VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike

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VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike

The VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike is one of the indoor cycling bikes released in 2020. It’s an alternatively small bike compared to other fashions, but it’s built quite correctly and has to be capable of resisting most kinds of spin workouts. It additionally has a unique production than the standard spin motorcycle, offering a perfectly vertical seat publish, which reminds of a good motorcycle.

Key Features and Specifications

•        Assembled dimensions: 35.2L x 20W x forty 7.6H inches (90L x 51W x 121H cm)

•        Shipping weight: 53 lbs (24 kg)

•        Flywheel weight: 18 lbs (8.1 kg)

•        Supported weight: 286 lbs (130 kg)

•        Seat: 4-manner adjustable

•        Drive mechanism: Belt

•        Resistance: Friction

•        Wellness meter: Time, speed, distance, odometer, energy, test, dreams

•        Extras: Device holder, bottle holder

•        Warranty: 1 yrs. confined

Frame production

The VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike features a triangular frame combining oval and rectangular metal tubing in its construction. The most crucial frame features a black paint end at the same time as the seat and handlebar posts are painted in mild grey. The flywheel is chrome-plated. The paint coating is double-layered for progressed corrosion resistance and chip resistance.

Of route, the motorbike additionally integrates numerous elements made from a durable thermoplastic fabric. The maximum superb ones are the belt’s duvet and the flywheel’s aspect covers.

This VIGBODY workout motorcycle is considerably much less cumbersome than other spin motorcycles, together with the pooboo D770 or the DERACY version. It is most effective 35.2″ (ninety cm) long and 20″ (fifty-one cm) wide, so it ought to suit pretty nicely even into a small room. Nevertheless, it is recommended to allow some toes of clearance all around it for unhindered utilization and ease of getting entry.

The motorcycle is not too heavy. The packaged unit weighs approx. 53 lbs (24 kg), so most spartan one man or woman can carry it. It is straightforward to transport once it’s miles assembled as the front base stabilizer has two small wheels. Also, both base stabilizers combine adjustable levelers.

Seat and handlebars

The VIGBODY HL-M01 comes with an excessive-consolation saddle. To begin with, this saddle is pretty massive, so it provides masses of the touch surface. It incorporates a thick layer of froth padding and has two suspension springs on the rear, which allow it to conform higher to the rider’s movement at some point of exercising. Plus, it has a massive cutout inside the center for progressed breathability.

The seat is four-manner adjustable (up, down, front, returned). Its good put-up has 6 adjustment positions even as its horizontal slider gives some extra inches of the front-to-returned adjustment. Therefore, the motorcycle must accommodate customers between 4’11” and 6’0″ (150 – 183 cm). Taller users ought to use this bike; however, they may not benefit from a complete leg extension. Also, the motorcycle is rated for a maximum person weight restrict of 286 lbs (130 kg).

One ultimate aspect of saying here about the motorbike’s seat regards its attachment machine. The covered saddle capabilities a collar-kind connection system that is pretty general. Therefore, if you ever need to update it, it should have well-suited options in any bike keep.

The motorcycle is geared up with a multi-grip handlebar. It offers the opportunity to undertake a hiking grip, a racing grip, and a well-known grip. It also has a small loop bar inside the middle, allowing a tight grip. Its facet grips characteristic excessive-density foam sleeves for progressed contact and luxury. However, the handlebar does not encompass pulse sensors, and the blanketed fitness display cannot track pulse.

The bike’s handlebar is only two-manner customizable (up, down). It does never again have an even slider similar to the seat. It offers an adjustment span among 40.3″ and 47.6″ (102 – 121 cm) above floor level, which isn’t awful for a bit of motorcycle.

Resistance system

The VIGBODY HL-M01 is prepared with a general friction resistance machine. It isn’t always motorized; which method you don’t need an adapter or an external electricity supply for it. It additionally way that the motorbike cannot alter the resistance mechanically.

The motorbike’s resistance machine includes a felt-based brake pad attached under the primary indirect tube of the frame and to the bike’s anxiety dial. When you turn the dial clockwise, the brake cushion applies extra friction to the flywheel, which will increase the pedaling trouble.

The resistance generated by this indoor cycling motorbike isn’t as clean as for a magnetic resistance bike, inclusive of the House Fit HB-8304C, as an example. That is because the brake cushion interacts with the flywheel to make drag. However, the smoothness of the journey may be progressed through lubricating the brake pad.

TVIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike does no longer has any pre-determined anxiety stages. You turn the knob until the pad generates the favored resistance. As is the case with top motorcycles with a friction resistance device, you can essentially tighten the pad as much as the factor you may barely pedal.

Drive machine

This VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike is prepared with an 18-lb flywheel. Although it’s no longer as heavy as for other spin motorcycles, along with the Sunny SF-B1876 as an instance, it nonetheless is perimeter-weighted. This design is meant to enhance inertia and add consistency to the trip.

The motorcycle functions as a belt pressure system. It is prepared with a 430J6 poly-v belt which presents outstanding traction. You don’t need to lubricate it since it’s a belt, no longer a chain. It also generates barely much less vibration than a chain.

The motorcycle is prepared with a 3-piece crankset providing a pulley product of rigid thermoplastic material. The crank palms are metal-made, oval-fashioned, like those on road bikes. They are durable enough to aid pedaling simultaneously as status up as long as they no longer exceed the desired 286 lbs (130 kg) weight limit.

The blanketed pedals are fabricated from aluminum alloy. They are equipped with adjustable toe cages. They do now not have SPD clips for spin footwear. However, they have trendy (9/16) threads, so well-matched replacements are extensively available.

Fitness screen

The VIGBODY HL-M01 is ready with a reasonably simple health screen. It does not have preset workout packages online connectivity, and it’s no longer like-minded with any fitness apps. It additionally does not have a pulse analyzing feature. It tracks time, distance, general distance, speed, and calories burned. It also has intention settings for time, distance, and calories.

The monitor unit functions with three buttons. These are Mode, Set, and Reset. The Mode button lets you choose any exercise metrics to view at the unit’s show or pick out the Scan Mode. All metrics rotate in a series when this mode is selected, each performing at the display for some seconds. The Set button allows you to choose exercise desires, and eventually, the Reset button gives you the possibility to clear all of the values on the show to 0.

The unit is battery-powered. A % of AAA batteries is included with the motorbike. The unit robotically activates while you begin pedaling (or you may wake it up by using an urgent one of the buttons). It also mechanically turns off to store the battery after four minutes of being inactive on the motorbike.

One closing outstanding feature to mention right here is the tool holder. This accessory includes a small shelf at the reveal unit’s lowest. It is large and solid enough to accommodate any smartphone or tablet. However, the fitness screen unit mustn’t have any connection ports for your device.

Assembly and Maintenance

The predominant body of the bike comes pre-assembled. You only ought to connect the two base stabilizers; the seat publishes, the saddle, the handlebar post, the handlebar, the pedals, and the health screen. This VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike shouldn’t take greater than 30-40 mins of some time. The manual gives exceptionally clean assembly commands and schematics. Also, all of the vital equipment for the meeting is included.

For maintenance, it may require the lubrication of the brake pad. A few drops of silicone lubricant carried out on the flywheel’s aspect have to cover it. Other than this, you only ought to hold the motorbike easy and periodically look at it for unfastened elements.

The Pros

•        Sturdy production – can guide users up to 286 lbs;

•        Small footprint;

•        Four-manner adjustable seat;

•        High-consolation saddle with thick foam padding and a median groove for added breathability;

•        Multi-grip handlebar;

•        Solid crankset, can help just about any spin exercise;

•        Metallic pedals with toe cages and general threads;

•        Standard friction resistance;

•        Perimeter-weighted flywheel for improved inertia;

•        Smooth and quiet belt force;

•        Fitness display protected – it tracks time, distance, overall distance, pace, and calories burned;

•        Goal settings for time, distance, and energy;

•        Little protection required;

•        Device holder included;

•        Bottle holder covered;

•        Easy to collect;

•        All the meeting equipment are blanketed;

•        Little preservation required.

The Cons

•        No backlight at the fitness meter;

•        No pulse reading feature.


The VIGBODY HL-M01 is an indoor cycling motorcycle made for home use. It is prepared with a friction resistance system, an 18-lb flywheel, and a high-comfort saddle. It offers four-manner adjustability for the seat and a reasonably respectable person weight restriction of 286 lbs. It additionally protected a health display that tracks the principle exercise measurements. Taking all things together, it’s an excellent mentor for focused energy cardio workout routines, muscle toning, c program language period education, stamina development, and weight loss.

Biking for Weight Loss: four Effective Strategies to Try

Bike riding is a top-notch cardio exercise. It can enhance your coronary heart and lung health, enhance your blood drift, construct muscle power, and decrease your stress stages.

On the pinnacle of that, it may additionally assist you in burning fats, torch energy, and shed pounds. But so that you can lose weight, there are some things you want to know for a powerful cycling exercise.

In this text, we’ll take a look at the strategies that work nicely o streamline weight reduction with trekking and the choices you have for trekking in unique environments.

How to lose weight with cycling

Biking is regularly touted as a perfect low-effect option for aerobic exercising. Compared with running or strolling, it allows you to get your coronary heart fee up with much less put on and tear to your knees, ankles, and other joints.

It’s also a fantastic way that will help you shed more kilos. That’s because you can burn an impressive number of energy even as you’re pedaling, mainly if you cycle past a leisurely tempo.

If you’re seeking to lose a few kilos together with your biking exercise, right here are four key strategies for weight loss.

1. Increase the depth

Pedaling alongside at a leisurely tempo is probably received to do a lot to help you shed pounds. However, if you push yourself to make paintings more challenging and up the intensity of your experience, you’ll make extra progress toward your weight reduction intention.

As a fashionable rule, the quicker you cycle, the extra energy you’ll burn. That’s because your frame makes use of greater strength to cycle quicker. And the extra calories you burn, the extra weight you’ll probably shed.

Steady, mild biking burns approximately 300 energy in 60 minutes, but you can burn more than that if you increase the intensity.

In reality, in keeping with the Harvard Health Letter, a hundred and fifty-five-pound character can consume upwards of 298 calories in a 30-minute motorcycle trip if they pedal at a 12-to-13.9 mile-in keeping the with-hour beat. A person who weighs 185 kilos can consume 355 calories via biking at this pace.

And, at a faster tempo of around 14 to 15.9 miles in keeping with hour, a one hundred fifty-five-pound can burn up to 372 energy in just 30 minutes, while someone who weighs 185 kilos can burn 444 calories in that time body.

2. Opt for excessive-depth c programming language education (HIIT)

HIIT can be an extraordinary way to assignment your body and, sure, even reduce fat and lose weight, if that’s your goal.

HIIT entails quick bursts of extreme workouts alternated with intervals of low-depth exercise. With biking, a HIIT exercise may look something like this:

1.      Cycle as fast as you probably can in opposition to high resistance for 30 to 60 seconds.

2.      Then, do 2 to 3 mins of clean biking with low resistance.

3.      Repeat this sample for the next 20 to 30 minutes.

This form of exercising assist you in burning greater calories in much less time. Trusted Source, in addition, to enhance your aerobic health and assist you to lose fats too.

According to a look published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, both HIIT and non-stop little exercise can lessen frame fat. But as compared with regular, moderate workouts, HIIT affords a 28.5 percentage extra reduction in fats mass.

The blessings don’t prevent there. When you stop pedaling, and your exercise is over, your metabolism stays engaged. With this approach, your body maintains to burn calories at a higher fee, even after your exercise is carried out and your body has returned to its ordinary, resting kingdom.

Build power and mobility with 25 days of motion

Our Wellness Wire newsletter’s loose Move Your Body Challenge gives you step-by means of-step instructions for a straightforward exercise in an afternoon to help you construct your personal non-public motion recurring.

3. Go similarly

Just while you suppose you’ve had sufficient, try to cross a little further. That’s the concept behind endurance schooling.

Research suggests that endurance education might help burn fat, which may also assist with weight loss.

Ideally, it would help if you began slowly when you’re looking to build endurance. So, in case you begin with 10 to 15 mins of biking in one session, you could then slowly add on a couple of minutes to every consultation till you’ve reached at least 150 minutes of cycling per week.

4. Try cross-education

Cross-schooling can be for you if you don’t like getting locked into one pastime. It’s a fantastic way to feature variety in your workouts through alternating sports.

For instance, you may hop on your motorcycle for an extended outdoor journey someday, then head over to the health club to lift weights the following day.

To shed pounds, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) says you’ll want to cycle at a reasonably severe level for at least half-hour at a time. To burn even extra energy, you’ll need to cycle for longer.

ACE also incorporates two sports into one cross-training consultation to boost weight reduction. For example, you may ride a motorcycle for 20 to 30 minutes, then attempt any other pastime for a further 20 minutes.

Biking options

There are many alternatives about biking, which makes it clean to pick the choice that bests fits your wishes and alternatives. Let’s look at a number of the more excellent famous indoor and outside cycling alternatives.


Do you prefer to exercise interior? Here are multiple ways to bike interior:

•        Ride a desk-bound bike for your personal. Whether you own a stationary bike or you use one at a gymnasium, you may get a great exercise that’s tailored particularly to your wishes. Many programmable alternatives will let you personalize your exercise to the rate, depth, and period you need.

•        Spin classes. This VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike might be an excellent preference if you need someone to inspire you to preserve driving via your exercise. Research Trusted Source also shows that spinning is as effective for improving physical health and changing your body compared to regular bicycle use.

•        Handcycle. If you’re now not capable of using an everyday stationary motorcycle, a handcycle might be simply the ticket for a few calorie-burning cardio exercising. This device is powered using your hands in place of your legs.

You’ll ensure you’ve got access to a desk-bound bike or handcycle if you pass this path. If you don’t own your very own device, you could want to inspect joining a gym or community center.


You have several alternatives, including avenue biking, path biking, or mountain cycling, assuming you decide to take your bicycle out into the excellent exterior. You ought to even ditch your car and strive to cycle to paintings or your motorcycle usage to run errands.

But it can’t be a one-time component. You want to make biking an everyday part of your workout habitual if you want to use this exercise to shed pounds.

You can music your mileage or intensity with various apps too. Using a health monitoring app may additionally assist you in living influenced to reach precise desires.

The one downside to door biking is that you need to follow extra safety precautions to stay secure. Wet, icy, or uneven street conditions, hot or humid climate, and unpredictable site visitor’s conditions could make outdoor cycling less secure than biking interior.

How to motorbike safely

Biking, specifically within the great outside, can come with positive risks. To live secure while you’re biking, be sure to follow those protection pointers:

•        Wear a helmet. This VIGBODY HL-M01 Indoor Cycling Bike would possibly cross without pronouncing. However, a helmet protects your head (and your brain) in the event of a collision or a fall. Make sure it fits your head snugly. Ideally, cross for a brightly colored helmet that’s smooth for others to see.

•        Ride single report. If you revel in biking with a pal, let one person lead. The follower has to go away some space in among.

•        Ride at the right side of the road. You need to pedal in the equal route that automobile site visitors are flowing. In the USA, Canada, and different countries wherein cars pressure on the right, make sure to cycle on the proper-hand side of the street.

•        Use hand signals. Let drivers and other riders on the street realize which you’re making plans to turn or take different actions.

•        Forego the electronics. Don’t wear headphones or whatever that could impair your ability to listen to different vehicles around you.

•        Keep a watch out for road dangers. Uneven terrain, potholes, status water, and other capacity risks could be dangerous, so be searching for them.

•        Take care of your bike. Make sure to hold your motorcycle in tip-top condition by appearing everyday preservation and spot exams to ensure the chains, wheels, brakes, and other parts are in proper running order.

The backside line

If you’re looking to shed pounds or need to keep weight reduction that you’ve worked arduously to achieve, cycling can be a brilliant way to reap this goal.

To maximize your weight loss and fat burn, try and boom the intensity or duration of your biking workout. Doing c language education and pass-education can also help reduce weight and fat-burning efforts.

If you have a health situation or haven’t exercised in a while, make certain to check along with your doctor to make sure a cycling workout is safe for you.

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