Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710

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Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710

The Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Recumbent Bike is a unique entry-degree upright exercise bike that is interesting because of its reclining seat and its affordability. There are loads of extra features to be had in this bike that makes it challenging not to have a second appearance.

The unit is a compact and light-weight semi-recumbent motorbike that weighs pretty much 38 pounds/around 17 kg with computations of 35 inches in length using 21 inches extensive through 50 inches tall. This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 is a reachable unit that you can circulate without any problem and save away almost effects.

It is analogous with the Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike except that the latter’s massive distinction is that the latter does not have a recumbent seat included in it. The Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Recumbent Bike is an excellent folding exercising motorcycle.

It is a belt-pushed Upright Stationary Exercise Bike that offers a seamless and easy operation that observe with quietness. This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 is one of the high-quality workout bikes that can be nicely used at domestic, faculty, or workplace while it’s far handy.  This semi-recumbent bike’s principal highlight capabilities are foldability, three degrees of adjustable recline, ten tiers of magnetic belt-pushed resistance, and path support up to three hundred pounds most user weight potential.

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Best Suited to Whom?

Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 helps the home customers carry out light cardio sports. The motorcycle is simple to apply; consequently, you’ll locate operating out on this motorbike at ease, whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced one.

Suppose you have got a problem sitting for long hours on an upright bike. In that case, this semi-recumbent motorcycle is meant for you because it comes with a massive, cushioned seat and backrest to offer you the consolation of a recumbent bike in an upright bike.

Technical Details and Specifications

• Assembled measurement: 32L x 21W x 49H inches (81L x 53W x 124H cm)

• Assembled weight: thirty-eight.five lbs (17.4 kg)

• Supported weight: three hundred lbs (136 kg)

• Handlebars: Non-adjustable

• Seat: Adjustable

• Pedals: Weighted, with straps

• Resistance: Magnetic, ten stages

• Fitness meter: Time, distance, odometer, pace, energy, and pulse

• Amenities: Bottle holder, pill holder


Frame three years / Parts a hundred and eighty days

The Frame and Construction

The Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Recumbent Bike is designed to offer maximum comfort while you are exercising to reap your fitness dreams. It is amazing how it far includes useful features and portability without compromising the first-class consolation and physical activities.

Just as aforementioned, it has a foldable layout that reduces the length size to more than 1/2 the original assembled size. It has completed 35 inches long using 21 inches extensive by way of 50 inches tall, and the collapsed measurements are 12.5 inches long by 20 inches huge by 57 inches tall. This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 shows that it does now not soak up area while fully assembled or even takes much less space while folded up. Mobility is a lot less complicated and handy because it’s far a light-weight workout motorbike that weighs pretty much 38 kilos approx. 17 kg and not the fair bit bargain its balance throughout the workout.

Speaking of balance, its miles ready with two stabilizer bars designed to enhance its credit, one at the rear base and the opposite on the front bottom, which has to protect rubber caps on each cease.

The metal components of the motorcycle finished with anti-corrosion and scratch paint that stops rusts and scratches. But that stated, it’s far crucial to notice that this unit is designed for use interior most effective otherwise can be uncovered to unfriendly surroundings that could damage the device maximum, in particular, the console.

It included with 3.3 pounds flywheel that provides smooth and constant movement.

The manufacturer even deemed it essential to include a water bottle holder that lets you stay hydrated throughout the workout session.

It constructs to guide up to 300 pounds of most user weight capacity, which is the first-rate thinking about the reality it is a compact device.

The Seat and Handlebars

The seat, handlebars, and pedals are a part of the factors that ensure the fitness device. Together with the Sunny health & fitness total body bike – the sf-b2710 Folding Recumbent Bike provides the softest comfort, and that relies upon on the general layout.

Just because the call counseled, the seat that incorporates this unit is a recumbent styled seat. This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 is more significant large while compared to other folding exercise motorcycles. The length is not handiest greater considerable, but the cushioning and padding of each the seat and the backrest are more massive. Which meant to suit the butt and ensure that there’s proper blood waft within the gluts so you can revel in prolonged and energetic workouts without feeling bored.

Just as the producer rightly mentioned, the seat relieves the tailbone’s pressure factors because of extended sitting.

There are adjustable side handles/armbars on every side of the seat, which affords the whole lot-wished guide to push or pedal tougher all through an exercise simultaneously as you sit back. Its adjustability gives the possibility for more customers of various heights to accommodate. You have the abandon to adjust the seat up to 3 recline ranges; that’s a massive deal because it presents a couple of exercise stances with a base inseam of 22 inches and most extreme inseam of 28 inches.

The seat can likewise be balanced vertically, upward, and descending, allowing users of various heights and sizes to be accommodating.

The handlebars are adequately cover with rubber/foam fabric designed to provide a relaxed grip and save you slippage due to sweaty arms and blisters in the hands. The beat sensors implant in the handlebars with the goal that your heart fee statistics will be communicated to the screen each time you grasp them.

The Drive and Pedals

The Sunny wellbeing and wellness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Semi-Recumbent Bike has a belt pressure gadget that is famously recognized for its capability to function without producing noise. This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 means that this unit does not generate noise while in operation. It may be a suitable system for an exercise at home, school, and administrative center because you don’t need to be involved in demanding others at some stage in workouts. You may readily watch your favorite TV show and pay attention to a few right songs as correctly.

The belt power device with the 3.3 kilos flywheel presents a smooth and quiet exercising revel in this is super.

The pedals are ready with an adjustable protection strap on the way to secure your toes in location and save you any accident in the course of vigorous exercises.

Resistance System

This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 functions a manual magnetic resistance machine with ten adjustable ranges. Resistance tiers can be adjusted manually thru the tension knob that is exceptionally specific with resistance fields 1 to ten.

The adjustment is simple as you can boom or lower the resistance stage by twisting or turning the tension knob clockwise to boom and anti-clockwise to reduce. The SF-B2721 Foldable Bike affords you with demanding exercising enjoys an excellent way to interact with a couple of muscle corporations of the frame to reap your fitness dreams.

Being that this is a magnetic resistance gadget, you don’t need to preserve or update any component that consists of the resistance system because of tear and put on, so it’s miles protection-unfastened.

The Console

The Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Bike features a simple console; this is even though very beneficial for your exercises and accomplishing your health goals. You might be capable of the song your exercising progress through viewing points such as the time, pace, distance, energy burned, Odometer, and Pulse through its monitor

The reveal offers extraordinary readability, but the clarity could be compromised when used in a poorly lit room because it isn’t always backlit layout.

The console most effective has one button that is liable for the putting of the LCD reveal. You can either pick to all the exercising metrics one by one after several seconds by using the SCAN feature or choose to have a specific fee show always.

The capability to peer your coronary heart fee facts is critical as it permits you to keep your goal coronary heart charge quarter at all times.

The console is power by way of AA batteries, which might include. The electricity routinely turns off while there’s no interest at the motorcycle for four minutes to store the batteries’ lifespan, and turns ON while activities resume.


It is exciting to look that the Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Bike has numerous capabilities. That might be beneficial inside the quest to attain a wholesome frame, including the water bottle rack and the pill/smartphone holder the manufacturer controlled to combine.

These are the most useful accessories to be had on this motorbike; however, they are recommendable despite the reality we assume the site of those add-ons is not perfect because the water bottle holder is specific behind the seat’s backrest. This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 will no longer be convenient to attain by a user. The telephone holder on the console just under the LCD screen will block the consumer’s view of the facts displayed and decide to location a tool on it.


The garage technique of the SF-B2721 Folding Bike may be immaculate and convenient due to its foldable design. It also prepares with delivery wheels that facilitate the relocation of the unit. Fold and decrease the bike’s size to more than half its length size, and results easily roll away to a garage area.

Moreover, it’s far a light-weight system that weighs approximately 38.5 kilos, about 17 kg.

Approval Rating

The approval score is a yardstick used by most smart people that make purchases online. Every online product has an approval score; this is being summed or concluded by way of the overall users’ comments.

That said, the Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Bike is a relatively brand new product with the most effective one-person feed on Amazon when this review became written that is 100% wonderful. We aren’t amazed because this is indeed a recommendable motorcycle at a very cost-orientated fee.

Pros/Features Overview

• Sturdy and adequately constructed to aid up to 300 kilos /136 kg

• Very cheap

• It has an extra-huge recumbent seat that is nicely padded and cushioned with arm support on each facet

• The seat is horizontally adjustable, that is upward/downward

• The center additionally has three ranges of recline adjustments

• Has a simple console with an LCD that permits you to track your workout progress

• Pulse sensors embedded inside the handlebars

• It is solid with dimensions of 35 inches long by way of 21 inches huge using 50 inches big and foldable with dimensions of 12.5 inches long by using 20 inches extensive using fifty-seven inches tall.

• It features a guide magnetic resistance device with three. Three kilos flywheel that offers quiet, clean, and regular resistance operation

• 10 ranges of magnetic resistance this is notably marked at the anxiety knob

• It is combined with a belt drive system

• A light-weight design that weighs 38.5 kilos /17 kg

• Transport wheels for the easy relocation manner

• Water bottle and speak to holders to be had

• Very easy to collect


• Not the proper bike for any extreme and advanced consumer

• The water bottle holder is particular behind the seat’s backrest, making it very difficult to attain the consumer; however, we can think about a higher place to position it.

• The LCD reveal can be blocked if you decide on the region your smartphone at the holder

Shipping, Assembly, and Maintenance


The shipping price of the Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Semi-Recumbent Bike depends on the delivery policy of the store you’re shopping from; however, Amazon affords free transport and usually gives you within 2 to a few days order.


The unit’s meeting is a simple method that doesn’t require a good deal to do in terms of the elements to be connected.

It comes preassembled except for some components required to be attached, consisting of the stabilizer bars, the consoles, the seat, the handlebars, and the pedals.

A guidance guide is also protected to walk you via the procedure of meeting.


This Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 is a maintenance-unfastened folding motorcycle that most effective. Requires a regular check to see if there is any part this is loosed, worn, or damaged, and if there is, ensure to retighten, repair, or replace hence.

Other than that, always hold smooth from dust and sweat.


We assume this bike has a fee-oriented rate; this will favor using anybody; this is on a budget. You will nonetheless be able to acquire your bodily fitness desires at your home’s benefit and luxury.

We do not see any purpose not to endorse besides if you are a sophisticated user who is searching to experience critical and excellent workout demanding situations. In any other case, the Sunny health & fitness total body bike – sf-b2710 Folding Bike is a great desire.

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