter with cable.

The machine’s resistance machine includes a magnetic brake and a servo motor linked to the console. Therefore, when you settle the resistance from the console or while the console adjusts the resistance routinely, the motor changes the magnets’ pull, increasing or decreasing the pedaling issue.

There are sixteen tension tiers available in this teacher. The first few supply a light pedaling issue, first-rate for recuperation training or low-intensity aerobic, and muscle firming. Conversely, the 16th anxiety degree offers extensively more excellent resistance, exceptionally well for absolutely everyone who desires to improve electricity and stamina.

The system is geared up with a reasonably heavy flywheel. It weighs 17.6 lbs (~8 kg). It is perimeter-weighted to offer greater inertia. It is likewise bi-directional so that you can pedal in reverse in case you want. When pedaling in the opposite, the resistance remains steady (given by way of the selected level), and the console maintains to count number distance, energy, watts, and many others.

Last, however now not least, the XTERRA FS1.5 elliptical machine is equipped with a belt power gadget. This sort of transmission comes with several blessings. First of all, it adds to the regularity of the experience as it delivers much less vibration than a sequence. And 2d of all, it does not require lubrication, so that you gained ought to take the covers off periodically to attend to this challenge.


The XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 elliptical system is prepared with a mid-variety console. It functions as a multi-window LCD that tracks time, velocity, distance, general distance, calories, watts, and pulse. Speed and distance can be set either to English units (MPH and miles) or Metric devices (km and kilometers). The pulse studying characteristic is grip touch best; in other phrases, the console can’t read your pulse from a wireless transmitter. So, if you need to monitor your heart charge or use one of the HR exercising programs, you need to maintain directly to the integrated sensors.

The console unit does now not have wireless connectivity, neither is it well suited with any online health apps. However, it has thirteen workout programs to hold you influenced. The first program (P1) is the Manual Mode. This XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine allows you to work out freely, making resistance changes as you like. It additionally allows you to set up goals for time, distance, and energy.

The P2-P7 packages are preset. They offer distinctive section layouts for you to set up various varieties of workouts. For instance, the P6 application has a hill ascension layout, while the P7 program has a c language format.

A Body Fat Measurement applications and a Custom User application are also available. The Body Fat software calls for you to enter your information consisting of age, peak, weight, and gender so it can calculate your Body Mass Index. The Custom User software offers the possibility to create your software profiles with the desired resistance adjustments.

And eventually, there are four Heart Rate manipulate packages. The first one is custom so that you can enter your desired goal HR. The subsequent three are preset for 65% HR, 75% HR, and 85%. When an HR program is in use, the system will support growth robotically or decrease the resistance, which will hold you in the goal HR variety.

Assembly and Maintenance

The machine’s drive and resistance factors come pre-assembled, attached to the base body, and hidden using plastic covers. However, the relaxation of the elements does require user meetings. Thus, you’ll attach the two base stabilizers, the upright mast, the fixed handlebars, the console, the moving fingers, and the pedals. This XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 Elliptical Machine may take more than an hour, but the challenge is a ways from being difficult. Plus, the manual provides clear assembly instructions, and all of the essential gear is included.

Once the device is assembled, you ought not to fear an excessive amount of about its preservation. The inner parts do not require lubrication. If the joints of the system start to squeak, they will require a few drops of lubricant. Other than this, you should best maintain your elliptical smooth and periodically look at loose elements.

The Pros

•        Sturdy Frame – can guide customers up to 250 lbs;

•        Adjustable stabilizers at the rear base;

•        Transport wheels at the front base;

•        Fixed handlebars with pulse sensors;

•        Heavy, perimeter-weighted flywheel for progressed inertia and motion stability;

•        Large pedals with a textured surface and side/the front guards for stepped forward foot balance;

•        16 degrees of eddy cutting-edge, automatic resistance;

•        Multi-window display console to show as many exercising metrics as viable right now;

•        13 built-in exercise packages;

•        Goal putting functions for time, distance, and calories;

•        Recovery function;

•        Heart price intervals decal on the console;

•        Accessory tray included into the console;

•        Hushed operation;

•        Easy to collect;

•        All the essential assembly equipment are included;

•        Little renovation required;

•        Decent guarantee.

The Cons

•        No pill holder;

•        No bottle holder;

•        No backlight at the console display.


The XTERRA Fitness FS1.5 is a rear-power elliptical trainer made for domestic use. It has a 16-level eddy modern-day resistance machine, a 17.6 lbs internal flywheel for progressed inertia, and a console with 13 workout programs. It’s a gadget for mild to excessive cardio exercises, muscle firming, stamina development, and weight loss. It’s also one of the lowest-priced motorized elliptical running shoes available in the meanwhile.

Is Xterra an awesome elliptical?

Manufactured into smaller areas, it makes an excellent system for people who do not have a massive area. Packed with extra features, this XTERRA Elliptical is an exceptional piece of machinery for the cash you’ll spend on it.

How do you turn on an Xterra Elliptical?

The Elliptical is supplied with external power delivery. When electricity is hooked up to the Elliptical, the console will robotically strength up. If there’s no input to the console for 20 mins, the console will visit stand-through mode to shop energy. To flip the console on, press any key.

Are forty-five mins at the elliptical a great exercise?

Using an elliptical instructor is a simple way to paint closer because the gadget can contribute to a fast calorie burn. A hundred sixty-five-pound man or woman who uses the elliptical teacher for forty-five minutes will burn approximately 638 energy, notes HealthStatus. In the same quantity of time, a 215-pound person will burn about 832 calories.

How to Make the Most of Your Elliptical Workout?

In a sea of cardio machines at the gym, the elliptical system stands proud as many human being’s pass-to for a few motives: it feels better at the Frame than the treadmill, it is easy to use, and it permits for multitasking, like looking an episode of TV or studying on your phone.

That stated some people are underneath the impact that using the elliptical is somehow no longer as suitable as, say, a stationary bike or the treadmill. But this is fake. Using the elliptical is not cheating, says John Thornhill, a master trainer at Aaptiv, who has several elliptical workouts on the workout app. “The elliptical is a wonderful aerobic gadget that lets in you to work almost your complete frame in low impact surroundings,” he says. Like running, the elliptical improves your cardiovascular persistence without placing a lot of strain on your joints. And using the Elliptical also strengthens numerous fundamental muscle groups, particularly your center and legs, even as it activates your higher Frame, Thornhill says.

But as excellent because the Elliptical is, most people do not know a way to use it in a way that certainly challenges their bodies. So, if you love the elliptical, however, need more out of the machine, right here are some recommendations from Thornhill:

Use it slow wisely.

There’s a temptation to simply hop on the elliptical and use it till you hit a certain quantity of minutes. However, it’s essential to have a plan that consists of how lengthy you will use it. If you’re warming up for an energy-training workout on the elliptical, you need to trip for 5 to 20 mins, Thornhill says. But if you need to maximize the aerobic advantages of the gadget virtually, it is first-class to stay on for as a minimum of 15 minutes, or at most an hour, he says.

Find your rhythm.

Similar to your preferred indoor cycling exercise, you could step to the rhythm of your track on the elliptical, Thornhill says. Keep time along with your pedal strokes, and regulate your speed when the music receives faster or slower. “You’re essentially dancing,” he says. If you’re seeking new songs to add to your exercise playlist, aim for ones between a hundred and twenty-a hundred and forty beats in step with minute.

Play with resistance and incline.

“One of the most serious mistakes a person can do at the elliptical is to experience with low resistance,” Thornhill says. Resistance is what reasons your muscle tissues to alternate, he says. As a trendy rule, you should always “feel” the anxiety as you push and pull the pedals and handlebars, he says. Determining the correct quantity of resistance to your workouts can take a few finessing. But if you locate your legs are transferring with momentum instead of attempting, it is a sign that you’re no longer using sufficient resistance. As a long way as to incline, is going, “the higher the incline, the more you figure your glutes, so crank up that incline,” he says.

Add periods.

High-intensity c language schooling (HIIT) is a schooling method that includes quick excessive bursts of hobby observed by rest intervals. You can apply the HIIT strategies to nearly any workout, which include the elliptical, Thornhill says. Try alternating between 30-second intervals at an average level, with -minute healing periods at a lower level, and incline for about 20 minutes to start. “Once you’re acquainted with the machine, see how regularly you may get breathless in one aerobic consultation,” he says.

Focus on shape.

The Elliptical is great person-pleasant. However, there are some form recommendations which you have to keep in mind throughout. “Make certain that your shoulders are comfy, chest open, core engaged, and drive down with your heels,” Thornhill says. Use the top body handlebars and push with your chest and pull together with your back; however, maintain a soft grip, so your legs do maximum of the paintings, he says. Got the dangle of it? Try going backward to work your hamstrings, he says.

How Long Should You Work out on the Elliptical Machine?

We all realize nicely that with regards to cardio sports, the elliptical gadget is one of the first-rate options to pick out.

The elliptical gadget comes with so many thrilling functions in addition to blessings and disadvantages. However, the most critical thing we need to be privy is how long we have to exercise at the elliptical device to live healthy and fit.

Exercising on elliptical machines gives you first-rate results, but insufficient or incorrect frequencies and duration might also give you poor in addition to disappointing outcomes. So, it’s miles vital to be aware of frequencies and periods.

Here, we will have a quick dialogue about approximately how long we must work out at the elliptical system.


Exercising for 150 mins in line with the week is more than sufficient to prevent weight gain and reduce the chance of sicknesses. It approaches that if you work out 30 minutes consistent with day for five days, it’s far sufficient. American College of Sports Medicine suggests a hundred and fifty–Two hundred minutes of exercising weekly for special effects.


It is enough to exercise 5 days every week on the elliptical device. But, if preferred, you may also exercise for greater than five days. If you move for each day exercising, 10 mins of exercise are sufficient to stay healthful and in shape.


Exercise intensity approaches the most quantity of times your heart can beat in a single minute. You can estimate it with the aid of subtracting your modern age from 220. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, for novices, the maximum heart charge is 55 to 65, and for knowledgeable exercisers, it is 90%. Can maintain a higher intensity for much less time – intensity and period are inversely associated with every different.


It has been observed that elliptical machines provide less joint stress and pain than the treadmill or every day going for walks. It is an excellent option for adults, novices as well as vintage and center-aged humans.


According to The New York Times, ordinary exercise reduces the danger of coronary heart sickness by 45%. Walking 12 miles every week allows you to reduce your LDL cholesterol degree, and a longer workout of 20 miles assists you in increasing correct cholesterol.

According to Dr. Len Kravitz, elliptical running shoes assist you to burn 8–9 energy in line with minute. It is identical to 11.5 minutes of walking or aerobic exercise.

Elliptical machines provide less joint strain and ache compared to the treadmill or normal going for walks.

Total minutes

You can use your Elliptical on foot or go for walks among 12–20 miles in line with the week for maximum benefit. If you exercise 5 days a week and take 15 minutes to tour one mile, you want to log between 36 and 60 minutes every session. According to the session, if you most specifically work out three days every week, you need to work for between sixty–a hundred minutes.

Make sure to count numbers every minute.

To burn a maximum amount of calories and boost your health, make sure which you remember every minute you work out. Spend the first 2–5 minutes at a clean tempo, and then grow the resistance and velocity of your elliptical striding. Try not to maintain or balance on the handrails, and instead paintings your upper body by using the movable bars while striding. Spend five-seven mins each session striding at your most depth stage to simulate running fast durations.

Ways to get a perfect elliptical exercising

•        Keep your toes flat at the pedals.

•        Try to mix in some middle physical activities.

•        Vary the incline to hit your butt muscle groups.

•        You can also move again on the Elliptical without turning your body around.

•        Use the pause button for an internal timer.

•        You must realize while applying handles and while allowing them to go.

•        Add dumbbells.

•        It is always appropriate to do high-depth interval exercising.

•        Wear the right equipment. Check the excellent evaluations from bikemarts.Com

Common mistakes which anyone makes on an elliptical system

•        Your resistance stays zero.

•        You emerge as a sloucher.

•        You don’t input your information.

•        You don’t exchange guidelines.

•        You don’t alternate your exercises for a long time.

•        You put an excessive amount of stress in your toes – you move on till you can’t experience your feet.

•        Your gadget makes too much noise. If you revel in such noise, it means that you’re going too fast.

•        You do not work your top half.

•        You spin your way up a hill.

The final verdict

So, it turned into all about the crucial factor you want to be privy to while exercising on the elliptical gadget: duration and frequency. We already referred to how each of these elements might affect the effects.

Along with the essential elements like duration and frequency. You can also check approximately the pinnacle ten elliptical machines in comparison – bikemarts.Com.  You also can watch some YouTube films or listen to unfastened YouTube mp3 while you’re doing all your exercising.

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