Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike

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Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike

Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike is one of the models delivered in 2014; it’s as yet accessible now. It’s a spin bike activity bicycle made for home use yet offers the strength and solace of essentially a light-business bicycle. It is accessible with two sorts of control centers, the Go model and the Track Associate model. Here, we will address the Existence Wellness part number RS1-XX00-0105G, which accompanies the control center.

Key Elements and Details

•       Gathered aspects: 66.5L x 25.5W x 51.5H inches (169L x 65W x 131H cm)

•       Collected weight: 133 lbs (61 kg)

•       Upheld weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

•       Opposition: Mechanized attractive, 20 levels

•       Drive: Belt

•       Console: 1 manual program, 12 pre-set programs, 2 custom projects, 2 client profiles, race mode

•       Additional items: Gadget holder, bottle holder

•       Guarantee: Edge lifetime/Parts 5 years/Control center 3 years/Work 1 year

Outline development

The Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike includes an uncompromising steel outline joining round and hollow, and oval cylinders in its development. The leading case is the seat change rail made of expelled aluminum. Likewise, the drive framework covers are made of solid thermoplastic material. All the steel tubes necessary for the bicycle’s edge are twofold and covered with a consumption-safe paint finish; the variety utilized is dull dark, this being the leading tone accessible for this bicycle model.

The bicycle’s edge has a stage-through plan with an enormous hole between the drive unit and the seat segment. Although this might appear as an immaterial viewpoint, it very well may be critical for clients with specific handicaps as it permits simple admittance to the seat.

Contrasted with other supine bicycles like the Weslo G 3.1, the Existence Wellness RS1 is somewhat cumbersome. With every one of the parts gathered, it is approx. 66.5″ (169 cm) long, and 25.5″ (65 cm) wide. Also, permit no less than two feet of leeway surrounding it for straightforward entry, and safe usage is suggested.

The Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike is additionally extensively weighty. Its net weight is 133 lbs (61 kg). Accordingly, the vehicle of the bundled unit and its unpacking requires two individuals. When the bicycle is wholly collected, it can undoubtedly be moved by just a single individual. Its front base incorporates a bunch of little wheels. Likewise, both base stabilizers include flexible levelers with enormous elastic cushions, so putting and utilizing the bicycle on a flexible mat isn’t essential.

Seat and handlebars

The Existence Wellness RS1 Go prostrate bicycle is outfitted with a seat for the most extreme solace. The two-seat and backrest cushion incorporates a liberal layer of froth padding. Their covers are made of solid vinyl material, which is likewise resistant to dampness and simple to keep up with.

The seat has a strong steel outline and is evaluated for a most extreme client weight cutoff of 300 lbs (136 kg). It slides on a thick rail highlighting different change positions. The bicycle ought to have the option to oblige quickly, clients somewhere in the range of 5’0″ and 6’2″ (153 – 188 cm). Taller people ought to, in any case, have the option to utilize this bicycle, but they may not profit from a full-leg expansion.

The changing framework utilizes a switch, not a handle. With this Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike, you can undoubtedly open and once again lock the seat to the ideal situation without standing up from it. It’s vital to refer to, however, that the backrest doesn’t have point flexibility. Just the RS3 model has a backrest leaning back include.

The has one bunch of handlebars that are appended to the seat gathering. They have short holds with elastic froth sleeves for further developed contact. They additionally incorporate heartbeat sensors, and the control center can screen your heartbeat, assuming you clutch them.

Dissimilar to the RS3 model, the Existence Wellness RS1 bicycle doesn’t have standard handlebars on its front segment. Notwithstanding, it has a helper handle that you can clutch to perform inclined forward accelerating meetings.

Obstruction and drive

The Existence Wellness RS1 prostrate bicycle includes a mechanized attractive opposition framework. This Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike implies you want to associate it with a power source to change the opposition. It likewise implies that the bicycle can change the obstruction naturally. An Air conditioner connector is incorporated with the bicycle.

The bicycle’s opposition framework comprises a servo engine and an attractive brake. The engine is associated with both the control center and the brake. Consequently, when you change the obstruction from the control center or when a program is being used, it changes the magnets’ draw on the flywheel, increasing or diminishing the opposition.

There are 20 degrees of obstruction accessible. The initial not many levels convey a genuinely light pedal strain. On the other hand, the most noteworthy obstruction levels recreate a sloping climb and proposition the likelihood of playing out a greater exercise.

The bicycle’s inward flywheel is edge weighted for further developed dormancy. Its substantial weight isn’t determined; however, considering the bicycle weighs 133 lbs (61 kg), the flywheel likely weighs between 20-30 lbs (9 – 13.6 kg). It is also bi-directional. This way, you can pedal backward if needed, yet drifting is preposterous.

The bicycle is outfitted with a 3-piece crankset, including level steel arms. The included pedals are weighted, so they generally self-level when you eliminate your feet from them. They likewise have flexible lashes, which can be an or more for clients with specific handicaps as they offer the likelihood to get your feet on the pedals during exercise meetings.

To wrap up, the Existence Wellness RS1 practice bicycle is outfitted with a belt drive framework. This Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike, its transmission doesn’t need grease. It likewise creates less vibration than a chain drive and adds to the general perfection and quietness of the ride.

Console of Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike

As we’ve referenced, this Life Wellness RS1 bicycle variant accompanies the control center model, which offers a mid-scope of highlights yet doesn’t have an online network. It is outfitted with an LCD show with Drove backdrop illumination separated into different sub-areas to show however many exercise measurements as could reasonably be expected on the double. It tracks time, distance, speed, pulse, target pulse, calories consumed, Mets, and RPM. Speed and distance can be set either to English or Metric units. The beat perusing capability works with the incorporated sensors and a small HR chest lash with the bicycle.

Although the control center doesn’t have Bluetooth availability and isn’t viable with any wellness applications, it has a few implicit projects to persuade you. It, first of all, has a Manual program that permits you to make opposition changes as you like during your exercise. Second of all, there are 12 pre-set programs with various portion designs for different kinds of exercises. For instance, some have a slope design, while others include a stretch format.

The control center likewise has two custom projects, a race mode, and two client profiles. Every custom program permits you to make your section profiles and once again use them each time you like. The Race mode is accessible for a few of the pre-set programs. It offers the likelihood of race against the PC. Lastly, the client profiles permit up to two clients two save their information like weight, age, level, and so on for a superior calorie perusing.

The control center doesn’t have speakers or a cooling fan, yet it incorporates a gadget holder. This Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bikecomprises a little rack under the unit’s presentation on which you can put your cell phone or tablet. Be that as it may, the control center has no connectors, such as an AUX or USB port for your gadget.

Get together and Support

The entire body of the bicycle comes pre-collected. You have to join the two base stabilizers, the seat, the pedals, the front pole of the bicycle, the handlebars, and the control center. This Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike might require as long as an hour of your time, yet the errand is somewhat straightforward. Likewise, all of the apparatuses vital for the gathering are incorporated, and the manual gives clear get-together guidelines.

For upkeep, you need to keep the bicycle clean and wipe the sweat that might fall on the casing toward the finish of your exercise. The interior parts don’t need grease. It is additionally prescribed to occasionally assess the bicycle to ensure that every one of the parts is working appropriately and every one of the bolts holds tight in their places.

The Pros of Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike

•       Solid development – can uphold clients up to 300 lbs;

•       Proficient plan, like supine business bicycles;

•       Enormous padded seat;

•       Beat sensors coordinated into the seat handlebars;

•       Weighted pedals with movable lashes for additional solidness;

•       Mechanized attractive opposition – 20 levels;

•       Multi-capability console with an illuminated LCD show;

•       12 pre-set programs;

•       2 custom projects;

•       2 client profiles;

•       Race mode;

•       Objective settings for distance, calories, and pulse;

•       HR chest lashes included;

•       Gadget holder included;

•       Bottle holder included;

•       Little upkeep required;

•       Quick and simple to set up;

•       All the essential gathering apparatuses are incorporated;

•       awesome guarantee.

The Cons of Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike

•       No internet-based network;

•       No Bluetooth capability;

•       A tablet on the gadget holder might cover the control center showcase.

Outline of Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike

The Life Fitness RS1 Go Recumbent Bike is made for home use. It is outfitted with a 20-level mechanized attractive obstruction framework, a high-solace seat, and a control center with numerous exercise programs. It’s an activity bicycle for clients, all things considered, for light to serious cardio preparation, recuperation preparing, muscle conditioning, endurance improvement, and weight reduction.

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