Sole r92 recumbent bike

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Sole r92 recumbent bike

The Sole r92 recumbent bike is Sole’s nicely constructed recumbent workout bike for domestic use. A mid-priced home motorcycle with many features and stable first-rate. Recumbent bikes have a back guide and are less complicated to mount than good motorcycles. The Sole R92 will offer a great cardiovascular exercise with low effect on your joints.

Sole exercise gadgets utilize in commercial settings and hotels (together with Hilton Hotels). The Sole Fitness R92 capabilities a 26 lb. Flywheel, which creates a comfy, quiet, vibration-free exercise, in addition to 20 tiers of ECB magnetic resistance. ECB is an excellent type and subtle form of magnetic resistance. Sole afford ten packages (Six widespread packages, two custom applications, and two heart price applications)—adjustable seat and handlebars. Sole’s pedals mainly design to prevent aches and pains for your knees and toes via aligning their correct posture joints during exercise. Sole’s heavy metal tubing, at the side of an aluminum shroud, makes SOLE motorcycles extraordinarily sturdy but additionally light.

Technical Details and Specifications

Assembled measurement:

•        Height: Fifty inches

•        Width: Thirty inches

•        Length: Fifty-seven inches

•        Weight: One hundred fifty-two lbs


•        Heavy steel tubing frame with aluminum should make the bike in reality indestructible

•        20 stages of ECB resistance for a quiet and smooth transition among resistance stages

•        10 challenging applications in a large nine” blue backlit console

•        12 function adjustable seat

•        Ergonomic pedal layout with a 2° inward can’t to prevent sore knees and ft

•        Pulse checking on handlebar grasps and with a blanketed chest strap for palms loose software

•        Built-in cooling fan to carry the user cool at some stage in their workout

•        Water bottle holder to make certain the consumer remains hydrated at the same time as exercising

•        Transport wheels for easy mobility

•        Maximum User Weight: 300 lbs

Computer Features:

•        9” backlit LCD show

•        5 pre-programmed workouts

•        Hill

•        Fat Burn

•        Cardio

•        Strength

•        Interval

•        1 user-defined application

•        2 coronary heart fee programs

•        2 consumer profiles

•        Built-in audio system and a plug-in for an iPod or MP3 player

•        Workout records include:

•        Time

•        Speed

•        Distance Travelled

•        Calories

•        Pulse

•        Resistance


•        Lifetime warranty at the body

•        Five (5) year warranties at the electronics and components warranties

•        Two (2) year hard work assurance.

Shipping and Assembly:

The SOLE R92 comes securely packed, and delivery is free if you order on Amazon. Assembly isn’t always tricky and has to take around an hour.

SOLE Fitness:

SOLE Fitness has been providing a workout system throughout North America for decades. They have been the fastest developing emblem within the US and Canada for the final five years. Their goal market is resorting to national; however, they have slowly developed into residential income. SOLE Fitness equipment is known for excellent performance underneath rigorous use. They offer motorcycles (both upright and recumbent), treadmills, elliptical machines, and rowers.

Best Suited to Whom?

The sole r92 recumbent bike is the low-impact motorcycle from Sole, specifically designed for home gyms. This bike allows humans to lose weight, tone their frame, or use rehabilitative training to rebuild their energy.

It is a superb choice for many trainees; however, it is not excellent-suitable for elite athletes. Check out a number of the first-rate recumbent motorcycles 2020 to test out other models.


The SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike constructs sturdily. It has a twenty-six lb flywheel and an average weight of 152 lbs, so it’s not going to move irrespective of how tough you figure out. It is made with a heavy-duty metal tubing frame and wraps in aluminum. SOLE Fitness glaringly has a little breakage situation using the LCR Bike with an entire life frame assurance. This sole r92 recumbent bike is an excellent buy whether you are an amateur or a health professional. It’s going to preserve upon your full extreme workouts and be round for a long time.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike has two different alternatives for monitoring your heart charge at some point in your sporting events. You can use the stationary handles positioned on both sides of the seat, or you could use the chest strap that SOLE Fitness gives with this machine. Having coronary heart rate tracking functionality is an attractive characteristic as it affords the option for goal coronary heart price area schooling. The SOLE R92 Recumbent Bike additionally has two coronary heart fee programs loaded into the console for extreme, calorie-burning sporting activities.


The Sole Fitness R92 workout bike functions as a stable, metallic frame with aluminum / plastic shrouds for a compact layout. The motorbike has a powerful creation, rated for users up to 325 lbs (cca 147 kg). The body and seat themselves can simply resist higher potential customers, but relying on a client’s body shape, the distance between the supine handlebars won’t be extensive sufficient.

Compared with different health machines and the Sole E95 elliptical trainer as an instance, this recumbent motorbike isn’t that huge. Its footstep is 57″L x 30″W (cca 145 x 76 cm) and ought to fit even right into a smaller room. It’s an alternative heavy piece of gadget although, weighing 152 lbs (69 kg); as a result, you may want every other person to help you to hold, unpack and bring together it. The weight provides to its standard balance even though. In different words, the motorbike received rock or tip, although the person is pretty near the most supported potential and engages in steadier exercising.

Besides, the two bases of the motorcycle are ready with adjustable levelers. Consequently, you have to be capable of stabilizing it flawlessly, even on irregular surfaces. Stabilizers finish with rubber caps that allow you to prevent any damage to the floor.

The front base capabilities shipping wheels and the rear base incorporate a handle to facilitate the bike’s tipping ahead on its wheels for less complicated relocation. Both commands have plastic covers, which add to the compactness of the motorbike. In truth, the frame has pretty a swish, expert element, which could usually serve as a first-rate motivation element to exercising on it.

Seat and luxury

The Sole R92 practice bicycle accompanies a shaped seat with froth padding, providing a comfort level, much like an armchair. The backrest, even though non-adjustable such as the one ready at the Diamondback 510sr, materials outstanding assist, without slicing at your shoulder blades, promoting a particular posture, yet a company again support. Also, the backrest attitude allows it keeps quite a vital part of your higher frame load, relieving a number of the stress at the lumbar and pelvic area. Differently stated, the seat design to accommodate the user’s upper frame weight uniformly. Thus, you may be sure that this bike is an excellent choice for just about everyone with again troubles, getting better from numerous associated injuries, or elderly customers.

The seat and backrest texture is engineer calfskin, pretty thick, and proof against wear and tear.

The seat is adjustable. It capabilities an optical rail with 14 change positions. The distance between the change locking positions is about 1 inch. In different phrases, this motorbike is ok for a wide variety of customers, in terms of the peak. It’s honestly possible for clients as short as 4’8″ and up to 6’5″ (142 – 195 cm). Taller clients can likewise utilize the bicycle; however, they will not gain from an entire leg stretch, which can have a terrible impact on their moderate exercise.

The supine handlebars are indeed attached to the seat. They flow with the heart while you modify it; however, they’re not perspective-adjustable. The handlebar meeting contains cup holders, one on each aspect. The point of the hand-holds is generally 45°, and that they provide with pulse sensors.

Resistance and pressure structures

The Sole R92 recumbent bike functions as an electronically assisted magnetic resistance device; in this approach, the resistance adjusts from the motorcycle’s console. Since the bike has several onboard exercise programs, those will robotically alter resistance. Since the brake gadget includes magnets, the resistance producing factors (the flywheel and the magnetic brake pads) do not contact. Therefore, there’s genuinely no wear and tear concerning these elements. Also, because of this fact, the bike is especially quiet, and the pedaling motion is smooth, with none jarring or dragging sense.

The motorbike functions 20 ranges of resistance, providing a much broader array of schooling possibilities. The maximum resistance settings indeed provide pretty a workout, simulating an as a substitute steep climb. Because it features an advanced console and a modern eddy brake, it calls for to be linked to a one hundred twenty VAC power circuit. It comes with an adapter, but this motorbike version does not characteristic an ON/OFF transfer. To flip it off, you have to unplug it. Also, if you’re thinking, this bike is not self-powered. To enjoy the resistance, you need to plug it in.

The bike’s pressure system is belt-powered, a heavy-responsibility belt, and a stable crankset that sets the flywheel in movement. The flywheel weighs 26 lbs (11.7 kg), quite heavy for a recumbent bike, offering a steady and regular momentum and doing away with the “stair mountain climbing” impact—a few motorcycles function.

The bike features an instead slender Q aspect for an exercising motorcycle, similar to the Q thing in most mountain motorcycles. The crank hands complete with weighted, self-adjusting pedals with toe straps.

Console and services

The motorcycle’s console is quite multifunctional, including several different accessories, aside from the overall performance laptop. First of all, its perspective can be adjusted, providing numerous positions intended to better the display screen’s visibility.

The top component incorporates a sound machine, including two speakers and a cooling fan with a one-speed setting. The sound rendered by way of the speakers isn’t super sharp; in different phrases, they couldn’t compare to the speakers of a committed sound gadget. However, those provide you with the opportunity to exercise simultaneously by having your song close and without utilizing earphones or earplugs, which may get awkward or even excruciating in the workout course. The forward portion of the comfort has a port on your MP3 member, cell phone, or tablet.

The reassure additionally has a compartment for little adornments, including keys, far off manipulate, or a smartphone. Above the exercising keys, there’s a tablet or magazine rack, a pretty insignificant but useful accent if you want to observe a film in your pill simultaneously as exercise or browse the internet.

When it comes to the console unit’s health functions, the primary aspect of saying is that it could song time, distance, velocity, calories, watts, RPM, and pulse. There are six preferred workouts on the console, including Manual, Hill, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, and Interval, each having its direct key. Two coronary heart fee oriented applications are also available. However, the console also gives custom person profiles, which offer you the possibility to configure your exercising applications, and shop for future workout routines. For the manual and custom consumer modes, the console allows you to insert statistics, including your age and weight, so that one can quantify your values with better accuracy.

The console unit of this bike functions with brief keys and keys for the resistance’s gradual adjustment. There’s also a Stop button for times while you need to interrupt your exercising without losing all the qualities. In conclusion, the reassure is telemetry empowered, implying that it can examine pulse via a heart charge chest strap. An HR chest strap protects the bundle.

Assembly and Maintenance

The Sole R92 is an instead heavy bike, and you may need every other man or woman to help you with the unboxing and assembly technique. Most of the body comes already assembled. You do but have to connect the seat, backrest, pedals, bases, the beautiful covers for the motorbike’s floors, the console mast, seat and mast handlebars, and in the end, connect the console. The assembly method is some distance from being complicated; it shouldn’t take more than one hour. The container is consists of a nicely-written, step-through-step meeting manual and all the tools for this mission.

The bike quite lots doesn’t require any preservation. For this component, all you need to do is eliminate the dust that could accumulate on it and make sure all the bolts and nuts preserve tight in the vicinity.

The Pros

we’ve focused on the maximum of this motorcycle’s positive aspects; you may have ignored many of them. Therefore, right here’s a summary of what’s excellent approximately this Sole exercise motorcycle version:

•        High-pleasant, robust frame, capable of support customers up to 325 lbs;

•        Superior aesthetics;

•        Superior ergonomics;

•        Cushioned seat and backrest;

•        Highly resistant cloth at the center and backrest;

•        Adjustable seat, accommodating a wide variety of users;

•        Pulse sensors;

•        Heart rate transmitter protected

•        Eddy modern brake, for easy and constant resistance;

•        20 stages of resistance;

•        Self-leveling pedals, with straps;

•        Multiple add-ons, such as bottle holders, accessory holders, pill rack, sound system, fan;

•        10 onboard programs, along with six well-known, two custom consumer, and two heart rate;

•        Quiet bike;

•        Fairly smooth to collect;

•        Excellent assurance plan.

The Cons

There are numerous elements regarding this motorbike that can take into consideration as downsides. None of them have to be a deal-breaker, though.

•        Fan isn’t mighty. It’s extra like a giant pc cooler;

•        The motorcycle doesn’t have an On/Off transfer. To shut it down, you must unplug it.

•        A pill located on the console’s tablet rack will cowl at least a part of your display screen, which can be an inconvenience.

Sole Fitness R92 Workout Programs

The Sole Fitness R92 Bike has workout packages divided into manual, custom, coronary heart rate managed, and preset profiles.

(i) Manual – In this application, if the user simply desires to sit and cycle, all they ought to do is feed within the simple records, and the consultation starts. They can regulate the resistance at any time as the program does not have any preset sample.

(ii) Custom – the motorbike has two custom-designed workout routines that you may choose. The steps are much like that of the manual software, but you can also set the

(iii) Heart charge managed – The Sole Fitness workout motorcycle R92 adequately prepare with everything you would require to start a coronary heart fee controlled software and consists of a Wi-Fi chest strap transmitter.

The consumer has two alternatives to pick out from; each one is programmed to ensure your heart price is within a particular variety (For instance, HR1 is 60%, HR2 is 80%). The resistance adjusts mechanically and keeps you at the selected level.

(iv) Preset profiles – Five unique preset applications designed to help the person acquire a positive health intention. The packages are beneath the names ‘Hill’, ‘Cardio,’ ‘Fat Burn,’ ‘Strength,’ and ‘Interval.’ Every software’s profile differs primarily based at the desires but can further classify as underneath:

•        Hill – It allows in improving the staying power

•        Fat Burn – It advances the burning of fat by way of looking to maintain the coronary heart fee at the cost of 60% to 70%

•        Cardio – It increases the cardiovascular characteristic using making your heart stronger, strengthening your lungs, boosting the lung ability, and improving blood flow.

•        Strength – It increases energy inside the muscle tissue of the lower frame using biking at excessive resistance tiers

•        Interval – It helps decorate the endurance by depleting at the side of replenishing the oxygen levels over four rounds. The most important advantage of the R92 is that its console activates the consumer to enter their quantity and age, which is needed to enlarge the accuracy of remarks on the range of calories burned.

Alternatives to the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike

To provide you with a little comparison point on what you’re buying, let’s compare the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Exercise Bike to some of the opposite high-end models accessible these days.

Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike

This version is likewise an enjoyable one and is some other very noticeably rated recumbent motorcycle. One factor that needs to refer to the get pass is that the Nautilus model is extensively much less steeply-priced than the Sole Fitness R92. However, the Sole Fitness R92 does appear to be a little better. It has a higher designed seat with more ergonomically friendly pedals, plus its body seems to be a bit greater stable. In phrases of comfort, the Sole Fitness is probably a touch better than the Nautilus. Keep in thoughts that part of the rate distinction also ought to do so that Sole Fitness is an extremely well-known, relied on, and surprisingly rated brand call. The Nautilus R616 has 25 ranges of resistance and 29 packages, while the Sole Fitness R92 has 20 resistance tiers and ten applications. The Nautilus isn’t always quite as area pleasant as the Sole Fitness R92.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike

In phrases of the differences between this Schwinn model and the Sole Fitness R92, it’s far helpful to take a look at the Nautilus model mentioned merely above. This version, with the aid of Schwinn, is almost indistinguishable from the Nautilus R616. Both have a similar kind of opposition and several resistance levels. Each has virtually an equal body with the same capacity, and both have an identical wide variety of personal applications. When it comes to evaluating this Schwinn bike to the Sole Fitness version, the Schwinn 270 is a great deal, much less high-priced. Still, it also does not have as of right a seat, the same number of seat positions, nor are the pedals exceptionally intended for anatomical accuracy. On the off scope, you need a high stop version, with maybe not as many functions because of the Sole Fitness R92, but with a lower price tag, the Schwinn 270 is a great option to consider.

Sole Fitness R92 FAQ

Is the backrest of the sole r92 recumbent bike adjustable?

Sole r92 recumbent bike has an outsized seat, which is also included with thick padding to provide utmost comfort. But, the backrest isn’t always customizable. However, the heart can change on a level plane to suit your top with the frame. The center also designs so that it is inclined to an angle to provide a cozy sitting function.

Is the maintenance of R92 hard?

Not at all; the motorcycle is quite a lot exact as it is and calls for very much less or no protection thanks to the surest first-class SOLE builds all its products. You are only required to dirt off the dust that could gather on the motorcycle and sanitize UT after each use. Also, one needs to take a look at if all of the nuts and bolts are mounted.  

Am I 6’2″^? Will Sole Fitness R92 Bike match my height?

R92 is fine proper for most people. In our research, we protected human beings of various heights from checking and coming to the conclusion that humans as brief as 4’8” and as tall as 6’5” can enjoy the motorbike without any soreness.

Am I 6’2″^? Will Sole Fitness R92 Bike fit my top?

R92 is first-class perfect for most people. In our studies, we covered humans of various heights to test and are available to the belief that humans as quick as 4’8” and as tall as 6’5” can benefit from the motorbike with none soreness.

Final Thoughts

I like Sole merchandise because they’re approximately as unpretentious as domestic fitness equipment can be. The treadmills and bikes let their specifications do the speak me for them- and the R92 is no specific.

Although with a sale charge underneath $1000, I would don’t forget this a budget recumbent motorbike, there’s not anything budget approximately the R92.

I love how heavy-duty the frame is and that Sole threw a 20 lb flywheel on this version. All this robust and heavy-obligation cloth offers the R92 several weight… and that’s a terrific thing.

This motorcycle isn’t going to experience flimsy or wobble during use- something another recumbent on this price variety may also do.

I additionally like that Sole covered Bluetooth audio system and a USB charging port. These are tech features that certainly are available in reachable at some point in your workout.

Speaking of functions, I assume the R92’s most massive disadvantage is that it only comes with ten total exercising packages. This sole r92 recumbent bike doesn’t give you a whole lot of options to select. But with a guarantee like that, it’s easy to forgive.

So, to answer the question within the name- no, the R92 isn’t faultless; however, it’s pretty darn close.

Overall, I assume Sole’s R92 is a super domestic recumbent, and a spouse borrows at that rate. Easily one of the excellent recumbent bikes available on the market. It is positively encouraged.

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