Ergometer rowing machine

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Ergometer rowing machine

Ergometer Rowing Machines: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Ergometer rowing machine, commonly known as “ergs,” are a staple in rowing training. They precisely measure the work performed during exercise, making them an essential tool for both competitive rowers and fitness enthusiasts.

What is an Ergometer Rowing Machine?

An ergometer rowing machines is a device that simulates the action of watercraft rowing. It’s designed to measure the rower’s work output, offering valuable data for improving performance.

Why Choose an Ergometer?

Ergs are favored for their ability to give accurate feedback on your workout intensity and progress. They’re ideal for setting goals, tracking improvements, and preparing for rowing competitions.

Top Features to Look For

When shopping for an ergometer rowing machine, consider the following features:

  • Performance Monitor: A high-quality monitor is crucial. It should display metrics like distance, speed, pace, calories, and watts.
  • Build Quality: Durability is critical. Look for a machine that can withstand rigorous daily use.
  • Comfort: Ensure the seat and handle are comfortable for long workouts.
  • Adjustability: The machine should accommodate different user heights and preferences.
  • Connectivity: Options for Bluetooth and app connectivity enhance the training experience.
  • Concept2 RowErg: Known for its exceptional function and durability, the Concept2 RowErg is a favorite among Olympic athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. It offers a smooth rowing experience and robust performance monitoring.

Where to Buy

  • Direct Purchase: Buying directly from manufacturers like Concept2 can offer extra benefits such as warranties and money-back guarantees.


An ergometer rowing machine is a valuable investment for anyone serious about fitness or rowing performance. With the suitable machine, you can enjoy a full-body workout that’s both challenging and rewarding.

When choosing an ergometer rowing machines, remember to consider your fitness goals, budget, and space. With the right choice, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your health and fitness objectives.

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