Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

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Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is almost identical in terms of functions and abilities to the Schwinn 230. However, there are a few variations between those fashions, although each of these motorcycles has plenty to provide in phrases of skills and luxury. In this manner, this is what the R614 from Nautilus can accomplish for you.

Although Nautilus doesn’t directly provide too many recumbent bikes, the two models R616 and R614 beneath their logo call, are maximum without a doubt fitness center-first-class exercise bikes.

Specialized Details and Specs

• Assembled measurements: 65.3L x 28.3W x 49.6H inches (166L x 72W x 126H cm)

• Product weight: eighty-four.two lbs (38.2 kg)

• Supported weight: three hundred lbs (136 kg)

• Handlebars: Fixed, with pulse sensors

• Seat: Adjustable

• Pedals: With straps

• Brakes: Eddy current

• Resistance: Adjustable, 20 levels

• Progress monitoring console: 22 exercise packages, two consumer profiles, goal tracking

• Bottle/Cup holder: Yes

• Speakers: Incorporated inside the console

• Fan: 3-speed, incorporated inside the reassure

• Guarantee: Frame 10 years/Parts 2 years/Electronics 1 year/Labor ninety days

Best Suited to Whom?

Recumbent Bikes offer expanded consolation and back help while compared to the Upright workout bikes and are suitable for the customers aiming for cozy and cozy aerobic exercises. Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is a home use Exercise Bike that offers professional capabilities at a low price.

And it is satisfactory desirable for finances-aware customers. The motorcycle comes with higher pre-set programs and consumer profiles than many other models in its fee variety, providing a broader user preference. The vented seat with again assists the avid-users aim for staying power education.


The Nautilus 614 features a one-piece, steel-made body, with a professional and attractive design. Sturdiness and stability are of the characteristics perfectly mixed inside the body of this bike. It honestly makes it to help customers up to 300 lbs (136 kg). The front base of the frame features delivery wheels, to facilitate the relocation of the motorbike. The rear floor geared up with levelers, and an extended manage, for less complicated lifting and adjusting on the front wheels, during transportation, while assembled. The body rail also includes a leveler, to maximize stability.

Drive and brake gadget

The drive mechanism of this recumbent exercise bike capabilities as a massive alternative pulley, virtually bigger in diameter than the flywheel; to this issue, pedaling is steadier and less demanding on the joints. The crank arms also are steel-made, very stable, finished with well-known pedals, with toe straps.

The motorbike is ready with an excessive-inertia, perimeter weighted flywheel, which adds to the pedaling’s smoothness. The pulley is hooked up to the flywheel thru a heavy-obligation belt, ensuing in a tranquil experience.

The brake gadget of this bike involves a new eddy brake. This Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike means you have to connect the motorbike to an energy source, to alter the resistance degrees. There are 20 resistance tiers available, and their adjustment is accomplished strictly via the console. The package includes the energy adapter for this motorcycle. It’s a 120V 60Hz AC Input, 9VDC, 1.5A output AC strength adapter, designed to shape any American-kind power outlet.


Even though this motorbike’s seat is a product of rugged plastic, with none cushioning, the consolation lies within its design. It’s delicately contoured to fit the person’s legs without inflicting any discomfort. The lower back support also functions as an ergonomic design, providing a healthful posture. Both the seat backside and again vented, reducing the seat’s overheating, which may also pose a critical soreness for a few customers, the seat bottom is 17″ huge and 12″ in-depth, presenting plenty of room for a comfy exercise.

The bike’s seat functions as an adjusting rail machine, It can be adjusted horizontally (nicely, optically) so that you can offer adequate legroom for the consumer’s exercise. It can accommodate users among four’11” (150 cm) and 6’4″ (193 cm). Nonetheless, you could also use this motorcycle if you’re taller than that, however in this situation, even on the best seat placing you received to get an entire leg stretch, which can be essential on your exercising.


Both front and seat handlebars cushioned with elastic foam, an excellent grip, and an ergonomic layout for optimum consolation. The recumbent handlebars completed with coronary heart price sensors, information transferred to the motorbike’s console. Especially in a recumbent bike that typically endorses for rehabilitation exercises, heart charge sensors are a must because the consumer can be required to remain within a particular heart rate c language in any respect time. The separation between the supine handlebars is 22″ (fifty-six cm), giving plenty of room for an at ease posture even for bulkier customers.


The console of this motorbike includes pretty several other capabilities along with the progress monitoring computer. It has a three-velocity fan, absolutely excellent when running out in extreme heat conditions, or at some stage in high depth pedaling.

Two sealed acoustic audio systems are another exceptional feature to have at the motorcycle’s console. These cast-off the inconvenience of carrying earphones in any respect time, in case you want to concentrate on your music while operating out. The speakers are pretty useful for this sort of small machine, and the sound rendered is crystal-clean. They can link to just about any device that may assist in tune, MP3 gamers, iPods, smartphones, etc.

The console also prepares with a tablet tray, so you can region your pill over and surf the net, view your favorite streams, or pay attention to music online. The pill tray can serve as an e-book holder if you want to study while you are exercising. The tablet covers only the pinnacle LCD screen, leaving the lower one still seen so that you can even see your energy, time, and distance blanketed.

When it involves development optimizing and monitoring, the laptop of the Nautilus 614 is quite flexible. It features 22 workout applications, such as nine profile, 8 for heart charge, two health tests, two customs, and one low beginning. It tracks distance, time, calories, RPM, pace, pulse, and coronary heart price. It has an aim and achievement function, which can also function as an excellent motivation issue.

The motorcycle’s resistance levels controlled via the console, You can trade the resistance steadily, but there are also ten keys for quick resistance adjustment.

The console unit can aid two-person profiles, with unique program settings, characteristic great to have if two humans use the machine, or in case you want to quick exchange between applications also, objectives.

At last, comfort has a USB port, which permits you to export your exercise statistics, and add it to Nautilus Connect or MyFitnessPal. These web sites give you the possibility to analyze your facts in numerous methods. You can also discover masses of information regarding weight loss plan and exercise, an excellent way to assist you in obtaining better results.

Assembly and Maintenance

The seat rail device and the brake and pressure mechanisms already assemble and connected to the motorbike’s mainframe, so you don’t have to fear approximately any high-tech meeting technique. All you have to attach are body bases, pedals, seat frame and the bike’s seat, the front handlebar post, and the console on the pinnacle of it. The container includes the user’s guide, which manuals you grade by grade via the assembly undertaking and the gear for the meeting covered with the field.

The preservation of this motorcycle does not require plenty. Since it’s an eddy brake machine, the pads do now not come in touch with the flywheel; consequently, their put on and tear is mostly 0. You ought not to fear about changing them, ever. The transmission belt is a long way from being a feeble part, making to final an existence time. And for a reason that motorcycle is belt-pushed, you don’t must fear about periodical greasing, specific to chain-pushed motorcycles. All motorcycle’s parts come pre-lubricated and don’t require any additional greasing.

The most effective protection this motorbike without a doubt calls for, is retaining it easy of dust and dirt, and maintaining the console freed from any spills.

Solace and Ease of Use

About convenience, there aren’t tons to stated. You indeed plug the motorbike in, seat yourself at ease, and begin pedaling. Operating the console and juggling with the packages is likewise relatively straightforward, plus the manual covers it in an element.

The seat design to offer all the comfort required for a recumbent motorbike, Center back favors a healthy posture, supplying a company, and ergonomic support. The consolation of the seat enriches through the vented layout, which prevents the heart from overheating.

Several other functions add as much as the consolation stage of this motorbike, and Not all exercise motorcycles offer a tablet or a book. The Nautilus 614 does. Fan and sound machines are also factors that increase the level of comfort of this motorbike. The field also includes a cup/bottle holder to make sure you hold your hydration to hand.

Due to the belt-power machine, this motorcycle could be very quiet. Therefore, you could make sure you gainers intrude with the consolation of others, either.

What’s best about This Bike?

It abandons declaring that one of the excellent factors approximately this bike is its price/nice ratio. The Nautilus 614 is a fitness center-rated exercise motorbike, offering quite an array of functions and abilities, for a low-cost rate.

The multifunctional console of this bike is, without a doubt, any other plus. It has tons more to offer than your average, fundamental bike computer. Not most effective tracks distance, pace, RPM, energy, time, and pulse. It also gives a nice variety of programs to choose from, has a purpose monitoring function, and two consumer profiles.

There are 20 resistance ranges in this motorcycle, and the very best ones are as an alternative tough, permitting excessive-depth workout routines as nicely.

The motorbike offers numerous add-ons that different motorcycles on this rate range do now not have, such sound system, three velocity fan, and of course, the possibility to export your schooling data to Nautilus Connect or MyFitnessPal.

It’s a renovation-unfastened system. You mustn’t alternate brake pads, or lubricate any components periodically.

Finally, like all Nautilus products, this specific stationary motorbike comes with a health guarantee plan.


Although it’s a fantastic workout motorbike, the storage area may be a hassle about this motorcycle. It’s quite a prolonged model, over 65″ (165 cm) long, and over 28″ (seventy-one cm) huge, to take pretty a chunk of space.

Also, the disadvantage of any motorcycle with an eddy brake device is that it doesn’t give you entry to any of the resistance degrees unless the motorbike it’s plugged in. This Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike shouldn’t be plenty of a hassle, although.


• 10 years body warranty, two-year components assurance, 1-year electronics assurance & 90-day hard work warranty.

• No sounds even as an exercise

• Easy cleaning

• Easy transportation

• Media shelf for amusement

• Water bottle holder

• 20 resistance tiers


• Speakers aren’t very loud

• There is no lower back-mild in the display, so maybe a little tough to see in darker locations.

How Does the R614 Compare to the Rest of the Nautilus Exercise Bikes?

The R614 and the U614 are the base fashions in their respective collection, so although they have lots to offer, they lack many functions and capabilities that the upper stage models have.

Still, you may not want that added functionality, so take a look at what you are getting to help you make a more generous knowledgeable selection.

Nautilus R614

With the entry-stage model, you get 22 built-in workouts, 20 resistance tiers, an 18 lb: flywheel, two-person profiles, pulse heart rate capability, and a max user weight of 300 pounds.

Nautilus R616

The step-up R616 recumbent gives you a touch more of the entirety, including 29 exercises, 25 resistance ranges, and a 22 lb—flywheel and wireless heart price functionality.

It additionally gives you tracking functionality through Bluetooth, something the base R614 model does now not offer and upgraded seats, pedals, and grips.

Nautilus R618

With the top of the collection R618, the whole thing is upgraded, with more significant-top rate pedals, handlebars, and a gel-infused cushioned seat.

It has a more massive 30 lb. Flywheel for smoother, quieter motion and the organization consists of a loose wireless chest strap for coronary heart fee tracking.  It’s also sturdier/more massive than the R614 and R616, with a better max weight capacity of 325 lbs. In preference to three hundred lbs. On the others.

Comparing the R614 vs. the R616 and R618, you could see that it’s far extra of a newbie/access level model than the others, built for lighter use via one or individuals.

For more massive use, the R616 and R618 are in all likelihood better alternatives for you, as they are greater long lasting recumbent bikes.  They additionally have workout tracking functionality that an increasing number of customers are demanding in recent times.

The correct news is that each of the Nautilus exercise bikes is very inexpensive, and there’s only some hundred dollar distinction among the base R614 and pinnacle of the road R618.

The same is genuine for the upright variations if this is something that pastimes you.


The Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike is the most comprehensive supine bicycles that you could discover for the time being. It’s an entirely sturdy, healthy, and secure workout bike with a pretty successful development monitoring console. Not simplest, it may serve as an excellent workout machine for rehabilitation exercise, leg muscle toning, or maintaining an exquisite cardiovascular shape; it’s additionally a bike that allows you to use up to 400-450 energy consistent with exercise session. It’s a gym-excellent piece of the system, super funding to your destiny fitness.

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