HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill

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HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill

The HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill treadmill is one of the fashions launched by using HCI Fitness in 2020. It’s a heavy-duty light-commercial grade device rated for an impressive weight capacity of 400 lbs (181 kg). As its call shows, it’s a treadmill designed for rehabilitation exercising, ready with adjustable handrails. However, it could also be practiced as an ordinary treadmill because it gives a first-rate pace range.

Key Features and Spec

•        Assembled measurement: 75L x 30W x 55H inches (190L x 76W x 140H cm)

•        Tread belt dimensions: 59L x 21W inches (150L x 53W cm)

•        Assembled weight: 350 lbs (159 kg)

•        Supported weight: 400 lbs (181 kg)

•        Motor: Dual AC Motor Drive

•        Speed variety: 0.1 – 12 MPH

•        Incline: Automatic, 15 ranges

•        Console: 12 applications

•        Extras: Device holder, bottle holders

•        Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor 5 years / Tread Belt 5 years / Mechanical & Electronic 5 years / Wear Parts 5 years / Labor 1 year

Frame production

The HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill is constructing on a heavy-duty steel frame combining square, oval, and cylindrical tubes in its creation. All the metal components have a black paint finish incredibly proof against corrosion, except for the handrails’ adjustment bars, which might be chrome plated. The machine also integrates numerous ABS parts, including the motors cover, the aspect rail covers, and the console dashboard.

This HCI Fitness treadmill is pretty heavy. Its internet weight is approx. 350 lbs (159 kg), so its delivery and assembly should be done using at least people. However, once it’s far assembled, the best character could be moved as its front base is ready with hard and fast wheels. Needless to say, because of this weight, the treadmill gives superior balance. You can be positive it gained pass even if you have interaction in an excessive-pace exercising. Also, in preference to other treadmill models, this precise one does now not fold.

The assembled machine, in all fairness, giant; it is approx—75″ (190 cm) lengthy and 30″ (76 cm) giant. Also, only as for some other treadmill, it is recommended to depart at the least feet of clearance on each facet of it and the least 3 ft or more on the deck’s rear for ease of access and secure usage.

Since it’s a treadmill designed for rehabilitation workouts, it comes with a fixed of adjustable handrails. They connect to the deck of the device thru-bolts each. The adjustment tubes have six positions, each with increments of approx—1.5″ (4 cm). The handrails have long padded grips and curved down grips at the rear to make it less complicated to arise from a wheelchair if it’s the case. Of route, if you need to use this treadmill as an everyday one, those bars can easily be indifferent so that you will have more generous room for going for walks at high speeds.

Deck construction and incline device

The HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill capabilities a heavy-duty deck designed to aid users up to 400 lbs (181 kg). It offers a big on foot/running surface of 59″L x 21″W (150 x 53 cm). The device has to accommodate and not use a hassle user up to 6’5″ (196 cm). The belt is multi-layered with a pinnacle rubberized layer for a progressed grip. Also, the rollers have a topped design for advanced traction and combine sealed commercial-grade bearings for easy movement.

The system’s deck is a cushion. Although its cushioning factors are not seen outdoors, each rail integrates 3 surprise absorption elements to reduce impact and vibration. This walking or walking on this treadmill effects appreciably less impact on your joints and lower back.

The HCI RTM RehabMill is ready with an energy incline gadget. This method that you could alter the incline as you is actively the usage of the treadmill. It also means that the console can routinely regulate the pitch.

The treadmill’s incline machine consists of a motor and a lift located below the deck’s front. As you alter the incline, or as the console mechanically adjusts the pitch, the engine controls the raise, slowly elevating or lowering the deck’s front segment.

The device’s incline variety is 0% – 15%. The incline adjustment increments are 1%. The console makes to be had controls for sluggish incline adjustment; however, there also are instant incline keys for 3%, 6%, 9%, and 12%.

Drive system

The HCI RTM treadmill is equipped with a Dual AC Motor Drive. Differently placed, it integrates power motors, one for low speed, the alternative for excessive speed. Their actual horsepower isn’t always designated, but because it’s a mild-business treadmill, the motors ought to be able to face up to extended utilization without overheating or dropping overall performance.

While most treadmills have their default minimal speed of 0.5 MPH, this HCI Fitness treadmill gives a “True Zero Start” with a bankruptcy beginning speed of 0.1 MPH. This HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill can be a plus for rehabilitation schooling, as many customers want such education to deal with impaired balance or motion. Conversely, its top velocity is 12 MPH; thus, you may also engage in running exercises.

Just as for the incline, the console gives controls for slow pace adjustment and immediate velocity adjustment for 1 MPH, 2 MPH, 4 MPH, and 6 MPH. The pace adjustment increments are 0.1 MPH which is likewise a plus as you may without difficulty modify your pace from a stage to any other.

Last but now not least, the machine’s force machine isn’t always noisy. I can hear it while in use, but as a fashionable idea, it is not loud sufficient to cowl the sound of a TV set on a moderate extent stage. On the opposite hand, in case you’ll be running on this gadget, depending on your strolling method, weight, and other factors, your cadence may additionally generate extra or much less noise.


Although the HCI RTM RehabMill is a mild-industrial treadmill, its console is most effective a mid-variety one. It does not have Wi-Fi connectivity or Bluetooth, and it isn’t like-minded with any health apps. However, it’s far equipped with a sizeable 10″ display with an LED backlight for progressed clarity. It suggests time, distance, speed, incline, step matter, calories burned, METs, and pulse. Rate and length can be set to either English or metric units. Also, the console isn’t telemetric. It can simplest examine your pulse if you preserve directly to the sensors integrated into the system’s front handgrips. It can’t read your pulse from a Wi-Fi HR chest strap.

The console makes available 12 exercise packages. The P0 program is Manual. This software offers you the possibility to walk or run, adjust the speed, and incline you to want from the console controls. The Programs from P1 to P7 are preset. They have distinct layouts, including Plateau 1, Plateau 2, Fat Burn, Random, Interval, Mountain, and Rolling Hills. Each software has its segment format engraved at the console, either on the left or the show’s proper.

Next, User 1 and User 2 are person-defined applications. For every sort of packages, one consumer can create a custom program, shop it, and re-use it each time they need it. And eventually, the HRC1 and HRC2 packages are preset, preset coronary heart fee applications for 65% heart rate and 85% coronary heart price. If such a program is in use, the system will automobile-modify the velocity depending on the person’s heart charge to maintain them in the selected HR interval.

The console does now not have a valid machine, an exercising fan, or a USB port. However, it does have a tool holder and bottle holder. The tool holder includes a small shelf above the velocity/incline controls and may accommodate any tablet or cellphone. The bottle holders are molded into the console dashboard, one on every side.

Assembly and Maintenance

As we’ve cited above, the HCI fitness treadmill is pretty heavy, so its shipping and meeting require at least two humans. The deck with the vehicles comes pre-assembled, but the rest of the machine does require an appointment. You will connect the 2 front upright bars and the bar that unites them, the motors cowl, the console, and the two side rails for rehab education. This HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill shouldn’t take extra than an hour, and the guide furnishes all the necessary instructions. Also, all of the gear required for the mission is a blanket.

For preservation, deck lubrication is needed. It’s also crucial to preserve the belt clean to prevent any particles or textile fibers from being stuck in the motor. And ultimately, you need to periodically inspect the machine to make sure the whole lot features well and all of the joints nonetheless hold tight in the area.

The Pros

•        Heavy-responsibility, light-business production;

•        Great weight capability – can help users up to 400 lbs (181 kg);

•        Aesthetic layout;

•        Adjustable handrails for rehab education;

•        Transport wheels covered;

•        Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base;

•        Cushioned deck;

•        Power incline – 15 tiers (0% – 15%);

•        Dual AC motor power;

•        True Zero Start (0.1 MPH);

•        Speed adjustment increments of 0.1 MPH permitting you to locate the appropriate tempo on your exercise;

•        Speed variety as much as 12 MPH;

•        Quick pace and incline adjustment keys;

•        Multi-window 10″ LCD show with LED backlight;

•        Both standard and metric units for pace and distance;

•        12 exercising applications;

•        Device holder covered;

•        Bottle holders covered;

•        Easy to bring together;

•        Little protection required;

•        Excellent warranty.

The Cons

•        The console isn’t telemetric;

•        No on-line connectivity;

•        No sound device;

•        No exercising fan.


The HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill is a heavy-duty light-business treadmill designed for rehabilitation workout routines and well-known workout routines. It is prepared with a Dual AC Motor Drive, an electricity incline device with 15 levels, and a console with a massive LCD show and 12 exercise programs. It’s a fantastic machine for light to excessive-depth exercises, rehab schooling, c program language period education, power and stamina improvement, muscle firming, and weight reduction. And finally, it’s now not precisely a low-priced gadget; however, it offers tremendous cost for the price.

How Many Minutes Should You Work out On a Treadmill?

Using a treadmill is a suitable and sufficient approach for torching calories and boosting heart health.

When you use a treadmill, you appear cardio or cardiovascular workout. This HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill is the sort of activity that elevates your coronary heart rate and causes you to break a sweat. The amount of time you consume at the treadmill relies upon your goals with schooling.


Your average time at the treadmill relies upon your desires.

Warm It Up

When you elevate weights or do cardiovascular workout routines, you have to start warm-up stretching or loosening your muscle tissues. Without a warm-up, you danger of muscular or connective tissue injury.

You can soar at the treadmill and use it for 5 to 10 minutes at low depth. This HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill will, step by step, increase your moderate body temperature and loosen your muscle tissues and joints.

Treadmill Health Benefits

Physical activity, which includes a treadmill workout, reduces your danger of developing continual conditions like excessive blood strain, high cholesterol, and diabetes. You need to exercise at a mild depth for at least half-hour full days of the week.

If you’re new to exercise, mild depth might handiest be a brisk walking pace. As your health improves, you may increase your depth by turning up the speed on the treadmill.

Average Time on a Treadmill

Average time on a treadmill will range based totally on your current fitness level and desires. For overweight individuals, on foot on a treadmill can help with weight loss. To get great results, you’ll likely want to exercise sessions for an extended amount of time than the simple 30-minute advice.

According to the gather for Disease Control and Prevention, one hundred fifty mins of the fairly-excessive cardio activity or seventy-five minutes of lively-depth interest in step with the week is vital to keep your current weight. Increase that number if you want to shed pounds.

If you no longer have enough time to do that in a single exercise, you may wreck it up into 3, 10-minute sessions consistent with the day and nevertheless experience equal advantages.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity c program language period schooling is an efficient form of exercise that mixes shorter labor periods with intermittent rest breaks. When you use the treadmill, you’ve got the option of changing the velocity to run faster and slower, or you could contain the incline feature.

When you increase the incline, you ought no longer to modify your speed. You will naturally have to run faster to hold up. Due to this workout’s sensitive nature, you handiest need to exercise for 20 mins to see favorable outcomes. Interval education burns a sizeable quantity of calories and improves cardio capacity. With a higher aerobic ability, you’ll have the potential to work out longer without turning into gasping.

Break It Up

If you are fresh to treadmill use or exercising or don’t have massive breaks in your schedule. Short bursts of exercise will nonetheless enhance essential health. If you make money working from home, try doing 5-minute exercises at some point of the day.

10 Treadmill Walking Mistakes to Avoid

Treadmill workouts are a super manner to get a cardio workout. To get the most maximum out of the time you spend treadmill walking, keep away from those common mistakes. Proper taking walks, shape, and posture are critical in preventing pain and stress. These recommendations will help you walk smoother and quicker, burn calories, and get the advantages of moderate-depth aerobic workouts for fitness and health.

Getting Onto the Treadmill

The first mistake is growing on a treadmill while the belt is transferring at full speed.

1.      Begin standing with one foot on each aspect of the treadmill.

2.      Clip the protection stop cord onto your frame, so it’s going to forestall the treadmill if you stumble.

3.      Spot the emergency forestall switch.

4.      Start the treadmill at a slow price of speed.

5.      Observe the rate and thoroughly get onto the shifting tread.

6.      Increase the velocity smoothly after you have been brought on board.

This HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill may additionally appear like pointless advice. However, many fitness center users are injured when the belt begins transferring at an excessive velocity suddenly.

Another treadmill safety issue is youngsters getting their hands and arms injured while playing around the treadmill’s return where the tread belt goes over the rollers. Keep children and pets faraway from a shifting treadmill.

Don’t Hold Onto the Handrail or Console

You might also want the assurance of holding onto the handrails for balance; however that isn’t always an herbal manner to stroll or run. You can’t use appropriately on foot posture or move the use of a great stride and arm movement if you are retaining onto the handrails.

Learn to allow of the handrails, even supposing it way on foot or jogging at a slower tempo for a few sessions. You will get a higher exercising at a slower tempo than you will at a faster tempo maintaining on.

Continue to apply the handrails when you have a substantial disability or balance problem. But consult with a trainer or bodily therapist for advice on acquiring precise foot posture even if you want to apply the handrails.

Avoid Hunching Your Shoulders and Looking Down

You are reinforcing terrible walking posture conduct if you are hunching your shoulders and looking right down to study, text, or watch films on the treadmill console. Must spend your time at the treadmill building the right posture habits, not contributing to the damage you already do to yourself the day’s relaxation.

Good walking posture is with the top up and eyes forward. If you want amusement while at the treadmill, role your video or analyzing fabric, so you are searching directly in advance at it, now not down or up.

Wrong taking walks posture at the treadmill can result in low lower backache, neck ache, and shoulder pain. It would not assist you in taking complete, whole breaths. It additionally reinforces the lousy sitting posture many human beings have from hours in front of the computer or TV.

Every few minutes at some stage in your exercising, give your shoulders a backward roll to check which you aren’t hunching them.

Avoid Leaning Forward

Proper on foot posture is upright, no longer leaning forward or backward.

To get into the perfect taking walks posture, take a moment earlier than you step onto the treadmill:

1.      Keep the abdominals engaged but preserve a neutral spine.

2.      Now, faux, you have got a string connected to the pinnacle of your head. Pull it upwards, so your top frame is lifted instantly up off your hips.

3.      Give your shoulders a humble role, so you know they are not hunched up.

4.      When you sense you have an immediate posture, get at the treadmill, and stroll.

5.      Remind yourself as you stroll to maintain this upright posture. Every time you exchange tempo or incline, check your posture once more.

Avoid Overstriding

When you over-stride, your front heel hits the ground a long way in front of your body. Many humans do that in an attempt to stroll faster. An overstride possible results in your foot hitting the treadmill’s show, which can help you journey or fall.

A right, speedy on-foot stride is just the alternative. Your front heel resists close to your body at the same time as your back foot remains on the ground longer to offer an effective push-off. This push-off inside the returned is what’s going to supply your on foot more incredible velocity and strength, and it’s going to paintings your muscle tissues higher to burn calories.

At first, you may want to shorten your stride and just take shorter steps. Then start concentrating on feeling your returned foot and getting a great push off with it with every step. Focus on this for several minutes every treadmill session until it will become extra acquainted. Soon you may be strolling quicker and less complicated.

Use Your Feet Actively

Are your toes just along for the trip? Do they simply slap down with each step and get dragged alongside?

The proper way to take a walking step is to strike with the heel in front while the rest of the ahead foot is barely off the floor. You then roll thru the grade from heel to toe. By the point the toe is on the floor, you’re midway into the subsequent stage, and the progressive foot is now the rear foot and geared up for the toe to offer you an excellent push off into your next step.

This collection of heel strike, roll thru, and push off with the toe is the handiest possible if your footwear is bendy. If you’re wearing stiff “on foot” shoes that are most effectively suitable for standing, you may not be able to roll via a step from heel to toe. Instead, the stiff shoe presses your foot to slap down. Your body might also have given up on even attempting, and your walking stride is more like a flat-footed stomping march.

To accurately it, take a couple of minutes for the duration of a strolling session to think about what your toes are doing. Are you seeming with the heel and rolling thru the step? Is your rear foot providing you with a push-off?

There are two matters to awareness on to exchange it

1.      Think that your ahead foot is displaying its sole to any person facing you.

2.      Concentrate on preserving the rear foot on the ground longer and giving that robust push off to reveal your shoe only to someone behind you.

If it’s miles impossible to try this on your present footwear, it’s time to buy higher, bendy taking walks/strolling footwear.

Use Your Arms

What do you do along with your arms in case you aren’t keeping onto the handrails? Your arms are the key to a top-notch on-foot exercise. With proper arm motion, you may go quicker and burn extra calories. You can help accurate a number of the shoulder and neck troubles you’ll be growing sitting on ahead the pc or TV all day.

1.      Bend your arms 90 degrees and possess them close to your body.

2.      Relax your shoulders—that is vital.

3.      Now attempt a touch choo-choo educate motion along with your palms, ahead and backward.

4.      Your palms flow contrary to each leg; one arm is ahead while the alternative portion is forward, even as the other is back.

5.      Concentrate on preserving extra of your arm motion in the back of your body, like you’re attaining for a wallet on your back pocket.

6.      When your arms come forward, hold that ahead stroke pretty brief. Forget any “speed walking” you have seen with people flinging their fingers to and fro or up in the front of your face.

7.      Your fingers can come forward diagonally but should not pass the midpoint.

8.      Your palms shouldn’t come up beyond your nipples.

The key’s that your legs most straightforward move as fast as your palms do. To speed up your legs, first, advance up your arm movement, and they’ll follow.

Learn Your Treadmill Features

There is stuff you ought to realize approximately any treadmill you’re going to use—how to turn it on and the way to turn it off. But if this is your place treadmill or one you frequently use at the health club, take a few minutes to get to realize its functions so that you can get the most out of it.

•        Incline: Most HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill treadmills have an incline feature. Adding incline will give you greater of a cardio exercising, boosting your heart fee. Check the instructions for your treadmill to discover how to exchange the pitch and get the blessings of treadmill incline exercises. Many treadmills have a few pre-programmed hill exercises. You will burn greater calories in line with a smile when on foot uphill.

The American College of Sports Medicine records that you increase your calories burned by way of about 12 percent for every one percentage of grades.

•        Speed Adjustment: Know how to fix the speed and boom it or lower it at some point of your workout. You will commonly need to begin at a leisurely pace to warm up for 3 to 5 mins and then grow for your favored workout tempo. Finish with a cooldown of three to five mins at a leisurely velocity.

•        Programmed Workouts: Varying your treadmill exercise is an incredible way to develop in fitness. Play with the applications furnished and find ones you may use to boost your workout routines.

•        Heart Rate Monitor or Pulse Monitor: Multiple treadmills have a pulse monitor, each in a grip or clip. This HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill can provide you with remarks on your heart price, although you could also see a few bizarre effects if you do not connect it properly. A chest strap coronary heart rate screen is extra correct, and many treadmills are set up to communicate with them. See if your HCI Fitness RTM RehabMill has heart-charge managed workouts.

•        Personal Workout History: Some treadmills keep your information to see totals and how you have advanced.

•        Calories Burned: The energy you burn depends upon your weight, so regularly, you are brought on to enter it. Tell the fact that you burn fewer calories according to a mile in case you weigh much less. However, be warned that often treadmill energy reported are at odds with what you notice in your fitness band, and so on.

•        Apps: 10 Treadmill Walking Mistakes to Avoid – Verywell Fit. https://www.verywellfit.com/treadmill-walking-mistakes-to-avoid-3436655 treadmills link to an app you may use to store your exercise records, earn badges, and feed into different apps.

Don’t Go Too Fast

Go only as fast as you may pass while nonetheless maintaining the right strolling posture and form. If you find yourself over striding, leaning ahead, or hunching your shoulders, then go into reverse the rate till you’re at a pace in which you can stroll efficaciously.

Why now not try walking? If you watched, you aren’t getting an excellent workout taking walks on the treadmill. However, your strolling shape is horrific at better speeds; add going for walks durations to your exercise. Running will come up with more powerful bursts of better coronary heart charge and exchange in your shape.

Running Interval Treadmill Workout

1.      Warm-up at a clean tempo for three to five minutes.

2.      Increase your strolling velocity to the pace at that you are going speedy; however, nonetheless can keep proper taking walks form.

3.      Now start a jog and growth the speed to suit you’re going for walks pace.

4.      Jog for 1 to 3 mins.

5.      Return to your speedy walking tempo for 3 to 5 minutes.

6.      Jog for 1 to 3 minutes.

7.      Repeat until the quilt of your exercise, and end with three to five mins at a smooth strolling tempo to settle down.

Challenge Yourself

If you find yourself growing on the treadmill every day and doing the identical antique exercising, it’s miles in all likelihood you are not enhancing your fitness as an awful lot as you may. Your frame has tailored in your usual exercising and may not exchange except you supply it a purpose to exchange.

Your workouts need to vary through intensity, length, frequency, and exercise mode to obtain more fitness.

•        Intensity: Add depth using increasing the incline or the velocity.

•        Duration: Increase the moment you spend on the treadmill. If you have spent 30 minutes at the treadmill for several weeks, bump it as much as 45 mins for at least one consultation in line with the week. After multiple weeks, could you take it as much as 60 mins?

•        Frequency: Once you’re used to treadmill strolling, you may do it each day of the week. Walking at an energetic pace for 30 to 60 mins most days of the week, or a total of 150 to 300 minutes consistent with the week, is recommended to reduce health risks. If you do more difficult foot exercises at the treadmill and generally skip a day, upload clean walks on the off days.

•        Type of Exercise: Try strolling on the treadmill to trade it up. It’s even better to exchange using the exercise bike, rowing system, or stair climber. Add weight training, circuit training, or anything you can experience and get your frame moving in new guidelines.

A Word from Bike Marts

Now that you realize the fundamentals of a good treadmill on foot form put them to apply. The treadmill is a better common approach to getting an aerobic workout because it’s miles handy. It removes excuses about walking exterior in hot, bloodless, or wet weather. Still, you will need to set desires and get into the habit of using the treadmill to get all of its health and health blessings.

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