Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike

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Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike

Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike is a traditional upright exercise bike that offers brilliant specifications at a reasonable buy rate. It has sufficient muscle underneath the hood to provide you with as a lot workout as you may deal with and comes with an extraordinary selection of workout routines to pick.

Although it’s fantastic for novices, it may additionally assignment more celebrated talented athletes as nicely.

Highlights of the 8.0 EX consist of a 16 lb. Flywheel, 25 resistance ranges, a completely adjustable seat, and a tiltable console.

Full retail fee in this version will run yam $899 (which isn’t awful), but fortunately, you need to be able to discover it on sale for kind of half of that charge. 

The proform 8.0 ex exercise bike 8.0 EX a smart buy?

Long-story-brief: sure (at the sale charge besides). But for all of the juicy info, you ought to maintain analyzing. In this evaluation, I’ll pass over the whole thing you want to know about this system. After completing, you should know whether or not or no longer is that the proper bike for your property health club.

Our Rating

Rating: 85.5/100. Starting a brand new fitness dependency – and keeping it going – is made easy with the Proform 8.0 EX. This compact exercising bike designed to keep you encouraged, and the programming makes it easy to optimize your workout time. Like maximum Proform health machines, this motorbike works with downloaded scenic iFit Coach schooling packages and additionally has integrated routines.

Workout programs for the 8.0 EX take control of its resistance machine to help you accomplish particular schooling dreams, like driving five miles or burning 100 energy. Thirty basic packages (no fancy portraits) arrive with the console, which has a 5″ records display… and using connecting your tablet computer, you could upload iFit Coach to the bike. Get excessive-def. Panorama perspectives as your trip! Partnering with Google Maps, iFit Coach makes it feasible to, without a doubt, roll down highways, streets, and herbal paths worldwide. You can also exercise with an international-elegance personal instructor with the aid of the use of iFit’s interactive video packages; a celeb teach will appear on the display screen to guide you via training. With iFit, you may attempt a new application every time, and get custom-designed hints whenever you journey.

Other capabilities of the brand new Proform 8.0 EX motorbike are a wireless heart rate receiver, a telephone-like minded sound gadget, and a pace cooling fan. Here are execs and cons to remember earlier than inviting it home.

The Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike

Proform is a famous fitness logo. You would possibly come across the call in the course of your studies in case you’ve been seeking out fitness equipment for any duration of time.

It’s clean to spot a Proform exercise bike system because of its fancy functions. Their gadgets are mostly characteristic-rich, in particular, if you’ll check out their most modern models. You get huge, touchscreen shows and plenty of other exciting highlights to make every exercise appealing.

So if you’re into excessive-tech stuff, Proform ought to effortlessly make it into your list.

But Proform isn’t pretty much aesthetics and services. Their machines are robust and useful too. They additionally provide one of the exceptional and most extended warranties in the market.

All of their devices are moderately priced, and I wager that’s what makes them a perfect desire for your house gym.

Proform is probably most well-known for his or her domestic treadmills, but their workout bikes are stunning. Now, permit’s take a better study their 8.0 EX, certainly one of Proform best upright bike alternatives.

Technical Details and Specifications

• Assembled dimensions: 42L x 23W x sixty one.5H inches (106.6L x fifty eight.4W x 156.2H cm)

• Assembled weight: 119 lbs (fifty-four kg)

• Flywheel weight: 16 lbs (7.25 kg)

• Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

• Handlebar: With pulse sensors and elbow rests

• Seat: four-manner adjustable

• Pedals: Weighted, with straps

• Resistance: Eddy modern-day, 25 levels

• Performance display: 30 exercising programs, iFit well suited

• Amenities: Speakers, fan, media tray, bottle holder, USB charging station

• Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 2 years / Labor 1 yr.

Best Suits to Whom?

The Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike viewed many excellent upright desk-bound exercising bikes designed for low-impact aerobic periods. This exercise bike proves a boon for folks who need to torch extra calories and get lower back in ideal shape.

This exercise motorbike works at the abdominal muscle tissues by preserving the body in an upright role compared to the reclining position in a recumbent workout motorbike. Thus, the vertical position allows delivering the torso and top body muscles in the toned form with improved fitness stages.

This health device seems to be an excellent deal for those customers who require to enhance their metabolic rate and burn fat at a miles faster charge. Also, the users who require regular guidance of a fitness education would discover this upright motorbike relatively useful for their health requirement.

The iFit Coach Ready feature of this exercising motorbike makes the customized workout sessions for the one-of-a-kind customers. Overall, this health device proves to an exceptional deal for health enthusiasts with its pricing at less than $500.

Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Proform workout bike meeting is pretty time-saving and straightforward as it comes in the partly assembled shape. The crank, resistance mechanism, flywheel, and transmission belt arrive in the pre-assembled way. The users should add the console mast, seat, pedals, console, bases, and handlebars.

The device is ready to apply once you connect the console wires to the motorbike. The Proform 8.0 ex upright motorcycle manual offers exact and accessible commands to finish the mission in one and a 1/2-hour. If the user prefers to choose a meeting using a professional, he has to pay for it separately.

Design and Build Quality

The first study, Proform 8.0 EX Exercise Bike, is quite fantastic as its commercial-grade constructed high-quality with metallic tubing with anti-corrosion paint makes it durable. This upright motorbike is sleek and aesthetically appealing with its cushioned and padded seat.

The padded seat vertically positioned above the pedals that make the cycling enjoy extra sensible like an outdoor bike. There are 14 holes for adjustment in the seat bar at 1″ distance that lets the user quite directly modify the height seat convenience.

The handlebars have a multi-grip characteristic with elbow relaxation that makes them highly handy for users. The motorcycle designed with a smaller footprint measuring 42″L x 23″W x 61.5″H, making it a compact bike for space-crunched areas, the 18 Ib inertia-more suitable flywheel with a belt pressure device gives a clean Pedaling motion.

The console is some other highlight of the upright motorcycle that gives a backlit display with coronary heart rate monitoring. The exercise motorbike supports auxiliary port for the track, CoolAire exercise fan, a dedicated pill holder, and a water bottle holder.  Therefore Proform workout motorbike proves to one of the excellent-selling transportable stationary motorcycles of the logo.

Frame and parts

The bike’s body is made from metal tubing, all-metal elements presenting an anti-corrosive end. It’s not an exceptionally massive device. Appropriately say it’s quite tons half of the scale of your ordinary jogging treadmill. Differently placed, it’s a motorbike than can without difficulty match even in a smaller rental room.

The assembled motorbike is slightly heavier than other similar models. However, the first base features delivery wheels, and the relocation of the assembled gadget shouldn’t be a problem. The rear base consists of a small manage to facilitate the bike’s tilting ahead on its wheels. The backplate additionally features adjustable stabilizers on its ends, but the first base rests on little pads. To maximize the general stability of the motorcycle, and direction, save you any harm to the flooring, it’s satisfactory to apply a mat underneath it.

The seat furnished with this Proform bike offers excessive ergonomics and four-way adjustability. It’s a chunk wider than the saddles delivered with different upright workout bikes, such as Schwinn 130 or Kettler GIRO P. It’s additionally cushioned and contoured, to adapt better to any consumer, to offer the required aid, and decrease the effect at the tailbone and lower returned.

The seat post capabilities 14 adjustment holes, at a distance of approximately 1 inch from one another seats. This proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike stated, the motorbike can be adjusted to house adequately, customers between 5′ and 6’5″ (152 – 195.5 cm) tall. As some distance as user weight ability goes, it can preserve three hundred lbs of consumer weight.

The motorbike’s handlebar assembly is perspective-adjustable; however, its adjustment isn’t severe. It functions as a multigrain design, with integrated elbow rests. The top grips of the handlebar include pulse sensors; therefore, the console can tune pulse via grip contact.

Drive gadget

The Proform 8.0 EX capabilities a belt-power gadget, a heavy-obligation v-belt, surprisingly proof against stretching, designed for use a few years, Since it uses an eddy modern-day brake mechanism, the motorcycle additionally functions a magnetic flywheel. Although it’s now not as heavy as the flywheels used by spin motorcycles, at 16 lbs of weight, it still supplies a clean, and constant pedaling movement.

The motorbike’s crank hooked a pulley without a doubt Larger In diameter than the flywheel, which contributes to the smoothness of the pedaling movement. The crankset is a three-piece component, proposing stable steel crank hands. Even though the crank and pulley meeting is pretty durable, and may withstand users as much as a sure weight in a complete stand-up position (as for a stand-up climb exercise), this is nevertheless an upright motorbike, intended for pedaling at the same time as seated. So, that allows you to lengthen its life, stand-up workouts aren’t encouraged.

One last factor to cover right here regards the pedals. This Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike is equipped with other extensive brakes, with adjustable straps, to maximize stability and luxury. They have a ribbed design to increase adherence, in case you’re no longer the usage of the straps. The pedals are also weighted, mechanically turning face up.

Resistance machine

An eddy modern brake machine makes available the resistance ranges of this upright exercising cycle. This Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike stated, the device requires to linked to a 120v nominal strength circuit and springs with an adapter. Resistance can most effectively adjust from the motorbike’s console. Since it’s present eddy daybreak, resistance generated using adjusting the magnets’ pull. The resistance elements do now not contact; consequently, you shouldn’t revel in any drag sensation as you pedal, similar to the only in friction resistance, indoor cycling bikes.

This bike presents 25 stages of resistance. The pinnacle resistance tires aren’t intense, as for a spin motorcycle. However, you may ensure that above degree 20, it gives pretty a mission. Resistance may be modified as you pedal, or, if you use one of the on-board exercise programs or iFit packages, it will trade resistance robotically.


The console furnished with the Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike offers an impressive array of capabilities and features. First of all, it has 30 integrated, equipped-made workout packages that automatically regulate resistance. The exercises consist of calorie-burning applications, depth applications, speed-orientated packages, hill packages, and of direction, coronary heart charge test applications. It permits you to set up dreams for distance, calories, and time, and it also includes a path feature, which represents the distance in 1/4 mile (400 m).

The overall performance screen will preserve you knowledgeable on numerous values, such as pace, time, distance, calories, calories per hour, and pulse. It also shows the modern-day resistance setting.

This console is iFit like-minded. But with a purpose to connect to this health database, an iFit module is required. This module not supplied by the bike; it’s a separate purchase, charges $100, and derived with 12 months of membership. IFit offers you the possibility to work out on diverse tracks around the arena using Google Maps. It opens a massive database of workout routines. It allows you to manage your exercising facts on a superior degree, and you may also compete with other users on various tracks.

IFit modules use Wi-Fi and may connect with your laptop, tablet, or telephone. However, the console is likewise Bluetooth enabled. But through Bluetooth, it could simplest read pulse if you use a well-matched HR chest strap transmitter. In case you’re thinking, you cannot pay attention to music on the bike’s console thru Bluetooth.

Along with the fitness-oriented functions, this console additionally offers numerous different features and features. These encompass sound gadgets, a 2-pace fan, a tablet tray, and a USB charging port. The sound machine is well suited with most MP3 gamers and smartphones, rendering a pretty decent sound. The table tray is attached to the console on the top, hence the pill located on it received obstruct the view to the console’s display. The fan isn’t extraordinarily useful; however, it does supply enough cooling to render excessive exercising more bearable.

Assembly and Maintenance

The motorcycle is relatively smooth to assemble, and also you get an in-depth manual so one can guide you via the assembly technique. Tools also are connected. The resistance mechanism, flywheel, crank, and transmission belt are already assembled and enclosed by the guards. All you want to feature are the bases, the seat post, and console mast, seat, handlebars, console, and pedals. The maximum difficult element to connect is the console, as you want to attach the wires, and there are quite numerous small portions and bolts to work with for this part. Nevertheless, the guide gives step-with the aid of-step guidance. The whole meeting shouldn’t take multiple hours, one hour and 1/2 tops.

Maintenance doesn’t require plenty. All you want to do is preserve the dirt off the bike, test if the bolts keep tight of their area, and re-tighten them in case you must.

Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike Features

1. Heart Rate Monitoring: The Proform standing desk-bound workout motorbike equipped with an EKG heart fee display. The users have on the spot and directly get admission to their heart price tracking via the hand-grip sensors positioned on the handlebars.

Also, customers can view their coronary heart rate continuously while conducting simple to rigorous exercising periods.

2. LCD Display: This device using Proform, comes accessorized with a 5″ backlit LCD. It shows essential workout parameters like pace, energy burned, time, distance, rpm, and coronary heart fee. Also, the LCD console’s attitude can definitely be adjusted to tilting and pushing the display and, therefore, get an accurate view of the exercise.

3. Adjustable Seat: This standing desk bound motorbike supports a comfortable seat that may be adjusted each vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, the place is oversized and effectively cushioned to offer essential aid to the users.

4. Silent Magnetic Resistance: This Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike has given a Silent Magnetic Resistance that provides a frictionless and secure Pedaling stroke with none noise. Thus, the users can enjoy biking with 25 unique stages of resistance and achieve the favored consequences with various intensity tiers.

5. Pedals: The outsized pedals without difficulty match into any consumer’s toes with consolation and the added protection of the straps. Thus, the person can enjoy his workout in place of fixing his toes at the pedals.

6. Flywheel Weight (lbs.): Proform exercising bike comes ready with 16 Ib inertia more suitable flywheel. It enables you to offer the easy-pedaling stroke each time you begin an exercise at the workout motorcycle. Whatever the intensity of your training, the pedaling movement is flawlessly smooth.

7. Three-Piece Crank System and Freewheel Clutch: The 3-piece crank system of this workout motorcycle makes it long-lasting for excessive performances.

8. Handlebars: This workout bike comes prepared with at ease multi-grip handlebars having the elbow rests as nicely that assist in easing out useless strain from fingers.

9. Electrical Outlets Required: The energy adaptor allows to charge the console of this exercising motorbike.

10. Compact Size: This exercise bike proves to be a compactly designed device with its smaller footprints measuring 42″L x 23″W x 61.5″H.

11. Transport: The front-installed transport wheels play a critical role in the usage of and storing the workout bike effectively after the workout.

12. High Capacity: The upright workout bike helps a maximum person weight of three hundred Ib.

13. Inertia-Enhanced Resistance: The inertia-improved flywheel is supposed to offer comfortable and clean exercise classes to the customers. As there’s a super correlation between the quick tools ratio and the overall amount of weight distribution at the motorcycle, the user can experience real-time biking with self-assurance.

14. Oversized Leveling Feet: The outsized leveling feet of the exercise motorcycle facilitates to keep away from wobbly scenario even at the surfaces that aren’t flat.

15. Tablet-Holder above Console with Device Grip Design: The customers can watch exercising or favorite movies with the use of a tablet. This upright motorcycle designed with a devoted pill-holder directly above the console, it has the Device Grip design that assures the fine-driven performance with near get right of entry to the tablet.

16. Other Features:

• Sound System: There are built-in twin 2″ speakers in this exercise motorbike that supports iPod and MP3 at the side of imparting a USB charging station as nicely.

• Water Bottle Holder: A water bottle holder on this exercising motorcycle continues the customers well-hydrated and inspired for the duration of the acute workout sessions.

• Cooling Fan: Provision of the cooling fan is there to make you at ease at some point of the extreme exercise sessions.

Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike Workout Programs

Pre Set Workout Programs: This standing desk-bound workout bike offers 30 built-in exercise programs to the customers. The users can pick up their desired goals like calorie burnout, depth, performance, and incline.

The users can optimize their overall performance with iFit Coach Ready facility that comes with a $144 annual subscription. But, it’s far as every year’s price and offers a plethora of customized exercising training packages to the users that supervised with the coach’s aid.

The users can join their workout bike with iFit through Bluetooth, and the complete global of Google Trek exercise periods is open for the users. Furthermore, the consumer can maximize his potential by using the right-sized library of Live Cast exercise lessons to make their exercising greater challenging and end result-orientated.

The weight-loss workout routines programs designed with the aid of Jillian Michaels and audio classes from her make you figure more difficult even greater. Therefore, the consumer can transform his exercising room into a custom-designed gymnasium having a customized coach for deriving super results.

Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike Warranty

Proform believes in presenting the par-terrific services to its clients, and assurance is one among them. On this upright motorcycle, the user derives lifetime guarantee on the frame with -yr on components. Besides, there is a one-yr—the guarantee for hard work. Thus, dependable assurance in this health equipment makes it an endorsed preference for users.

Pros and Cons of Proform 8.0 EX Upright Bike


• Commercial-grade built nicely with 16 Ib flywheel

• 25 resistance tiers with SMR resistance

• EKG coronary heart price tracking

• Provision of iFit Coach Ready

• Bluetooth connectivity

• USB charging port with an auxiliary audio port

• Provision of 30 workout packages

• Front-installed transport wheels for mobility

• 300 Ib person ability

• Provision of greater-wide pedals and straps for added protection

• 5” backlit console with adjustable console perspective

• Provision of a CoolAire fan and a water bottle holder

• Compact length health equipment with a smaller footprint

• Cost-powerful because it falls beneath various less than $500


• 16 Ib flywheel isn’t sufficient for avid customers

• Regular protection is required

• For using iFit Coach Benefits, the customers have to buy an annual subscription for $144

• It is an entry-level version this is endorsed for beginners simplest

• The chest strap isn’t blanketed inside the bike

An amusing entry-level exercising bike, the Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike makes it convenient to access music and the Internet as you exercise. It’s additionally loaded with geared up-to-cross exercise packages and is ready to connect with iFit Coach. Here is information about programming, resistance, and different capabilities.

Workout Programs

Proform fitness machines make it clean to spend your exercise time efficiently. With the brand new Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike, you can choose from 30 on-board training routines and allow it to lead you through a just-proper challenge to attain your exercising purpose. The menu arranges your selections using the intention category along with Calorie, Incline, Intensity, and Performance.

With Wi-Fi and an iFit Coach membership, you can pass away the past 30 routines. Try a brand new direction ordinary! The best choice is making or choosing a personal training software similar to the 30 alternatives constructed into the bike, but tailor-made to your workout information and goals.

Another iFit Coach alternative is downloading Google Maps exercises. Virtually tour the sector! Just draw a route on your tablet pc, and the bike will sync an immersive Google Street View for your exercise depth. You also can pick out from recommended courses at five workout depth ranges. IFit Coach brilliantly suits lovely paths on your exercising objectives.

And 1/3, iFit Coach helps you to benefit from individual interactive motion pictures led via celebrity private trainers. Filmed in HD, those assist you in getting the benefits of ever-moving scenic perspectives and an expert workout associate.

For all styles of motorbike workout routines, iFit Coach mechanically logs your facts. The cellular app can also assist your daily steps and another exercise you accomplish far away from your workout motorcycle.

Stationary Bike Features

The Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike has a 16-pound flywheel; that is why we name it a workout motorbike for beginners. You can work your manner up through 25 ranges of resistance that set digitally.

For quiet operation, as you flow amongst resistance levels, the motorcycle makes use of magnetic braking in preference to touch braking.

A detachable tablet computer shelf can securely preserve your computer, letting you experience a film, the web, or interactive iFit Coach Perspectives.

There’s also a jack for your cellphone participant—a set of 2″ audio system built into the motorbike’s console.

For coronary heart charge tracking the Proform 8.0 EX is prepared with a Cardio Grip coronary heart rate screen and is compatible with Bluetooth Smart Wi-Fi chest straps.

To assist you to keep fresh, Proform has protected a water bottle holder and a two-velocity console fan.

Small wheels attached for shifting the motorcycle after a workout.

Final Thoughts

When you check all the key factors that make an excellent upright bike, I think it’s quite clear that the 8.0 EX has lots To provide.

I’m maximum inspired by the aid of the heavy flywheel, the number of resistance tiers, and the library of integrated programs that each one become widespread on this motorbike.

It might’ve earned a perfect mark from me if it got here with a more extended assurance and adjustable handlebars.

Nevertheless, the Proform 8.0 ex upright exercise bike is a stable upright bike that could supply excessive workouts. It can task each new and pro trainees alike. I adore it plenty better at $400 than I do at $800 (manifestly).

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