Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel

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Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel

Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel gives numerous exceptional indoor cycling bikes. This post will deal with the version with a friction resistance gadget and a forty-lbs flywheel. This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel is one of the bikes released at the end of 2020. In phrases of creation, can compare it to the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1877.

Key Features and Specifications

•        Gathered aspects: 50L x 21W x 46H inches (127L x 53W x 117H cm)

•        Flywheel weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)

•        Upheld weight: 330 lbs (150 kg)

•        Seat: four-way adjustable

•        Drive: Belt

•        Resistance: Friction

•        Fitness reveals: Time, velocity, distance, calories, test

•        Extras: Bottle holder, tool holder

•        Warranty: 90 days restrained

Frame creation

This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel functions as a triangular body with a curved essential tube for advanced aesthetics and durability. It’s fabricated from metallic tubing double-coated with a corrosion-resistant paint end. The best exceptions are the seat put up, the handlebar, and the Flywheel, which might be chrome plated. Also, the bike integrates numerous thermoplastic components, the drivetrain cowl, and several different small covers.

The Murtisol cycle is not a significant health machine-like maximum different spin motorcycles. With all of the elements assembled and with the seat prolonged all of the ways to the back, it’s far approx. 50″ (127 cm) long, and 21″ (fifty-three cm) wide. It is likewise recommended to permit a usage region for it of at least 70″ x 60″ (178 x 152 cm) for secure usage and clean get entry to.

The motorbike, in all fairness, is heavy. Its exact weight isn’t always distinctive; however, thinking about the burden of the Flywheel and the frame creation, it has to weigh approx. Ninety lbs (forty-one kg). All this weight and its low middle of gravity give you excellent stability. Also, the motorbike’s base stabilizers characteristic adjustable levelers.

The motorbike isn’t always too difficult to transport once assembled despite its weight. Its front base stabilizer functions as a hard and fast of small wheels. Therefore, by using those wheels while relocating the bike, you have to manage its entire weight.

Seat and handlebars

The Murtisol indoor cycle accompanies a seat protected with the Schwinn IC4. It’s a piece more comprehensive than a racing bike seat and integrates a layer of froth cushioning. Its pinnacle cover is durable vinyl cloth, which is easy to hold. Also, the saddle’s attachment gadget is collar-based; therefore, well-suited alternatives need to be available in any bicycle save if you need to replace it.

The motorbike’s seat is 4-manner adjustable (up, down, the front, again). Its upright put-up gives an adjustment span of 4″ (11 cm) at the same time as its horizontal slider provides approx—3″ (7 cm) of more significant front-to-back adjustment. Therefore, the bike needs to be able to accommodate customers among 5’1″ and 6’5″ (155 – 196 cm), allowing a full leg extension.

The motorbike’s handlebar is the handiest two-manner adjustable (up, down) instead of the seat. It’s upright submit gives approx. 12.5″ (32 cm) of change, from 40″ to 52.5″ (101 – 132 cm) above floor level. It has a multi-hold layout providing a racing grip, a hiking grip, and a trendy grip. It also has a loop bar inside the middle, which allows it to adopt a tight grip.

The facet grips of the handlebar feature PVC foam sleeves for progressed comfort and getting in touch with. However, they lack pulse sensors. Also, the protected fitness reveal does not have a pulse studying characteristic.

Resistance gadget

This Murtisol exercise bike is ready with a trendy guide friction resistance gadget. This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel being said, you don’t need an energy adapter or an external power supply to adjust the resistance. But on the other hand, the motorcycle cannot regulate the resistance routinely.

The resistance system consists of a felt-primarily based brake pad connected under the primary tube of the frame and connected to the anxiety dial on top of this tube. By turning the anxiety dial clockwise, the brake pad applies extra friction to the Flywheel, which will increase the pedaling problem.

Similar to different friction resistance spin motorcycles, there aren’t any pre-determined tension settings. You flip the knob till you get the favored resistance. It’s crucial to say that the pedaling movement is not super smooth as opposed to a magnetic resistance machine when the pad is tightened excessively. This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel can be remedied to some extent by using a few lubricants (silicone oil) both on the brake pad and on the brink of the Flywheel.

Last but not least, the motorcycle’s tension knob also has an emergency brake function. You can press it down to right away forestall the Flywheel from spinning. This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel is genuinely endorsed, especially if you’ve been pedaling at a high pace.

Drive system

One of the maximum essential drive factors of a spin motorcycle is the Flywheel. This Murtisol workout bike is geared up with a heavy, forty lbs (18 kg) flywheel. It additionally has a perimeter-weighted shape for improved inertia. Therefore, while pedaling, the motorbike offers a consistent and regular pedaling motion, even supposing the brake does now not follow any contact to the Flywheel.

Accelerating backward is conceivable on this indoor cycling motorcycle. However, you cannot coast on it. When pedaling in reverse, you’ll get the equivalent resistance which is pretty a plus, as you may exchange exercises so one can get attention to one-of-a-kind muscle corporations.

The motorbike’s drivetrain makes use of a poly-v belt. A belt force comes with numerous advantages. First of all, you ought not to take the duvet apart and lubricate the drivetrain, as is the case for a series pressure bike. And 2d of all, the belt generates barely much less vibration than a chain, and you won’t deal with issues together with caught chain hyperlinks.

The bike is designed for spin workout routines. In this manner, it is prepared with a heavy-responsibility crankset and a fixed of steel alloy pedals. Subsequently, since you don’t surpass the 330 lbs (150 kg) weight restrict, you need to pedal simultaneously as standing up.

The protected pedals no longer have any SPD clips for spin shoes; however, they are equipped with adjustable toe cages. Their threads are well-known (9/16), so you can update them with a wide range of pedals, which includes SPD pedals.

Fitness reveal

This Murtisol indoor cycling bike is fitted with a primary health reveal. In different words, it does now not have pre-set programs, online connectivity, or Bluetooth. It features an LCD show that tracks time, distance, pace, and energy burned. It also no longer has a pulse analyzing function, so you can’t sync it with a chest belt, smartwatch, or fitness band.

The unit is immaculate to apply. It most effectively has one (MODE) button. You may pick out the exercising metric that you need to view on display by pressing the button repeatedly. It additionally has a Scan Mode; when the Scan Mode is selected, the unit rotates all the exercising metrics displaying every one for a few seconds. The Mode button additionally covers the unit’s reset function. You can press and preserve it for seconds to clean all of its values to zero.

The motorbike’s screen unit is battery-powered. It starts recording distance traveled, calories burned, and so on. When pedaling, it also mechanically turns off if it no longer discovers any movement on the bicycle for over four minutes.

To wrap things up, the screen incorporates a tool holder. It consists of a small shelf where you may area your pill or smartphone. However, you can’t join your tool because it does not have any online connectivity.

Assembly and Maintenance

The critical factors of the motorcycle’s pressure and resistance systems come already assembled. Specifically, the Flywheel, the crankset, the belt, and the brake pad are already connected. Hence, you should connect the base stabilizers, the pedals, the seat, the handlebars, and the control center. This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel shouldn’t take more than 30-40 mins. The guide gives step-by-step assembly instructions, and all of the required tools are included.

For renovation, it’s advocated to lubricate the brake pad for a smooth pedaling movement. Other than this, it’s endorsed to wipe off the sweat from the body at the top of your training periods and periodically check the unit for unfastened bolts and components.

The Pros

•        Sturdy production – it can guide customers as much as 330 lbs;

•        Aesthetic design;

•        Both base bars have adjustable stabilizers;

•        Transport wheels at the front base;

•        Superior micro-adjustability – 4-manner adjustable seat, 2-way adjustable handlebar;

•        Cushioned, popular seat, with a center cutout for improved breathability

•        Multi-grip handlebar protected by using rubber foam for most beneficial comfort;

•        Standard friction resistance;

•        Inertia-more advantageous forty-lb flywheel for steady inertia;

•        Heavy-responsibility crank, able to support any consumer as much as the most indexed weight, in upright pedaling function;

•        Heavy-duty, trendy pedals with toe cages;

•        Maintenance-unfastened belt power;

•        Fitness reveals blanketed – it tracks time, speed, distance, and energy burned;

•        Device holder included;

•        Bottle holder covered;

•        Easy to collect;

•        Little maintenance required.

The Cons

•        The show of the fitness meter does no longer have a backlight;

•        No pulse studying feature;

•        No purpose settings.


This Murtisol indoor cycling motorbike is prepared with a forty lbs flywheel, a widespread friction resistance device, and a health screen that tracks time, distance, pace, and energy burned. It also offers remarkable micro-adjustability and a durable frame and crankset with a maximum user weight restriction of 330 lbs. It’s is an exercising motorcycle designed for spin workout routines, excellent for customers of all ranges.

Picking the Right Flywheel Weight for Your Indoor Bike

Regarding buying an indoor cycling motorbike while performing a workout from the consolation of your own home, you have to look at all its specifications and get the only one that most suits your necessities.

Among all the specifications, the one that subjects the most is the flywheel weight.

You might face difficulties selecting the proper flywheel weight on your spin motorcycle as a novice.

So, in this newsletter, I’ll help you discover what a flywheel is and how it comes out to be the most crucial component to don’t forget while shopping for a twisted bike.

What is a Flywheel of an Indoor Cycling Bike?

A flywheel is the coronary heart of a workout motorcycle. It’s the vast spherical disc-formed mechanical tool positioned on the front of an exercising motorbike that is used to keep rotational energy and guarantees clean operation.  

A flywheel is attached to the pedals thru a series or a belt power. As you pedal, the Flywheel rotates. 

Why is Flywheel Important in an Indoor Cycling Bike?

The shortfall of a flywheel in an indoor biking motorcycle results in a useless and uncomfortable experience and can reason intense accidents. The Flywheel allows you to preserve a clean and secure operation throughout your exercising.

The heaviness of as far as possible the pivot. The flywheel weight additionally performs a vital position in controlling the resistance and inertia of the bike.

Hence, while purchasing a spin motorbike, something that matters the most is the flywheel weight. So, let’s discover how flywheel weight topics, and what factors have to be kept in thought even as deciding on the burden of the Flywheel of a spin motorbike.

The Working Principle of a Flywheel 

For a flywheel to perform effectively, it needs to save a certain amount of kinetic energy. Kinetic electricity is a characteristic of mass and pace. This motor power is expected to mimic the clean accelerating activity and provide the feeling of an avenue-like sensation even as used.

The flywheel material science expresses that a flywheel will shop twice as much electricity assuming that you twofold the heaviness of a weighty flywheel holding a similar rate.

Which Flywheel is excellent?

For a flywheel to be known as ‘right,’ it takes a little pressure to set it spinning. It also requires a certain amount of electricity to get it stopped.

Heavy flywheels with large diameters keep extra energy in comparison to smaller ones. Similarly, the wheels that spin faster keep a lot greater power than those that turn slower.

Heavy Weight Flywheel VS Low Weight Flywheel

Flywheel weight is the maximum vital factor to consider even when buying an indoor cycling bike.

Let’s discuss all of the information you ought to understand concerning heavy and mild flywheel weights.

Heavy Weight Flywheel Indoor Cycling Bikes

When it comes to selecting the flywheel weight, it is advocated that heavier flywheels are better compared to lighter ones: the higher the flywheel weight, the smoother the operation.

A heavy flywheel guarantees safe motion by producing greater electricity at a constant charge.

A heavier flywheel makes the motion-controlled and less jerky.

The heavier the Flywheel, the better the aggregate of resistance and momentum that you could generate at some point of your exercising.

That’s how you can revel in a more sensible feeling of traveling uphill.

However, there are a few drawbacks of a heavier flywheel:

•        The bike will become extra burdensome, which makes its motion challenging.

•        Another problem with a heavier flywheel is that it calls for more incredible momentum and energy to get it started and into motion.

•        Furthermore, because the wheel receives heavier, the motorbike will become high-priced.

Now, the advocated flywheel weight for indoor bikes is ready 18-20kgs, while for industrial motorcycles, the weight can be around 20-22kg.

Two splendid home spin motorcycles that I might recommend are:

In the United Kingdom – Is the JLL IC400?

This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel has an incredibly easy 22kg flywheel; it’s a top-notch commercial motorbike you can use from home.

In the United States – Is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B901/B?

This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel has an incredible 40lbs (18kg) Flywheel.

These are great, strong, and durable bikes that provide a simple, easy, and quiet trip.

Ideal for a person who needs the pleasant from the spin session while maintaining noise to a minimum.

A motorcycle with a flywheel weight of less than 16kg is not advocated.

Hence, I usually opt to pick a bike with a heavier flywheel weight so you can keep away from choppy pedal stroke.

Low Weight Flywheel Indoor Cycling Bikes

A lighter-weight flywheel requires minimum effort to get started. These flywheels are not capable of creating sufficient inertia needed for effortless pedaling.

This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel can bring about the riders experiencing pressure on the joints, leading to harm. 

However, lighter flywheels help sell hamstring and gluts recruitment in pedaling, making your legs pedal quicker and assisting you in making paintings more difficult.

Flywheel Positioning

Bikes with heavy flywheels typically have flywheels placed beneath the sweat area of the rider.

This Murtisol Indoor Cycling Bike 40lb Flywheel is accomplished to make a specific smooth motion.

However, putting the Flywheel in the sweat zone isn’t considered best as it will increase the risk of wear and tear, which means that the motorcycle could require more protection.

In recent times, many indoor cycling motorcycles tend to place their Flywheel at the rear of the motorcycle, i.e., Away from the sweat zone, so that the chance of damage and tear is eliminated.

Bad Pedaling Technique and Bike Setup

There isn’t any doubt inside the truth that the flywheel weight performs an essential function on your successful workout consultation.

However, different precautions ought to be discovered to ensure a smooth-riding operation.

For instance, horrific pedaling approach, proper form, and wrong bike setup (despite the Flywheel being heavy or light) might also harm.

To keep away from such harmful scenarios, you have to make sure that you have set up the bike successfully and that the pedaling operation is easy.


So, after looking in any respect this, we will finish that the motorcycles with heavier flywheel weights are relatively better when compared with the ones with lighter ones.

Heavier weight flywheels make sure:

•        Faster Cycling

•        Smooth Riding Operation

•        Enough Inertia

•        Comfortable Ride

Moreover, to fulfill an indoor cycling bike’s most appropriate layout issues, its wheel must be located on the motorcycle’s rear, away from the sweat region. That’s how to put on and reduce tear, and the motorbike is transported without problems.

However, flywheels which might be placed on the front of the bike also perform an incredible process – it’s just a be counted of taken that more excellent care to keep it easy and tidy.

Although these fundamental facts become regarding deciding on the bike based totally on the Flywheel, be very clear that flywheels ought to be no longer the most effective issue to be stored in thoughts even as shopping for a spin motorbike.

You need to properly look at different essential elements, including pedaling approach, fabric durability, and ease of riding operation.

If you have got any questions, drop me a comment, and I’ll make sure to get it returned to you.

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