Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708

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Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708 is one of the most modern exercise bikes under $500 from Sunny Health & Fitness for 2017. It’s a version with cell arms, much like the Marcy Air 1 fan motorbike, but this is a recumbent exercise bike with a backrest, no longer a good motorbike. Its resistance gadget is likewise magnetic, no longer air-based. Like many different comparable Sunny products, this workout motorcycle received to break the bank. And although it’s a brand new product, up to now, it has received an incredible number of excellent reviews from users.

Technical Details and Spec

•        Assembled measurement: 60L x 25.5W x 52H inches (153L x 65W x 132H cm)

•        Assembled weight: 91 lbs (forty-one kg)

•        Weight ability: 350 lbs (159 kg)

•        Seat: Adjustable

•        Pedals: With adjustable straps

•        Resistance: Magnetic, eight ranges

•        Console: Time, distance, speed,pulse, calories, odometer,  SCAN

•        Warranty: Frame three years / Parts ninety days

Frame production

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708 functions as a frame fabricated from steel tubing. The base longitudinal bar is an unmarried piece, no longer for the Marcy ME 709 or the Goplus recumbent bike. This  Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4708 results in advanced ordinary durability. The front and rear base bars connect to the mainframe, even though through bolts. The front base combines transport wheels, while the rear base capabilities adjustable stabilizers. The middle of the bottom body bar also has a small stabilizer which improves the motorcycle’s normal stability. Also, the assembled device weighs approx. 91 lbs (forty-one kg), so there shouldn’t be an issue regarding stability.

Although the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708 isn’t many health gadgets consisting of a business elliptical or a treadmill, it still takes quite a piece of floor area. With the frame completely assembled, it’s far 60″ (153 cm) lengthy and 25.5″ (sixty-five cm) wide, and at the side of that, it calls for at the tiniest toes of clearance all around on the sides and the least one foot of clearance on the front and rear for unhindered operation. This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4708 can now not healthy well in a small room.

All the metallic parts within the body construction are coated with corrosion-resistant paint, gray in the shade, this being the best coloration to be had for this exercising motorcycle. But even though its body coating is corrosion-resistant, the bike is for indoor use most effective. If storing it and its use outside, moisture can ultimately damage its inner parts, or the screws and bolts may trap rust.

Finally, the motorbike’s body is nicely built; it can withstand users as much as 350 lbs (159 kg). The bars of the seat base is square, not cylindrical, because of the handlebars and the other the front frame bars, an issue that increases its overall durability.

Seat and handlebars

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708 is equipped with a cozy, contoured seat, presenting a durable synthetic upholstery. Both the seat and the backrest consolidate a relatively thick layer of padding. The seat entire seat meeting is adjustable, being attached to an indirect rail, which gives an adjustment span among 26.5″ and 34″ (67 – 86 cm). Also, the distance within the seat and the nearest hand-grip to the seat diversifies among 12″ moreover 36″ (30.5 – 91.5 cm). So, certain being stated, the bike can accommodate customers between 5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 195 cm) without a hassle.

In case you’re questioning, the backrest does now not recline, nor does it adjust in any way, independently from the seat, consisting of for the Body-Solid B5R. It is hooked up at once to the exact seat bar and will pass along with the seat on the adjustment rail.

As we’ve referred to above, this exercising motorcycle functions moving handlebars best. They cannot be locked in location and could retain to transport for so long as the pedals are transferring. However, if you want to work out using only the palms, you may vicinity your feet on the floor.

Drive and resistance

The Sunny SF-RB4708 features a guide magnetic resistance gadget. It consists of a magnetic pad linked thru a metal twine to the lever on the front body bar. By shifting the lever up and down, you grow or decrease resistance.

There are eight resistance settings available. The highest resistance ranges (7 – 8) aren’t too hard, although. Differently put, this exercise motorbike offers a mild to medium exercise, being a good preference for customers who require recuperation schooling or aged users.

This unique one functions as a belt force when it involves the motorcycle’s force gadget, just as maximum other models with a guide magnetic resistance machine. It uses a stretch-resistant, heavy-obligation belt designed to last for decades of use. Since it’s a belt force, it doesn’t require any lubrication. The bike’s operation is likewise effortless and quiet.

The incorporated flywheel is not extremely heavy. Its weight isn’t unique; however, it usually weighs between eight and 12 lbs for motorcycles on this variety. It’s perimeter-weighted, even though this means that it grants a smooth movement.

Since it’s a recumbent bike, the crankset isn’t always made for spin workouts. Differently positioned, you will probably ruin it if you try to pedal even as status up on the pedals. However, it’s ready with a strong crankset featuring stable metallic crank arms. The pedals provided with the motorcycle are durable nylon material; they feature a weighted layout and integrate adjustable straps for optimum foot balance. They also have standard threads, so it’s smooth to discover replacements for them if wished.

This recumbent bike capability a slim Q-Factor, which means that the foot positioning onto the pedals is relaxed, without any lateral strain on your knees.

Fitness meter

The Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike SF-RB4708 comes with a fitness meter that’s a piece above basic. That’s because it could tune your pulse together with time, distance, velocity, and calories. It has an odometer characteristic, and it lets you install targets for time, distance, energy, and pulse. However, it can most effectively tune your pulse through the EKG sensors included in the handlebars; it is not telemetric. Therefore it does not make paintings with Polar or different wireless HR chest strap transmitters.

The meter is easy to operate. To begin with, it has a SCAN feature that rotates the workout metrics displaying each one on the show for 6 seconds. You can toggle the SCAN function OFF, using urgent the MODE button, with a purpose to maintain the handiest metric that pastimes you to view at all times. The SET button recognizes you to set a cost for time, calories, distance, and pulse, while RESET clears all the values to zero.

The unit has a snooze mode characteristic to be able to enter after four mins of inaction. It will flip returned on while you begin pedaling or press any of the buttons. It’s battery-powered and requires 2 AA batteries that are protected.

The console unit is hooked up to a bar that allows angle adjustment. It additionally integrates a tablet holder, which can accommodate any pill.

Assembly and Maintenance

The middle of the bike is already assembled and attached to the mainframe. Therefore, you best have to attach the front and rear base bars, the seat’s adjustment rail, the seat, the pedals, the moving hands, and the console. This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4708 can also absorb an hour. However, the included guide presents all the essential meeting instructions. Also, all of the equipment expected for the assembly is protected.

Since the motorbike capabilities a magnetic resistance device, there isn’t any protection required for the inner components. So, the best component to do for this depend is to look at unfastened bolts and parts periodically.

The Pros

•        Solid frame for a light recumbent motorcycle, with a max. Consumer capability of 350 lbs;

•        Adjustable stabilizers at the rear base;

•        Transport wheels on the front base;

•        Step-through frame design;

•        Mobile handlebars;

•        EKG sensors in each hand-grip;

•        Adjustable seat – can accommodate users among 5’0″ – 6’5″;

•        Cushioned seat and backrest, for optimum consolation;

•        Quiet magnetic resistance device;

•        Adjustable resistance (8 stages);

•        Weighted pedals with adjustable straps and well-known threads;

•        Fitness meter that could song time, distance, general distance, velocity, energy, and pulse;

•        Target settings for time, distance, calories, and pulse;

•        Tablet holder blanketed;

•        Console mast is attitude-adjustable;

•        Easy to bring together and perform;

•        Transport wheels and rear stabilizers;

•        Little to no upkeep required.

The Cons

•        No bottle holder;

•        No recumbent handlebars (or armrests) on the seat;

•        Meter doesn’t have a backlight.


The Sunny SF-RB4708 is a heavy-obligation recumbent motorbike for domestic use. It capabilities a solid steel body that can help customers up to 350 lbs, with shifting handlebars, a relaxed seat, and a console with target settings for a pulse, calories, distance, and time. It’s an exercising bike for customers of all levels, fantastic for mild to medium intensity workout routines, stamina development, restoration schooling, and weight reduction. You can burn up to 5-600 calories in step with an hour on it, relying on the resistance tiers used. And subsequently, it’s no longer a high-priced exercise motorcycle, providing an outstanding fee for the fee.

Does Stationary Bike Burn Belly Fat?

With age, we tend to migrate less, lose muscles, gain fats, and at some point, we comprehend that we have belly fats. Unlike other types of fats located around your legs, thighs, or fingers, tummy fats are something you ought to truly take critically, considering that they could have critical effects on your fitness! It’s essential to recognize if you keep risky belly fat, what causes it, and how you may prevent it. Does cycling on a workout motorcycle reduce belly fat? How have to be exercising to burn fat? We’ll proportion a few guidelines with you to help you lessen belly fat and come up with 2 stomach fat-burning exercises!

1. Belly Fat, Stomach Fat, or Visceral Fat: what is it exactly?

Belly fat is not a classy issue but a fitness hassle because it impacts your body and increases cardiovascular sicknesses’ dangers. However, we have to distinguish among styles of belly fat:

• Subcutaneous fats that are saved simply underneath your pores and skin and that you may experience via pinching your skin to your stomach or your thighs.

• Visceral fats, also known as deep fats, is an accumulation of fat, additionally referred to as adipose tissue, a great deal deeper underneath the pores and skin, around your organs in the stomach region, along with the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and the intestines. You can’t pinch visceral fats; it is somewhat firm.

It is the visceral fats that are serious and associated with various fitness troubles.

What are the risks associated with visceral fats?

Visceral fat is risky because it alters hormonal features, including the law of mood, appetite, and weight. It can also boom your “bad cholesterol” and your blood pressure. Last but not least, it makes your body less sensitive to insulin, therefore growing the hazard of type 2 diabetes. Visceral fats increase the risks of health problems and sicknesses like:

– Kind 2 diabetes

– Obesity

– High blood pressure

– Coronary heart disorder

– Breast cancer

– Colorectal most cancers

– despair

– Alzheimer’s disease

How do you already know if you have visceral fat?

Many human beings do not know whether they have got visceral fat or not. If you have a distinguished belly or a colossal waste, it is a clear signal that you probably keep visceral fats. If you want to be 100% certain, it is viable to go through an MRI experiment, but it’s pretty a high-priced method. An easy and pretty reliable way to find out whether or not you’ve got visceral fats is to degree your waist circumference.

How to degree your waist circumference?

Exercise a tape degree and circle your waist. Place the tape up your stomach button and under your rib cage and degree your waist without pulling your belly. The value ought to be decrease than

– 35 inches (88 cm) for ladies

– forty inches (102 cm) for men

If your waist is above these values, possibilities are excessive which you keep visceral fats.

Visceral fats are something you have to take severely and start fighting right now. It’s critical to apprehend what reasons visceral fats for you to cast off it and prevent it efficiently.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW. Generally speaking, fats are suitable for our body and even crucial. We want it to live to tell the tale because fats are a supply of electricity. Our frame uses fat to provide electricity to our lifestyle features. However, excess fat may be dangerous for our frame and growth the risks of various fitness problems and sicknesses. It’s all about proper stability!

2. What Causes Visceral Fat?

Weight gain and extra fats are mainly due to a high-quality strength balance (or caloric stability); energy intake exceeds strength expenditure. However, visceral fats aren’t like different kinds of fat and have exact factors like strain, hormones, and genes. Here are the elements that motive belly visceral fat:

• A weight loss plan too wealthy in fats and sugars. Absorbed fats are too large to be expended and are then saved in fat cells. The extra fats someone has, the more excellent visceral fats he’ll also have.

• A settled lifestyle and a lack of bodily hobby. The WHO recommends doing a minimum of 2 hours and 30 minutes of slight aerobic bodily pastime or 1 hour 15 mins of energetic pastime consistent with week. This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4708 is the minimum requirement! When you do sports and sporting events, your frame burns calories and fats. Conversely, if you have a preliminary stage of bodily pastime, your body tends to build up fat.

• Stress seems to have a substantial impact on visceral fats. Researchers have determined that the hormone released by strain, cortisol, turned into liable for an improved level of visceral fats.

• Alcohol intake in extreme portions can sell the accumulation of deep fat.

• Hormones, especially the fluctuations in hormone stages, play a function in fats cell storage. Estrogens and progesterone (girl sex hormones) trade the storage of fat. Some intervals of existence consisting of menopause, characterized by hormonal changes, are related to body fat distribution adjustments. Studies have proven that abdominal fats, in particular visceral fat, become extra pronounced in post-menopausal girls.

• Genetics: Researchers have located variations in stomach visceral fats tiers the various populace and attempted to discover how quantity visceral fat became connected to genetic components.

When you eat extra calories than wished by way of your body, and you do now not exercise enough to burn those greater calories, then your body accumulates fats. If you are burdened on the pinnacle of that, then the gathered fats will probably emerge as visceral fat. To get cleared of belly fat, you ought to alternate your weight loss plan and increase your level of physical pastime!

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW. Recent research tends to expose that cigarette smoking may want to impact the accumulation of belly fat. The link between smoking and accelerated visceral fats continues to be being investigated. However, it can be related to the results of nicotine, which promotes the discharge of cortisol, the strain hormone.

3. Does the Stationary Bike assist Lose Belly Fat?

Exercise and sports activities are genuinely vital to burn calories and fat and construct muscle groups. They belong to a healthful lifestyle and must be a part of any weight loss plan because sports activities and exercising are variables, if not the maximum critical, of the power stability equation (calorie expenditure). Cycling on a stationary motorbike could be very green in burning calories (three hundred to seven hundred kcal according to an hour) and fats because you can trade among cardio physical games (cardio region) and HIIT workouts (anaerobic region) and accordingly burn belly fats quicker. Moreover, the workout motorcycle has excellent benefits for your frame, including assisting you to tone your legs, thighs, and buttocks. Also, it has splendid results on your brain and lowering pressure, which is one of the factors causing stomach fat.

The desirable information is that stomach fat is the very best fat to burn, unlike subcutaneous fats that are more excellent hard to put off. Cycling on a desk-bound bike is a compelling way to lessen stomach fat. You ought to but exercise often to get these advantages. You have to also combine regular exercise with a wholesome and properly-balanced weight loss plan to prevent stomach fats. If you do this, you may lose weight and burn fat on your stomach!

Treadmill or Exercise motorbike for burning belly fats: Which is the most green? Both health machines provide cardio exercising and permit you to work out in the aerobic sector (70-80% of your maximum coronary heart rate). You will burn saved fats for fuel and are consequently excellent for weight loss on the belly. However, it’s miles a considerable lot simpler to doc program language period workouts (HIIT) biking at the desk-bound bike than on foot on the treadmill. For that reason, we might, as a substitute, recommend the workout motorcycle if you intend to lose stomach fat.

A healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise mixed with a well-balanced weight loss plan, is excellent prevention towards belly fat!

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW. Unfortunately, you cannot target the fat you would like to lessen, and doing abs and crunches will not get rid of belly fat. Abs and crunches might also indeed fortify your abs, which is a superb thing anyway. When you exercise, your frame burns calories and fat anywhere, not in a particular vicinity. The stationary motorbike is a higher manner to do away with fat because it offers a complete and traumatic cardio workout and works your abs, legs, and thighs.

4. Which exercising motorcycle workout routines to remove stomach fats?

The right combination of cardio and HIIT workout appears to be a maximum green manner to reduce tummy fat. Here are 2 workout plans you may follow: The first one for losing 0, 5 kg in a month, and the second for more excellent superior that will help you lose 1 kg in one month. You can begin with the primary one for 4 to 6 weeks and then pass directly to the second.

Workout Plan N°1

• Cardio Workout on Tuesday (30 min)

• HIIT Workout on Thursday (25 min)

• Cardio Workout on Sunday (45 min)

Workout Plan N°2

• Cardio Workout on Monday (30 to 45 min)

• HIIT Workout on Tuesday and Thursday (25 min)

• Cardio Workout on Saturday (45 to 60 min)

Our 10 tips to reduce belly fats:

1. Cycling on your desk-bound bike 2 to 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes does help to lessen belly fat. Regular workout now not most effective helps you burn calories and fat and reduces stress that is a critical issue inside the accumulation of belly fat.

2. Walk 30 to 40 mins each day.

3. Try to undertaking yourself with quick-term goals like: “Today and these days best, I will do 45 mins of exercise motorcycle” and then start again tomorrow or days later with any other mission. Same with meals! This technique is extraordinarily green for increasing motivation.

4. Limit the consumption of fat (which contributes to visceral fat) by keeping off chips, fries, fried fast meals, business desserts, cakes, and proscribing ham and cheese.

5. Limit your alcohol consumption because it’s going to end up as visceral fats, probably.

6. No more sugar brought! Try to drink your tea or coffee outdoors with added sugar. Usually, it best takes a few days up to two weeks to take away that habit. Avoid sweet beverages and sodas, which comprise lots of brought sugar.

7. Replace the chocolate bars with oranges or apples. 1 chocolate bar (250 kcal) includes 12g of fat, which is 60 times more than what an apple (90 kcal) or an orange (60 kcal) consists of!

8. Eat results and veggies. For instance: 1 orange or a banana at breakfast with a cup of inexperienced tea or thyme in boiling water.

9. Sleep at least 8 hours a night because sleep loss negatively affects your mood and stimulates appetite and hunger.

10. Persevere! This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4708 is a vital thing to achieve.

Recumbent Bike vs. Upright Bike: Which Is Best For You?

If you’re seeking to develop your home health club, however, you want something unique than a treadmill or a rower, keep in mind a stationary bike! There are common sorts, recumbent and upright.

What’s the distinction between a recumbent bike and an upright bike?

The quick solution is the position of the rider. But no matter which manner you cross, desk-bound bicycles are a safe and powerful way to accomplish low-effect aerobic—stationary motorcycles with less stress on the joints than other aerobic equipment. So with regards to a recumbent motorcycle vs. an Upright motorbike, you need to determine which features work pleasant for you.

Recumbent Bike vs. Upright Bike

Backache while cycling: Recumbent bikes are less complicated at the lower back because of the reclined seat. An upright bike places you into a role similar to the conventional bike.

Joint pain while biking: Both recumbent bikes and upright bikes offer low-effect cardio. However, recumbent bikes can be a chunk gentler on all of your joints. A good motorcycle forces you to keep yourself up and use a more extensive range of muscle mass.

Stationary bike seat length: One of the most attractive recumbent bike functions is the larger seat. The upright bike typically has a smaller seat that may be uncomfortable, in particular for beginners.

Stationary motorcycle protection: Recumbent bikes are typically safer because you are almost in a reclined position. But for those who are comfy driving a conventional bicycle, using the upright motorcycle wouldn’t be difficult.

Muscles used even as biking: On a recumbent motorcycle, you’re in particular the usage of your quadriceps, hamstrings, and tibia is anterior, calf muscles, and gluts. With a good motorcycle, you’re using those identical muscle tissues plus your belly and arm muscle tissues to preserve yourself upright. This Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike SF-RB4708 means the upright motorcycle is considered extra of a complete frame exercising than the recumbent motorcycle.

Size of stationary motorbike: Recumbent motorcycles tend to absorb more area than upright bikes do. So consider the space in your house gymnasium while deciding which motorcycle fashion is suitable for you.

Experience level with a stationary bike: Recumbent motorcycles are higher for novices because you should preserve yourself simultaneously as you pedal. For those seeking out more of a challenge, the upright motorcycle is a higher alternative.

Which Stationary Bike Burns More Calories?

Are you worried about maximizing your calorie burn for weight-loss functions? The correct news is each motorcycle has an equal calorie burn capacity and meets the recommended quantity of aerobic activity. It all comes down to how a reasonable deal effort you placed into using the motorbike, so select the one you may stick with for the lengthy haul.

Which One Is Best For Your Home?

If you’re seeking to get a desk-bound motorbike for your private home, you’ll want to make sure you have got ok area for clearance of all shifting parts in addition to sufficient room to dismount the motorcycle soundly.

Switch up you’re aerobic by adding a stationary bike in your home health club. Remember, whether you select a recumbent motorbike vs. an Upright motorbike, the aim is to feature movement into your day for a more healthy lifestyle. If you need to get moving while you work, keep in mind and below desk motorbike or a treadmill table!

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