Where to find Peloton model number

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Where to find Peloton model number

Locating Your Peloton Model Number: A Complete Guide

Where to find Peloton model number? Whether you’re troubleshooting, registering your product, or ordering replacement parts, knowing how to locate your Peloton model number is essential. This exceptional identifier is the key to accessing support and services for your Peloton equipment. Here’s how to find the model number for your Peloton bike or treadmill.

Peloton Exercise Bikes: Finding the Model Number

Peloton offers a range of exercise bikes, each with its model number. Here’s how to locate it:

  1. Back of the Bike: Check the back of the bike’s frame for a white sticker. This sticker should have the model number printed alongside other product details.
  2. Base of the Frame: The model number may also be engraved or printed on the base of the bike’s frame, near the front or rear stabilizer.
  3. Serial Number: Sometimes, the model number is part of the serial number, typically found on the same sticker as the model number.

Peloton Treadmills: Identifying the Model Number

For Peloton treadmills, the process is just as straightforward:

  1. Front Frame: Look for a white sticker on the treadmill’s front frame, usually at the base. The sticker should list the model number.
  2. User Manual: The manual with your Peloton treadmill will also contain the model number.
  3. Peloton Website: If you’ve registered your treadmill on the Peloton website, the model number is in your account settings.

Video Tutorials

For visual learners, video tutorials are available online that show exactly where to find the model number on your Peloton equipment. These can be particularly helpful if you need help locating the sticker or engraving.


Finding your Peloton model number is simple. Whether looking at the back of your bike, the base of your treadmill, or through your user manual, the model number is readily accessible for your convenience. With this information, you can ensure that you receive the correct support and services for your specific Peloton model.

For further assistance, Peloton’s official support page offers detailed diagrams and additional help locating your model number. Remember, keeping your Peloton’s model number handy will streamline any service requests and help you get the most out of your fitness equipment.

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