YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

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YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Regarding the genuinely reasonable YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike, you have a lot of choices to browse. Barely any brands have become as well known as Yosuda has.

YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike has acquired a severe following on locales like Amazon, which is very much an accomplishment given the number of modest, conventional indoor cycles you’ll track down there.

From the outset, it’s not difficult to see why this Yosuda bicycle has become so well known.

Besides the cost of well under $300, it’s pressing a weighty flywheel, a belt drive framework, and a completely customizable seat.

In light of everything, I concur it brings a ton to the table for such a reasonable cycle. Yet, like any bicycle in this cost range, it also has its reasonable portion of disadvantages.

In this survey, I’ll go over every one of the critical specs and elements the famous Yosuda cycle brings to the table.

In the wake of perusing, you’ll know all that you want to choose for yourself whether this bicycle merits putting resources into.

The Yosuda Indoor Stationary Cycling Bike (YB001)

Yosuda bike is a genuinely new brand, just beginning quite a while back, yet they’ve positively become well known in that time.

The star of their setup is the indoor cycle we’re here to discuss today; however, they appear to be progressively extending their setup; they’ve, as of late, added an under-work area bicycle and a flexible hand weight, yet I have an inclination we’ll be seeing more from them later on.

There are 2 Yosuda cycles accessible: the YB001 and the YB007A.

It isn’t easy to differentiate between these bicycles by appearance or name, yet the YB007A accompanies a couple of inconspicuous redesigns over the YB001.

Furthermore, since they cost the same thing, I think it checks out to go with the YB007A, yet erring on that a little.

The YB001 is their unique indoor cycle, and the one’s acquired a lot of prominence on Amazon.

That is somewhat of a misrepresentation; this Yosuda cycle is, at present, the smash-hit practice bicycle on Amazon (indeed, at the hour of composing this, at any rate).

Which is an incredible accomplishment, given how much content there is, furthermore; in addition to the fact that it sells; however it’s been getting rave audits from clients.

I’ll be straightforward I, for the most part, disregard the modest, conventional-looking cycles; however, given its degree of notoriety, I figured it was the ideal opportunity to investigate what Yosuda brought to the table.

Thus, off we go.


•       Truly reasonable

•       35 lb flywheel

•       Belt drive train

•       Completely movable seat

•       Multi-hold handlebars

•       Fundamental LCD screen included

•       Conservative, simple to move


•       Lightweight edge

•       270 lb weight limit

•       Exceptionally short guarantee


Regarding turn bicycles, it’s not difficult to get out of hand with flywheel loads (myself included).

It’s by and large a fact that for most bicycles, having a heavier flywheel is something to be thankful for because they will generally give a smoother feel-more weight rises to more energy, which helps keep the flywheel moving, staying away from any off-kilter periods of the pedal stroke.

However, nowadays, essentially all indoor cycles accompany weighty flywheels.

What’s more, by “weighty,” I’m discussing flywheels nonchalantly weighing 30 – 40+ lb.

In all honesty, this is turning into the standard for significantly reasonable cycles. This YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is something extraordinary for us since that implies a great deal of these suitable bicycles will give a smooth exercise.

However, there’s something else to a bicycle’s obstruction framework besides the flywheel.

You ought to likewise believe what kind of instrument is being matched with that flywheel to make the obstruction.

Turning bicycles will be either a rubbing brake or an attractive framework.

All bicycles in this cost range (under $300) will accompany a grinding slowing mechanism since this is the more reasonable choice of the 2.

With a grinding brake, you have a brake or the like (generally made from felt) that is pushed against the turning flywheel to make the opposition.

Pushing the brake cushion further against the flywheel increments obstruction while pulling it away lessens it.

These frameworks enjoy the benefit of offering “limitless” opposition levels since you can turn the dial in tiny additions to tweak your force level.

However, they don’t will more often than not be close to as smooth as attractive opposition frameworks, which use magnets to make the obstruction.

Besides, with felt cushions, you need to supplant them intermittently, which is undoubtedly not a confounded strategy or anything, yet it’s even more support than is expected for attractive frameworks.

Because of this foundation data, we should, at long last, get to the Yosuda cycle.

The YB001 accompanies a 35 lb flywheel, which is effectively sufficiently weighty to give a smooth pedal movement, so no worries there.

What’s more, true to form, this bicycle uses a felt grinding brake obstruction framework, which isn’t something terrible; however, it implies you’ll be liable for supplanting that felt cushion depending on the situation (Yosuda incorporates an additional cushion with the buy, which is excellent).

I favor the vibe of an attractive framework; however, once more, you can’t anticipate attractive obstruction in this cost range.

Also, clients are, for the most part, exceptionally content with the vibe of the YB001 during use.

Obstruction on this bicycle is effortlessly changed by turning the red opposition dial in front, which goes about as a crisis brake to prevent the flywheel from turning when pushed down.

Since this is an erosion brake bicycle, there are no obstruction levels, so you’ll need to rely upon a feel to check the power of your exercises.

Generally, I think the Yosuda cycle scores exceptionally in this office. It accompanies an erosion brake opposition framework. On the other hand, it’s pressing a weighty flywheel (and I like that they toss in an additional felt cushion so you’ll be arranged when you want it).

Outline of YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

A bicycle’s obstruction framework is vital; however, its edge is also.

A quality bicycle should accompany a safe casing that feels stable during rides- particularly in the event you anticipate standing and moving against higher protections.

Appearances can be deceiving, making it hard to judge how “uncompromising” a bicycle is without stepping through it for an exam turn first.

The most effective way to get an objective thought, in any case, is to take a gander at the bicycle’s collected endlessly weight limit; seeing more significant numbers in these 2 specs will demonstrate a heavier-obligation outline.

The Yosuda cycle accompanies a collected load of 73 lb, which is exceptionally lightweight considering, in a real sense, half of that weight is coming from the flywheel alone.

For examination, the famous Schwinn IC3 tips the scales at 100 lb – and its flywheel is just 5 lb heavier than the Yosuda.

The IC3 additionally costs 2x so much.

There are reasons suitable bicycles are more reasonable, and lightweight casings are one of them.

Continuing, the Yosuda accompanies a weight-breaking point of 270 lb, which is likewise lower than the 300 lb limit we see on many indoor cycles.

Once more, this is a marker that this is a lighter-weight bicycle that most ideal for more modest clients.

In general, taking a gander at this bicycle’s collected endlessly weight limit shows us this is a lightweight cycle – more significantly, people should think about a bulkier bicycle.

Seat of YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Most indoor cycles accompany standard street bicycle situates that are firm and genuinely awkward. This YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is only one of the bits of insight about indoor cycling, so there isn’t much to say regarding it.

The seat on the Yosuda cycle is milder, and that’s just the beginning “cushiony” than your standard bicycle seats.

Thus, on the off possibility that you’re keen on a more agreeable seat, this is something to be thankful for. Regardless, if you’re looking to all the more carefully mirror the vibe of riding outside, you probably won’t see the value in the gentler seat.

Numerous clients appear to track down the seat very open to during exercises (which is astonishing for any twist bicycle), yet it’s something emotional, so everybody’s somewhat unique.

The significant, exciting point with the seat is that it’s completely flexible, meaning you can change both the level and the flat (front/rearward) position.

This YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike is critical to ensure you can find an open riding position.

Generally, the YB001 scores exceptionally with its more agreeable than expected, utterly customizable seat.

Handlebars of YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

All things considered, there isn’t much to say regarding a bicycle’s handlebars.

In any case, I would like to specify that the YB001 accompanies multi-hold handles that permit you to change your grasp during your exercises, contingent upon your riding position.

Most people will utilize the wide grasps while standing and the tighter holds when situated; however, it depends on you.

The handlebars aren’t entirely flexible; you can change the level, not the front/toward the back position.

I don’t think this arrangement is that large (my Peloton doesn’t have completely adjustable handlebars either). Yet, Yosuda’s promotion is a piece deceiving when they say the handlebars are “2 way customizable).

I suppose having the option to go both all over is “2 way, ” yet there is no difference either way.

Generally speaking, not really exceptional happening in this office.

Pedals of YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

Turn bicycles can accompany pedals intended to be utilized with shoes (toe enclosures) or spikes of fluctuating plans.

A few bicycles will likewise accompany double viable pedals, which have a toe confine on one side and fit viable on the other.

The YB001 accompanies toe confines, meaning you don’t need to stress over buying riding spikes to utilize this bicycle.

If you have spikes or are keen on getting some, it wouldn’t be challenging to trade the pedals out for your preferred ones.

Coincidentally, riding with spikes enjoys its benefits.

Being associated with the pedals permits you to successfully pedal all the more productively and arrive at those quicker rhythms.

Console of YOSUDA Indoor Cycling Bike

We shouldn’t expect much from a bicycle in this cost range regarding the control center (or even anticipate that the bicycle should accompany one that way).

However, the Yosuda cycle accompanies a little LCD screen that can follow your exercise time, distance, speed, and calories copied.

The screen isn’t illuminated, so it will not have the best deceivability in hazier lighting circumstances. Using the same token, it isn’t viable with any Bluetooth or pulse-checking gadgets.

There additionally aren’t any exercise projects or any such thing.

No, a straightforward presentation will show your exercises’ essential measurements.

There’s likewise a little tablet holder, yet a few people have grumbled that it’s not large enough to hold a standard tablet safely.

This control center is essential; however, it’s not all bad at the cost.


While looking for cycles in this cost range, we shouldn’t anticipate much in the guarantee division, and the Yosuda cycle is no particular case.

Yosuda offers the accompanying guarantee on the YB001:

•       1-year parts

No doubt that is a sorry guarantee, but rather that is how it goes with bicycles in this cost range, sadly.

They likewise offer a multi-day merchandise exchange under any condition and short transportation costs.

In any case, the truly short guarantee is undoubtedly one of the most significant disadvantages of this bicycle.

, in addition to assuming you generally dislike your bicycle, you’ll be working with the client care division in China, which can represent its calculated issues.

Last Considerations

Okay, that is all I have concerning the Yosuda Indoor Cycle.

In light of everything, I think this is a very decent purchase.

I hate rubbing brake bicycles, yet that is what you get with any bicycle in this cost range. However, I truly appreciate that this cycle accompanies a decent weighty flywheel, a belt drive, and a completely customizable seat.

Because of the lightweight casing and low weight limit, I agree that this bicycle is more qualified for more modest people…

Goodness, which reminds me, I disregarded the other Yosuda cycle!

The YB007A is the redesigned variant of the YB001, and it accompanies a 40 lb flywheel, a 330 lb weight limit, and a heavier collected load of 86 lb.

The YB007A is typically about $65 more costly; however, as I’m composing this, Amazon has it marked down at precisely the exact cost as the YB001.

I would agree that the YB007A merits an additional couple of bucks at any rate; however, if they’re a similar value, it’s an easy decision.

Considering these bicycles’ staggering ubiquity and execution specs, I think either Yosuda cycle is a decent choice in the $300 cost range.

Yet, the updated YB007A is a superior choice if you were to ask me.

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