synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike

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synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike

The synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike reaches with plenty to love about it. The twin pedals, the screen, media device holder, and dumbbell holder are desirable extras like the belt drive, magnetic resistance, and forty lbs flywheel.

It seems excellent if a little undeniable with the standard indoor bike appearance, the silver colouring and without the purple flywheel to add comparison.

But it’s far more than looks that are essential with a workout bike for home cardio exercises.

It is ready it is capable of offering a dependable platform to get those fitness blessings.

First up is to test out how properly it can arise to the depth of the indoor biking and spinning type workouts.

Key Features and Specifications

•        Assembled dimensions: 49L x 22W x 50.5H inches (124L x 56W x 128H cm)

•        Assembled weight: 88.2 lbs (forty kg)

•        Flywheel weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)

•        Weight capacity: 275 lbs (a hundred twenty-five kg)

•        Seat: four-manner adjustable

•        Drive: Belt

•        Resistance: Manual magnetic

•        Performance reveal: Time, distance, general distance, speed, RPM, calories, pulse, experiment

•        Extras: Bottle holder, device holder, dumbbells holder

•        Warranty: Frame three years / Parts 180 days


It has a heavy-duty metal body and stabilizer bars to provide a perfect platform for all users as much as 300 lbs weight. It ought to keep regular with none rocking movement at any stage of intensity in and out of the traditional and whilst transitioning.

At the ends of the mediator bars are levellers to help balance up the motorcycle if the ground is not entirely level to save you any rocking.

The motorcycle ought to be reliable on all floor sorts inclusive of carpet besides for the luxurious kinds wherein it could no longer settle nicely.

You may additionally want a mat to shield the floor from scratching or dents and sweat, which could drop while you are running out tough.

The reviews which have published on Sunny’s website indicate that customers accept as accurate with the bike is healthy and that it’s far long-lasting with them awaiting to get a whole lot of use from the bike.

It appears there may also have been a difficulty with the pedals or wheel bearing that Sunny has worked with customers to sort. It could seem from evaluations that it can fix.

The motorcycle warranty is ok with three years for the body and 180 days on components and additives. This synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike usually doesn’t include labour to feature a replacement element with the purchaser predicted to do this. If there’s a hassle, then Sunny appears to work to type the issue. But, usually there gained be an issue to sort based totally on the overall performance of different bikes in Sunny’s variety.


The seat may move up/down and backwards/forwards; this allows you to get the exceptional positioning of the legs with regards to the pedals and about handlebars. The motorbike suits with an inseam between 29 ins and 39.5 ins (measured from the top of inner thigh and backside of the foot), Customers between 5ft and 6 feet 2 ins have used the motorcycle efficaciously.

The handlebars don’t have as tons adjustment with the most effective being capable of being moved up and down. This manner, you can get the height you want however may additionally locate that inspire of the seat adjustment they aren’t merely inside the right position; however, most will discover the in shape well enough.

The distance between the seat and handlebars may adjust among 15.5 INS and 19.5 INS to accommodate your higher body.

The changes make via loosening the adjustment knobs, pulling them and then sliding the handlebars or seat to the placement you need re-inserting the pop-pin in the closest pre-set whole and tightening in area. You shouldn’t have any slipping while getting used.

Making those modifications is brief and straightforward – no longer as fast as people with the take care of changes and you won’t get the precise point you want because of the pre-set holes. But those aren’t enough to gradual you down too much or getting awesome in shape.

If you are in likelihood of sharing the motorcycle with others, the adjustment gained get inside the way of a good workout. There are makings at the posts to help to position back to your setting if moved, and you can use an everlasting marker at the put up as a pattern.

synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike Resistance

The bike’s magnetic resistance controlled by way of an anxiety knob on the front of the frame, You flip it accurate (clockwise) to raise the resistance and left to reduce it.

The magnets are in a bar above the flywheel. The attractions pass closer to the wheel to growth the anxiety at the wheel and away to lower.

They don’t contact the wheel. Due to this, there may be no put on and tear, making it low renovation and quiet as there may be no rubbing noise.

The exchange in the resistance is incremental, and you could set it to the level you need and trade as needed. There is no ma measurement of resistance ranges to help you to place it at the extent you need or to return to a previous putting.

To get to the extent, you need you to want to do that via sense and estimate. One manner to get started is to depend on how many turns it takes to get from the perfect placing to most challenging and the usage of that mainly of thumb to can help you know whilst you are at a percent of hardness.

Also, you can discover the setting that appears like you are pedalling on a flat road as a place to begin.

If you’re new to indoor biking, it most effective takes a short time frame to work it out, and then you definitely should be set. Still, it would be appropriate to have it shown love it does with the Schwinn IC4 however you have to pay more significant for that bike (and if you need to apply with the Peloton Digital App the ranges don’t fit up but can be converted with a touch give and take).

The upper resistance level for most people has to be challenging sufficient to get a challenging workout. Still, folks that are hardened cyclists or indoor cyclists may want to look for something more challenging as you may get with friction pad resistance.

Drive Type

The bike comes with belt pressure. Unlike a chain pressure, you don’t want to be tightening or lubricating comparably to using a street motorbike. You additionally pass over the clinking and the moderate variation because the chain turns over the sprockets. It does omit out on a number of the street motorcycle feel.

Instead, it’s tranquil, comfortable and low preservation. A belt force will subsequently stretch after several years. Changing it’s going to need typically want professional tools.

The pressure is enclosed, which protects it from harm and dirt. Also, it protects small arms, legs and pets from being hurt.

The 40 lbs flywheel, it enables to offer a clean and consistent feel for workout despite the resistance up excessive in or out of the saddle (seat). It would help if you didn’t revel in version because the flywheel pulls the pedals via to save you an up/down movement to the pedalling that may add a few effects to pedalling.

It has hard and fast tools. This manner, while the flywheel is popping so are the pedals. You can’t freewheel or coast with pedals usually turning till you bring them to a forestall through slowing down together with your ft. at the pedals or through pushing down tough at the anxiety knob to use it as a brake on the flywheel. It is vital to convey the pedals to a forestall earlier than you try to get off; otherwise, you can get a painful whack by using the pedals and can injure yourself.


The motorbike comes with twin pedals with toe cages on one aspect and SPD fittings on the alternative. This synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike allows the motorcycle to use with athletic footwear or professional cycling footwear without converting the pedals taking into consideration distinct necessities and enjoy.

The toe cages proceed with adjustable straps to permit it to in shape more than a few toes sizes and to tighten them as much as get a terrific comfy match to save you your toes from slipping or shifting as you pedal.

When getting started, you could use tennis footwear and get excellent exercise. Later on, you can get SPD shoes in you want to get a better connection and an extra effective indoor biking exercising.

This twin nature lets in humans with SPD shoes and people without to proportion the bike without problems.


The seat you may also locate the heart too hard in your sit down bones, especially if you haven’t been on a motorcycle or indoor cycle for an extended period.

The seat is the fashion to help save you numbness with the groove down the centre, and a few may additionally discover it’s far comfy sufficient. Still, as with all motorcycle seats this indeed received be for each person.

You can try standing at the pedals every 10 mins to present some alleviation while you try to get used to the seat. You also can try padded motorcycle shorts and a gel seat cowl. The motorbike seat size is 7 INS by way of 10.5 INS and 1.5 INS.

If that doesn’t make paintings, you may switch out the seat for every other more generous comfortable bike seat.

Handlebars: The handlebars are included for a fantastic relaxed grip and save you slipping whilst palms are sweaty. They formed to provide a perfect kind of positions. The internal handlebar use for the pill; the outer curve to provide an opportunity and for aero in having “horns” to grip up out of the saddle.

Noise: This is a smooth bike that can be used at each time of the day and night time and now not disturb others. Some people have used it within the identical room as others such as children are sound asleep without demanding; however, they may nevertheless awaken a light drowsing groom.

In a separate room, they shouldn’t listen to you in any respect, depending on how deep you are breathing.

If you need to watch TV, you don’t have to turn it up excessive to listen to it.

It may use in a rental, even an upstairs one – there is not one of the poundings you have got with a treadmill. However, you may need to put on an exercise mat to prevent any vibration from being transmitted via the ceiling.

Dirt: The motorbike gained upload too much to your cleaning chores. It is crucial to wipe it down with a moist material regularly to keep it looking and working at its’ quality. The most considerable cleaning difficulty is in all likelihood to be corrosive sweat and the primary reason for the wipe.

Down: You may additionally want a workout mat to defend your floor.

Storage: You can’t fold the motorcycle up whilst you’ve finished for storing out the manner.

It requires an area of 49 INS by way of 22 INS whilst now not getting used – it has a terrific end so gained look bad in your property. It can be saved alongside a wall or beneath the steps but is probably too big for a closet.

It comes with two small shipping wheels at the front of the bike to help you while you need to move the motorcycle round. It is too heavy to hold for most, and it weighs 111.3 lbs.

You tip the bike directly to the wheels which are straightforward to do like a good deal of the weight is on the front with the flywheel. You can then move the motorcycle to wherein you need to move. Going around corners and avoiding furnishings does take touch care; however, you don’t should worry about the weight too much.

The wheels paintings quality on difficult surfaces, If you’ve got a thick carpet, you can discover the wheels stick, and you have to drag it instead of revolution. Also, on timber flooring, you may want to test that the wheels don’t move scratches.


synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike comes in general assembled with the body, cranks, drive and flywheel prepare.

This synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike leaves the purchaser to feature the pedals, stabilizer bars, guide posts, seat, handlebars, dumbbell holder, water bottle holder and console to the motorbike.

It has a delivery weight of 125.9 lbs moving it from outdoor to in which you want to complete the meeting can be one in all the most critical demanding situations.

It recommends that people paintings bring together motorbike. This synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike is critical, especially whilst including the stabilizer bars to maintain it consistently. It is feasible for one individual to do this, but they need to be careful dealing with the burden.

The instructions and tools cover the bike. Sunny likes to start the instructions with a diagram and listing of all components but that degree of detail not required for completing the bike.

Care is wanted whilst adding the pedals to make sure the pedals are attached to the best length. Because the left pedal has a contrasting thread (as is ordinary for motorcycles) and needs to screw in reverse (lefty-tightly/counterclockwise) in any other case, the line may strip. The emotive issue with pedals loosening as you exercising.

Most human beings can whole the task in less than an hour, and it is less complicated than most IKEA fixtures is to assemble.

synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike Console

I know there are people available who don’t care to peer their numbers as they workout. I’m now not one of those and locate them motivational and help to preserve me on track.

The screen and numbers displayed are an inexpensive size to see whilst you exercise. The console can handle song velocity, cadence, distance, calories, time and pulse whilst sensors grippe.

The default placing is miles, but this may be changed to kilometres in case you select.

The display screen broke up into four sections:

At the top of the show is surfs for race and objectives capability with illuminated bars for destination and arrows.

For measure, it has a range between 15 – 120. The pre-set price is 60, or you can set for race mode wherein it could set for time and distance where its miles set in 10 mins or 4 miles

The next section down is wherein you could screen velocity or cadence, below this is distance or energy and below this is time and pulse.

The purposes are:

Speed is a division from 0 to 99.9 mph or kph. You can also see standard and max velocity whilst stopped.

Cadence is RPM degree as much as 999 (that is ideal going (to say the least) if you get everywhere near the full measure) and you could additionally see average and max when stopped.

Distance – as much as 999.9 miles or km. You can set a destination distance rather than have it gather.

Calories gather as much as 9999, or you could set a goal.

Time as much as 99:59 or you may set a target time

Pulse your present-day heart price

There are three buttons below the screen for converting the mode, putting and re-putting.

It doesn’t come with Bluetooth to paintings with or upload to an App. If you want to report exercises for monitoring functions, you need to try this manually.

The screen calls for 2 AAA batteries (covered with the bike) and is locates in the lower back of it which is simple to do.

It doesn’t display your resistance ranges.

You can track your pulse to display how tough you are running by using grabbing both sensors within the handlebars.

These let you hold a take a look at now and then however you are not likely to be the use of them continuously as you probably want to trade your hand positions as you move via your exercising.

If you are trying to apply the motorbike with Peloton, the cadence measure is useful to help you to follow the instructions. You’ll need to estimate your resistance level. It may be a little problematic in case you are the usage of coronary heart fee zone lessons as you want to grip the heartbeat sensors and you may want to try this the use of a heart price strap and App.


The weight and dimensions of the motorbike are:

Height 46.5 ins

Width 22 ins

Length 49 ins

Flywheel Weight 40 lbs

Max User Weight 300 lbs

Bike Weight 111.3 lbs


There are three additional accessories that this bike includes as fashionable:

Water bottle holder: This is on the proper hand fork at the pinnacle of the flywheel. You do want to stretch a touch for a bottle while you wish to tackle refreshment. It received in shape an outsized bottle, and you can discover if it is too long you operate it with your knee.

Dumbbells Holder: These are in a handy situation at the front of the motorbike on the left-hand fork. They can manage up to 10 lbs dumbbells. Being at the front places those easy attain for a while, you need to add a few upper bodies and middle exercising in your exercise. You do want to bend down a little to reach them but is more comfortable than looking to get them from at the back of or from the ground. You have to additionally no longer bang your knee on the handlebars when out of the seat.

Media Device Holder: This sits within the handlebars beforehand of the console. If you are following alongside to exercising lessons it places it close to your exercising data for your console – you may hold a test on both effortlessly, or watch TV or films.

You lay your pill or phone on the holder, so there is no restriction on depth. The motorcycle doesn’t flow around so your tool must be safe and now not be falling on the floor.


•        Can adjust to in shape human beings with an inseam among 29 ins and 39.5 ins

•        Includes dumbbell holders up to 10 lbs every

•        Easy to collect

•        Adjustable to match the range of body kinds and heights

•        Includes console

•        Transport wheels

•        Magnetic resistance

•        Belt drive

•        Low renovation

•        Very quiet bike

•        Dual pedals

•        Seat and pedals swapped out


•        Doesn’t include Bluetooth

•        Handlebars best two-manner adjustable

•        Need to song exercising numbers manually

•        Uses hand pulse sensors to music coronary heart fee

•        No protect for magnetic resistance and flywheel

synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike Consumer Ratings

On Sunny’s web page, the opinions are very favourable; however, there are little comments on other web sites presently.

They like that it’s miles quiet and has a solid build and not using a wobbling. The ride sense is clean too. Some weren’t a supporter of the seat, and one man or woman out of 54 had trouble with their pedal clicking (even though this may have been greater commonplace while first launched).

Sunny motorcycles on an entire properly regard by using customers for their capacity to offer an excellent platform for workouts and to be long lasting.

The feedback on Sunny’s web page appears to aid the expectation that that is any other exact bike.


This synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike is a mid-range priced bike, and it is less than a 1/third of the charge of the Peloton. However, it doesn’t come with all of the extras like dumbbells and resistance ranges measured.

It consists of twin pedals, a reveal, tablet holder and dumbbell holders within the fee together with the magnetic resistance and belt power.

When I reviewed the price at Amazon, it included unfastened transport on eligible order even though there had been troubles with availability.

What to See for In a Spin Bike

There are three kinds of indoor exercising motorcycles. Although in this text we will entirely speak approximately a spin bike and what to search for in a spin bike, it still received harm to in brief point out the other two. The three kinds of indoor cycles are a spin motorbike, recumbent exercising motorcycle, and upright exercise bike.

The spin motorbike is the most up-to-date addition to indoor cycles. It was developed within the 80s and turned into first of all known as the indoor biking motorbike. Unlike the other two indoor bikes, the spin motorcycle designs to offer actual cycling enjoy just like using an out of doors motorbike.

What to View for in a Spin Bike

Flywheel Weight

The flywheel is the extended wheel located inside the front of a spin motorbike. Similar to an outside bike, the flywheel is the wheel that movements whilst a bike owner pedal the bike. When looking at spin bikes, you will want to observe the weight of the flywheel. The importance of the flywheel dictates the movement of the motorcycle, the greater the load, the smoother the motion. Home-primarily based spin motorcycles typically have a flywheel weight of around 40 lbs. Commercial spin bikes have a flywheel weight of about 50 lbs.

When seeking out a spin motorcycle, avoid getting a spin bike with a flywheel weight of much less than 35 lbs., anything less than 35 kg, is too mild to offer a clean and seamless motion. It is right to try out some one-of-a-kind motorcycles and get a feel for different flywheels before making a choice.

Frame and the Legs

The frame, irrespective of the kind of motorcycle, is extraordinarily crucial. Look for a spinning motorcycle with a sturdy stabilizing frame and huge legs for max stability. It may be a bit troublesome to assess the body of a bike, in case you’re shopping for online. However, on account that most motorcycles have a solid frame, try and attend at the legs and ensure the legs are extensive enough that the motorbike remains well balanced even with the maximum rigorous of use.

Drive System

Spin bikes have two particular types of power gadget. One is a sequence-based force device, and the other is a belt-primarily based pressure device. If viable, usually opt for a belt-pushed spin motorbike. A belt power machine is advanced in many methods. Firstly, it barely makes any sound. Also, it doesn’t require almost as tons of maintenance as a chain-force does. Lastly, belts are less difficult to modify.

Braking System

There are three exclusive kinds of braking structures. You can discover a spin bike with cloth brake-pads, leather-based brake-pads, and magnetic braking. Fabric brake-pads are generally finding out in entry-stage home-based indoor bikes. Leather pads are more often than not found in higher-give up bikes for each, home and industrial use.

The magnetic braking device is a genuinely outstanding success. These braking structures are entirely silent as there’s no physical contact. They provide a far greater range of resistance. And, it requires, in reality, no maintenance or alternative. The magnetic braking gadget needs to be the primary desire if it’s miles an alternative.

Modes of Resistance

There are four varieties of resistance mechanism found on a spinning motorbike. There is the cable resistance, guide screw resistance, electronic, magnetic resistance and electromagnetic resistance.

The cable resistance mechanism is most effective observed on low-end motorcycles and isn’t recommended in the main as it tends to slip and consequently, quite unreliable. The manual screw resistance is the sort that includes a knob and works similar to an analogue machine.

It is a straightforward gadget with a purpose to get the activity carried out. Electronic magnet brakes make use of a small hydraulic machine to move a magnet to use resistance to the flywheel. Electromagnetic structures are still relatively rare and an as an alternative latest addition to the spin motorbike. It doesn’t contain any shifting components because it utilizes an electromagnetic field to create resistance.


Almost every form of indoor motorcycle gives adjustable seats, in addition to an adjustable cope. Different kinds of motorcycles offer variable degrees of adjustability. Adjustability is specifically crucial if you’re obese or genuinely tall, which might require some modifications. But adjustability usually is now not a good deal of trouble as most motorcycles offer the capacity to regulate a seat vertically in addition to horizontally. The same goes for the bikes to take care.

Display Screen

Almost all spin bikes come with a display screen. The most primary device could show the speed of the motorbike, the full distance travelled and the predicted energy burnt throughout the exercise. Some bikes provide more records barely. For example, it would show real-time information on consumer’s heart price or offer the capacity to set desires primarily based on distance travelled, etc.

Bike Pedals

Most spin motorcycle pedals have a toe strap attached to it for balance. A particular sort of belt for the SPD cleat on professional biking shoes, These are a chunk more significant relaxed than the toe strap. But there isn’t always a great deal to worry approximately on this regard.

Bottle Holder

Spin biking may be just as strenuous as outdoor cycling and would set off as good deal perspiration as some other form of exercise. So maintaining hydrated is extraordinarily important. Most spin bikes have a water bottle holder, and a number of the excessive-cease fashions even provide a double holder. The critical component to take a look at is the region of the bottle holder, several instances, and it can be challenging to reach the bottle whilst cycling. It is something to hold in mind when you’re seeking out a spin bike.

Transportation Wheels

Indoor bikes are generally quite challenging to transport, in particular spin bikes that have a heavyweight flywheel connected to it, making it close to not possible to move. This synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike is why it is genuinely crucial to have delivery wheels in your spin motorbike, particularly in case you are getting it for your property in which space is usually limited.

Review Summary

The bike comes with some dedicated extras in addition to a solemn obligation frame, 40 lbs flywheel, magnetic resistance and belt force for a quiet and robust foundation for low effect cardio exercises.

This synergy magnetic indoor cycling bike makes it ideal for novices and people more excellent experienced. The twin pedals additionally assist right here too with the selection of footwear, and you can exchange to spinning footwear whilst or in case you need.

The extension of the dumbbell holder makes it a good deal simpler to exercise the higher frame too, especially whilst following a workout elegance that includes this.

Including a console provides you with the measurements you may need for your workouts and following alongside to instructions without having to add sensors or computer systems eventually.

It doesn’t have Bluetooth, so it isn’t agreeable with Apps for recording, but you may observe along with health Apps (Peloton Digital) you won’t see your measures.

It provides a perfect foundation for the blessings from indoor biking workout routines with some first-rate upgrades too.

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