TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike

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TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike

The TRUE Fitness ES700 recumbent exercise bike has been around for quite some years, and it’s nonetheless available in the meanwhile. Although it’s a workout bike for home use, it offers the sturdiness, construction, design, and variety of features of a commercial recumbent bike. It is available with the primary LED show version and the superior touchscreen T9 console. This submission will address the ES700 motorbike T9 console included.

 Key Features and Specifications

 • Assembly dimensions: 58 L x 26 W x 50.5 H in (147 L x 66 W x 128 H cm)

 • Weight, assembled

: 74 kg (163 lbs)

 • Supported weight: 159 kg (350 lbs)

 • Resistance: Eddie modern-day, 30 tiers

•        Drive: Belt

•        Console: T9

•        Extras: Device holder, bottle holder

•        Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 10 years / Labor 12 months

Frame creation

The TRUE Fitness ES700 recumbent motorcycle capabilities a heavy-duty production matching business-grade requirements. Most of the motorbike’s frame is made of metal tubing, except the seat’s adjustment rail, a product of extruded aluminum. All the metal elements are double-covered with a black paint finish highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion. Also, the bottom of the seat and the pressure mechanism is hidden using large panels fabricated from durable thermoplastic material.

The bike functions in a step-thru layout with a massive hole between the seat and drive units. With this TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike with T9 Console, the consumer can, without problems, function themselves on the seat and make the favored seat adjustment. Also, the bottom body phase between the seat and the drive unit functions as a rubberized protecting cowl.

It is pretty bulky compared with different fashions. Its footprint is 58″L x 26″W (147 x 66 cm), even as its highest factor is given by the pinnacle of the console, which reaches approx. 50.5″ (128 cm) above the floor stage. It is also encouraged to leave at least 20″ (51 cm) of clearance on each facet and the front of the motorbike, and approx—40″ (101 cm) of clearance on the rear to ease admission and secure utilization.

The bike is quite heavy as well. Its internet weight is 163 lbs (seventy-four kg). Therefore, the delivery of the packaged unit requires people. However, once it’s far assembled, the motorbike can without difficulty be moved by the handiest one character through the wheels incorporated into its front stabilizer. On the other hand, all this weight and low gravity give the bike advanced balance.

Seat and handlebars

The TRUE Fitness ES700 recumbent exercise bike is ready with a seat designed for advanced consolation. Differently positioned, the seat is pretty near a pricey office chair. Its backside pad integrates a thick layer of froth cushioning. It is likewise contoured and may be connected to the seat frame nearer or further from the backrest, depending on the scale of the consumer.

The backrest capabilities a mesh structure with a thick, long-lasting frame fabricated from polypropylene material. This mesh shape is bendy, permitting it to conform flawlessly to the form of the user, in addition, to provide superior breathability. Also, the backrest is large, designed for users of all sizes.

The complete seat meeting slides on a rail machine with 24 adjustment ranges in terms of adjustability. This TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike with T9 Console, a motorbike, can accommodate users among 5’2″ and 6’7″ (157 – 201 cm). It is likewise rated for a maximum weight restriction of 350 lbs (159 kg), similar to the Spirit Fitness XBR55. The backrest is likewise adjustable, offering numerous reclining positions.

The motorbike is prepared with two units of handlebars. One attaches to the front mast, the other to the seat assembly. The seat handlebars have two perspective adjustment positions. They combine pulse sensors and resistance adjustment controls. The front handlebars characteristic a straightforward design with their grips pointing up and forward. These do not combine any sensors and resistance controls. Both handlebar units function with excessive-density foam sleeves for improved touch and comfort.

Resistance and force

The TRUE ES700 exercise bike is geared up with an eddy present-day resistance system. You’ll need to connect it to a power source in this method. It is also a method that can automatically regulate the resistance load depending on the user program. An adapter with a power wire is blanketed with the bike.

The bike’s resistance machine includes a servo motor and a magnetic brake. The motor is attached to the brake and the console. Therefore, while you modify the resistance or the console automatically adjusts the resistance, the motor adjustments the magnets’ pull, increasing or decreasing the pedaling trouble.

The motorcycle makes to be had 30 stages of resistance. The first few degrees deliver a reasonably mild resistance, terrific for rehab training, muscle firming, or light cardio. Conversely, the pinnacle resistance ranges simulate a steep hill climb and provide a venture even for the maximum pro athletes.

The weight of the inner flywheel isn’t specified. However, the motorcycle is quite heavy; it probably weighs extra than 20 lbs (nine kg). It is perimeter-weighted for progressed momentum. It is also bi-directional. Thus, you could pedal in reverse if you need to diversify your workout routines.

The bike’s pressure teacher uses poly-v belts. These deliver smooth traction as they generate less vibration than chain power. They also don’t require lubrication, so you should not fear taking the protecting panels apart for month-to-month upkeep.

Last but not least, the ES700 recumbent bike is geared up with a heavy-duty 3-piece crankset. Its crank hands are pretty thick, even though they’re not meant for pedaling even as standing up. The pedals are manufactured from durable thermoplastic material with steel internal factors. They have a textured floor for improved touch and adjustable straps.


As we’ve stated above, this specific TRUE ES700 recumbent motorbike model comes with the T9 console. It features an oversized LCD with an LED backlight and a touchscreen interface. It offers a wide range of functions and settings. To begin with, it tracks time, pace, RPM, distance, overall distance, calories burned, and heart price. Speed and distance may be set either to U.S. Units (MPH and miles) or Metric gadgets (km and kilometers). Also, the distance may be regarded as a 1/4 mile race music with a lap rely characteristic.

For the pulse reading feature, the console is telemetric. It can study your pulse from a Polar T34 HR chest strap; this accent is covered. However, if you don’t need to put on the strap, the console can still music your pulse if you keep on to the sensors integrated into the seat handlebars.

The console has Bluetooth connectivity and is like-minded with the GymTrakr app, which allows you to tune your exercising progress online and share it with different apps. However, the console also has its very own internal fitness monitoring functions. For instance, you can precisely see the summary of every exercise or your last 10 exercises.

There are 4 user profiles available. Each consumer can enter their facts along with weight, top, gender, and so on so that the console can calculate the energy output better. Also, every user can shop and re-use their preferred program settings.

The console has a couple of built-in workout applications. First of all, it has the Manual software, which offers you the opportunity to pedal while adjusting the resistance as you like all through your session. You can also set exercising goals for energy, time, distance, or heart fee. Second, pre-set exercises, including Hill Intervals, Rolling Hills, Random Hills, Glute Buster, etc. These have pre-determined resistance segments, and the motorcycle will vehicle-adjust the resistance relying on the phase-in use. And sooner or later, there are c programming language packages and heart fee-based applications. The c language applications have a work/pause format. The coronary heart charge programs require you to pick out a positive coronary heart rate interval and car-modify the resistance relying on your heart fee to preserve you in the selected BPM interval.

We will point out the AUX and USB ports among different console functions. You can connect headphones to the AUX port at some stage in media playback. Also, the USB port lets you export exercise data to an outside USB pressure or replace the console software via USB.

Assembly and Maintenance

The motorbike’s base frame with the seat adjustment rail and the power machine come pre-assembled. However, the relaxation of the components requires user assembly. You essentially ought to connect the 2 base stabilizers, the console mast, the console, the seat pad, the backrest, the handlebars, and the pedals. This TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike with T9 Console might also take more significantly than an hour of it slow, but the assignment isn’t too complex. Plus, the guide presents clear assembly instructions, and all the essential equipment is included.

Once the bike is assembled, you don’t have to worry about an excessive amount of approximate protection. All you want to do is periodically study the motorbike to ensure that every one of the parts functions appropriately, there are no loose bolts or components, and so on. At the quilt of every exercise, it is advocated to wipe the sweat that may have dropped at the body. The inner elements do no longer require lubrication.

The Pros

•        Heavy-duty, industrial-grade production;

•        Aesthetic layout;

•        Great user weight potential (350 lbs);

•        High-comfort seat cushioned seat;

•        Breathable mesh-shape backrest;

•        24 adjustment positions for the seat;

•        Reclining feature for the backrest;

•        Seat handlebars with pulse sensors and resistance controls;

•        Smooth and quiet belt force device;

•        Eddy present-day resistance machine presenting wonderful micro-adjustability;

•        3-piece crankset with oversized pedals;

•        T9 console providing an LCD with LED backlight and touchscreen era;

•        Multiple pre-set exercising applications;

•        Four-person profile settings;

•        Built-in exercise the precise function;

•        Bluetooth connectivity;

•        Telemetric pulse studying characteristic;

•        Polar T34 HR chest strap blanketed;

•        USB and AUX ports;

•        Device holder protected;

•        Bottle holder covered;

•        Fairly clean to collect;

•        All the essential equipment for assembly are included;

•        Little upkeep required;

•        Excellent assurance.

The Cons

•        The console isn’t like-minded with Run Social or other comparable apps.


The TRUE Fitness ES700 is a recumbent workout motorbike made for home use. It functions as a business-grade production with a max. The weight restriction of 350 lbs. It is geared up with an excessive-consolation seat with multiple adjustment positions, an eddy modern resistance device, and the T9 touchscreen console. It’s a motorcycle for customers of all ranges, for light to high-intensity cardio education, healing education, muscle toning, stamina and strength improvement, and weight loss. It’s no longer precisely a low-priced bike; however, it indeed offers exceptional value for the fee.

Which Is Better: Treadmill or Recumbent Bike?

It would help if you made your workout efforts repay. With the array of fitness gadgets presented in gyms, it may be hard to discern which machine will offer the great exercise on your wishes. Two adequate portions of the system, the treadmill, and the recumbent motorbike, will assist you to burn energy and build cardiovascular health. Determining that’s higher indeed depends on your non-public wishes and exercising desires.


Treadmills permit you to walk or run interior while outdoor situations or schedules preclude an outdoor exercise. Commercial treadmills may attain 10 to 15 mph speeds depending on the model. Most offer an adjustable ramp that facilitates you to simulate hill climbing. Most well-known treadmills variety from a 1 percentage grade to 10 to fifteen percent grade, while excellent incline running shoes can also reach a 30 percent grade. Most health stages can use a treadmill, and the motion comes evidently. Treadmills offer several varieties on your exercising — you could stroll casually, hike hills, perform periods, teach for a race, run sprints, or take a mild jog.

Recumbent Bikes

However, recumbent bikes look like ordinary desk-bound bicycles with a bucket seat and pedals in front of the body instead of underneath the hips. The handlebars increase obviously in front of the shoulders, permitting you to preserve without setting stress at the wrists or shoulders. A recumbent motorcycle helps folks who can’t incur impact, heal from damage, or have issues with their balance, obtain a cardiovascular workout. You hit a button at the console to regulate the exercising that modifies the pedal-push pressure resistance- or trouble.

What to Consider

A treadmill may irritate your circumstance if you are afflicted by joint problems or back pain. A recumbent motorcycle better comprises folks who are 50 kilos or extra overweight, notes the Cleveland Clinic, as it does now not require steady effect for your joints. Those who’re exceptionally matched may additionally find that a recumbent cycle does now not offer enough intensity for their desires.

Calorie Burn Potential

Working on the treadmill can burn more energy than a similar effort at the recumbent motorcycle. In 30 minutes, a little exercise at the desk-bound recumbent bike burns approximately 260 energy for a one hundred fifty-five-pound individual. A mild jog of 5 mph burns 298 calories in an equal quantity of time. Going quicker or adding an incline burns even extra. However, if you stroll at four mph, you’ll find the simplest burn 167 energy in a 1/2 hour. If weight reduction and calorie burn inspire your health, consider how difficult you can exercise on the treadmill before deciding on it over the motorbike.


It is honestly not a higher choice if you hate strolling at the treadmill. You may additionally stay with it for some weeks or months; however, you may begin to find methods to keep away from working out altogether, with the intention to now not help with weight reduction or physical fitness. The recumbent motorcycle may also become monotonous, but studying or watching TV is far simpler than using it.

Recumbent Stationary Bike Workout Tips

The recumbent desk-bound motorbike is the only one that has a backrest with the pedals out in the front. The principal benefit of using a recumbent motorcycle over the traditional upright version is it places much less stress on your lower backbone. Recumbent motorcycles also produce much less strain in your hands, wrists, and neck. Because it has the backrest at the side of a bucket seat, it also offers a more comfortable experience. If you’re new to this motorbike, analyze a few suggestions to succeed in your exercises.

Dynamic Stretches

When pedaling on the recumbent motorcycle, you figure more than one muscle mass and spark off multiple joints for your decreased frame. If you do not effectively lighten up before stepping onto the bike, you hazard struggling harm in your muscle groups and connective tissue. To save this from happening, spend five minutes doing dynamic stretches carried out in movement. Knee highs, on-foot lunges, facet bends, alternating toe touches, leg swings, ankle bounces, and trunk rotations are examples of dynamic stretches as you carry out the dynamic stretches, recognizing shifting quickly and step by step growing your range of motion on each repetition.

Seat Adjustment

Before spinning the cranks at the motorbike, you have to be well set up. Once you sit down, area your ft. at the pedals and spin the cranks; in some instances, when doing this, pay attention to the extension of your knees. You have to have a moderate bend in your knee while your leg is on the again aspect crank. If not in this position, move the sheet forward or again to get it there.

Light Warm-Up

Spend some other 5 mins doing a mild warm-up on the bike. Gradually increase your tempo via this length. This TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike with T9 Console will slowly boom your moderate body temperature and, in addition, loosen up your muscle groups and connective tissue.

Exercise Duration

To get effects at the recumbent exercise bike, you need to exercise lengthy sufficient and frequently sufficient. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 30 minutes of aerobic exercise and 60 to 90 minutes for health benefits. Mins of cardio for weight reduction, five days per week. If you need the health benefits, stick with the lower quantity and purpose better To shed pounds.

Adjusting Resistance

When using the recumbent bike, pedal quicker to develop your speed. You also have the option of growing resistance. Do this regularly as you get used to the bike. It will become more challenging to push the pedals as you boom the resistance. This TRUE Fitness ES700 Recumbent Bike with T9 Console challenges your leg muscle mass and strengthens them to progress your schooling.

Interval Training

Interval schooling is alternating bursts of extreme activity with intervals of the lighter hobby. Incorporating c programming language schooling into your workout routines, you grow your caloric expenditure and keep your workout routines interesting. Either change your accelerate and down, boom and reduce the resistance, or combine the two.

Proper Form

The proper shape is essential during the use of the recumbent motorcycle. It is OK to place your fingers at the handles in front of you; however, do now not lean ahead. Maintain a natural posture with your lower back tight towards the backrest the whole time you figure out and push tough together with your legs while pedaling. Follow this same pattern in case you draw close to the faucet handles. If you keep leaning ahead, you will create muscle imbalances.

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