VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike

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VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike

The VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike functions a sturdier construction than the HL-M01 model that we’ve already covered right here. It has a heavier flywheel and an advanced person weight capability. However, it is an indoor cycling bike made for domestic use, now not a commercial model. For reference, it is one of the fashions delivered in 2019.

Key Features and Specifications

•        Collected aspects: 46.1L x 25.2W x 44.1H inches (117L x 64W x 112H cm)

•        Collected weight: sixty-four lbs (29 kg)

•        Flywheel weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)

•        Supported weight: 330 lbs (one hundred fifty kg)

•        Seat: 4-manner adjustable

•        Drive mechanism: Belt

•        Resistance: Friction

•        Fitness meter: Time, velocity, distance, odometer, calories, scan

•        Warranty: twelve months limited

Frame construction

The VIGBODY HL-S801 indoor cycle functions as a triangular body with the principle slanted tube curved at the relationship point with the bottom tube. Although this design doesn’t necessarily enhance the motorcycle’s sturdiness, it is slightly exceptional for different spin motorcycles. The bike’s body is made from rectangular metallic tubing. All the tubes are lined with a darkish grey paint finish, impervious to consumption and scraped area. The seat and handlebar bars are painted white, while the flywheel has a chrome finish.

Compared to other health machines, the wholly assembled motorbike isn’t always highly massive. It is approx. 46″ (117 cm) lengthy, and 25.2″ (sixty-four cm) wide. Some clearance needs to be stored around it, even for safe usage and easy access. Most spin bike producers suggest a clearance of at least ft all over the motorcycle.

The motorcycle isn’t wonderful heavy either. Its internet weight is 64 lbs (29 kg), so the most compelling character can be carried and assembled. Its front base integrates small wheels, facilitating its relocation as soon as assembled. Also, each of its base stabilizers is geared up with adjustable levelers.

One last issue regarding the small horizontal tube that connects the seat tube to the main diagonal tube. Not all spin bikes have this feature. May use this small bar for more straightforward mounting and an assist for stepping up and down the body, an exercise this is included using positive spin exercises.

Seat and handlebars

The VIGBODY HL-S801 highlights a four-way movable seat. It’s upright submit gives approx. 7″ (18 cm) of adjustment for an appropriate inseam variety of 28″ to 35″ (85 – 98 cm). Its horizontal slider provides some inches off the front-to-back adjustment as correctly. Thus, the motorbike can accommodate users readily among 5’0″ and 6’3″ (153 – 190 cm). Taller individuals still have to use this motorbike, but they may not advantage from various movements. Also, the seat can assist customers as much as 330 lbs (one hundred fifty kg).

The included saddle is reasonably big, approx. 10″ (25.4 cm) extended, and 7″ (17.7 cm) extensive. It incorporates a thick layer of padding for further developed solace, while its pinnacle cowl is made of durable vinyl cloth. There are two suspension springs coordinated at the back of the seat, which empower it to flex and adapt better to your movement at some point in seated workout routines. And finally, it has a center cutout which improves breathability.

The bike’s handlebar is the simplest two-way movable (up, down). It indeed does never again have a flat slider, just like the seat. It offers approx. 6″ (15 cm) of vertical change, from 37.8″ (96 cm) above floor level to 44.1″ (112 cm).

The handlebar capabilities a multi-grip design. It gives the possibility to adopt a racing grip, a mountain climbing grip, and a preferred grip. Its facet grips function EVA foam sleeves for advanced touch and luxury. However, it no longer has pulse sensors, and the covered health screen can’t music pulse.

Drive machine

As we’ve cited above, the VIGBODY HL-S801 indoor cycling bike is ready with a heavier flywheel than the HL-M01. Its flywheel gauges 30 lbs (13.6 kg), presenting advanced momentum. It is perimeter-weighted for progressed inertia that’s quite important for spin exercises.

The flywheel is bi-directional. This VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike, you may pedal reverse if you want to position a few varieties into your exercises. Nonetheless, you can’t drift on this bicycle, and while accelerating backward, the obstruction remains consistent, given the quantity of friction that the brake applies to the flywheel.

The motorbike is geared up with a belt power machine. It integrates a poly-v belt concealed by using a big protect product of tough thermoplastic cloth. Since its drivetrain uses a belt, no longer a series, periodic lubrication isn’t essential. Also, the belt supplies slightly less vibration than a series.

The motorbike’s crankset functions heavy-duty, 7.5″ (19 cm) lengthy arms, similar to street bikes. The motorcycle is rated for a most consumer weight restrict of 330 lbs (a hundred and fifty kg) which ought to apply to the pedals and the crank hands as nicely. The covered pedals are the product of aluminum alloy with rubber inserts for an improved grip. They also have toe cages to relax your feet on them.

The included pedals do now not have SPD elements for spin shoes. However, they do have 9/16″ fashionable threads. Therefore, if you ever need to update them, well-matched alternatives must be available in any motorbike store.

Resistance gadget

The VIGBODY HL-S801 is prepared with a friction resistance device. This VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike, you don’t need a strength adapter for it or an external strength source. But then again, the motorbike cannot adjust the resistance automatically, as is the case for a motorized spin motorcycle inclusive of the NordicTrack S15i, for instance.

The motorbike’s resistance gadget includes a felt-primarily based brake pad attached to the main tube of the body and the anxiety handle. By rotating the handle clockwise, the brake pad applies greater friction to the flywheel, which will increase the pedaling problem.

However, a twisted bicycle grinding obstruction device mustn’t provide a pedaling movement as clean as a magnetic resistance machine. That’s because the brake pad comes in touch with the flywheel for you to create drag. It may advance up to a point by applying lubricant both on the brake pad and flywheel. Likewise, the felt cushion will ultimately break down and must be replaced.

The motorbike’s anxiety knob additionally has an emergency brake feature. You can press it down to right away stop the flywheel from spinning. This VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike is essential because the pedals keep spinning as long as the flywheel is spinning. Trying to stop the movement with your legs may also result in accidents.

Fitness screen

The VIGBODY HL-S801 indoor cycling teacher includes a primary fitness display. It features an LCD that tracks pace, distance, total distance, past the time, and calories consumed. Speed and length are displayed in MPH and miles; there is no alternative to metric devices. Additionally, as we’ve referenced, the screen unit doesn’t have a music pulse.

The unit is very smooth to apply. It does not have any pre-set applications, Bluetooth, or online connectivity. It has the most effective one button. By squeezing the button more than once, you can look through the exercise metrics and select the one you need to see. You can likewise pick the Scan Mode, which allows the unit to rotate all of the exercising metrics and hold each one for a few seconds on show.

The button additionally covers the unit’s reset work. By squeezing and holding it for some seconds, you can clear all its values to zero.

The screen unit requires AAA batteries which can be blanketed. It begins up when you start pedaling or while you push its button. It also routinely turns off if it does now not discover flywheel movement for extra than 4 mins.

Assembly and Maintenance

The motorbike’s force and resistance elements (flywheel, belt, crank, brake) come pre-assembled connected to the primary frame. The relaxation of the components requires personal assembly. You will need to connect the 2 base stabilizers; the seat publish, the saddle, the handlebar publish, the handlebar, the pedals, and the fitness reveal. This VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike shouldn’t take extra than 30 minutes of some time, though. Also, all of the essential tools are included, and the manual offers step-by-step meeting instructions.

For upkeep, it can require lubrication of the brake pad. A few drops of silicone lubricant applied at the flywheel’s aspect have to cowl it. Other than this, you handiest have to hold the bike smooth and periodically test for unfastened components.

The Pros

•        Sturdy creation – can support customers as much as 330 lbs;

•        Adjustable levelers on both base stabilizers;

•        Transport wheels on the front stabilizer;

•        Four-manner adjustable seat;

•        High-consolation saddle with thick foam padding and a median groove for extra breathability;

•        Multi-grip handlebar;

•        Solid crankset, can help just about any spin workout;

•        Metallic pedals with toe cages and fashionable strings;

•        Standard erosion obstruction;

•        30 lbs flywheel with a border weighted plan for advanced inertia;

•        Smooth and quiet belt drive;

•        Fitness display included – it tracks time, distance, total distance, pace, and calories burned;

•        Little upkeep required;

•        Easy to assemble;

•        All the assembly gear are protected;

•        Little protection required.

The Cons

•        No backlight at the health meter;

•        No pulse reading feature;

•        No pill holder;

•        No bottle holder.


The VIGBODY HL-S801 is an indoor biking motorcycle for domestic use. It functions as a 30-lb flywheel, a friction resistance device, and a 4-way adjustable seat. It additionally includes a primary health display that tracks time, distance, overall distance, velocity, and calories burned. It’s a bike made for spin exercises, splendid for excessive-depth cardio schooling, stamina, energy improvement, muscle firming, and weight reduction.

The Average Exercise Bike Pedaling Speed

Cadence is another call for bike pedaling velocity. The familiar cadence on an exercise motorcycle stages typically among 50 and a hundred and ten RPMs, relying on the rider, the resistance on the bike, and the intention of the schooling. Beginners and occasional riders usually ride someplace between 50 and 60 pm. More best riders, particularly those using motorcycles with weighted flywheels instead of motorized workout bikes, experience closer to 80 or 100 rpm while simulating level terrain.

Intensity Considerations

If you boom the resistance at the motorcycle to simulate a hill, it turns into more excellent challenging to keep a quick cadence. When at a high degree of resistance, the average cadence needs to be 60 to eighty rpm, notes Mad Dog Athletics. A healthier exerciser can maintain this cadence up at higher tiers. If you can’t maintain the resistance of 60 rpm, then the level of resistance you have on the motorcycle may be too much for you, and also you threaten harm to your knee joint. If you may, without problems, pedal quicker than one hundred ten rpm, you’re possibly running at a degree that is too smooth for your skills and need just a bit extra resistance to get a robust, secure workout.

Does cycling burn belly fat?

If you aren’t capable of getting to the health club, or in case you want to make the maximum of the spring and summertime climate, you might be considering exploring a new form of exercise, where you could spend extra time outdoors. Cycling is hugely popular and can take you from street to tune and path, so in this weblog, we look at the query: does biking burn belly fats? And we observe extra health blessings of cycling as exercise.

Cycling to lose belly fat

Burning stomach fats by way of schooling your middle isn’t always clean. It improves the construction of muscle and strength of your core, but it does not assist in casting off fats in that particular area. A satisfactory way to lose stomach fat is by doing cardio workout routines, including walking and biking. The cause for that is that you want to burn energy to lose stomach fat instead of educating your muscle tissues. Lower-depth and excessive length training burn more fans than shorter excessive intensity exercises. You will burn between four hundred and a thousand calories per hour while biking, relying on your weight and how tough you’re working.

Cycling is, therefore, an excellent choice to shed pounds. But that is not best because of the energy you burn; it also influences your basal metabolic charge and muscular tissues. You are assembly resistance to construct muscle as you push down or pull up on the pedals. Building muscle then increases the fee you burn energy, making it more straightforward to keep a healthful weight.

Other benefits of cycling

Besides burning stomach fats, biking has loads of different advantages in your fitness. The physical and mental fitness benefits of cycling areas observed:

•        Reduce chance of continual sicknesses

•        Reduce threat of cardiovascular sicknesses

•        Improves stability and coordination

•        Reducing stress

•        Better sleep

•        Improves Subjective Mood

•        It’s a Low effect education

•        Way to construct your muscle tissues

•        Way to control weight

Physical Health blessings of cycling

Cycling is a fabulous way to get your coronary heart siphoning and work the effective thigh muscular tissues. Getting at least 150 mins of little depth exercise, like going for a cycle, each week will help to reduce your hazard of persistent infection along with coronary heart ailment and sort 2 diabetes. It also facilitates cardiovascular illnesses like stroke and excessive blood pressure. Besides these scientific sicknesses, biking additionally improves stability and coordination that’s beneficial within the prevention of falls and fractures.

Biking is also a significant opportunity to stroll for many people because it’s a low affect schooling. If you have discovered going for walks for reasons problems with joint pain or chronic injury, a non-weight bearing shape of exercising like cycling is probably the solution for you.

Mental Health advantages of biking

Being bodily active has been proven to significantly impact your mental health, lowering strain, improving sleep, and lifting your mood. There is the double mental fitness advantage of exercising and being out in nature with biking. Join a cycling membership, and you may additionally boom your social community and get some more assistance – this is super if you want to push yourself to gain a new distance goal.

Getting started to lose stomach fats

How do you get commenced if you need to gain this kind of fitness benefits of cycling – such as decreasing stomach fats?

Firstly, test your device because secure and appropriate equipment is vital: get your bike serviced, or in case you are buying a new one, think about having it professionally fitted. Make sure your helmet conforms to British Standard BS EN 1078:1997 and usually test your lighting fixtures are fully charged before taking off.

Next, what education plan needs you to operate? This VIGBODY HL-S801 Indoor Cycling Bike will depend on your place to begin and what you want to reap; however, assuming you may already make an easy, 30-minute trip, you need to recall the following:

•        Plan to grow the gap of your rides step by step over 8 weeks. Be practical; if you start with the aid of being able to ride for a half-hour, plan to increase rides via about 15 minutes according to a week for the first couple of weeks

•        Maintain a consistent frequency building up to three – 4 rides per week, which include at least 1 long ride

•        Mix it up – to construct your stamina, you want to encompass a few speed training every week. A mid-week fartlek journey is a high-quality manner to push your speed over short distances, journey progressively till you get better, and then go for every other burst of pace

•        Monitor your education’s effect using a body composition scale and the Tanita RD-953. Seeing the increase in your muscle groups is a natural enhancement on your motivation, and ensuring you’ve got hydration tiers properly will make sure you’re bodily equipped in your schooling

•        As you increase the duration of your rides, make sure you have got water and a snack to offer your frame the carbohydrate and hydration it wishes. For an experience of one-3 hours, you should take 2 bottles of water or electrolyte drink and a pair of x 50g strength bars

•        Stretch and give yourself time to get better – make sure you stretch your essential muscle groups after your experience and plan at least 1 day consistent with a week with no education.

Finally, let us know how you have become on! We love hearing approximately how people are enhancing their fitness and health, so allow us to understand how biking is going for you on @tanita.UkOur preferred subjects.

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