Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike

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Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike

The Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike is one of the exercise bikes released at the end of 2020. It has a more robust build and better adjustability than the previously reviewed Pooboo W268, and the fitness monitor has a workout target function. However, this is still a home recumbent bike, not a commercial model.

 Key Features and Specifications

 • Gathered Dimensions: 56 L x 20 W x 43.4 H in (142 L x 51 W x 110 H cm)

 • Assembly weight: ~60 lbs (27.2 kg)

 • Weight: 113.3 kg (250 lbs)

 • Seat: Adjustable

 • Pedal: weight, with strap

 • Resistance: passive magnetism, 8 levels.

 • Fitness Monitor: Time, Distance, Odometer, Speed, Calories, Heart Rate, Goal, Scan

 • Optional: device holder

Frame structure

The pooboo W669 recumbent bike has a steel frame that combines cylindrical, oval, and rectangular tubes. This Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike is a two-piece frame. The rear section with the seat connects to the front section that houses the drive system at the base. All steel parts are coated with anti-corrosion paint. The colors used are black or dark gray; this is the only version (at least for now). The only exception is the chrome seat control bar. The bicycle likewise incorporates a few plastic parts. The most remarkable ones are the fronts of the drive and opposition components, the base bar end covers, and the gadget holder. These are produced using a sturdy thermoplastic material, most likely polypropylene. The bicycle is more significant than different models made for home use. It is approx. It is 56 inches (142 cm) long and 51 cm wide (20 inches (51 cm)), and its highest point is approximately 100 cm from the top of the handlebars—110 cm (43.4 inches) from the floor level. We also recommend that you leave at least 2 feet of free space around your bike for safe use and ease of access. There is some clearance between the seat base frame and the front gear unit, but the bike doesn’t offer the extensive clearance that the Exerpeutic 5000 offers. However, the front of the bike is not too high off the floor, only roughly. It’s 16″ (40cm), so it shouldn’t be too hard. Finally, the bike is quite heavy. However, it can be easily moved once assembled using the small wheels built into the front stabilizer. The rear support beam is also equipped with a rotating polygonal cap used as a leveler.

Seat and handlebars

The Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike is geared up with a vast seat made for advanced comfort. Its backside pad is approx. 15.7″ (forty cm) tremendous, and 11″ (28) lengthy, so it offers lots of touch surface. The backrest is approx. 14″ (35 cm) huge and 20″ (fifty-one cm), designed to offer splendid lumbar support. The seat and the backrest pads combine a kind layer of froth padding, approx. 2″ (five cm) thick. Their covers are manufactured from durable vinyl fabric that is sweatproof and clean to maintain.

The seat is adjustable. It can slide ahead or backward on its rail. Its locking gadget is knob-based; it’s far advocated to face up to make any adjustments. The seat rail is 20″ (fifty-one cm) lengthy and gives an adjustment span for the seat of approx—8″ (20.3 cm). Therefore, the motorcycle can accommodate customers readily among 4’9″ and 6’2″ (145 – 188 cm). It is likewise rated for the most person weight restriction of 250 lbs (113.3 kg).

The motorcycle is geared up with units of handlebars. One attaches to the seat assembly, opposite the front mast of the motorcycle. The seat handlebars combine pulse sensors, and the blanketed health screen can music your pulse if you preserve it directly to them. The front handlebars are curved up simultaneously as the front mast of the motorcycle is willing closer to the person, so conserving them at the same time as seated doesn’t cause an ungainly role as is the case with different recumbent bikes.

Both handlebar units function PVC foam sleeves for an advanced and comfy grip. None of them are adjustable. It’s also crucial to say that the backrest doesn’t regulate independently from the seat. It does now no longer have a good slider or a reclining function.

Resistance machine

The pooboo W669 is prepared with a guide magnetic resistance machine. Therefore, you don’t want an energy adapter or an external energy supply. But on the opposite hand, the motorcycle cannot alter the resistance automatically.

The resistance machine includes a magnetic brake linked to the anxiety knob at the front mast of the motorcycle. By turning the knob clockwise, the magnets circulate towards the inner flywheel, which will increase the resistance. Evidently, for the reason that the brake makes use of magnets to generate resistance, it does now no longer contact the flywheel, and the pedaling movement is seamless, whisper-quiet, and the wear-and-tear of the brake is indeed zero.

The motorcycle makes to be had eight ranges of resistance. The first ranges offer mild resistance for mild exercise, excellent bloodstream development, and exercising warm-up. The 3-5 anxiety ranges supply mild exercising intensity, while the 6-8 ranges provide notably extra resistance and the opportunity to carry out an extra constant exercising.

Drive system

The pooboo W669 is a recumbent exercising bike. Therefore, it’s intended for seated workout routines only. It does now no longer aid any spin workout routines, and it isn’t always intended for status at the pedals. However, it does have a pretty long-lasting crankset with cylindrical, chrome-plated arms manufactured from steel. The pedals are manufactured from a long-lasting thermoplastic material. They have a textured floor and adjustable straps for advanced foot stability. They also combine weight factors to constantly self-degree while you get rid of your feet from them.

The heaviness of the inward flywheel isn’t generally specified. However, much like different motorcycles in this selection range, it likely doesn’t weigh more significant than 20 lbs (nine kg). It has a balanced shape designed for easy-pedaling movement and relatively steady momentum.

The flywheel is bi-directional. Therefore, you could pedal in the opposite case you want. However, while pedaling in the opposite, the resistance stays constant, given via way of means of the chosen anxiety degree. Also, coasting isn’t always feasible in this bike; the pedals preserve to spin for so long as the inner flywheel is spinning.

The bike’s inner drivetrain capabilities a long-lasting V-ribbed rubber belt designed for advanced traction, especially proof against stretching and abrasion. This Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike being said, its transmission does now no longer require any lubrication. It additionally promises a smoother pedaling movement than a sequence force as it generates barely much less vibration.

Fitness reveal

The Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike is geared up with a general health reveal. An LCD’s capabilities track time, distance, general distance, speed, energy, and pulse. The pulse studying characteristic is grip-touch best. The reveal unit can’t speak with a Wi-Fi HR chest strap or health band. It can best examine your pulse if you maintain directly to the included sensors.

The health reveal no longer has preset programs online connectivity, and it isn’t well suited with any health app. However, it has a purpose-putting characteristic. You can choose an exercise purpose for a time, distance, or energy burned, and it’ll countdown from the chosen cost till it reaches zero.

There are 3 buttons at the health reveal unit. These are Mode, Set, and Reset. The Mode button permits you to choose the exercise metric you need to view at the show or choose the Scan Mode so that the reveal will roll the metrics at the show displaying every one for some seconds. The Set button accesses the purpose-putting characteristic. The Reset button permits you to clean all the values at the reveal to zero.

The unit is battery-powered. It begins off evolved monitoring while you press one of the buttons or while you start pedaling. It additionally has a self-shutdown characteristic; it ought to routinely flip off after a couple of minutes of state of no activity at the motorcycle. It additionally integrates a tool holder. This Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike includes a small shelf above the LCD show and a vast backrest to accommodate any tablet. However, there aren’t any ports for connecting your tool to it (no AUX, no USB).

Assembly and Maintenance

The motorcycle’s power mechanism comes pre-assembled and connected to the front, a part of the body. However, the relaxation of the elements requires consumer meeting. You will essentially join the 2 essential body elements, upload the 2 base stabilizers, and join the seat, the backrest, the front mast, the handlebars, the health reveal, and the pedals. The assignment isn’t too tough however may also absorb 1 hour of your time. The protected guide gives clear, step-by-step meeting commands, and all vital equipment is protected.

Once the motorcycle is assembled, you shouldn’t fear an excessive amount of approximate preservation. The inner elements shouldn’t want any lubrication for an extended time. Therefore, you most effectively want to wipe off the sweat which can fall at the body on the quilt of the workout, preserve the motorcycle clean, and periodically investigate it to make sure that every one of the elements preserves tight of their locations and all of the transferring elements characteristic properly.

The Pros

• Sturdy, metal body – can guide customers as much as 250 lbs;

• Adjustable rear stabilizers;

• Transport wheels included into the front base;

• Two units of handlebars protected;

• Pulse sensors included into the seat handlebars;

• Padded seat and backrest, for advanced comfort;

• Quiet magnetic resistance system;

• Eight ranges of magnetic resistance;

• Weighted pedals with adjustable straps;

• Fitness reveals that could tune time, distance, overall distance, speed, energy, and pulse;

• Goal settings for time, distance, and energy burned;

• Device holder protected;

• Easy to assemble;

• Little to no preservation required.

The Cons

• No bottle holder;

• No backlight at the health reveal display.


The Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike is made for domestic use. It is ready with an eight-stage guide magnetic resistance system, a comfy seat with 2″ of froth padding, and health reveal that tracks time, distance, speed, energy burned, and pulse. It’s additionally quite sturdy, designed for a most consumer weight restrict of 250 lbs. It’s a motorcycle designed for healing, mild to medium-depth aerobic training, stamina development, muscle toning, and weight loss.

6 Ways to Alleviate Indoor Cycling Seat Pain

Whether you’re giving biking a strive for the primary time or you’re a veteran on the sport, you in all likelihood love the exhilarating, energizing feeling of stepping off the motorcycle on the stop of a hard-earned magnificence. But, possibilities are you’re now no longer keen on biking seat ache.

You comprehend it because of the sometimes-painful feeling among your internal thighs and on your crotch region. It’s as a result of the uncomfortable (and tiny) seats. This part of the motorcycle, called the saddle, your frame stories the maximum compression at some stage in the exercise.

Bicycle seats are available in distinctive styles, widths, and cushion supports. But USA biking professional and train Menachem Brodie, N.S.C.A.-C.S.C.S., factors out that there’s now no longer sincerely one length that suits all. This Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike makes locating the proper seat rather more complex.

The appropriate information is that there are methods to make your biking seat a long way extra cushy. Here are professional-accredited solutions.

Set up your motorcycle correctly.

One of the maximum not unusual places and regularly not noted reasons for indoor biking seat ache, in step with the execs, is a motorcycle seat that’s either too low or too high. When both of those eventualities occur, your legs don’t have the cap potential to absolutely guide your frame weight while you pedal.

“We might also additionally sense extra `sporty` or `fast` with the handlebars set lower. [However,] on the subject of spinning and indoor cycling bikes, you need to maintain the handlebars up higher,” Brodie says. “This will assist you in maintaining higher posture, will let you build up your power and maintain again ache at bay.” He recommends sitting at the saddle with one pedal at the dead-backside of the rotation (on the 6 o’clock function on a clock face). “You must be capable of maintaining your foot flat and positioned your heel at the pedal with a completely moderate bend on your knee,” he adds.

Our professional running shoes will take your biking workout routines to the following level. Learn extra approximately Adaptive here.

Buy a comfortable pair of biking shorts.

You can be capable of breaking out by sporting any vintage pair of leggings to certain workout routines, which include Pilates or yoga. However, professionals say indoor biking calls for a particular sort of shorts. “The bib shorts are the selection of skilled riders, as with the `suspender` style. They are a long way extra comfy to put on for lengthy durations of time. And [they] don’t reduce off the movement for your gut,” Brodie says. Because now no longer all and sundry will sense cushy exercise in skintight attire, he shows throwing a couple of basketball shorts on top. “Just ensure they’ve both a drawstring and an amazing waistband to maintain them from falling.”

Danielle Giordano, an authorized grasp private trainer, recommends investing in a couple of gel-padded shorts. “Foam will ruin down too effortlessly and fast because of sweat and pressure. But gel will maintain up a great deal longer and offer for a far extra relaxing ride,” she adds.

Use chamois cream.

Plenty of biking execs swear via way of means of this cream, pronounced “shammy.” “Used in small amounts, this cream can considerably lower the friction you could build up while using inside the saddle,” Brodie says. But he warns now no longer to move overboard—the scale of nickel must be extra than enough. “While preferably used with biking shorts, you may additionally use it together along with your undies and everyday exercise gear. Although we do suggest the biking shorts,” he adds. “You can practice the chamois cream together along with your hands without delay to the padding, preferably inside the center in which maximum friction could occur. Or you may practice it without delay for your nether regions.”

Buy a padded seat cowl.

If you’re experiencing excessive indoor biking seat aches, you may favor buying a detachable motorcycle seat cushion cowl from many shops and online retailers, including amazon.com. Not best do those covers cushion your seat; however, they also make it a chunk wider. Making your buy online is fine. However, Brodie recommends finding out the distinctive manufacturers and sorts in a shop earlier than shopping online.

After your exercise, Shower right now.

It’s now no longer usually viable to bathe properly after your exercise. But the general rule is to rinse inside 15-20 minutes, even though it’s with a cleaning wipe. Brodie warns that neglecting to achieve this can permit germs, dirt, and microorganism to creep into your pores and motive infections. It’s additionally suggested to exchange into clean, loose-becoming undies and shorts or pants post-exercise. This Pooboo W669 Recumbent Bike can prevent “saddle sores,” which are zits “down there.” “These may be very troublesome, as they could linger and grow,” Brodie says. “If you’ve got an extended pressure domestic or possibly need to have an espresso with the team after the magnificence and now no longer rush to the bathe, make certain to take with you lose-becoming undies and 2 basketball shorts.”

Be consistent.

You might also additionally have complained approximately indoor biking seat ache to a pal or your teacher earlier than. And you could have acquired a reaction alongside the strains of “you’ll get used to it.” That doesn’t sound very promising while you’re experiencing such aches and soreness. However, there may be a few facts in step with Giordano. “Once you’ve got commenced the technique of conditioning the take a seat down bones, consistency is important,” she says. “If consistency isn’t always achieved, then the sitting vicinity will in no way end up conditioned, and alleviation of soreness will in no way be achieved.”

Consistency is key. Let our running shoes manual you via the workout routines and maintain Adaptive responsibility.

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