Goplus Water Rowing Machine

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Goplus Water Rowing Machine

The Goplus Water Rowing Machine is one of the most low-cost access-stage health machines that has been constructed and designed especially for home usage. This rower is quite a new perfect product that has been inside the marketplace, given that in 2017, it is pretty popular with some of the users.

It gives some excellent features and products which makes it worth the price. This rowing device is pretty just like the Velocity CHR-2001 and the Sunny SF-RW5515 in terms of specification, layout, in addition to the resistance machine.

To recognize what the Goplus version has to provide, preserve reading our Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine Review 2021.

Product Dimensions and Specifications

•        70’’ Length

•        21’’ Width

•        19’’ Height

•        23’’ Length (folded)

•        21’’ Width (folded)

•        49’’ Height (folded)

•        The flywheel weighs 6.6 pounds

•        Weighs forty-nine pounds

•        Supports up to 220 pounds most user weight capability

•        Sliding distance is 100.”

•        Made of steel & plastic

•        5’’ fundamental console


•        Not particular

Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance


The transport price of the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine varies because shops have exclusive transport regulations; nonetheless, Amazon offers loose transport.


This rowing machine is reportedly very smooth to collect as the principal additives are preassembled using the manufacturer.

So, upon delivery, you must attach the seat, the rail, the again and front stabilizers, the console, and path the pedals. It ought to take about forty-five mins or much less to be assembled entirely, depending on how properly you’re along with your arms.

The essential tools required and the instruction manual is likewise included to facilitate the assembling manner.


Since the Goplus Magnetic Rower begins with a magnetic resistance gadget, it does no longer want any critical preservation, however, except to maintain it clean from dirt and sweat usually.

Also, ensure that you regularly look at the machine for any loose, worn, or damaged components; and do restore or update as a consequence if there’s one of these cases before use.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine is an excellent rower and might benefit several rowing lovers who need a training session and become healthy within the consolation in their house. This Goplus Water Rowing Machine is one of the maximum cheap rowing machines.

It has been designed mainly to be used at domestic. So this device is suitable for the ones having a budget. Another rowing machine that may be considered based on your price range is the Schwinn Crew master Magnetic Rowing Machine.

Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The front portion of the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine that mixes the flywheel, pulleys, resistance factors, pulling manage, in addition to the meter, come completely assembled.

All that needs to be performed is that the rail needs to be fixed to the front element, the seat needs to be introduced, the front stabilizer and the returned stabilizer, and should attach the pedals. This complete system will not take you more than half-hour.

The instruction manual offers the person clear meeting instructions. You could have a examine some of the quality low-priced rowing machines for domestic use. The unit additionally includes all of the primary equipment which can wish for the meeting. The system does now not require lots of maintenance.

However, it is endorsed to get a periodic test carried out and preserve watch out for free bolts. Also, the rail must be stored smooth, which will keep away from any harm to the seat’s wheels and keep beverages far away from the health meter.

Design and Build Quality

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine has a frame this is constructed entirely out of metallic. However, notwithstanding the metallic creation, the system isn’t a hefty unit. When the system is assembled, including the body, the device weighs around forty-nine lbs (22.2 kg).

Therefore, the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine may be assembled effortlessly and can be performed with the aid of a single individual. The front seat of the rower comes with shipping wheels that facilitate smooth relocation.

The guards of all of the internal elements of the gadget, in conjunction with many different defensive parts of this rower, are built out of rigid plastic. However, this may now not impact the overall durability of the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine. The Goplus rower can deal with a person’s weight of about 220 lbs (a hundred kg).

In evaluating different rowers with comparable specifications, the Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine is not very massive. However, it needs about 70″L x 21″W (178 x 53 cm) of your floor area when you increase the rail ultimately.

This Goplus Water Rowing Machine, being stated, could accommodate customers up to 6’5″ (195 cm) tall. The gadget has been painted in black anti-corrosion paint, which is also scratch-resistant. In this manner, your gadget is nicely covered from both rusts as well as scratches.

However, this does not mean using this as an outdoor rowing machine and cannot be used exterior as even though the water and rain do not affect the frame. But the various elements and consoles are touchy to water, which will cause damages in case of such publicity.

Therefore, the person needs to ensure that this rowing gadget is used most effectively indoors. Please have a look at some of our fine rowing machines of the yrs. 2021 to get an idea about the specific machines to be had inside the marketplace.

Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine Features

LCD Display

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine has a modern and fundamental console that isn’t always very sudden due to the charge range of the rower. It functions as an LCD with readable metrics and maybe without problems read and considered using the consumer.

But once more, the console is a fundamental one, and the monitor isn’t backlit; this might be a hassle as you could read it definitely in a room this is poorly lit. The console is 3.5 inches in length and has simply one button.

The LCD reveal shall we the person preserve track of their exercise development – it shows records like energy, the entire counts, be counted according to min, SCAN characteristic and time. Unfortunately, we cannot monitor the coronary heart fee in this device because the console isn’t telemetry-enabled. It does not come with coronary heart charge sensors in-built in its handle.

You cannot customize your exercises, and there are no preset packages. Additionally, the calories burned are described through the stroke depend that isn’t very correct.

Cushioned Seat

Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine has a seat with an ergonomic layout and supports your lower again. Be it a rowing device or any fitness gadget, the general layout of the seat could be essential as it’s far one of the factors that make certain that the user is comfy.

When operating out and the seat of the Goplus offers precisely that. The device is contoured to match flawlessly on the butt, it has a high-density foam for padding, and this is protected with a fabric that makes it a non-slippery cloth.

The seat is quite huge, having dimensions of approximately 10 inches lengthy using 14 inches extensive, and that is appropriate for a very at ease exercising revel in.

Large Pedals

may adjust the pedals – the person can adjust the foot role even within the midst of exercising. The pedals can pivot and offer the ability to regulate them as and while important. This Goplus Water Rowing Machine reduces any strain on your ankles.

The pedals are made by the usage of ABS material and quite comfortable and sturdy. It has straps that can be customized and help comfortable the feet in the vicinity and ensures balance even as you work out.


The gadget isn’t constant to a series but a heavy-duty nylon strap compared to the Concept2 Model D teacher. This Goplus Water Rowing Machine shows that the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine produces restrained noise simultaneously as it is being used. It does now not require any lubrication as correctly.

Lastly, the Goplus rowing device has a rust-resistant as well as corrosion-resistant paint end. The external components of the gadget are painted black as that is the most exact shade this is to be had for this machine.

Resistance Levels

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine has a magnetic resistance machine. The excellent element regarding a magnetic resistance gadget is that it produces very little noise when it’s far getting used. The resistance mechanism of the unit comes with an anxiety knob that regulates the degrees of resistance with the tiers that are symbolized on it.

The resistance practice has a flywheel of 6.6 pounds, and a bit magnetic brake is hooked up to the resistance knob, and this meets the flywheel at the time of applying the resistance via the knob. To understand the variation between a magnetic resistance and an air resistance machine, you may test out the Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399.

There are approximately eight levels of resistance on this gadget which can indicate the anxiety knob. You must twist the knob clockwise to select the desired level of resistance and anti-clockwise to reduce the resistance level.

Regarding a rower with a magnetic resistance system, the initial 3 stages appear to be mild resistance ranges suitable for beginners. If you need challenging exercising, you could choose degrees 8, and these levels are correct for advanced users.

Max User Weight

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine is a pretty sturdy system and can assist a maximum of 220 kilos / 99.7 kg maximum user weight. It also comes with a mediator bar located on the front base and plastic capping and transport wheels at each side.

This Goplus Water Rowing Machine stabilizes the device without leaving scratches on the ground, enabling smooth relocation.

Fixed or Folding

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine comes with a folding capacity. When folded, the dimensions of the gadget are 23 inches duration (approx. 2 ft) via 21 inches width (approx. 2 feet) through forty-nine inches top (approx. Four ft).

This Goplus Water Rowing Machine reduces the period of the system with the aid of greater than 1/2 of its length while its miles are assembled, thereby saving a whole lot of space even as its miles are saved.


The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine has pivoting footrests that deliver a custom foot function with each unmarried stroke.


The cope with is another vital detail that offers a comfy workout. The deal with the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine does no longer has an ergonomic layout to curve barely like the Schwinn Crew master Magnetic Rowing Machine. However, it has a thick foam covering it and offers the most comfortable grip while you work out.

This Goplus Water Rowing Machine prevents your arms from getting slippery and avoids blister formation in the palms. The take care of is also constant to a heavy-responsibility nylon strap. This Goplus Water Rowing Machine doesn’t require any maintenance and may close for a very long period and produces less noise at some stage in exercising than rowers that use chains instead of a strap.

Power Method

The Goplus Rowing Machine no longer requires a power outlet to be plugged into to be operational. The console features by using way of batteries, and these are included within the package.

Transportation Wheels

Moving the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine will no longer be a trouble because it is lightweight and has transport wheels combined that make relocation less complicated.

Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine Workout Programs

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine gives its customers a complete-body exercise. You can also use this system with practical aerobic exercises. It no longer only works in your muscle tissues but additionally burns fat which allows for losing weight. One gadget helps you figure in exceptional regions of your frame.

Full-frame exercising focuses on all the leading muscle organizations; it burns more incredible energy and increases your energy by getting the muscle tissues to your shoulders, again, and middle activated. Check out several quality rowing machines under $300.


•        The frame has constructed the use of steel

•        The machine can support up to 220 kilos of person weight

•        It is a folding system

•        It has a magnetic resistance machine

•        The machine offers a quiet and soft workout

•        The front base has a stabilizer bar integrated

•        It also has transport wheels that deliver stability and makes relocation smooth

•        There are 8 magnetic resistance degrees

•        It has a console that lets you tune your workout progress

•        The seat has an awesome padded that is designed to provide consolation

•        The machine has a fixed of pedals which are pivoting pedals

•        The footrests are massive sufficient

•        The manager has an excessive-density foam masking that gives a secure grip


•        The console could be very primary and isn’t always backlit

•        The console does not have any preset packages and cannot store data

•        You cannot song your coronary heart rate because the console isn’t telemetry enabled

•        Not best for professional users


The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine synthetic by Goplus is a good rowing machine for home use and is suitable for novices. The gadget comes with a robust steel frame that has a corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant coat of paint.

The machine has transport wheels which make the relocation of the rower exceptionally clean. May fold it even as being stored away – because of this, this rowing machine is suitable for small apartments. It has about 8 resistance ranges and is satisfactorily applicable for a novice.

If you are an expert rower, you might desire to choose a rowing gadget with many extra capabilities on the high-priced facet consisting of the machines from Concept. However, if you want a less costly rowing system that saves on the garage area and you are a newbie, then the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine is a great pick.

Rowers, rowing system, Water Rower

You may have heard about the Water Rower from the popular TV display “House of Cards,” or maybe just thru phrase of mouth.  Either manner, we’re not amazed.  It’s a trending piece of workout device that lives up to its hype.

If you haven’t heard of the Water Rower yet, it’s a simple exercising gadget that’s designed to work because its name suggests — much like rowing a ship in the water.  The motive this straightforward piece of the system is trending, for the time being, is due to the fact human beings are beginning to see the various blessings it has to provide.

Benefits of Water rowers

1. Great for Aerobic Workouts

Anytime you could contain a cardio exercising into your habit, you’re contributing to your essential fitness.  There are many benefits of cardio exercises, including extended stamina, a higher immune system, and upgrades to your standard temper and sleep exceptional.  Not to say they do fantastic matters on your bodily health as properly.

2. Proven Weight Loss Results

It’s easy to burn energy, tone up your muscular tissues, and shed pounds with a rowing system.  You could expect to burn about 600 energy per hour that is a more green caloric burn charge than some other type of exercise system can provide in common.  So if you’re looking to shed pounds, a rowing system mixed with a wholesome diet can be the key.

3. Works the Upper Body

The Water Rower works out a lot of your essential muscles in both your upper and decrease body.  It works the rhomboids in the arms and trapezii within the top lower back.  When you exercise and build muscle to your top lower back, you can reduce ache again and improve your posture.  Plus, it even leads to a more robust middle and will let you enhance your hand and wrist muscle mass.

4. Works the Lower Body

Most rowers would say that the sport, in general, works out the decrease frame.  This Goplus Water Rowing Machine uses the various essential leg muscle groups, including the quads, top thighs, calves, and even the gluts.  That approach, you’re working out just about every part of your body that’s built for swimsuit season with just one machine.

5. Low Impact

If you have joint pain or other troubles, it could be painful to carry out high effect workout routines.  That’s why it’s so wonderful when you can find a manner to present your body the workout it desires without harming it and doubtlessly including more ache to the mix.  Rowing machines positioned minimal strain on your joints while supporting you to strengthen and circumstance your body.

6. Enhances Endurance

Although it takes many strength and muscles to use the rowing system, the long-term outcomes are groundbreaking.  After using the machine on an everyday foundation, you may see growth in your patience levels and a lift in power.  This Goplus Water Rowing Machine is a significant plus in your stamina and metabolism, as a way to also see helpful modifications.

7. Affordable

Water Rowers generally move for around $1,000 in line with the device.  However, if you examine that to excessive give up at the domestic exercising system or even the price of a fitness center club or non-public teacher, the system is very affordable.  Plus, it’s just one-time funding, an excellent way to advantage your overall health and health degrees for years yet to come.

8. Easy To Store

Storage is a massive bonus about the Water Rower device.  All you have to do is persist it upright with the tank on the lowest, and it’ll most straightforward take up approximately square toes.  So you can, without problems, keep it in your residing room, bedroom, or closet without any problems. You could even set up a hook and strap to the wall to make sure it received fall over when you have any kids or animals going for walks around.

9. Aesthetically Pleasing

Water Rowers are typically splendid portions of equipment.  They can be handcrafted with timber, making them range in color from a rich brown to a red-black. Or there’s the Honey Oak transcription with a stained end in Danish oil.  You could also discover a few powder-coated aluminum or metallic, which look very smooth and modern.

10. Good for the Soul

Rowing water can help clear your thoughts and unwind.  The soothing motion of rowing via what feels (and sounds) like water isn’t always just a great exercise, but it let you distress and declutter your mind.  Not to say, with all the health benefits and increased endorphins, it’ll be not easy now not to use your gadget on an everyday foundation.

Get Your Water rower today!

Fitness Gallery now gives a variety of Rowing machines and is Colorado’s different company of Water Rower — the industry’s primary logo considering 1988.  Find the perfect Water Rower for you with many alternatives to pick out from.  Our rowers have assured the lowest charge you’ll find with the highest best of material and system.  Contact us to call these days if you’re interested in revolutionizing your exercising and experiencing the many benefits the rowing system offers.

Can you lose belly fat on a rowing machine?

Rowing is a reasonable manner of burning calories and constructing sturdy and defined muscle tissues – however, is it sufficient to help you shed cussed belly fat compared to other types of aerobic like walking? The brief answer is yes. “Rowing is a remarkable low-impact choice if you cannot run because it additionally offers you a full-frame exercising,” Lyuda Bouzinova, an ACE-licensed personal instructor, health nutrients professional, and cofounder of Mission Lean, instructed POPSUGAR.

That stated, you couldn’t do any person exercise to target the fat on your middle, specifically. Instead, you may want to paintings to raise your coronary heart fee to help you shed fats all over. “Whatever that raises your heart fee let you burn energy and shed the fat around your middle,” Lyuda said. “But you need to commit to doing that interest constantly and at an excessive intensity. If you want to alternate your frame, get secure feeling uncomfortable for your workout.”

So, just how hard do you need to work while rowing? “You’ll want to be at 55 to 85 percent of your maximum heart price – which may estimate by using subtracting your age from 220 – for 20 to 30 minutes, 4 to 5 days according to week,” she said. For weight reduction to be sustainable, it’s going to take weeks or months of training to see results, relying on how plenty fat you need to lose.

High-intensity interval training is mainly powerful for burning fats, and you may do durations on the rowing machine, too, Lyuda defined – short exchange intervals of very high-depth workout (up to ninety percent of your most coronary heart charge) with greater slight durations of rowing.

FAQs of Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine

Are magnetic rowing machines proper?

Magnetic rowing machines are much like air rowers and provide customers easy, powerful rowing strokes. They are available in each unmarried price variety and have various capabilities, and first-rate. One of the primary benefits of the use of magnetic resistance is that the system is undoubtedly silent. Additionally, they have pre-programmed workouts, which might be a set of their performance video display units.

Is a rowing device effective for weight loss?

Unlike most sportspeople, rowing works on each single muscle organization which includes the upper and lower frame. Therefore, you do now not simply shed pounds while you figure out with a rowing gadget; however, you get a toned frame as nicely. A rowing device allows the person to burn relatively less energy than in sporting events.

What is the consumer weight capacity of the Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine?

The Goplus Magnetic Folding Rowing Machine supports user weight up to 220 lbs.

The posted demo photograph suggests that the person has to row by using laying down. Will it result in back problems?

No. You should lean lower back simply a piece closer to the end of the pull, after which sit up another time when the strap is launched back to the gadget.

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